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The cry is just the same!

“Give me one hundred men who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergyman or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.” —

from a letter in the Works of John Wesley


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Word from the Lord to DPG, 02/07/15

“They Talk of Equality & Diversity, yet God is not Having His Equal Opportunity”


“Minority philosophies & lifestyles are being promoted to the hilt; yet the Constitution of the nation is not being taught to schoolchildren, to students, medical staff, social workers, the police. Who knows what the monarch swore to God in 1953? But everyone knows about the ideals of minority lifestyle groups. Everyone knows about the influence of Islam & Sharia law. Everyone knows about yoga & Hinduism & Buddhism. Within a Britain & its equality & diversity legislation, it has forgotten to give God & the Constitutional Acts His say.


“What an omission! What a tragedy! From a Britain that studied what the Queen was promising God in 1953: that is, it was as if the whole nation was buying the programme of the Coronation that contained the Coronation Service. There was huge interest in what it contained. There was still huge respect for the God who delivered the country during World War II, & World War I. God’s majority position was given huge respect by the nation. The previous monarch had called National Days of Prayer, so that the nation could be delivered from the threat of having its freedom removed.


“But who is giving equal say to this God today? From being given majority say, the Constitution of the nation is not generally known. The homosexual agenda is taught in the schools; the importance in the eyes of those running society of this lifestyle being given equal status, is widely emphasised. But little is known of the lifestyle of Ephesians 5. Why can’t this be given equal say – of a Saviour who gave His life so that the mystery of the gospel could be known.


“Indeed, the present monarch is on oath to God declaring she would propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, from Parliamentarians to government office after government office, little is known of this lifestyle. For people live together rather than get married. Yet, the format of true marriage, in relation of the Godhead being married to its body, is not even given equal say in the schools, universities & colleges of the nation.


“Constitution Keepers will demand an equal say to what the monarch promised God in 1953. Constitution Keepers will say, ‘You have your equality & diversity legislation, but have not given equality to the God of the Constitutional Acts. In the schools, colleges & universities, is creationism given equal time to the theory of Darwin & scientist? They cry about the importance of equality, yet from being in the majority position in 1953, God is not being even given equal status today.


“Yet the Queen in her Oath promised to give the Son of God pre-eminence in all things; & that the clergy of the realm would ensure that this occurred in all aspects of British life.


“But those looking to keep the Constitution, & all that it means, are not even being given equal opportunity, equal say, & equal educational rights, to teach how God created the heavens & the earth. For even now, the scientists gather to re-create what they call the ‘big bang.’ Yet the Queen, during her Coronation Service, promised to uphold the holy oracles of God, oracles that contain the understanding of life.


“Yet today, this is not even given equal opportunity; & that those who embrace these oracles are seen as diverse threats to the society that the God of these oracles once saved. How strange! How the Saviour is now seen as the destroyer; how the righteous are now seen as the sinners! So in the life of the present-day monarch’s reign, those whop propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law are seen as being extremists who offer threat to the society. Yet all they are trying to do is to have an equal say; but this is suppressed, for minority lifestyle choices are given more than equal say; that science & its ever-changing principles & understandings are given more than equal say; & even those who study theology, study from Bibles not of the oracles of God, as in the Constitution, but from the playground of Romanism that the Constitution was set up to protect the nation from [reference to Nestle-Aland Committee, who openly admit the marriage if the Bible Societies with the Vatican, the fruit of which is ever-changing Bibles, resulting in a god that has changed his mind over lifestyle choices & the importance of science, so that not even in the universities & colleges of theology, are the oracles of God, so presented in the Coronation Service, given equal presentation time to the students of theology. So that now, the clergy of the realm cannot take up their role to ensure that the monarch keeps her oath; to ensure the God of the Constitution is given the pre-eminent position, this Constitution, in the minds of today’s academics, being illegal under modern-day equality & diversity legislation.


“So, from the pre-eminence of 1953, those still upholding the Constitution are not even given equal say. How diverse it that? For diversity does not include the preaching of a Saviour. The street preachers will tell you that, as they are constantly harassed & seen as threats to the peace of the nation.


“But was it not the Jesus they preach who won the nation the Second World War & brought peace to the streets of Britain? So, from being the Saviour, those who preach Christ Jesus have become the threat, in a new multi-cultural Britain who does not even give equal say to those who uphold the Constitution.


“What will be the result? The wise man built his house upon the rock. A nation that removes its own foundation will fall. It is a fool that says there is no God, & a fool will build his house upon sand; & when the storm doth come, which is the house that stands: the one on the rock, or the one on sand?


“Today, Babylon is on the rise, & the nation looks to defend itself by looking to build itself on the foundations of many gods & many diverse lifestyles, the humanistic religion having its own idol, which is in the strength of the mind, & what human beings can work out for themselves.


“So, the nation looks to defend itself today on different foundations to that of the Coronation Oath of 1953. Isn’t it time, therefore, the nation at least gives equal time to those upholding the principles of the Coronation Oath? For those upholding the gospel mentioned in this oath know that no other lifestyle, philosophy, or religion, offers a Saviour that forsook all, & died on the Cross, so that nations & individuals could be free in the Lord Jesus.

“Constitution Keepers know that equal time will allow the nation to repent before God, & place once more the God of the Constitutional Acts on the throne, high above alternative lifestyles, strange scientific theories, & the gods of all other religions that do not offer a Saviour who died.


“Constitution Keepers know there is only one choice the people will choose, if only gospel preaching of the old-fashioned type, of the old-fashioned God who never changes, is given equal opportunity, from where the equality & diversity legislation will look very foolish indeed. For the storm would have come, & the house of the foolish man fallen down.


“This is why Christ Jesus must always be given the pre-eminence; for those built on Him shall never fall, but have everlasting life.

“So, in the words of the old hymn, ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?’ is so relevant today. For removing Him is not only an act of high treason in relation to the Constitutional Acts. It is removing the Saviour who save the nation so that scientists, humanists, religionists, & educationalists of alternative lifestyles, can have more than equal say, in a diverse Britain that has forgotten its God & Saviour.”

Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 08/07/15 “Dealing with Prophets,

& Releasing the People from their Chains”

“Part 1: Prophets & Prophetesses.


“By their very nature, prophets & prophetesses lay everything down. They need no prompting from men. The have a cause, & that cause is always to free the people from their chains.


“They will lay their lives down to do this; they will empty their bank accounts to do this. They will warn the people of their sinful ways, even though it makes them unpopular. They are prepared to be stoned, beaten, striped, & imprisoned for the cause.


“Nothing has changed. Prophets & prophetesses have always been like this. They see trouble before it arrives. Trouble always comes to nations & movements who turn away from their God-given constitutions. It is removing the foundations of a building; & prophets & prophetesses see the great damage this is doing. So they warn nations, movements, & the people themselves.


“So, the Constitution Keepers has a membership fee. This is nothing to the prophet, for the prophet already has laid his life down. ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ [John 15:13]


“Constitution Keepers is a sacrificial movement, brought together of God to save the lives of the people, by the blood of the begotten One who laid down his life 2000 years ago.


“Prophets & prophetesses are used to being laughed at by those they passionately want to save. What thou art building is a spiritual ark of protection. In their laughter against thee, they have to understand this is not unusual for the prophet or prophetess. Those who laugh, however, throughout history have come under imminent judgement.


“So again, the word is to be warned, O people. The signs of the times are all around you. There is one word which the Lord God declares to the people, & that word is, Repent. For the kingdom of God, the return of the begotten One, is at hand.”

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