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The Three Eras of the Last Thirty Years

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/06/15


“Era Number (1): The Protection of the Criminal, the background to this being the integration of foreign interference into Britain’s political & legal processes, when situations were manipulated in relation to the European Referendum, as can be shown in the figures presented by Daniel Hannan, MEP.


“Number (2): The Removal of the Gospel from Church & state, the Queen having promised to propagate the gospel, yet movement after movement was taken over by outside forces, to bring about the universalism of the community church today.


“And the final Era: The Criminalisation of the Righteous, who have become the defendants, & the sinners the prosecutors, there now being no heed to the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the promise of God on oath by the monarch, whose crest now meaninglessly sits above a judge’s chair.


“Today, let us deal with Era Number (1). The background to this era is such: the nation had suffered the sexualisation of its children. New Age was abounding. Eastern mysticism was fascinating the youth. Music & stage plays played a vital role in this, particularly the musical ‘Hair,’ which presented the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. British government, instead of supporting the gospel of the Constitution, allowed all kinds of foreign religions & philosophies into the nation. In spite of the warnings of My Parliamentary prophet, whole areas of the country was taken over by foreign powers, philosophies & religions. Britain became a haven for those who would not uphold its Constitution, & did not get agreements from those coming into the country, to uphold what the Queen had promised God.


“This has affected election results ever since. The people who uphold the Constitution of the nation, of whatever race, colour & creed, now vote in those upholding foreign powers & beliefs, contrary to what the nation has always stood for since the Reformation.

“So, conditions were rife for what we are describing here as Era (1): The Protection of the Criminal. The greatest crime under British law has always been the non-upholding of the Constitutional Acts of the nation. There is no greater crime than this, for this crime is a blasphemy against God, & high treason within the nation. The reason why this is the greatest crime is because these Constitutional Acts bring protection to the unborn child, & the massive child abuse against the unborn, that has occurred in all these eras we describe here; it provides protection for the child that had suffered under the hands of the paedophile, these paedophiles being protected by those in government, social services, & law enforcement agencies of the time.


“So, within this era was protection for the criminal, the victims being laid aside. For it was their lives that were shattered, whilst the criminals prospered.


“At this stage, as now, the righteous were not being prosecuted, but laid aside to suffer the consequences of serious abuse.


“In your own case (referring to David & Lindsay), you were financial victims of such an era. They accuse you of being careless with money, this being completely untrue. For you had fallen victim of a system that protected the criminal. It was you by word of knowledge that found out the sins of those protected by the system of this era. All kinds of Parliamentary deals had gone on behind the scenes, to protect all manner of criminal. Instead of protecting the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, as insisted upon in the British Constitution, deals took place between Rome & Great Britain, not only to have Britain in the clutches of what is now known as the EU, but also to settle the conflicts that had occurred in Ireland, the practice of having a no-prosecution list being well known in the North. Whilst the British Constitutional Acts gives allowance for free choice, it does not give allowance to attack the very heart of the British Constitution, which is the convicting gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as you have discovered, is deeply rooted in the Coronation Service of the nation.


“By doing all these deals behind the scenes, to protect the criminal, the nation was in effect ignoring its foundations, which is why now we have had the following eras, even to the point where today, you have the criminalisation of those who uphold the Constitution.

“Oh foolish Britain! Prophets in nations around the world can discern similar eras to those you describe for Britain; & so, what I am calling thee to write here, is relevant all over the world.


“This is Era (1): The Protection of the Criminal; & you had all the evidence in this era to convict a sinner protected by the no-prosecution list; which has resulted in financial battles for thee; has resulted in ruined lives of victims of the paedophile; but for the unborn child, an eternity in heaven, of children awaiting the coming home of a repentant mother, who was allowed to sin by Parliamentary law that did not uphold the Constitution, & the oath of the Queen to God.


“So, to sum up: Era (1) is about victims. Era (1) was about secret deals behind the scenes, this Constitution Keepers web-site being designed to bring all things out into the open, the darkness into the light, the only solution being National Days of Repentance, in line with the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain that declare that only through the blood of Jesus Christ can there be redemption.


Those in authority are afraid of offending those who have come in with foreign philosophies & religions; & whilst the British Constitution allows them freedom of choice & belief, these behind the scenes deals of this first Era, to protect the criminal, still has a major impact today. For there are generations that have followed this era which have brought in ideals into schools which have brainwashed these generations away from what the monarch promised God on behalf of the nation.”


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