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United Kingdom

An important message to the people of Britain wallowing in self-pride after a year of so called great achievement.

The truth, however, is somewhat different.


Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)


And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken

to the voice of the Lord thy God,

and wilt do that which is right in his sight,

and wilt give ear to his commandments,

and keep all his statutes,


I will put none of these diseases upon thee,

which I have brought upon the Egyptians:

for I am the Lord that healeth thee.


1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)


Quench not the Spirit.

Despise not prophesyings.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/12/12



“It is time for you to fully realise how victorious you are. The gates of hell have not prevailed against you, because you are My Church, My body. The manifestation of the body of Christ is coming together in such a move that I am bringing the conditions for My remnant from all parts of the world to come together as one body, which is My body, this body having testimonies of how the gates of hell have tried to prevail, but have not prevailed. The gates of hell cannot prevail against My Church.


“Stand victorious, with the full armour of God upon thee. Take back that which the enemy has stolen; that is, the chapels of Wales must be restored to the landscape, these physical buildings being of modern type with full media facilities to reach the world with the gospel, a chapel movement standing against freemasonry and druidism, its Welshness being akin to the revivals of Wales, rather than the bardic chairs of the occult.


“The present-day infested chapel movement will close, saith the Lord; and those of various movements who have stood against the occultic infestations of man, will come together in a movement to bring Pentecost to the whole nation of Wales, Wales being a principality under a dragon, but a nation under God.

“Realise how victorious you are. As a nation under God, Wales will grow as an industrious nation. As a principality under a dragon, it shall wallow in its poverty, continually reliant on hand-outs.


“Realise how victorious you are. You can proclaim to the people of Wales, they can become a nation under God, rather than a principality under a dragon.

“Realise how victorious you are; and realise how now you must prepare. For I have restored the Bible College of Wales to be the Bible College of the nation, reaching out to the whole world to fulfil My purposes. Be prepared for a great harvest.


“My Word declares of there being times and seasons. You are to prepare for a great victorious season. This relates both to the Christian Party and thy ministry: a great victorious season.


“Realise how victorious you are. As My name is lifted up, I will be calling all men unto Me, there being a realization of government after government building on sand; and whilst their corrupt systems of banking and government are being exposed, the politicians and bankers have to recognise their defeat, saying, ‘We cannot run things anymore.’


“The only thing they can do is hand over to the body of Christ.


“On the so-called Christmas Day, I have not called the monarch to pre-record a message about the shambles of the nation’s so-called sporting achievements, but to call the nation to repentance for bowing down to the occultic god of the Olympics.


“A nation that gives pride to its achievements is a nation under a devil. So I am convicting the monarch to call a fast amongst the people, to come out of the wallowing of self-achievement, to become an empty vessel nation under God.

“Realise how victorious you are; for thy media activity will be one of prophetic utterance, with the unction of God leading the nation forward in victory, as it comes out of the pathetic rantings of apparent achievement, under the occultic flag of the Olympics.


“You must realise how victorious you are, because the wind is blowing, and that which is built on the rock stands firm, but that which is built on sand will fall.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/01/13



“The Church Triumphant is the Church understanding its personal weakness, & its exceptional strength in Christ Jesus.


“As you are today understanding personal weakness, you know you have experienced the Church Triumphant, in that you have My armour; & I tell you this: you have My peace, knowing that I have healed thy bodies, renewed thy minds, & am now building you up for this season of the Church Triumphant, leading up to My ultimate return.


“Thou art walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, full of the Holy Ghost, as the Church Triumphant. The Church Triumphant can never be defeated; & thou hast held out thy hand to the one from the South of England who had sought to thwart you at every step, but has come nowhere near the Church Triumphant. Yet thou hast shown him mercy, and has given him opportunity to step aboard thy ‘Noah’s Ark,; high above the flood waters of trouble below; & that hand of mercy is My hand of mercy, for him to step on board what you are doing in My name.


“Once he has been through a period of training; that can be in Sri Lanka with Suresh, where he can be involved with the setting up of the TV studio too, & be de-programmed from the philosophies of this world, & where he can experience the love he needs at this time.


“You indeed have shown him the hand of mercy, that hand being a life or death choice. You can give him a wonderful  life, being involved in restoring what was the Sri Lankan war zone; for he has a calling to build up the waste places; & when he comes, thou art to love him & encourage him, & explain That this is no ordinary mission, but one led by the Holy Ghost. For to be in the Church Triumphant, one has to understand that you die to self, to become this strength in the Lord, mighty & powerful, overcoming strongholds.


“Yes indeed, thou art the Church Triumphant, on which the gates of hell cannot prevail against.


“The understanding of all this is becoming well known. Prepare for major growth, when ‘The Intercessor’ magazine goes out, & your story is heard, along with ‘The Continuing’ supplement, be prepared for great reaction from those who desire to be part of the Church Triumphant, of which the gates of hell cannot prevail against.


“So in effect, Lindsay, be prepared for your role as Procedures Secretary to change, from manifesting the defensive parts of the armour of God, which has been right for a season. Get ready for those procedures now to keep up with the manifestation of the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. For like with Abraham (Abram as was), the enemy has to give up his spoils; & as you gather around the table of Melchizedek, so you show the Lord’s death & triumph till He comes.


“Thou art indeed the Church Triumphant. Be excited; thy time has come to fulfil the purposes of the Son of Man. In My name will you cast out devils. In My name will you heal the sick. In My name thou will walk in divine health & healing. Tell thy brother Brian that this includes him too; that you will all go forward in My name as the Church Triumphant.


“It is a victory you can proclaim; for I am the King of Kings & the Lord of Lords. Thou has given the glory to Me; & walk as the Church Triumphant.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/01/13


Scripture - Jeremiah 1:

“See! I have set thee this day…I will hasten My Word to perform it.”


Word from the Lord:

“The judgement is now, saith the Lord, on those who have oppressed the people…looking to throw them into the prisons of this land.


“My judgement is here, saith the Lord; but I have a word for this group gathered here today.


“My word for you is to walk with Me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Do not look down, except to hand down thy hand to those who would seek the kingdom of God. Bring them up to the high places in Christ Jesus; & I give thee this word today: the word is ‘GLORY;’ walking on the mountain tops in My glory. For this is the season of thy healing, freedom & deliverance, saith the Lord; to walk in the paths of the righteous; to never look back, forgetting those things that are behind, & moving ahead unto the high places of God.”


Philippians 3:3 “For we are the circumcision…no confidence in the flesh…pressing toward the mark…reveal even this unto you.


“This is the start of the new season today; to go forth in the Lord.


“This is the season of the mountain-top; never to look back, but to bring the whole world unto Him.”

One major perception in Britain is the perception that the Church is a physical building. We have great Cathedrals and Abbeys but none of these is the Church.


The Church is the Body of Christ, God having no time for altars made with hands but every time for the National Church in England to remove the altars and come under the demands of the Constitutional Acts of the Nation and become a fully reformed institution of the Protestant Reformation, just one demand of the Nation's Constitutional Acts.





*  Establish the Principle that the Church spends on the Great Commission, not over elaborate buildings and altars.


*  Westminster Abbey could become a profitable Museum for the Nation rather than a perceived Church.


*  Ask the Church of England what prophetic word they have had for spending on buildings with altars made with hands.


*  Resources to be given to the Sons of Zadok who heard from God.


Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/03/12


[This is a major prophecy]



“If they sold Westminster Abbey, you would have the resource to reach every creature with the gospel; if they gave the money to you.


“If they sold Westminster Abbey, they would rid themselves of the altar, by which the Queen made promises successive governments have not allowed her to keep.


“If they sold Westminster Abbey, the nation would rid itself of the sin of spending money on monuments, rather than the propagation of the gospel the Queen promised to do.


“If they sold Westminster Abbey, the nation would rid itself of a holy place made with hands, the sale bringing about an understanding that Church is the body of Christ.


“If they sold Westminster Abbey, the building would become a museum of the past, which the Church could forget, & move into the high calling of God.


“You see, selling these altars made with hands would bring the understanding that Church is not a physical building, but the very body of Christ.


“This would then put pressure on the Roman Catholics to sell Westminster Cathedral; for then would come the understanding that a wafer cannot possibly be the body of Christ. For this is the disciplined army of the Lord; the manifestation of Christ being the body of Christ, a group of broken people, now one in Christ Jesus.


“All over thy nation are buildings people see as being Church. Huge resources are spent on maintaining these physical buildings, where I do not dwell.


“Where in My Word is permission granted for spending money on ancient monuments?  My Word declares to forget those things that are behind, & move ahead into the high calling of God.


“Does not My Word declare to the rich to sell what thou hast, & give to the poor? What an opportunity for the nation, to sell its ancient monuments, & give into the propagation of the gospel the Queen promised to do? In her oath to God, in the place which I am calling the nation to sell, the funds being used for the gospel, that is, the gospel the monarch promised to uphold, on a seat of broken promises to God, due to successive governments breaking these promises. Well then, national repentance can include the sale of these ancient monuments, bringing favour with God; the nation then will understand the realChrist Who lives in believers, rather than on stone altars.


“So My Word to thy nation is: sell Westminster Abbey. Give the resources to My seers of Zadok. Then the promised you made to God by the altar of stone, can really mean something, future coronations then being in simple buildings, that give no attention to the physical building, & every attention to the Christ that reigns within the remnant Church; not in altars made with hands, but into the true believer.”

Experience in U.K. ministry has brought us up against this spirit, the U.K. "Church" being so full of those determined not to allow the Spirit to move.

There has to be a dramatic change .......


* National Day of Prayer and Repentance in the Nation

* Constitutional Demand for Dependence on God

* The Nation to Admit it's failure (including politicians) before God

* Abide in the Anointing and resist that of human logic


Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/12/11



“Antichrist is that analytical spirit, which looks to analyse, discuss, & decide upon, the anointings of God. How I long for My people to abide in the anointing! How the cry-out at Gate Beautiful to Peter, & in Peter’s very shadow the yoke was destroyed because of the anointing!


“That is My desire for thee, that in thy very shadow, yokes will be destroyed. Yet, this analytical spirit that thou hast discerned is indeed Satan, who is destroying, rather than allowing the anointing to destroy the yoke of bondage.

“Satan places grave-clothes upon those who analyse the callings of God. You have warned & warned & warned of this, constantly, in thy presentations of the Anointing.


“In the anointing, you do things without human perception. In the anointing, you say things without human apprehension; in other words, you say the words of God, without human calculation.


“All of this ‘human’ stuff is Satan, & is not of the anointing. You were disturbed in thy spirit on hearing on Revelation TV about striving & letting God. Why this was not in the anointing is the general perception of God in heaven, suddenly taking over from you on earth. Ah no! In the anointing, God in heaven manifests through thee in earth, for you are My body. It is thee who has the arms & legs of God. It is thee who has the resources of God on earth. So I expect those to obey what I have called them to do, because they are not themselves. Being themselves is the antichrist. Being dead to self is the Christ, the Anointed One.


So, Antichrist is there every day, to take the individual into human perception. So, for example, if there is an anointed meeting on the Sunday night, & a man or woman is healed, antichrist is there to take that healing away; & how he does that is take that person away from the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, & introduce human perception into the equation. That is antichrist. Antichrist is all around thee. You walk in the anointing of God, & there is antichrist to take the benefits of My kingdom away from the people.


“Remember My Psalm 103, ‘forget not all thy benefits…who healeth all thy diseases’? Now, the reason why people do not receive it is because of antichrist. Their lack of reception to My Word is their analysation of their own physical state to what the Word says.


“They have no perception of climbing the hill of the Lord; for antichrist has convinced them otherwise.


“So, the spirit of antichrist is all around thee. My Word declares that many antichrists have already come. So Antichrist will come to get the physical world out of the global financial crisis, which has been well & truly analysed all over the world, when the truth is, there is no global financial crisis. What there is, there is a sin crisis in relation to money: the spirit of mammon – men’s greed; the solution in Great Britain being to call a National Day of Prayer & Repentance, &, as is written in thy Constitution, have a dependence on God.

But, as with antichrist, there will be a grand solution that has come about through human endeavour. This is antichrist.


“A nation becomes great before God, not by human endeavour, but through admission of its failure before the Saviour. The hearing from God, the acting upon what God says, is the anointing. The human endeavour is the antichrist. For the Antichrist will arise, & have all the brains of this world behind him. He will have solutions for this, solutions for that; & the people, because of their analytical spirit, will fall for it; just as they have fallen for it on a smaller scale, in thine own fellowship. They analysed, & acted upon their own analysation, instead of acting upon what God called them to do.


“Such as it is on the world-wide scale. Antichrist will come, & win over the people with human logic. The tensions of the Middle East will be solved – as they see it. Peace treaties will come. There will be no need for the Word of God any more. They will have their peace. But such as it is with a small Church fellowship: everyone gets on at the beginning. But their getting on is based on their talk to each other, rather than their oneness in Christ.


“In the small Church fellowship, this works for a period of time, until the wind & the rain fall. That separates those who have been standing on the Rock, & those whose Church membership is based on human endeavour. The divide comes, such as what has happened in thine own Church fellowship. But I tell thee this: greater is He that is in you  than he that is in the world.


“So, a split occurs between those of human endeavour (antichrists), & those who move by the Spirit of God (the anointed). But on the world-wide scale, the Antichrist has initial success. People become affluent & start to flourish again – until the wind & rain falls, & the world comes into a great tribulation. There are those who say, at this point, I come; those who say, I come at the middle of the tribulation; those who say, I come at the end. But can’t you see, that by analysation, they are misunderstanding My Word. My Word declares they can be with Me now, in the heavenly place in Christ Jesus. Walk high, saith the Lord. The hill of the Lord can be climbed by thee today, so that thou can be the very manifestation of God on the earth (I John 4:17). Thou art married to Me (Jeremiah 3:14). Thou art members of My body, flesh & bones (Ephesians 5).

“So, abiding in the anointing is having the mind of Christ, not the analytical spirit of man. It fears not the coming of Antichrist. It stand firm on My Word.

“And yes, as prophets you give out warnings. Let this be a warning to those of the analytical spirit: analysation leads to sin. Abiding in the anointing is perfection.


“Be of the anointing; of the Anointed One & His anointing; & do not heed the ways of man. For the analytical spirit is the spirit of antichrist.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/07/12



“In setting up the Bible College of Wales Continuing, you are in days different than the original setting up of the vision.


“Satan has gained a foothold in British society which he did not have in the early days of the Bible College of Wales. Indeed, there was a widespread reverence for God, & a widespread understanding amongst evangelicals & Pentecostals, of the inner witness.


“This foothold Satan has taken, in relation to the minds of the people, manifests in so-called Church life, & indeed family life. The system of the Antichrist is being built in relation to what is prophesied in the Word. The Great Tribulation is coming.


“But what you have done in taking out the strong man of Great Britain, is remove the blindedness from the eyes of the people, who were going to be open to what the Antichrist has to offer.


“You see, all these austerity measures, all the squeezings of financial resources, all the increases in regulation, are deliberate measure to make the people desperate for a solution. The Antichrist was to be that solution.


“But thou hast given Great Britain another opportunity. You are giving back the people, the opportunity to return to the Christ, of whom the monarch is constitutionally obligated to increase the virtue of.


“Those who have thought to bring in the global agenda, are the ones who need to be in prison, rather than those who have fought to keep the Constitution of the nation.


“This present move to so-called “reform” the House of Lords, is one of the Antichrist. But see how it is failing after your activity in the City of London? By pulling down the Dome of St Paul’s, what you have done is pull down the dome of the Antichrist. There are series of domes throughout the world that relate to the system of Antichrist designed to be brought in by the devil.


“These thrones are well-known structures in their respective countries. Study of the domes will give you understanding of the system of Antichrist designed to come in for the Tribulation.


“There are a chain of domes designed to do this; & the primary spirit you pulled down at St Paul’s was Antichrist, the pulling down giving the people the opportunity to choose the Christ rather than the Antichrist.


“Now, consider the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem. Who is known as the Rock? (Jesus) What is the symbol of the Antichrist – equals the dome. Because the dome signifies the realm above the earth. So St Paul’s represented the Antichrist affecting Great Britain, which thou hast removed, to give free choice opportunity for people to choose the Christ rather than the Antichrist.

[II Corinthians 4:4]


“Now, in Jerusalem, there is the Dome of the Rock. How similar is that to the St Paul’s Dome? So is quoted within this dome, that God had no son – equals Antichrist. You see? Dome against the Son of God=Antichrist.


“So these domes are significant. They are throughout the world, in preparation for the time of the Antichrist world-wide; the Antichrist who will offer solutions to its deliberate squeezing of the people. So the Antichrist caused the squeezings, & now the Antichrist will present solutions to the squeezings.


“But what you have done in Britain has brought an open heaven for the nation to return to Christ, rather than bow down to the Antichrist. So as you consider the domes worldwide, you will see there are significant domes of the Antichrist, where Satan himself sits; or in the case of St Paul’s, used to sit.


“You have brought the conditions in Britain for the true gospel to be understood & received. By taking out the thrones of the Middle East, intercessors having already started the work there, resulting in huge numbers coming to the Christ, the numbers rejecting the Antichrist.


“The Antichrist forms religions that separate man from God. Hence you have communion rails, symbols of restoring the veil between man & God. Hence you have the religion which makes people bow down to a far-off God, rather than manifest the God from within.


“Now, what has happened in Britain has been a move of the Antichrist to intellectualize Christianity. In the case of the Primitive Methodists, they moves from simple faith in God, to having to grasp complex theological issues, a complexity that moved them away from their original calling, they being culminated back into the Antichrist system.


“So where you see domes, Washington, Rome have similar seats of Satan as what you saw manifest at St Paul’s. What do you see in Washington, but a dome? What do you see in Rome, but a dome? Domes are symbols of the Antichrist. Speak to them, & pull them down, & bring the conditions for theChrist to manifest in the respective societies, & foil the global plan to present solutions for the problems the Antichrist brought in himself.


“Christians should never meet under domes, ever; unless of course, it is to pull down the Antichrist, the bigger domes being indeed seats of Satan, whilst the smaller ones will have principalities & powers operating within the symbol of the earth.


“Thus the dome is a symbol of the created, rather than the Creator, thus making them places of witchcraft rather than Christian worship.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/10/13

 “THE PHARISAIC SPIRIT: the Spirit of Logos Formulas & Analysation of Others”


“Oh, how they love it when you openly confess your weakness, your vulnerability, and you are seen to confess your reliance on God.


“For they have their own methods. They have formulas for their own life and formulas for yours. They love to give advice to those who confess their weakness; for the Pharisee does not need God. The Pharisee is wrapped up inlogos formulas and is prepared to help those who confess weakness, with the formulas of Satan.


“Satan is enjoying using the Pharisee to tell you, you will have to slow down. He is having a heyday with this one! Whereas you confess what is going on; you confess your tiredness, and that you need to sleep; but you are confessing this within the contexts of your overall confession of individual weakness. But the Pharisee uses this in his/her little talk to you, that you have to slow down, and not do as much as you used to do.


“The Pharisee has the formula; the Christian has the confession. You see the difference? What the Pharisee has no concept of, is that suffering is the pre-requisite for glory. What the Pharisee has no concept of is the quickening of the mortal body by the Spirit within the Christian. What the Pharisee has no concept of, is that the human body becomes holy unto the Lord – the container of the Holy Ghost, from weakness into supernatural strength.


“The Pharisee will tell you none of this. The Pharisee will just tell you you will have to slow down and change your lifestyle. They have no concept of the quickening of the mortal body.


“Remember that morning in hospital, when you lifted up your hand and a quickening of the Holy Ghost swept through every part of thy body? There is the quickening of the Holy Ghost, and there is the slowing down of the Pharisee through religious observance and the feeding of Satan’s plans.


“Oh! The quickening of the mortal body is My Word for thee. Be prepared to go into the whole world – oh yes! Preach the gospel. Be prepared to preach the quickening of the Holy Ghost.


“They will tell you this, and they will tell you that. But I tell thee that in Me there is life, and life in abundance.


“The Word declares that I shall quicken thy mortal body by the Spirit. Tell this to Scott and Sylvia. Tell this to Jenny. Tell this to all your folk here. The quickening of the Spirit is upon you all. Tell this to Suresh and Mercy; to Hiram and Emmanuel; to all the folk who contact thee: “the quickening of the Holy Ghost.”


“Age is no barrier to this. The Pharisee will tell you you are getting older now; you need to slow down. The Word declares, ‘He shall renew your youth with wings like eagles.’ It is the Word against the Pharisee. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the word of the Pharisee, or the Word of God.


“I gave you My Word, ‘He sent his word, and healed them.’ I healed thy body, not to be an invalid, but a temple of the Holy Ghost. Thou shalt go out with joy; thou shalt not be miserable – thou shalt go out with joy. For the joy of the Lord is thy strength.


“Thy doctors played their part. They enjoyed coming to see thee, for they saw thou had joy and not misery; and above all that, they saw thou had honesty. They saw thou wast prepared to open up, not with logos formula, but with confession of individual weakness.


“The ward sisters saw thou wast bringing joy into the ward and the conditions for others to confess before God. For as they confessed before thee, they confessed before the Saviour, allowing the Spirit to bring the conviction of God: again, not logos formula, but bringing the conditions for My sword to play its part.


“For thou has become as Moses. Those of the logos formula will still murmur against thee; for they have no personal walk, but formulas of life through what people have said, even through My logos. But as I said unto Peter, and as I say unto thee, ‘Blessed art thou, because flesh and blood has not revealed all this unto thee.’ The logos word will always be the approach of the Pharisees; as with Paul and David, their approach was always to confess individual weakness, the pre-requisite for glory, and the quickening of the mortal body.


“The prayers of the true saints are those led of the Spirit; and I responded that morning. As the prayers of the saints went up, so My Spirit came down on thee. Remember the words that came through William Williams?‘ Open thou the crystal fountain, whence the healing stream doth flow…I am weak, but thou art mighty.’


“The hymn-writer knew to confess the weakness. He knew of the healing stream. The hymn-writer was a revivalist. Revival comes after a group of saints confess their weakness; for confession of weakness is the pre-requisite for glory.


“Thou, David, has experienced personal revival. Thou must bring personal warning of those with the logos, to bring the conditions for the coming of the Lord with His sword, the sword of the Spirit, which is the rhema Word of God.


“Tell this to the conference in Ohio. Tell this to Wayne Weaver and his ministry colleagues. It is those who have suffered who will carry the sword of the latter rain revival.


“So rejoice and be exceedingly glad. My Spirit is upon thee and in thee. Oh, praise the Lord! Those of My Spirit have already overcome the world.


“Amen, amen and amen.”

North Wales: Word from the Lord through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 02/02/13



“Thou hast gained the position on the North Wales coast; but there is the issue why the people do not respond, & that is because over many years there has been a widespread covering of sin.


“In the natural sphere, the internet era has exposed many things that have been going on; & there is a realization amongst the people that this might find them out. And so at the root of many people’s situation, is a fear of being caught out; & this fear makes them hide their own sin rather than confess it.


“The sin has brought widespread poverty to the area, with the whole area full of ‘homer’ businesses. In other words, what is known as the black economy thrives.


Yet in reality, it does not thrive; for those taking part in it will have their talents suppressed into poverty, because they are afraid of being found out.


“My Word declares to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, & to God the things that are God’s; & within the culture of North Wales, individuals can threaten each other by reporting each other to the authorities, knowing they are going to be found out in relation to whether they have paid taxes, etc.


“Increasing the profile of a business will naturally draw attention to the accounts of that business; & so people are afraid to expand their businesses too much, so that there is a depression on the local economy.


There needs to be legitimate businesses, without over-regulation, remembering that there still has to be regulation in society; but regulation under the nation’s Constitutional Acts, rather than the laws of foreign powers.


“So there is massive sin in all areas: in government & in businesses; & for North Wales to flourish, there has to be an amnesty; an opportunity for government to repent for putting itself under foreign powers; for politicians to repent for depending on foreign grants, rather than looking to boost the local economy; also, for businesses to be legitimate; for incomes & expenditures going through legitimate books, properly audited, so that government can support & help businesses, with taxes based on profit rather than space & location. Under God, North Wales can thrive; but Satan has the people under his wings, because the people are covering up their sins all of the time, as indeed, so is government & the legal system.


“Revival opens everything up, with government & the people confessing their sins one to another; & as God gives repentance of sin, so must the people towards government, & the government towards the people; except that at the roots of North Wales’ problems is sin.


People will never prosper under the black economy system. Governments will never prosper over-regulating the people. The prosperity of a nation is dependent on being obedient to God; & as long as there is the underlie of sin, both in government & in the people, so North Wales will wallow in poverty, hating the conviction preacher, who exposes the sin in the nation.


For he says ‘God has found out;’ & wherever that is preached, the people will run away, & say ‘there is no pastoral care in that church;’ for what they are looking for are pastors who placate their sin rather than expose it.


“So you have pastors all along the North Wales coast who placate sin, rather than convict the people of it. Government in a way understands all this, placating in many instances a fragile economy.


“There has to be a coming together of the people & government. There needs to be an enthusiasm for work, rather than an over-reliance on benefits. There needs to be support for legitimate businesses & charities to prosper, & an amnesty given to all those who come & look to get their accounts straight, so that governments & people can look to work together for the good of the nation, rather than have this on-going mistrust of both sides being afraid of being found out.


“Thou hast gained the intercessory ground for revival. What needs to happen now is a widespread confession of sin from all sections of society.


“As long as they are covering up their sin, they will oppose you. What you need to do is continue to convict of sin, attacking the immorality in North Wales; exposing the high abortion rate in North Wales.


What they are looking for is pastoral acceptance; whilst what I am looking for is apostolic & prophetic exposure of sin, the pastoral care of the people coming once they have repented, & are looking to walk the way of the Lord.”


Word from the Lord through David Griffiths, Rhos on Sea,

Thursday 24/02/11


“Thou art to go forward, My children, & not look back. What is happening amongst thee is in Joshua 3. The people have murmured against the prophet, & those who have murmured will wander for eternity in the wilderness. They will continue to look back; they will continue to wear the robes of slavery; they will continue to be at the beck & call of Pharaoh.


“And so, you have a group of people who insist on being slaves to the system; who insist on being at the beck & call of Pharaoh; who insist to be at the beck & call of the one who was defeated 2000 years ago  - the one who manifests as Pharaoh in the Old Testament context.


“Remember My word in relation to Lucifer? “I shall be like the Most High.” Remember he was able to produce signs & wonders, like the Most High?

“There have been those who have bowed down to the golden calf; but as Moses came down from the mountain with his Rhema, so they have been afraid of thee as thou hast lifted up My Word. As you have lifted up My Word, so have diseases gone, as in the wilderness, as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent, the devil has been afraid.


“But you have sought to bring a people far above even those things. As Moses looked to the day of My Spirit being poured upon all flesh, & as you have come to My place of sanctification as in Joshua 3, there are those who continue to be slaves under Pharaoh.


“And there is another group of people: these are the victims of Pharaoh; the victims of false prophethood; the victims of those who have performed signs & wonders, yet not in My name. They have placed their wealth in the hands of the Pharaoh, who hath performed like the Most High [Isaiah 14], but have confused & manipulated the minds of saintly victims.


Within materials sent by post have been spirits of manipulation & mind control; spirits that have stolen the very energy, the very – even the ability to hear from Me. These are the spirits which Luther stood against in his Theses. And I have given thee My theses, over those summer nights, which the whole Church was to pay attention to.


“But as they went through times of murmuring & dishonouring to the prophet of old, so have they dishonoured thee.


“There are three types of people: the slaves, the victims, & those who enter the Promised Land.


“My Word declares to forget the things which are behind; yet those who are victims continue to be tormented day after day, moment after moment, by the hurts of the past. They cannot come & stand on the high ground, for they have been thrown down to be unworthy. They cry out to God rather than manifest God. They wallow in self-pity.


“Yet thou have reached the point of preaching week after week on holiness, on sanctification, on separation. Thou hast taken all of the people to the place Shittim; & there is a river out there which thou art to cross, lifting up My Word as they lifted up My ark.


“Thou hast gathered around the walls, which thou hast called the gateways of North Wales; & some have wondered what thou hast been doing there, which thou hast known to be the  breaking down of the barriers to revival.


“There is a factor here: those who are slaves to the system of the veil; they have seen you removing their security zones.


The Church is the building of God, not the building of man. And you have been right to portray the removal of buildings which have become idols to the Pharaoh of Egypt.


Yet the victims stay with their wanderings of mind, with their self-pity, having placed their trust in those who perform signs & wonders, rather than place their trust with those who proclaim My Word; who allow the Spirit of God to confirm with signs & wonders, such as it is with your place by the River Jordan.


You have trumpeters to go out to your places of intercession, of warfare; yet there are those who are victims, & those who are slaves, who cannot go forward. The victims see the Promised Land, yet they see it as far away. The slaves still wear the clothes of past traditions.


“Yet I have called thee to go forward, for tomorrow the Lord will perform signs & wonders amongst thee. Blind eyes will see; the dead will be raised. You see, thou hast brought the people to the place of sanctification, of separation. They have to choose between remaining a slave, remaining a victim, or going forward into the Promised Land.


“What art thou to do? My Word declares “Come out from among them; what concord has Christ with Baal?” Thou art to walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; to go forward, & not look back.


“Thou hast told the people to write the vision. Your last year was about making the vision plain. You have now reached the point of entering the Promised Land. Choose thee this day whom you will serve.


“The victims & the slaves think in their natural senses; it is as if they cannot hear from God for themselves. Yet you are to go forward.


“Place your trumpeters at the remaining gateways. Take those of the heavenly places over the Jordan into the Promised Land, where thy way will be clear; & praise Me; proclaim My Word. As they lifted up My ark, so must thou proclaim My Word.


“Thou hast sounded an alarm in Zion. Go forward; go forward; be in My strength & My glory.”

Word from the Lord to David Griffiths

Rhos on Sea Friday 04/06/10


“You are to go to these areas of darkness as dead men. You can use the annoyance of the lantern as a parable (the fire in you). There has been a grieving of the Spirit of God tonight – the spirit of logic and reason.


“God will give you (DO) a word to preach on Sunday about being a dead man.

“God dealt with Evan Roberts about this – when he went to be with the Lord, he was one with Him.


“The Spirit of God was grieved tonight – seriously grieved – the prophet spoke tonight – the Spirit was quenched.


“The Apostle tells people to come into line.


“The Portals – Fanny J Crosby had eyesight in the portals when she wrote Praise Him, Praise Him – portraying the whole earth praising Him.

“Praise – people have no idea – show dimensional praise.

“There is to be no discussion on numbers – we are here to plant a seed.

“The dragon’s Gwynedd – Peter grasped it. There is danger with Muriel in taking her to the strongman.


“The only solution to this = death to self. Evangelism involves deep surrender and gifts of the Spirit.


“The open-airs must be conviction open-airs. Do not be afraid to expose sin for what it is.


“On the films, God wants us to show on screen:

·        George Jeffreys (on U-tube)

·        Norman Grubb

·        A W Tozer


And as he leads, to particular speakers on U-tube we can use.

“The message = death to self.

“On Evan Roberts, the Lord is saying


(1) David was right to emphasise ‘Remove the doubtful things.’ There was conviction on the meeting tonight.


(2) Don’t analyse – keep concentrating on Him.


(3) Have great nights there – emphasise the name of Jesus.

There is to be no disappointment.


(4) For speakers are to be in the portals, and signs and wonders will come.


(5) Be dynamic in praise and worship.


For Lindsay, get soundtracks to practise, especially It Is Finished. This is therhema, and our doctrine.


(6) Also, in the leaflet – a ‘deliverance from deliverance ministry’ leaflet.

Expect confrontation. The Lord is saying ‘Mighty Revival’ – if you will give Me all of your life.”



Word from the Lord through

Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 27/04/13



“There is an open door in Scotland, whereas in Wales I am still knocking at the door. For in Wales, they still fail to understand the vagrancies of the charismatic movement; the syncretisation within the national Church of paganism & so-called Christianity (except the remnant); the gross amount of witchcraft & its effects on the false Church, which is growing; the acceptance of spiritualism & its off-shoots; its constant attacks on the remnant; all leading to a closed door for the remnant in Wales.


“All thy advertising hits a closed door. But do not be disheartened. My Word, which thou hast advertised, cannot be returned void. Thou hast sown constantly into Wales, but its time is not yet; for its people continue to reject Me. They see thou hast continued, in My name, to knock at the door of Wales. It continues to wave its flag of defeat. It continues to look at thee strangely. For you, as a remnant, have not been accepted because you have not changed your ways to fit into their cultural hell.


“The Welsh mind-set, without God, is a cultural hell. The chapel movement once brought heaven to the valleys, heaven to the coasts, heaven to the inland areas. But what they did was build up their Jezebel warlords, to take these lands into death; & when you stand & have a meeting in these lands, they simply deny your existence in a general sense; but because you put the fear of God into the hands of the Jezebel, what they do is promote gossip circles against you, so that you become a bankrupt ministry.


“Oh yes, you rely on Me. Oh yes, I do not let you down;& oh yes, you cry out to Me, & suffer. For it looks impossible to make a ministry pay in this dead & barren land.


“Oh yes – did not Elijah feel the same way? I sent ravens unto him, to feed him. Did not the hymn writer feel the same way when he wrote, under the guidance of My Spirit, that he was a pilgrim in this barren land? What did he do, but build a chapel, housing people surrendered to Me?


“And thus I call you to build a chapel on high ground above Bangor & collect funds from around the world to invest in a building to house My people from other lands, who will go to the highways & byways of Wales, knocking on the doors of the people.


“You see, My principles have not changed. You have a vision for Wales, yet I am still knocking at their closed door; knocking to come in with My glory. But they would rather wallow in their own defeat. And oh yes, the false Church is growing in Wales. They will say, “We’re growing; we’re growing” – but at what price? The price of compromise. Those in the false Church will say to you, “Do this, do that, & get in the people.” But I have not changed. I do not change. The people have embraced a syncretized form of Christianity.


“So in Wales, there is a closed door. So in your future advertising you can depict a knocking at the door, with the Revelation word alongside it.


“But in Scotland, there is an open door. The infiltrations of the Irish troubles has been realised, & its history you are aware of needs now to be removed from the hearts of many, including thine own. The falsehoods of the new charismatic so-called Church is being realised. The devil has overplayed his hand in the national Church, which has become a laughing-stock amidst the people, which they look to retain their Knoxian foundations,& look to put on top of those modern laws of immorality, decadence & flesh. This decadent Church is the laughing-stock of the nation.


“And so, you have established the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, the newest national Church; & this will expand to My glory. The door is open.


“Many false prophets, false ministries have entered the land of Scotland over the last 20 years. In Scotland, their falsehood has been realised, rather than accepted, as it is in Wales. You have discovered real fire in Scotland, & false fire in Wales, with its national symbol looking a sad figure in a principality of syncretisation.


“But in Scotland, there is an open door for My true Word to flourish. So what you have is an open door in Scotland, & a closed door in Wales. Keep knocking; & in Scotland, move in through that open door, & take the land for Me. In the era in which you live, you rightfully are using the technology; so your Scottish operations can be run from North Wales for the time being. Keep warning the Welsh that their dragon will lead them to hell-fire & constant damnation; whereas in Scotland you can say, “Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy laden – I will give you rest.”


“That is the difference between Wales & Scotland at this time. Keep knocking in Wales; but in Scotland, move in & take the land.”

Bangor, North Wales has been known for some time as the City of Learning, our intercession showing however the displeasure of God in relation to that learning.


The immorality of present day youth culture has concerned God enormously but above that has been a more serious concern - that of its Theology Department and it;s embracing of Higher Criticism.


This is explained on our Bible College of Wales Continuing website.


The context of the prophecy comes too in relation to the synchretisation of Christianity and Paganism commonly seem throughout North Wales, Director of our Continuing College Brian Mason having interceded very powerfully here.


Leviathan is a spirit clearly shown in scripture, its operations being bound by the operations of what God has called us to do.

Director of Bible College of Wales Continuing pulling down the forces of darkness to set free what must become a University led of the Spirit of God rather than the spirits of a humanistic society.


The Prophecies too are in the context of having gone through a series of gateways in North Wales setting the people free from the strains of bondage put on the people by the powers of darkness.



*  Stand up for non-conformity in Wales having bound the strongman.


*  Give the message to come out of the disappointment.


*  Build Chapel Pentecost in this area where people can come and be Baptised in the Holy Ghost.


Dream to LG (Wife of DG), 24/09/11 – just after the first Intercession Meeting in the Ambassador Hotel, Llandudno


“I was in Llandudno. We had prayed there. Everything seemed very nice (this is the artificial ‘front’ we talked about at the intercession meeting the previous day).


Near the Ambassador Hotel, & very near the sea, I was chopping down tangled undergrowth (not very nice undergrowth, similar to the stuff we found on Llanddywen Island where the revival had been stemmed). I had an axe!!!

Some long ‘crab claws’ appeared as I chopped my way through the tangled mass. There were a lot of them (at least 8, maybe more). I chopped the ‘claws’ off & dragged out a huge hidden crab – destroyed it.


Nearby, another creature appeared in the open (not hidden) – again, a sort if crustacean sea creature. This one was even bigger, with a harder shell. The others (intercessors?) & I chopped it up – it had 2 huge circles at the top (maybe eyes???) & as we chopped, lots of yellow poison came out.


We had a real victory here.”



Word from the Lord to DPG, 24/09/11

 (given immediately after the dream)


“Bangor is the city of false dreams. Disappointments & failures are the order of the day. The University issues documents of the memories of Satan, which are all bound in lies, deceit & deception.


“Wherever you go in Bangor amidst this generation of learning, there are faces of upset & defeat.


“Students come to understand the mysteries of life, & leave none the wiser. The University itself is a proud one; one with the best of buildings, & as they see it, the best of faculty.


“They believe they are the kingpins of Wales. They have a language all of their own. The chapel movement stood for non-conformity to these synagogues of Satan. Great chapel halls stand there majestically, as monuments to the past, with people not knowing what to do; for My Spirit has departed from such places. The spirit of humanism & doubting My Word has overtaken the people. Thou drove around, seeking a place where thou should meet, & met with disappointment over what thou wanted to do. Such is Bangor & surrounding areas.


“People go there looking to achieve certain objectives, & go away disappointed; & it is as if whatever you are trying to achieve, it will end in disappointment. The Leviathan of the shores is worshipped here, & people are afraid of it – but they honour it. So the sea is treated with a form of respect, that in effect it is worshipped.


“And so thou hast been called to expose that which has been going on in this area. It is a place of misery because they have not kept My Word. By keeping My Word, they would be able to move from death to life. The choice thou art presenting to the people of this area is simple: choose life, & not death.


“So, praise the Lord! I have not called you to constantly minister to the people; & the devil will provide people to minister to, if you let him.


“So keep off the housing estates. The people are to come unto Me, to move from disappointment into life. They are to make the effort, & come unto Me.

“You see, what you have in Bangor is a vibrant spirit, but a spirit that leads to disappointment rather than life.


“You must bring life. But there is breakthrough coming. So bring life. Thou wilt find a meeting place; a place where people could come, & find a cure to the tail of the Leviathan.


“The message of the day is simply: come out of the disappointment. It has been over Bangor for some time that if you try to do something, you will be disappointed. Any progress is held back. Students come with their determination to learn, but over a period of time have their enthusiasm drained out of them.


“So, whatever people try to do, they are disappointed. So-called “churches” have initiatives for this, & initiatives for that; but because they have worshipped at the altars of stone, there is no way through. The people remain bound.


“The housing estates you see, are estates of squalor, & iniquity. The only hope for the people is Jesus; yet what is being presented is the other Jesus. And so, the people have been fooled, & become disappointed. This is why it is My will that Chapel Pentecost be built, where people will come, & be truly baptized in the Holy Ghost, speak with other tongues, & move from disappointment into life.


“My Word says for those heavy laden to come unto Me; yet that which is perceived as church comes to the people. They minister to the people in their disappointments, when My Word says they must come unto Me.


“So thy building will be a practical one, beside the A55, where people will come to worship Me.


“So I am calling you to this place, not to minister to the people, but to have a place where people can come & minister unto Me.


“Do not be disappointed that one did not find such a place at this stage; for you saw an example of putting in physical & mental effort, to end up in disappointment.


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad that thou hast obeyed My Spirit, & looked to bring a place of joy to this place of heartache.


“Go forward therefore with My gospel; for I have anointed thee to build up the waste places; to set the captive free. But the people must first come unto Me, & cast their burdens upon Me, to move out of disappointment into life.


“So rejoice, & be glad; for thou hast found the land for My Chapel Pentecost.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/12/11



“With all that has been going on, it is clear you have TAKEN My Word of understanding that the prophets are subject to the prophets. And at this time of the accuser of the brethren operating against thee, you have those prophets & apostles standing up for you at this time. You see, the prophets & apostles are the foundations of the Church; & by the Spirit of God, when the enemy tries to rock the foundation, the Chief Cornerstone with the apostles & prophets, steady the ship & calm the storm.


“But you are right to say that those who come out of that spiritual authority are wide open to the winds & waves of Satan’s attack; & you are right to move in the Lord’s compassion. For the Lord loves to see a repentant sinner back into the fold. You are right to see all witchcraft connection is removed; for there are many deceiving spirits in these last days.


“So be aware that you have taken on the spirit of antichrist, death & hell, & Jezebel. For you have taken on these strong men in the power of the Spirit of God, & brought their operations down to nought.


“Now, I am going to give you the strong man spirit as regards to Bangor Cathedral, appreciating your work of going from place to place. Note from Braich-y-Pwll, there are lines of association with Bardsey, which I am calling thee to cut. I will give direction when you get there.


“At Borth-y-Gest, you sre simply dealing with a leviathan of the harbour, where running waters flow one into the other. Caernarfon you have dealt with; but it is significant in its connection with the Newborough Forest; for this has been the sweep of the Leviathan.


“In effect, you have dealt with these sweeps of Leviathan along the Menai coast; in other areas too, & claimed back the land. But I am telling thee. As you go into the grounds of Bangor Cathedral, you are dealing with the witchcraft god of the Church in Wales; & as this is the establishment church, this is a spirit that has connection in the Babylon of state, as well as so-called “church.” You are dealing with the one of the gateposts of Stormont. All are joined together in the establishment church & state. You have named before you Mendes, the god of witchcraft.


“This is the rebellious spirit which keeps North Wales out of revival; but the spirit you are now facing, in view of bringing revival – this is the rebellious spirit which has affected so many so-called Christians. As the nation has rejected God & His Constitutional Acts, it has been through the rebellion of Mendes; & when you point out the Constitutional Acts, they act like children found out of misdemeanours, & make all kinds of excuses for their actions.


“It is through Mendes that church members rebel against spiritual authority, & act like children. And so you find out this strong man. He is seated on a throne in Bangor Cathedral; but it is a throne they will not want you to see. So when you go into the Cathedral, openly say the words, “Where is the throne?” & you will be led by My Spirit to stand in a particular place of witchcraft activity, where you say, “Devil, you are a rebellious being. Your woek in establishment church & state has been found out. Your goods are no longer in peace, for the stronger man has overcome the strong man.


“You see, you have the spiritual authority; for you have stood with apostles & prophets. You have understood the prophets being subject to the prophets; & you will see before you the rebellious operations of government exposed; the rebellious ministries exposed. For I have given thee the land & all authority, saith the Lord.


“And so, go ye therefore, & proclaim the truth of My Word. Do not fear; I never leave thee nor forsake thee.


“You have found out the false god, that has dominated North Wales for years. Proclaim My victory. The victory has been won; the truth of My Word can never be returned void.”

Colwyn Bay is a town on the North Wales Coast that once was a well visited resort that was prosperous and full of well filled Chapels.

 It needs the Lord back in revival for the people can only come out of the gloom - through accepting Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/02/12



“As in the days of Jeremiah, I am having to say once again, “Woe to the false pastors!” They control & stage-manage meeting, & suppress the flow of My Spirit. This is contrary to My Word.


“They do not allow the flow of My Spirit to run; they hold back the anointing of God; they hold back the conviction of God, & allow in alien spirits that have emanated largely from the Catholic-orientated spectaculars, like Toronto & Lakeland. They have not heard from Me, but instead have gone with the flow of the end-time counterfeit.


“These pastors are in great danger. Many have sat under the teaching of Higher Criticism, that is, the doubting of My Word, rather than the embracing of it. Many have chosen alien scriptures; scriptures whose codices are Vatican-based; & so have brainwashed the people into accepting a form of godliness that denies the power.


“This form of godliness leaves the place wide open for the remnant; that is, those who are teaching the true word, that is, those who teach that the Church is My body, to stand out, & make its position heard against the falsehoods which have taken over so many of My movements.


“For out there, there are so many casualties of the false pastors. You have witnessed at first hand the spirit of Absalom in thy midst. The false pastors, running round from place to place, looking to please the people rather than please God. Within this spirit, there is always sexual immorality; for the betrayal not only affects the Church fellowship itself, through the spreading of false rumour & false information. If the false pastor has a wife, it betrays her. Its gaining of favour comes with sexual control, as well as control through false information. The spirit gossips continually against the anointed of God, looking to isolate the apostle & prophet from preaching the true Word.


“The spirit particularly looks to gain favour with widows, ladies who are on their own, & those having problems in their marriage; & position & power is sought by these Absaloms, which has brought a bad name to ministries throughout the nation. Apostles & prophets on identifying the operation of this spirit, take action against it; but by which time, there are many casualties who often are drawn in by the lore of the Jezebel, who offers them the ministry & the loving-kindness, only to build up the pride in the victim, rather than the assurance of who that person is in Christ.


“So, as you have looked to expand thy ministry, these spirits have come & isolated you once more. All you can do is say, “Let us expose these false pastors; these pastors who have come to steal the flock.” Let the message be heard, that I am calling these pastors to account, saith the Lord.


“There is a warning I am giving to one large Church fellowship in Colwyn Bay:-


“Thou hast removed My Word for the Catholic codices of Vaticanus, Sinaiaticus, & Alexandrinus. Thou hast allowed thy worship to be influenced by Lakeland & Toronto, & have lured in people through entertainment, rather than the Word.


Behold, I am calling thee back, saith the Lord, from the vagrancies of modern day Christianity, to the cross-carrying of the past. I warned thee to remove the ideals of pleasing the people, to preaching the Word once more, in relation to sacrifice, & cross-carrying. For unless one teaches the Galatians 2:20 truth, the work that I began in Old Colwyn will cease, saith the Lord.


“My prophet has stood against the Leviathan of the Menai, & is now saying to the Antichrist that has looked to infiltrate the coast from Colwyn to the estuary of the Dee, that that run of Antichrist is on notice that it has been found. The false pastors are on notice today that the prophet has seen, & has exposed, the infiltration thou hast fallen under; seen the hearts of so many betrayed people, that Absalom & Jezebel will be exposed in this area too, as the whole of the North Wales coast gets set free for old-time revival, not the counterfeit of the Catholic scriptures.”


This ministry is going forward in it's vision from the North Wales Coast despite of the threatenings of a local hostile group trying to destroy as they say "through official channels."


The now accepted way of simply being respected "Church Goers" has been rejected by the Lord in this area of North Wales with its Leviathan and Dragon Flag of Defeat whereas God is calling the nation to lift the flag of David and move from defeat INTO LIFE .....

Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/01/12




“You have summoned the churches of Llandudno to come & face their strong man; for what you have found in Llandudno has been a desertion of Non-Conformist truth.


“Of course I have My remnant, who have been brought to thee, to protect & care for. But the establishment, meaning the vast majority, have all bowed down to Baal in one form or another.


“So My judgement, that is the hold-back of My judgement, will not last the eight weeks, saith the Lord; but opportunity to repent, & move away from Baal, will always be there – but it means a complete repentance.


“The stronghold you faced in these places is the individual building of treasure on earth, rather than using that for the extension of My kingdom; & that is where your Church is different: a Church with whole-hearted members, who see the tithe as holy unto the Lord, but now understand the call of God to the mission-field. Hence, this time of revival, & exposing the false revivalists, & giving the teaching of the true.”


Prophetic Warning from the Lord through DPG, 13/01/12




“The Leviathan laughs because you have failed to heed the warning. The Leviathan knows he has you in his claws.


“For I am telling you, saith the Lord, that you have drawn covenant with Satan himself through his Leviathan. As he appeared as a serpent in the Garden, so is he appeared before thee, so as through pride you may have your fellowships of mental agility, being proud of man’s achievements, even to the point of being proud of healings that go on in your meetings.


“For these healings bring the conditions for a Charismatic movement based on the physical sign, rather than the spiritual inner assurance (Hebrews 11:1).


“What we have amongst us here in Llandudno, are groups of so-called Christians, obsessed with the physical sign. They know little of the inner voice, or the inner witness; they are obsessed with the sign.


“So they say, If this happens, or if that happens, it is God; & the spiritual pride, based on physical matter, gets built up, all of this being contrary to My Word in Hebrews – the evidence of things not seen.


“So, the Leviathan has provided a playground for you. You honour him with your obelisks, domes & spires, & even physical depictions of the beast. You are proud of your buildings; great religious towers are the norm in Llandudno. And you are proud of these buildings; so proud, in fact, that the building means more to you than the God of Heaven.


“And so, as I have told My prophet, I am not prepared to wait the 8 weeks. So I am calling now judgement upon this entire town; upon its government; upon its so-called Church, which has bowed down to the Leviathan.


“And, as you have seen, there is a gathering going on, each week for 8 weeks, facing your Leviathan. And whilst Leviathan trembles & quivers at the presence of My prophets, he comforts in the fact he has you in his claws.


“And these 8 weeks have been ordained by God to give opportunity to forsake thou hast with Satan through his Leviathan.


“But the judgement must come now. Throughout Llandudno there is the dark cloud of the angel of death; for My Word declares it, Whatsoever a man shall sow, that shall he reap.


“But My remnant that has not bowed down to the Leviathan, as in days of old, this angel shall pass over them.


“The cloud is gathering, saith the Lord; but those who have not forsaken Me will not perish. They are protected, that this angel of death will pass over them.

“But for those who have pride; who have forsaken My gospel for the New Age infiltrations of the devil – then you will fall from the great height of your pride, as you have not heeded the prophet’s call.”



Scripture: Job 41 for what the Leviathan does.



Word from the Lord through DPG, 22/01/12

“Blow the Trumpet in Zion; Sound the Alarm in God’s Holy Mountain”


“Thou shalt not meet under domes & spires, saith the Lord; for these are symbols of the enemy’s triumph, in holding back  those who should be of thetrue Church, from being full participants in the Body of Christ.


“A dome is a place, a meeting-place of devils, that use this symbol of the firmament as a place to gather, to bring forth their influence over people who call themselves Christian. My Word is clear: I do not meet in holy places made with hands. I do not approve of the kneeling before rails, & the handing over the communion from a priest, over a rail to a participant. For this rail is a re-building of the veil; meaning there has to be a mediator between God & man.


“This is not to take place in the walk of the Christian. He is to be free. For where the Spirit of the Lord d is, there is liberty.


“You see, the enemy has been found out; & those who gather under domes or spires, usually on a Sunday, need to understand that I do not gather under domes & spires.


“So, sound an alarm! Blow the trumpet in Zion! My warning from My prophet is, do not gather under domes & spires in any circumstances, saith the Lord.


“The Christian must realise that to be truly of Me, one must be led by Me. This involves a personal relationship with the Saviour. Those joined to the Lord are one spirit. The scripture talks of being one in Me.


“So, do not meet under domes & spires, saith the Lord. The strong man of thy nation is under a dome of religion, where your anti-capitalist demonstrators gathered, knowing this was the hub of the evil of the City of London: not the Bank of England; not the places of evil which have been dug out to celebrate demonic activity, but a so-called holy place, of royal events & religious adherences; & these adherences have been built up, through the gathering of enemy forces, where a veil has been physically made once more.


“I give the warning again: do not gather under domes & spires, saith the Lord.

“So, My warning is clear. Domes & spires & communion rails are not of Me. I have never called them to be built, ever.


“So, you move on, My children, giving these warnings, as you have done, day after day, month after month, year after year. But they do not take heed. So many are being held back from being true Christians, through the gatherings under domes & spires.


“So, give the warning again: blow the trumpet in Zion. You gave this warning time after time; yet the veil has been rebuilt. Domes & spires, communion rails, are not of Me. They are of the enemy camp. Do not meet by them, or under them. Instead, gather yourselves under God, to be one in the Spirit with God,undivided, undistracted, but constantly in communion with Me.


“Praise the Lord.”


Prophecy through DPG, Llandudno, 27/01/12


“They have not left their jobs; they have not done what Peter did – they have not left all to follow Me, saith the Lord.


“They think they can do secular work, be elders & ministers at the same time. But this cannot be the case with the ministers of God. They need to leave allto follow Me. They need to leave all to follow Me.


“I know this is a hard & difficult path, saith the Lord. They separate their family lives, from their Church lives. But this was not the way My Church was built. They left allto follow Me.


“There is no such thing as a family life, a Church life & a work life in the kingdom. There is only one life: & that life is Jesus Himself.


“And as I said unto Peter (Mark 10: 29-31):

 “Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, & the gospel’s, but he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, & brethren, & sisters, & mothers, & children, & lands, with persecutions; & in the world to come eternal life. But many that are first shall be last; & the last first.”

[DPG: note that money is not mentioned here]


“I am calling you to call those in Church work to come out of their employment, their addiction to family life – to come out, & follow Me.


“This is the message of the Lord for moving by the Spirit. For you are having confidence in the flesh & your ability, rather than the confidence in Me. And whilst you are doing your secular work, you are unable to discern the activities of the spirit, who take over homes, families, & Church fellowship. For there is no-one to stand as a watchman.


“You are called in My Word to stand on your watch, write the vision, & at the appointed time, you run with it. And, saith the Lord, [to us] this is your appointed time. Be not distracted.


“But I have come that you have life, & life in abundance.


“There has been no-one to stand on the watch. You have been called to be watchmen to stand on the watch. For you are here not only to stand over the strong man of Llandudno, for this is the gateway to the Menai Straits, where you will stand before the strong man of Snowdonia, the Menai coast, Anglesey, which is linked to a strong man from Ireland that is affecting Lleyn, Harlech, Barmouth, Tywyn, & even Aberystwyth.


“That strong man appears over to Bardsey, via the islands of Ireland, from where the Celtic saints did sail.


“You deal with the strong man affecting the paths of Columba, Ninian, & David. And his flag needs to be shown in this land, as a symbol of the cross shining through the darkness, bringing life rather than death.


“You are to campaign, saith the Lord, for this flag to be portrayed in the Union flag. This Union I am calling you to uphold in its Protestant Constitution.


“So, the Leviathan doth roar along the Irish Sea; & it has its staging posts, one of which you look out to today. Another at Doulas, on the Isle of Man, another at Dun Laoghaire near Dublin.


“Within this sphere, there are triangles of occultic activity from Dun Laoghaire to Fishguard, especially at Strumble Head.


[DPG: these lighthouses are very important]


“From Fishguard to Holyhead; & from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire. For here goes the Leviathan to the point of where the South of Ireland reaches the Atlantic, from where you enter the realm of other spirits affecting the North Cornwall coast, where the fascination is wicker, rather than the stone witchcraft of the North Wales occultic practitioners.


“But I am the Lord: I change not. I have given you the power & authority, the might & dominion, to claim back this land. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.


“Be not disheartened. Be prepared to go all the way. For I am calling revival, saith the Lord; such a revival, where men & woman shall leave their work & become one in Christ. For ye are the circumcision, which have no confidence in the flesh. That what you have taken on is already defeated by the power of the blood of Jesus.


“Be found in Me. Take to heart the words I gave through Paul to the Philippians: that you may know Me, the power of My resurrection, the fellowship of My sufferings, being made conformable unto My death.”

[This is a Rhema Word. See also verse 14: “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”]

Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/02/12


“For I say unto you, saith the Lord, I have called you into this place for a purpose. I have told you before of the covenant-breakers; those who come & infiltrate, & look to promote their own glory, the key word in this revival being “brokenness.” For this revival brings people to their knees, rather than promote individual pride.


“For I tell you, this Leviathan of the sea, the one manifesting before you now, puts his head out of the water to have a little look to see if you are still there. He is afraid of you; for by your very presence, you have bound this sea monster.

“And for those who want to question this spiritual reality, they need only go to My Word.


“For to question your vision of this monster, is to question the very Word of God. Isaiah looked forward to that day, Isaiah commenting on what was known as the crown of pride. For there is much pride along the North Wales coast; much pride in personal achievement; much pride in pulling down others for one’s own glory; & I am telling you, that the day Isaiah was looking to, has come before thee today.


“Remember the wine you poured over the bread? By pouring the wine, you have given fear into the great Leviathan, who pops his head out of the sea, & puts it back again, afraid to come near you. For My Word is declaring it this day. For there have been Leviathan runs around the seas of Wales. I have told you before of the lighthouses; & the run you have discovered here, it is just the one run.

“But for this Leviathan, you have ruined his run. You have poured wine before the joining together of seas at Menai Straits. For that is why you are at Pendalar; high above the Leviathan run; & here you are, manifesting My Word, My Word being the sword of the Spirit. And you have spoken My Word before this Leviathan, & this Leviathan is afraid of you. For My Word is a sore, great, strong sword, punishing the Leviathan; tormenting the Leviathan; frightening the Leviathan, & not only that – all who worship the Leviathan.


“For they stand at the cave on the Great Orme, looking towards the sea-run of the Leviathan. For I am calling you this day to crack your stick, over the water & into the water, the stick being a symbol of My rod – the rod that opened up the waters of the Red Sea; for those who crack My rod, signs, wonders & miracles will follow.


“For the opening of the sea was a miracle of God, as indeed was the closing of the sea. For those not following God, there is the drowning of judgement.


“For the day is here, saith the Lord, that the Lord of hosts be for a crown of glory, a diadem of beauty, for those who have not bowed down to the Leviathan of Satan. But for those who have continued to air along the lines of the string drink of Satan, then My spirit of judgement is upon them.


“For along these shores, there are tables full of vomit & filthiness. For the Lord bringeth a hail & destroying storm; a flood of mighty waters overflowing.

“As indeed it happened with the Egyptian army, so there is a tempest, & a flood of mighty waters overflowing, being cast down to earth, to swallow up those who have not followed the Word of the Lord.


“I have called thee to worship Me in spirit & in truth; to be led continuously of Me. And this spirit of betrayal that thou hast identified in thy meeting today, is one to take authority over; that at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow. My Name is above every other name.


“So, as you go forth to crack the waters of the sea, so that Leviathan has to bow the knee. For there cannot be a Church that does not follow My call. There is obligation on every believer to follow My voice.


“By cracking the waters of the sea, thou art punishing the Leviathan with a symbol of My sore, great & strong sword; the real sword being that which you speak before it: for the Sword of My Spirit is the spoken Word of God.

“So we today [this is for everybody] plant our sword into this Leviathan of pride, & as we plant this great sword, we slay the dragon that is in the sea, according to the Word of God written in Isaiah 27 & 28.


“Just as it is written, how the old serpent, the devil, will be bound for 1000 years, you are in those days, saith the Lord, when My Church is called to stand up & take authority in My Name; & just as it is written in My Word, the great trumpet shall be blown; this being the trumpet of revival in Wales; that those who were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, & in this case , in the land of Wales; & just as I refer to the contests in the land of Egypt, they shall come to thee, to worship the Lord at thy holy mountain; & you shall say to the gathered congregation – stand there, & preach My Word, & say to the congregation, the word that I gave to the Hebridean gathering.


“For thy revival will be that which occurred at the Hebrides, on an island facing the sea.


“For I have Word of the islands of the sea. They shall give Me their ways, so I am able to give them My ways


“The Lord is saying about the isles of the sea:

“About the islands of these seas – I am calling in the isles, saith the Lord.

“Isaiah 24:15, ‘Wherefore glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea.’


“So I am calling you, saith the Lord, to this island in the sea, to take this island in My Name. Let the mainland see the glory of My Name. For I have come, saith the Lord, to bring forth revival in this land. Just as the Hebrides was brought to its knees, so shall thy land be saved.


“I am here, saith the Lord, with a mighty sword of punishment upon the Leviathan – to be symbolised by thy stick. And the judgement of God shall be upon those who have failed to hear My Word, whether they be leaders of s0-called churches, national leaders – whoever they be. For as I spoke towards the land of Babylon, the land of Babylon is desolation. For thou hast lifted the standard (=royal flag) of the Lord in this place. For the wrath of God is upon those who have failed to act upon My call on this land, & upon My Church. But the glory of God is upon those who heeded My call, as in the Hebrides. For thou art to preach to the assembled crowd; not to each other, for thou knowestthe scripture before thee; thou knowest it well. For thou hast climbed the hill of the Lord, & hast left behind thy dirty rags. For only those pure & holy escape My wrath.

“And as you witness the cracking of the waters, it is as Moses stood in the high place above the Egyptian army. One moment he lifted his rod to bring life to My people, on their way to the Promised Land. But to those who were chasing after them, the flood of My judgement shall drown them from their accusations & their falsehoods.


“And you shall walk towards your Promised Land of revival.


“For He hath founded it upon the seas, & established it upon the floods.

“Jeremiah 1:10 – He is removing the crooked, to enable the glory to come.

“That is why you are doing this course. He is removing the crooked, to bring us life.


[At the beginning of this prophecy, apostle Ken had a vision of the army of God marching – fiery darts coming, but bouncing off harmlessly. God says, ‘Close ranks,’ & the fiery darts will bounce off us].

“You do not mess with the anointing. This anointing has been given as a result of My resurrection, saith the Lord – when I conquered death so that you might bring life, saith the Lord. Every curse of cancer, every oppression of Satan, every mental disorder, every physical disorder, every infirmity. Has to bow, saith the Lord. For the threat of the Leviathan is bound, that old dragon of the devil. For the kingdom of this land is the Lord’s. He is the Governor among the nations; & they shall remember, & turn unto the Lord – shall turn to worship Him.


“And for those I speak who have bowed the knee to the ecumenical threat, I say unto thee, Repent at this instant, & separate thyself from the kingdom of Baal.

“For as this day I have punished the Leviathan, through the prophet, so shall I punish thee.


“They have taken the religion of the Canaanites, & combined it (if it be possible) with the gospel of God.”


[God, as He said, has not waited the 8 weeks – this is just past half way]

[Scripture from Ken: Isaiah 13:22 “And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, & dragons in their pleasant palaces: & her time is near to come, & her days shall not be prolonged.”]



Warning & Word from the Lord through DPG, Llandudno, Friday 10/02/12


At the start of the meeting, DG said “These attacks the Lord would have us deal with today.” Scriptures were then given from I Corinthians 8-9, about the spirit of offence, etc. Then a strong word from the Lord came forth:-




“I tell you, that instead of moving around, pulling down those who have given up everything to Me, you are to do likewise.


“Thou must see that I am the Lord: I change not; & as Columba bound the Leviathan of the Highlands, so have My apostles & prophets done likewise in Wales.


“And you must respond to this. For there has been a taking away of thy Leviathan; the sore & great & strong sword of the Lord has punished the piercing serpent: and the Lord sees the people moving about from place to place, seeking a security for their lives.


“But I see what is known as My Church holding hospitality groups, rather than councils of war. They fight against each other; for the reality of these hospitality groups is that they are so inward-looking that they become hostility groups rather than hospitality groups; & that their viciousness & bitternesses look to pull down the counsels of God.


“So I tell you this day, this group in North Wales: you have stood up to the strong man; over the strong man of North Wales, you have already gained the victory.


“But there are significant warfares in relation to the island of Ireland, where they strive against each other with different doctrine after different doctrine. For this island of Ireland in Mine, saith the Lord. And I have called you to stand on this hill of the Lleyn, to take My island back.


“There, you have the Leviathan run of Satan, which you can cut in half. Break down his operations, even at this early stage; & you will stand on the hill of the Druid in Inverness, & sound the trumpet of the Lord, to break down these hills of wickedness by the sounding of the trumpet of the Lord.

“This wickedness         I am calling you to stand against on this hill of the Lleyn, to pull down the stronghold of masonry that brings together the island of Ireland with Scotland.


“And all the infiltrations into the churches of this stronghold, thou shalt stand by the burning bush, & pull down the stronghold that binds its fire. The religious spirit so binding Scotland & Ireland – they just want to fight with each other over religious spirits. They do not see the heart from where belief is unto righteousness, but they look to catch you out on every word you say.


They are the Pharisees & Sadducees of the modern day. They know nothing of the gospel you know. Instead, they have a form of godliness that denies the power.

“So stand therefore on this Braich y Pwll. Declare My glory, might & dominion - & set free this island of Ireland, & its connections to Scotland from its stronghold of masonry, which has held the people back from receiving My glory.

[DG: NB these meetings are really for Ireland. Braich y Pwll is a place of intercession – actually it is basically in Ireland – there is a warfare there].

[Intercessory prayer followed – LG saw a vision of stairway to heaven – Jacob’s Ladder as in Genesis 28:10-16].


“To the Church in North Wales: you should be here interceding for Ireland.”



Prophetic Word through DPG, Llandudno week (7) 17/02/12


[Round Conwy/Llandudno: the syncretised Church]


“For thus saith the Lord: I have brought you to this place to rebuke these spirits of Antichrist - & as you have stood before the Leviathan, & found where it was, giving opportunity for the churches to come & bind their strong man,


(Vision to DG of huge bull-type figure=the golden calf, grown into a bull – a dressed bull – the calf has been allowed to grow. This is syncretisation}.

“And I have seen your golden calf, saith the Lord.


(An explanation was given: This spirit is the spirit of syncretisation, & Moses had to deal with it. Moses was on the mountain – came back full of the glory).


“You have taken up false gods, saith the Lord. My wrath is upon this land, for its worship of false gods; the syncretisation of false belief in  Alpha; the building of holy places made with hands; the bowing down to the sea, from where your Antichrist has been removed.


“And so today, your molten calf – the worship of the molten calf of syncretisation – has brought about a stiff-necked people (Exodus 32:9). And in those days, Moses pleaded before God for the people; & this opportunity of God to come, & to remove thy antichrist, is here too to remove thy Baal; & I have held back My wrath to give you opportunity to come & bind up thy strong man. This town of supposed Christian tradition is abomination to Me, saith the Lord; a town that has built a new obelisk at its gateway; a new golden pyramid at its other gateway; a town that has embraced golden calf Christianity.


“For I bring My wrath, saith the Lord. Thy prophet has come forth to give thee opportunity to bind thy strong man; & you have refused that invitation.


“And today, the golden bull of masonry has appeared. For thou hast sought after other gods, who have been found out at these meetings in Llandudno.


“And as thy calf that has become a bull, has appeared before us, the question has to be asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side? What concord has Christ with Baal?”

[Galatians 3]


“There is a factor here - & I warned this, saith the Lord, to those seeking to follow God. There can be no concord with Baal; none whatsoever. There can be no holding on to the things of this world.


“The bewitching of Satan has brought you to a place where you have been under other gods; & unless you come back to the faith of faithful Abraham, there can be no blessing.


“For only those baptized into Christ have put on Christ.


“The only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ. And all of the world, & the world’s gods, has to be removed, else My plague be upon this land, as it was with Egypt.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/02/12



“In our series of meetings in Llandudno, we have made certain declarations, & understandings of where we stand have come as a result of the binding of Leviathan.


“Point no. (1): What concord has Christ with Baal?


“There must be no links whatsoever with the current ecumenical societies; no link whatsoever to the bibles of Babylon; no link whatsoever  with the false revival movement, i.e. Lakeland, Toronto etc.; no link whatsoever with multi-faith “Meaning of Life” courses; no link whatsoever with movements that have moved from their ancient landmark; ministries moving on My command, then being slated by the system, isolated, & have no reputation in the world.


“A ministry obeying God, will then become a ministry of no earthly reputation. Does this sound familiar? Such a ministry comes into the firing line; a ministry which will be talked about falsely, & of no reputation. Such a ministry stood before thy strong man for week after week at the Ambassador Hotel.

“So, point number (1) is, Come out from the system. Be led by Me, & have full-time ministry in thy fellowships.


“Point no.(2):

“Full-time ministers do not have the distraction of secular employment; & because the people have not been faithful in tithes & offerings, there is a widespread absence of full-time ministers. This is an abomination to Me. By being part of a fellowship, one is honour bound to the giving of tithes & offerings. Those in fellowships not giving tithes & offerings, are robbers of God, particularly when these tithes & offerings are there in My kingdom to prevent the muzzling of the ox; & I say unto thee in Llandudno & Conwy: you have not recognised the importance of full-time ministers. You have not recognised the importance of tithes & offerings. You have bowed down to Baal; that is, the system of a syncretized religion.


“And I in My mercy have brought this full-time prophetic ministry in thy midst, to bind thy strong man; but because of the lack of full-time ministers, you have failed to hear the alarm in Zion, & failed to face up to the strong man this full-time ministry brought to the surface & bound.


“Point no. (3): Teaching

“People who come to thy fellowships must be taught. Full-time ministries teach the people. You name a subject this ministry is likely to have covered in teaching courses at one time or another. This is because this ministry is full-time. It has taught the Word to few in number; it has done the Jeremiah 1:10 activities, by pulling down the altars of Satan, because the ministry is full-time & hears from Me.


“Teaching is important, particularly in these last days.


“Point (4): Sacrifice

“Hear this, & hear this well: full-time ministries sacrifice. They have little in resources from the world. I have trouble in getting professing saints to hear from Me. They have so many other things to do.

“These full-time ministries are raked off, slagged off, gossiped against. They have those with the Jezebel or Absalom spirit to contend with, & need to be supported; need to hear from Me.


“I have put on, over these 2 months, a course on Catholicism & its incompatibility with Christianity. My people perish through lack of knowledge. So this course was put on at their expense, for the fellowships of Llandudno to attend. Not knowing about it is not an excuse, because the warning was out about it in the Spirit. But because you have earthly activities, you fail to hear the alarms in the Spirit.


“You say, ‘Well, why didn’t you let us know?’ Full-time ministers are in the Spirit & hear. Part-time ministers have other things to do, & only hear the things of the natural rather than the supernatural.


“So, this is a lesson to be learnt. You have full-time ministers, who need to live off the gospel. And this is a message to the people: the lack of full-time ministers (I am talking about My Church, not the system Church, with its ministers of regular salaries & pension schemes) is a result of your failure to give tithes & offerings, & the taking on of full-time ministries must be restored.


“But you must remember, ministries are built on the foundation of prophets & apostles; evangelists, pastors & teachers recognising this foundational role, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone.


“So, I have placed the prophet in thy midst, & you are welcome to go & see him. He can avert this occult attack you have been going through; but it involves coming out of the ecumenical system; it involves the paying of tithes & offerings; it involves the exposing of the infiltrations into once great Pentecostal movements; but above all these things - & get a hold of this, & get a hold of it well – the word “sacrifice” is paramount to the life of a Holy Ghost-led Christian. He or she is prepared to go all the way, even to lose all that person has, for the gospel.


“Has that been the case in Llandudno & Conwy? No: you have robbed God; & the judgement has come.


“Come hither, to the prophet of God, who can lead you in My Name to the paths of old.


“Turn ye to the old paths of Non-Conformist ministries, full-time in the Lord, collectors of tithes & offerings, so that the ox does not get muzzled.”

[EMLG brought forth a scripture in relation to this: Nehemiah 10:28-39; 13:4-14].


Word from the Lord through David Griffiths Rhos 01/03/11


“I have set amongst thee ministers, because thou art not been afraid to admit one’s own weakness; as the apostle Paul realised that it is in me that he was strong, so thou hast not been afraid to admit thy weakness too – for thy strength is in Me.


“I look for the empty vessel to fill & overflow. Thou hast moved in My power & thou realiseth the moment of spiritual breakthrough to manifest My victory of 2000 years ago.


“It is when you are weak, that is when you are strong. That strength thou hast, & in a given area, thou knoweth the breakthrough point in the Spirit to manifest My miracles.


“The years of struggle, David & Lindsay, are over. Be prepared for My victory. Be prepared to speak out My Word. Be prepared to go about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil, for I am with thee.


“Where My Word declares that My rod & My staff comfort thee, My rod is the rod of authority; & as thou witnessed the drowning of spiritual armies through the raising of My rod when thou wast with My friend Kim, be not afraid to raise up thy rod. As Moses lifted his rod before the Egyptian army, the enemy was drowned. Likewise, as this occurred in the physical realm, so it occurs in the spiritual realm, where forces of spiritual darkness through the word of the Lord given through the prophet.


“My prophet is to lift up his spiritual rod, as Moses lifted up his physical one.

“Do not allow festival adherence to take away the anointing. To celebrate Easter is to celebrate the devil’s counterfeit.


“I am calling thee to stop the Concert for one month, till after the pagan festival has gone; for to draw people in through the Easter celebration is to draw people in through the devil’s spirit rather than through Mine. The devil has his own crucifixion story.


“You see, as the Word declares: I shall be like the Most High; he has a counterfeit story of a virgin birth to be celebrated at Christmas.


“Have thy concert after what they call Easter.


“But these concerts are simply a preparation. You see, I have taken you on a road of spiritual preparation. I am bringing beside thee ministers who, like you, have suffered & like you, have struggled, not knowing where their next penny is coming from.


“So-called churches will spend thousands in promoting themselves through the Easter festival. This concept of promotion through festivals is not of Me, because people are being controlled through the calendar rather than through the Spirit of God.


“Instead, David Owen, though shalt read the relevant passages from the book of Hislop, that show the pagan origin of this wicked festival.


“Do not draw people through Easter; the drawing of people is by My Spirit – the conviction of people is by My Spirit. Walk ye in the way of My Spirit, for all flesh is as grass.


“The error if those who celebrate Easter & Christmas is clear for all to see. These celebrations are crashing down before thee. The fruit of Christmas is drunkenness & merriment. The fruit of Easter is chocolate-eating children, bunnies & bonnets: in other words, fantasy spirits.


“Remember the rabbit that manifested in North Wales? What thou hast had in North Wales is a land that has been bound by fantasy – Rupert, Alice in Wonderland, & various other children’s stories – even an edition of “The Saint,” with a crazy scientist. Crazy ghost stories abound, not least in Conwy, where these pagan festivals are taken very seriously.


“Thou hast been right to warn thy people about Conwy. It is struck on a ley-line from the Deganwy obelisk. I know that the obelisk has been placed above Deganwy, but it is on a spiritual line to there, in relation to the former seats of power that that village represents.


“The new housing estate & Quay has been built to nurture the leviathan spirit, as it has been built strategically at the beginnings of Menai. They pulled down a chapel as part of this scheme – a chapel that stood for non-conformity, so that the Anglican cult can have its way.


“It is the SUN crucifixion they celebrate at Easter. It is an act of Baal.

“And all along that coast where thou hast made a stand at Pendalar, is an observance of this illegal cult. Instead of an “Easter” concert, thou art to plan to take community halls throughout Wales (The Lord is telling David not just NorthWales).


“I have brought people alongside thee to assist & take pressure off thee; & thou art to spend wisely on the equipment for these purposes. For by not celebrating Easter, one is showing one is not under the god of this world.


“Rejoice over the victory of 2000 years ago; but this victory is not physical calendar-orientated. The victory is in thy hearts.


“All flesh is as grass; & thou hast seen this cult of Anglicanism grown, & thou art to take thy spiritual lawn-mowers, cut down the grass, & stamp it under thy feet.

“The devil laughs at Christians celebrating the festivals of Mammon. The drawing of all men unto Me is by the raising of My standard; & Jeff & Sue dohear from Me. They have been called to raise up the standard; the standard of thy Christian heritage in the land of Wales. But they, like you, have been rejected. And thou hast been right to associate yourselves with the rejected. By associating yourselves in politics with the rejected, thou hast associated yourselves with being prepared to give, rather than to take. So many in politics are there for the taking rather than the giving.


“You are right to say Jeff & Sue write down what I am calling them to do.

“I have seen the stand they have taken, & the devil was not pleased with their waving of the flag on the hill-tops in the last party political broadcast. They showed a group of people prepared to climb a physical hill, as I have shown you a group of people prepared to climb a spiritual hill – “who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? Those with clean hands,  a pure heart.”


“How they love thee, for they have seen thee as prophet: to give the Word of the Lord, not to control & manipulate them by natural power, but by spiritual anointing; they stand in their garden in Wales, lifting up the standard of the Lord.


“Tell them Psalm 91 applies, rather than the condemnation which would look to take the Party along a religious route.


“Be not downhearted over not having been able to work together with them more; I am bringing the conditions for this to happen. Do not strive; be at peace. Do not force things – it shall be by My Spirit, saith the Lord.


“Tell them that they will witness those with faithfulness & with loyalty. There have been those who have sought to join the Christian Party bandwagon for their own self-esteem & pride. I have called together a party of broken people, not career politicians; & George is going through a time of brokenness at this time. How he loved his wife, with all of his heart; far more than what the human mind can comprehend. I am close behind him, David. He knows he is to speak out My word. And you are to be blessings to him at this time.


“Jeff, you have taken the administrative load, or part of it, from him, to bring the conditions for him to hear from God, & speak out the Word of the Lord. A strong administrational base is now to be built in the Christian Party, so that men & women, broken men & women, can speak out My Word with the rearguard protected.


“And yes, I have called thee together with David Owen, & bringing you both together has been the will of the Father.


“So rejoice, My children. Go without fear. Speak out My truth. Broadcast to the nations. What thou hast learned will see you through; for thou hast studied diligently & My Spirit can use these studies for the ongoing purposes of God.”



This ministry has a Prophetic Call of God to the Hebrides, we trusting God to bring the manifestation of this very soon ........

Word from the Lord through 

E M Lindsay Griffiths, 02/01/12



[In connection with the “Catholic islands” of the Outer Hebrides]


“See – I am birthing by My Spirit, & My Spirit alone, a new thing yet an old thing in the islands of the north.


“See it now, see it begin, feel the birth-pangs of new life stirring, new life breathing, as I breathe the breath of life in these places of silence, these places of My deserted creation where the sea & sky meet, where the curlew cries, where hearts grieve for they know not what – a homecoming of My Spirit. I know their wants, their cries, their groans, their keening & wailing, saith the Lord. They search the sea & the sky for they long for the touch of My love, My hand.


“These are near to Me, but have not yet found Me, in the wilderness of beauty where land meets sea & sky. The land of song, of …


“See, feel My Spirit brood over these islands like a dove. It was the ancient Saint Columba, whose name means “dove,” who brought My life to the islands all those years ago. Now My life comes again.


“Deep calls to deep at the noise of the waterspouts [Psalm 42 verse 7]. Tremendous forces are at work in these islands; forces of darkness, yes – but far greater, the great sweep of the rolling breakers of My irresistible Spirit. The time is ripe, the time is ready, to sustain a pure & holy & fervent revival. Watch the sweep of My Spirit, My Holy Ghost. The people are ready. The time is right. My glory is imminent.”


Psalm 42; (Isaiah 52)


Word from the Lord through DPG, 30/06/12



“As each moment passes by, so you become nearer to the Lord’s return; & so I have placed you into position, to gain souls into the kingdom, at a pace (place?) which is so phenomenal your natural minds cannot comprehend it.


“The enemy would try & bring confusion to this scenario; but I have defeated the enemy, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“You shall speak out My truth. This is My Word: that greater is He that is in thee, then he that is in the world; & you have been told to fulfil certain things.

“Now, have your own place in the Hebrides, & from there, find the building to have the Bible College of the Western Isles. By having the Bible College of the Western Isles, you will see My glory manifest. You will see the glory of God come upon those islands once more; but I am calling thee not only to Lewis, but to all these islands which thou knowest well.


“As you go south, on the ferry from Leverburgh, you shall be taking My Word, as you said years ago in intercession. Bring Kim Freeborn into this, as well as your existing team here. For the idolatry shall fall, saith the Lord. As you speak out My Word, so the gates of hell shall not prevail against this coming of the Lord.


“For I am the way, the truth & the life. No man cometh to the Father, except by Me; & as you preach My Word, so you will see a manifestation of My glory.

“Expect great miracles; for My coming is nigh. But as you go as led of My Spirit throughout this country, so shall the people taste the coming of the Lord. For I am with thee, in thee, all around thee. For you are to be empty instruments, filled with My glory, so as to set the captive free, in My Name.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/10/13



“Remember I have called thee to re-trace the steps of Columba, My apostle of old. And remember at Lochaline, how they stood &opposed the anointing, with their manifestation of dead religion?


“What you did was stir up the mantle of the apostle of old. At Iona, thou sang praises on the beach where My apostle landed; & thou witnessed how the false philosophies of New Age had manifest there; how systemized religion had brought in the doctrines & philosophies of Antichrist to the steps of Columba.


“Like Columba thou bound the Leviathan of Lochs Linnhe, Morar & ness, the latter already being bound by the manifestation of warfare by Columba.


“Like him, thou shalt free the pagan seats of government & pull them down & bring God’s glory to the seats of power.


“You see, My call to the islands has far-reaching implications; & as thou stands on the shores of Donegal, thou shalt speak to the islands. For in the spirit they are as one unit, from Rathlin to the Western Isles. There is to be neither Catholic nor Protestant, but the original faith which Columba brought to these parts. In other words, I am taking thee pre-Reformation; & whilst the Reformation took on degrees of Antichrist to make Scotland a nation under Me, the peoples & governments of Scotland have forgotten this heritage. For it is the governmental stability of the nation which the rebels of Edinburgh now look to remove.


“For My judgement is upon this rebellious Parliament that has looked to bring in secularism, immorality & adherence to the Treaty of Rome, thus kidding the people that they are standing for independence, when ther eality is they are standing for putting the nation under a foreign power – an act of great treachery & treason, akin to the Gunpowder Plot of Guy Fawkes & his cohorts.


“Those waving the independence ticket are traitors to their own heritage; for it is not independence they proclaim, but control of af oreign power over them, rather than taking the God-given leading role in the United Kingdom, & all the stability of the Protestant heritage.


“But I have called thee to stir up the spiritual heritage; & I am going back before the Reformation, to Ninian in south-west Scotland, & to Columba in the north. On another occasion I will deal with the islands of Orkney & Shetland, which are akin to Scandinavian culture. For I have plans for thee to sort these out with Scandinavian Pentecostals at a later date. The witchcraft of Orkney shall be sorted, & the flames of revival restored to Shetland, that will ultimately bring revival to Orkney, once the impact of the false edifice of Magnus is removed. For they have brought false religion into that place, which is now a seat of foreign power, rather than of the anointing of God.


“But this I say unto thee: stand upon the shores of Donegal& speak up to the islands, from Rathlin north to the Western Isles. For My Spirit is to come upon these islands, from the smallest to the large. I have had you pray over the so-called Catholic islands before; & you are not to see a barrier to the anointing in these so-called Catholic islands. But thou shall stand fast in the liberty for which Christ has set you free.


“Thou wilt proclaim that there is no divide between God& man that is truly born again. Thou shalt speak on the liberty of being saved by the blood of Jesus, with no divide between man & God. They shall see that only One is the mediator & intercessor; that Mary has no place in this at all. For I have warned about praying to those gone on, in My Word. Fort his is akin to witchcraft rather than to God. Giving Christ Jesus the pre-eminence is the key. For the abomination of the statue of Mary must be removed, saith the Lord.


“Whilst indeed the doctrine of the virgin birth is crucial to the Christian faith, the virgin is now in heaven, not able to be a part of worship from on earth. For this comes through My Spirit, & My Spirit will not tolerate a counterfeit of Mary as a rival mediator.


“So one comes to these islands with a powerful message, not only to the so-called Catholic islands, but to the so-called Protestant ones too.


“I have called thee to mend the wounds of Presbyterian splits of many years. I have called thee to bring My message of liberty & freedom to the people of Harris, who have wallowed in dead adherence rather than move in the gifts of My Spirit & the power & glory of the Almighty.


“Again, one will face the spirit of the outward form; of women unable to move in their calling because of religious observance &lack of understanding of My Word.


“There is to be Pentecostal revival meetings in Harris. One began these on Scalpay, & the people ignored what I was doing, choosing to wallow in their dead religious observance, where the religious observance of the Westminster Confession of Faith takes precedence over the rhema Word of God.


“Thou art to hold meetings baptizing people by full immersion, exposing worship of the Sabbath rather than the Lord of the Sabbath.


“In Lewis, thou art to stir up the mantle of the intercessors of the ‘40s & ‘50s, who came to the end of themselves; & I called thee to bring the Barvas Kirk once more to the place of revival; but they chose the traditional role of the parish minister, whereas I called thee to take this kirk into a place where the people of the islands can gather to receive the Lord Jesus Christ & His anointing once more.


“It was never intended to be a parish kirk, but a seat of revival for the nations.


“And so I have called thee to Ness to intercede, not only for the islands of the north & islands of the south from here, but also to Canada & America, on whose land people of the Clearances set foot.


“I have called thee to stir up the mantle of the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth, & in America restore My Compact with that nation.


“So My work in the islands has far-reaching implications for America & Canada too. Thou must share this calling, to raise funds for these island excursions; excursions to restore the anointing of Columba over that which has crept in through dead religion.


“Speak to the islands to come alive. For My anointing is upon thee, to bring these islands to the point of revival, where the labels of man mean nothing, but the glory of Jesus is everything.”

You know, all of us have one thing in common - we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.


At this time, 2012 the nation seems intent on chasing after the sinners who are victims of a system that has big beams in it! 


God is looking to deal with the root and that means recognising that the nation does not have room in its prisons for all those who have broken the nation's laws, the biggest sinners being those who have passed laws allowing the slaughter of innocents - making Great Britain a nation incapable of enforcing judgment whilst it has big beams to deal with of its own.


There is hope for Great Britain, however! There is a place where sinners can come, whether they have beams or motes, to a place where there is plenty of room. That place is the CROSS!


Issues relating to our dealings with the Charity Commission come out of this with challenges for them for they have gone through a secular revolution in Britain. 


The landmark of Charity Work in Britain however is Protestant Christian like we are, and because of this we believe the Commission have serious procedural issues to face because of this.


We want to help them with these issues as we have shown willing to assist them in relation to our procedures.



*  Recognise the price to be paid


*  In relation to Procedures,  E M Lindsay Griffiths has been given the God Given Role to deal with these issues of the ministry.


*  Insist on all Government Agencies to uphold the Queen's Promise/Constitution of the Nation first above all other matters


*  Ask the Charity Commission if they have done this and how many Charities have.


*  Teamwork in the running of the Charity.


*  Remembrance of previous Prophetic Word over Hillsborough of state cover ups etc. Prophet still giving similar words over the Nation and its agencies.


*  Show the fact that the State has failed to uphold its Constitution.


 Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/09/12



(Prophets DPG & EMLG)


“Now, I bring to your remembrance what was said to Dotty Rambo over her prophetic gift; about the heavy price My prophets pay for the gifts which I have given them.


“Now, both of you are prophets; each prophet has a different emphasis. Lindsay, yours is in fighting for justice, which is why I am putting you on the Charity Commission case just now. The main issue in this case, is not the technicalities of procedure which they are looking to pull you up on. The main issue is whether the Charity Commission & its charities are upholding the Constitution of the nation. That is the main issue in every case.


“You have upheld the Queen’s promise; & you are to ask them how many charities have. For to uphold the Queen’s promise is the primary focus of every Government department.


“Now, you both are prophets. One fights for justice; the other gives the Word. Now, in this you are to work as a team. Now, David, you are to hand over as much practical stuff as you can to Lindsay; & Lindsay is to appoint others to help her. For I will be keeping David more & more in the Spirit, so you are  to network your computers, set up the home as a manse like I have told you to do, & have people stay & work there in a holy working environment. My prophet is to be released from much of the clerical work, & be allowed to wander, as led of the Spirit.


“The State is in a terrible state, with cover-up after cover-up. Remember years ago, I gave My prophetic word about Hillsborough; & likewise he is called to expose the beams in the eyes of the State, & prevent a beam-ridden State from criminalizing those in small business & charitable work, who because of the wickedness of the State, have motes in their own eyes. The fact that the State has refused to uphold the Constitution, is the reason why so many have lost their way. You, Lindsay, are to go forward & fight for justice. The Justice web-site is there for you to use; so use it.


“David, you are to collate all the prophecies, & put them into books for the public to read. The first book is to be called “The Modern 95 Theses,” with a sub-heading “Prophecy, through a modern-day Prophet.”


“The world must know what I have said through you. And Lindsay, you take the Theses, & take them to departments of government, & tell them God is not pleased; & you can begin with the Charity Commission. The nation must return to its Constitution if it is to prosper. The nation will not prosper by putting the blame on to others. And you are to ask the Charity Commission, & other Government agencies, if they are upholding the Queen’s promise – ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


“So you go forward, Lindsay, in My strength. Let the Justice web-site be your way of communication, for it is justice you must fight for – that is, law & justice in mercy. You are anointed to do this; & My prophet will still get words in the night, which you are to write down.


“But it is you who are to act upon them.


“My prophet is to be in the Spirit more & more, to bring the Word of the Lord. It is you who are to act, to bring the Word of the Lord into fruition.”

The nation need not congratulate itself for its Olympics but repent before God for its bowing down to pagan gods and acceptance of the One World Unity Movement rather than accept our nation's call before God and the demanded unity with HIM.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/07/12



“They sang hymns at the opening of the Olympics, asking questions about Jesus; asking of I walk on England’s green & pleasant land. They asked Me to guide them.


“The question as to whether I walked on England’s green & pleasant land, is hardly relevant. But, what is relevant, is whether I am in the hearts of the nation’s people today, for that is necessary so as to be guided by the Great Redeemer.


“The Olympic ceremony then proceeded into a major lie. Of course, there are elements of truth in the presentation, but the truth was being used in the context of presenting a great lie.


“In one respect, it is true to say that there was an industrial revolution; that the land was dug up to build factories, foundries, equipment for coal mines, etc. All that was true; but not for the reasons stated in the presentation.


The presentation associated the Industrial Revolution into making 5 rings. This made the whole presentation into a lie. Truth was used to prove a lie. So the devil manipulated truth, & changed truth into a lie; & the people fell for it, ignoring what they had just sung: “Guide me, O thou Great Redeemer.”

“The devil can sing hymns, just like everybody else; but if the singing of the hymn is not meant from the heart, then the truth of the hymn becomes a lie.

“The devil is a great deceiver. The heart of what was sung was not “Guide me, O Thou Great Redeemer,” but “Guide me, O thou great Deceiver.”


“The Industrial Revolution was not brought about to manufacture the rings of the Olympic movement. The presentation depicted rings being made; rings to join together, to present the one-ness of the kingdom of Satan, the god of this world, who looks to join the 5 continents under him, as one in him.


“The manufactured rings became luminous. Now do you see where all this is going? Luminous rings, bringing the continents together under somethingluminous; not only luminous, but luminous with power, that power being exerted from the rings; & the people, instead of being guided by the Great Redeemer, reacted to what was before them; & they looked up & worshipped the Lord of the rings. A great evil had come upon Great Britain; for instead of being guided by the Great Redeemer, the nation had come under the curse of the god of this world. Only a repentance, right from the head of government, right the way down to the smallest person in the land, can reverse this curse, & bring the nation to being great once again.


“O Britain, how you have fallen from Me! How you are not even a speck of what you were! I called you to protect the Commonwealth countries. You have failed to help your covenant partners in need; & so must suffer the consequences of disobeying God. It is all there in Deuteronomy 28 for you to read what is to happen to you. But first comes the blessings, which you are now not obliged to receive; so move on to the curses, & read what is to happen to you, unless you repent before God.


“Now let Me speak to My Church; the remnant that has not bowed down to Baal. Psalm 91 is yours. Cherish it; move in it. You cannot rely on the god of this world to provide your resources; for with following Satan, the nations of Europe have bankrupted themselves. Britain, in joining what was the Common Market, apparently did so for economic reasons. The people were promised prosperity by joining Europe. So the people followed mammon, the love of money, rather than honour their covenant with God, & the Commonwealth nations.


“So I am calling you to bring Commonwealth workers into your operations. You will notice the massive anointing there is with this activity; for not only are you honouring your covenant with God, you are honouring the nation’s covenant with its Commonwealth.


“Such is the anointing. The nation, on following mammon, has bankrupted itself. Your ministry now, on convicting the nation by My Spirit of its great sin; of your honouring of your covenant, not only to God, but to the people of the Commonwealth, you have opened the doors of prosperity to come upon you; not for personal gain, although My will is that you prosper within the context of you prospering others. For My will is that you bring freedom & healing to the people; not by honouring the rings in the sky, a form of worship of the created, but by being guided by the Great Redeemer, you can bring the lowest-caste people of India into walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; you can take the hard-pressed war victim of Sri Lanka into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You can take the famine-ridden peoples of Africa into a land overflowing with milk & honey. You can take the exasperated victim of Zimbabwe into a land of God-fearing government. As Britain goes on its way into bankruptcy, filth & decadence, remember My Word to My remnant Church, preaching the full surrender required to be a Christian. That full surrender - this is what they do not understand in their Alpha courses; that is, to be a Christian not only required My crucifixion; is also requires yours. For I am calling all men to the Cross: not only to accept that I died for them, but I require the death of the sinner before I can raise them into everlasting life. This is where the preaching of the Cross comes in: foolishness to those bound by the Lord of the rings, but life unto them that attend to My words. It is healing to their flesh & bones; for instead of being one with the Lord of the rings; remember in the ceremony how they joined the rings together; for Satan said, “I shall be like the Most High;” with the ceremony of the Lord of the rings, all the people did was to look up to him; be awe-struck by his power. But for those who forsake the Lord of the rings; for those who come to the Cross, recognise to receive the true power of God, one has to be crucified too.


“You are not your own when you come to the Cross, for you were bought with a price. For this preaching of the Cross, is the message being spoken now by the true body of Christ. For those who truly die at the Cross, are lifted up to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1 & 2). They are lifted up to walk with Me in the heavenly places, high above principalities & powers. And as for the fire of the Olympic cauldron, this in reality depicts the fires of hell, where all those who honour the Lord of the rings will go, to suffer an eternity with the one who has shown himself as the Lord of the rings; the old deceiver himself, Lucifer, the luminous one, the god of the luminous rings, who has shown his apparent power with the sparks that came out of the rings; the reality however of that power being that he is only a damp squib.


“For the real power is in the heart of believers, who have been to the Cross & died, who are now risen up as one in Christ, members of His body, His flesh, & of His bones.


“This is My body. You are walking in the heavenly places. Whatever you shall bind, will be bound; whatever you shall loose, shall be loosed. You shall lay hands on the sick; they shall be whole. You shall call resources to you, & they shall come. This is the true Church, the body of Christ.”

Throughout history as nations have accepted sin into their laws, have promoted immorality and sexualised children - then those nations simply fall ...... this is happening in Britain and Prophets warn of this.


The intellectuals of the nations who do not heed the Prophets warnings fall too .... Britain has been told and needs to act on the Prophet's cry ......

Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/09/11



“Stay calm, stay calm. The conditions in the world are getting worse; & My message to you today is to stay calm. Am I not the Saviour who calmed the storm? And you have the authority, dominion, & power to call in the wealth you need to fulfil the callings of God.


“There will be times in this build-up to My coming, when thou will witness such a change in the spiritual atmosphere, it will seem there is no way through; but am I not the one who opened up the Red Sea?


“And as you go through the work you go through today, you will see I haveprepared you through it all, to be the ministry I have called you to be.


“The prophetic ministry is one, not of compromise, but of determination. You will not be moved by the imminent collapse of world-wide economies. You will not be moved by earthquakes & wars, & rumours of wars. You will be moved by My Word, which declares My people to march in the Promised Land, this land being a land where one is able to stand, in the Name of the Lord.


“The Lord loves thee; & as you hear from Me, go forward; be not afraid. The land is for the taking. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. For I have called thee to continuously walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; & the world has to come in line with My Word.


“But My message to thee is to stay calm. There will be those who need to be calmed down. And there is to be wars & rumours of wars. But thou will stay calm. Aquaplanes – which is My way of walking on top of the rough waters, unmarked, unscathed, & confident of victory.


“Be alert for My Word. Take up thy rod; completely drown the oncoming army, in My Name.


“We are talking of spirits, of course; for when a thief is found, he has to restore. You, being founded on the Rock of the Lord Jesus. This is victory; for thou will build this chapel & college, in amidst the battles of adversity. But thou hast been called to build through the power of the Living Christ. You see, I have called thee to be above the natural circumstances. I have given thee all authority, might & dominion.


“So rejoice & be exceedingly glad; they say all manner of evil against thee, but I have called thee to be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might.

“This is your position: the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.



“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; for the victory is thine. I won the victory two thousand years ago. Thou hast the victory.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/09/11



“Remember the hymn, ‘Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven; to His feet thy tribute bring; Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven’?


“Explain to the people the two gospels. My Word declares there is another gospel. You have been brought into the understanding of the other Jesus; & so, if there is another Jesus, there is another gospel. The other gospel is presented exactly like the real gospel. The wordeology is the same.


“But thou hast been given revelation of the massive differences between the two. The hymn-writers of old were clear in the theology of the real gospel. The hymn-writer of old would clearly identify the message of My Word; but today, there has been brought into being songs with little reference to My Word, & it is these songs I have called thee to identify, pull down, & expose.


“You know when the hymn-writer of old declared, ‘Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,’ he meant it.


“The hymn-writers of the other gospel honour a god so far away from Me. There is a clear distinction between what is becoming known as the old-fashioned gospel, & that which is being portrayed in “churches” today.


“The apostle Paul pleaded with those at Corinth. He discovered at Corinth that an infiltration had come in. He cried aloud, he spared not. And I know the attacks of the mind, looking for you to compromise from the teaching of the real gospel. I call thee to resist the devil in his attempts to conquer thy minds. Do not compromise to the social strata of today. Continue to expose those “Bibles” that look to present a Jesus who has an origin day. Show to the people in thy mail-out those false scriptures – expose them – that show Me to have an origin day. Show to the people those scriptures – false scriptures – that show Joseph to be My father. Show to the people those false scriptures that give the same title to Lucifer & to Me; those false scriptures that declare Me to be the capstone rather than the corner-stone; & warn the people that adherence to these false scriptures takes them to the knowing of the other Jesus.


“Show the people the false scriptures of progressive salvation; & emphasise at the end of this short piece that those who have truly repented have been saved to the uttermost, rather than go through a period of progressive deliverance.

“Dear Lindsay, the course thou art preparing on the other Jesus, coming through one of its religions of Roman Catholicism, a religion of altars made with hands: do not hold back in declaring the Jesus behind the altar-rail as being one of the imaginations of Lucifer, rather than the begotten Son of God, Who reigns in the born-again believer, their bodies being the temples of the Holy Ghost.

“You see, there is a difference between the Jesus of the man-made altar, & the Jesus that reigns within thee.


“Yes: place this prophetic word in thy mail-out, exposing the false Jesus; & in contrast, show those that walk as kings & priests on this earth, ‘ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,’ like the old hymn-writer said they would.


“You know, as I am, so art thou. Praise Me; praise Me. I cry out for those who have been taken in by the false scriptures. Bring them back to My blood-bought Word; bring them back to My blood-bought Word; bring them back to My blood-bought Word.


“Write these words; these are words I gave to a hymn-writer of what thou perceives as old: ‘Would you be free from the burden of sin? There’s power in the blood, power in the blood. Would you o’er evil a victory win? There’s wonderful power in the blood.’


“Show the people how many times the NKJV has removed the word ‘blood.’ Show how many times the word ‘repent’ has been removed; & show how many times I am referred to – or, the supposed ‘I’ – as a son, rather than the Son.Include the NKJV references as well as the other so-called “Bibles.” Show how the supposed ‘I’ cannot grasp equality with the Father, whilst the true scripture declares the co-existent, co-equal Godhead.


“By placing this prophetic word in thy mail-out, My Spirit is calling back those of the other Jesus, with his other scriptures.


“Show the people My warnings on taking away, & adding to, My Word. They are not to resist the calling of My Spirit back to the reading of My true Word, & back to the hymns of sound theology, rather than today’s hymns of adherence to another Jesus.


“Yes, I know thou hast found modern hymns that give reference to the real Jesus; but there are so many who have taken upon themselves adherence to another Jesus, through the singing of sloppy songs that have referred to another Jesus; another Jesus being an imagination of the one who fell.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 18/10/11



“I have brought you together, David & Lindsay, as prophet & prophetess to the nation; & that role is being recognised, as you take authority within this nation. Indeed, by bringing to remembrance the Constitutional Acts of the nation, & the obligations before God to keep them; & how they are relevant to every aspect of society, & every aspect of law; & how you have been brought together to expose the sin of the nation; the sin of governments; the cover-ups of many years; & how that which has been hidden for many years, thou is bringing to the surface.

“Public trust towards its politicians within the modern era is at an all-time low. Government is unable to govern. Banks are unable to provide the service like they have been doing, in keeping the businesses of the nation going. All this is because of lies & deceit, right in the hearts of government, & of course in the banking profession. The exposure of this is well known.


“You have been called to expose the sin. When you have done this, peole have run, afraid of what is going to happen next; & as with the prophets of old, they have sought to discredit the prophet & prophetess. But you have stood firm; you have stood on My Word; you have understood it is the conviction of My Spirit that brings men to repentance. No earthly discussion can do that.


“What you have been called to do, & will continue to do, is to expose the sin. In the case of MBNA, you are to bring out the relevances. They cannot cover up any more. They have ignored the Constitution of thy nation, thinking it can bring its worldwide agenda, & ride roughshod over the laws of other nations.

“The prophet & prophetess will never fail. With the abundance of revelations, as with Paul, thou art buffeted day after day; but thou hast stood firm on the rock.

“The enemy is trying his best to remove you from that position – but thou hast been called to stand firm on the Rock; to not be moved by circumstance; & that which I have called you to expose, I have called you to expose to bring the kingdom understanding to thy nation.


“Constitutionally, I am in charge, & I have an order of government; apostles & prophets; which is why in Wales I have brought you together with Jeff & David, as apostles & prophets together, to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.


“The people have been kept away from these understandings, for the education system has brainwashed people into other ways. They show off about how great the education system is; yet it has been brought to failure by the pride of man; the ignorance of man, particularly in the field of science. They talk of a big bang, not realising the simplistic understanding. Even in man’s apparent creations, their own bombs have had to have a manufacturer. Someone has had to make their own bombs; yet they teach in the universe something just happened by chance!


“Nay: everything made in the universe has had a Creator. There is no such thing as having created without a Creator. Yet they teach this to the young people of thy nation; & they believe it. What nonsense!


“And so, the base of understanding in thy nation is at an all-time low.”

“Those in the banks have failed to understand that a building has to have a foundation. They have removed ancient landmarks, & are paying the consequences. They think local business can be run & decided upon within a global framework. How foolish!


“You are simply exposing the foolishness of man. Your campaign to bring back the local bank manager, who understands the local environment, who becomes a trusted part of the community, is so obviously the best business decision to have. But what banks have done is to form a worldwide cult of worldwide control; closing down local bank branches, the people will think in a global way, without care for the local community.


“This, within the context of business, has made local business people without a husband. There used to be that local help, & a local decision;  & been replaced by a worldwide control & manipulation, to promote global business brands, above the local business man.


“What you have said to banks, however, is that there are national laws in Great Britain, that demand adherence to what the prophet says, & that rights have been given to the clergy of the realm, simply to speak out what God is saying. Thus you have a House of Lords / House of Bishops.


“In the cases thou hast with banks, you have simply given adherence to what the Upper House has said; but banks operating a global agenda have little time for what they see as localised law. They are building a framework of global law, seeing thy nation’s Constitution as archaic & irrelevant.


“But you, as prophet & prophetess, are declaring from My Word to remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. You are saying that an oath to God is higher than a signature to the new global order. In fact, you have brought the wind of judgement on the banks which you are dealing with. These cases you are dealing with, all have national repercussions; for what you are bringing in is My own ancient landmark of the Year of Jubilee! Initially, you are setting the people free from the present-day Pharaohs of Egypt; but as with Egypt, it is the prophets carrying the rod.


“They try & chase after you, but it is you with the upper hand; for as with Egypt, My judgement has come. Plagues are afflicting nations which have come under this new global rule. Governments are falling, unable to handle the pressures of government without foundation. Behind the scenes today, there is panic in this coalition government. They put on a front of having it together & well-organised; but when a nation allows its people to come under laws that allow man to lie with man, woman to lie with woman, then that nation is under a curse.


“But those who have stayed faithful to Me; so faithful that they stand on the ancient landmark of law which I have given to thy nation; who proclaim My holy Word through the art of preaching; thou hast authority over the new Pharaohs of Egypt. These are they who think they can operate without Me & My ancient landmark; & as they chased after the children of Israel, it is thee with the rod of authority, & can pull down that which has come against the landmark; for I have called thee to call the victory in all these cases thou hast with banks.


“You have been called to be prophet & prophetess to the nation of Great Britain, & to impact the nations of the Commonwealth too, standing on the reality of a Christian heritage that has brought stability to generations of old; the removal of the Acts in everyday modern thinking manifesting in the instability you find in every aspect of business in the nation.


“I have mentioned the plagues; I have mentioned the judgements; I have mentioned the instabilities; & what I mention to thee as thou stand on the Rock, is all those things of judgement. I have shown thee before their main manifestation, which is happening now, the truth of Psalm 91: “it shall not come nigh thee.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 23/11/11




“The enemy is afraid of you – very afraid – of many areas with you – but one particular area he is most afraid; that is, in the area of picking up of mantles. He has successfully taken so many movements away from the mantles of their founders, & through thy 95 Theses, thou hast challenged those movements to return to their original call, the Theses also calling Government to return to its Christian root – indeed, through hearing of the Christian roots of banking in thy nation, thou hast been calling banking back to an ethos they now describe as archaic to thee.


“For example, Elim’s spiritual decline is through its non-proclamation of what I gave to Jeffreys & Macpherson. In fact, its leaders have had a ‘but’ clause in relation to how the movement was founded. They say, “Oh – that was all very well then, but…” But I say unto them, that I am the Lord – I change not. What I gave them is to be taken up by those with the mantle, who move in the double portion. So there is an increase in the manifestation of truth; not decline, as you are witnessing now.


“New security zones have been built by those in charge of apostate movements. These are their new foundations, which they desperately defend – for they are shaking on sand. Instability is everywhere, in this new-found “Church.” So they muzzle the prophets; they attack the apostles; & every effort of the enemy is in keeping apostle & prophet apart. For you know that the apostle needs the prophet, & the prophet needs the apostle.


“This is what has happened in thy fellowship here. Your ministry has been called “Continuing,” that “continuing” being from the visions I gave to the founders of Pentecostal movements. You have the enemy very afraid.


“So continue thy path; do not forsake the calling; pull down that which is not of Me. The course on Catholicism is very significant, as you are doing it right on the coast of Llandudno, where the spiritual Jezebel is referred to as being the Lady of the Sea - & you are aware of all the spiritual significance of that.

“Your media suite is to be used for developing communications throughout the world, so that apostolic & prophetic ministries can come together through the available technology; & though you feel alone now, this will not be long as you develop what I have called you to do in relation to media.


“So continue onwards, My children; be not afraid. Speak out the truth. Take on the institutions which have turned away from their original call. I tell you, they are of sand.


“And enjoy your salvation in Me; & enjoy setting people free, through what I have given to movements. For you are to continue in the base of the founders of Pentecostal movements, & to receive the double mantle – the double portion - & move fearlessly on.


“Remember My Word to rejoice & be exceeding glad, when they speak all manner of evil against thee? Well, rejoice.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/12/11




“At My disposal have been prophets I use to warn & give direction. This is under the five-fold ministry heading of prophet, whose role is to make perfect the saints for the work of the ministry. The prophet’s heart is always to make perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.



“The prophet sees what is going to happen before it happens, the prophet giving warnings to ministries & individuals alike, prophets also giving rebukes, so as to bring the body in line with God’s purposes & will.



“For some time thou hast warned & warned & warned about Llandudno & Conwy; about gathering in these areas. And thou hast heard there have been those that gathered in seats of masonry, where thou hast seen spirits that thou hast warned about.



“Thou hast also warned about analyzation. The Word of God is not to be prayed about – simply obeyed. The Word of God needs to be understood, within the context of its being a living Book – a Book from which the Spirit gives direction & impetus; & where the Word says “Go,” this is in the context of the Spirit giving direction as to where to go; or even, where not to go.



“Thou hast spoken word of warning after word of warning over what spirits are doing in Llandudno & Conwy. They have their “Churches Together” movements, which thou hast warned about. Thou hast warned about the false translations; thou hast warned about the covenant-breakers & the gossipers; thou hast warned against the speaking in the flesh, rather than by the Spirit. There has been warnings, too, given through Apostle Owen in relation to the judgement of believers; & within the context of these domes of freemasonry, false “words from God” will manifest; false assumptions will manifest; & even a counterfeit glory will manifest; that those under the spell of these spirits will genuinely believe they are hearing from God themselves.



“The life of a prophet can be a very lonely one; for he sees things others do not see, & sees people walk into the traps of the enemy. If he had not warned, they would come back & say “Why didn’t you tell me?” But you have told them, time after time after time.



“So now, you have a ministry being attacked by rings of Jezebels. The darts of the enemy are getting greater & greater; for, not only have they not heeded thy warnings, they now seek to starve the ministry out into submission, so they can lure you with their loving-kindness into the hands of the Jezebel.



“You have seen this happen so many times before.



 “On the subject of direction, thou hast given word over what decisions people should do, which they argue is not in line with Scripture. And how can they understand Scripture, in its form of revelation, in its form of rhemas?



“You see, Joshua gave direction; & prophets give direction to enable believers to enter their Promised Land. So the prophet’s direction word is in the context of edification, exhortation, & comfort. Studying Joshua, you will see that warnings were given in line with the direction. Looking in the Word, you will discover these warnings were not heeded, the warnings being not to syncretize the Word of the Lord with the word of other spirits. This is exactly what has been happening in Llandudno & Conwy. That evangelical/Pentecostal Christianity is syncretized with Catholicism & masonry.



“On top of that, there are high places where satanic rituals are spoken in relation to the control & manipulation of so-called “churches.”



“I have told thee not to start Church in Llandudno & Conwy; but I have also told thee to have warning meetings, where people can come & be set free from the cult-like activity of those under the spell of bringing together Christ & Baal.



“Oh, how thou hast warned & warned & warned! Continually thou hast warned. But they enjoy their freedom. They enjoy having fellowship one with another in the land of false fellowships. They do not understand how you keep out from mixing with such company.



“You have sought to protect the flock from devouring wolves; but they have chosen to go into seats of Satan, to bring down the work God is doing.



“You see, the prophet’s warning needs to be heeded. The prophet’s direction needs to be acted upon, the prophet taking the people to a place of sanctification, which thou hast been preaching week after week after week in relation to I doing wonders amidst a broken people.

“Thou hast announced a revival, which I have seen already they laugh at & scorn. But I have seen already brokenness within thee; a crying out; a weakness, which I can turn around for My purposes.



“Thou hast warned & warned & warned; but the prophet’s warning goes unheeded, through the flesh impulses of those with opinion, rather than those who are broken, like thee.



“I have warned through thee, time after time; & thy role has been to listen to Me, & simply act on what I have said; & around thee, there has been given a thorn in the flesh, because of the revelation thou hast been receiving, the grace I have given thee being sufficient for thee.



“One must continue to speak from the heart, rather than the reaction to flesh responses. Give the warning again this Sunday; for they are crowding thee out.



“The prophet receiving the Word being on the mountain with Me continuously, whilst the others enjoy their golden calf of entertainment, fellowship & amusement; thou hast heard how serious the time is; so serious, they need to understand the prophet & his warnings. As Babylon comes to bring the whole nation under bondage, the prophet, with his direction word, brings the Church to its rightful place: the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; the spiritual Promised Land of My Church.

Now, I want to give another prophecy under a separate heading; & this heading is entitled:






“I realise how much you need to fulfil the call of God on your lives. It is as if you need the resources which you can only dream about, rather than get a hold of. With money in thy nation, comes control. Ministries suffer so much; resources are quickly lost, to bring ministries under the control of the Jezebel. That way, they can control ministries that have reached brokenness point; but instead of being drawn by God, they have been drawn by the physical lure of the Jezebel, who offers to help them through loving-kindness; & whilst you are being broken at this time, you are encouraging the confession of faults one to another. The Jezebel lingers to give comfort to that confession. That is why so many Christians hold back from making themselves vulnerable – because they have witnessed the Jezebel making the most of that situation.



“This is why I have prophets to give warnings, & give direction, the drawing of the Jezebel being one of destruction rather than life. This is what has been happening; & thou hast warned & warned the consequences of being lured by the comfort of Jezebel.



“The prophet stands firm; but who shall be with him? He lifts up the Word of God; yet they ignore his direction.



“So, continue speaking out My Word; continue giving the warnings; keep giving the warnings; keep giving the direction; for by doing this, thou art telling the believer; yet now, believer who ignores, rather than obeys.



“You are living in awesome times, when the ministry of the prophet needs to come to the fore. You are doing this by giving warnings & direction."



Word from the Lord through DPG, 31/08/11



“Take heed, take heed, saith the Lord: do not muzzle the prophet’s words, saith the Lord.


“For as I spoke through the prophet in days of old, they spoke & murmured against the prophetic word, & picked up their golden calf of dead religion. But the prophet came down, shining abundantly with My Word; so My prophets today are climbing the hill with the Lord, & coming down that hill full of the Lord, to bring the message of the Lord to bring the people unto Me.


“As the day came for the prophet to lift up his rod, so today this same thing is to happen. Behold! I am calling the people out of Egypt. But as in the days of old, the people have found their security zones within the pyramidic systems of slavery. The prophet has cried, ‘Come out of this land of pagan worship & activity.’ Thy prophet has cried in the courtrooms of the land, to let My people go. To this day, if anyone should be under the oppression of Egypt, thy prophet stands for them, not giving heed to the personal circumstance; not even giving heed to the personal cost. Thy prophet is to stand in the highest courts of the land. With the apostle, he is to stand & contend before Caesar. Thy robes are to be the robes of righteousness.


“Thou hast stood on thy stone, & called the people out of the world; but they have lingered, saith the Lord. They have held on to that little bit of luxury that the world system has to offer. But I tell thee, My judgement is upon that system. I am the Lord – I change not. Just as judgement came upon the Egyptian courts, so My judgement today is upon the courts of what I will describe as Egypt. For thy nation has been observing the same courts of the ancients of the pyramidic land. They profess to be Christians, yet they worship before altars made with hands. They worship under pyramidic high altars. They worship before statues said to be of the Lord. But thou hast not been called to worship before statues made of stone. Thou hast not been called to place incense before the altars of Baal. Thou hast been called to listen to My prophets & apostles, the foundation stones of My Church, I being the chief cornerstone.


“But thou hast cried from the high place, to come & follow Me. Yet they have clutched to the strands of Egypt; the security zones of flesh; the god of the physical senses. For as in days of old, even though the prophet led the children of Israel out of the land of slavery; & even though the prophet lifted up his rod & set the people free; so when things got tough, before the place Shittim, so the people murmured & rumoured. They started following their own way. They started forming their own little fellowship, of which the prophet took no part.

“O, thou hast a murmuring people, saith the Lord. ‘You should be doing this,’ they say. ‘You should be doing that,’ they say. ‘Oh, we have heard the prophet’s words, but we are going our own way. We will have our own little fellowship.’

“Praise Him on the loud trumpet! Praise Him on the loud cymbals! Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”


“I have not called thee to react to the human apprehension. I have not called thee to listen to the murmurs & gossips of a people holding on to their traditions. ‘Oh, we do things this way. Oh, we do things that way.’ As they murmured against Moses, so they murmur against thee. And in the spirit comes the thrust. An idol is built, of the ways of this world – so a new golden calf is built, of the way things are to be done. So they come to the prophet & say, ‘We need to do things this way; we need to do things that way. We need to do what the murmuring people ask for. O! we have our own calf; we have our own way.’

“Yet the prophet cries ‘Come to the high place.’ He quotes My Word, forgetting those things which are behind, & moving ahead into the high calling of God.

“ ‘But we don’t do things that way. We have our own way. Egypt offers us plenty.’


“Thou hast taken the people into Shittim, knowing that from this place, the Word is to be lifted up. My Word is to separate thyselves. ‘Oh – but we must be nice to the people. We can’t go without them.’ Yet, I have brought thee a Joshua, to face the walls of thy Jericho; but going through those walls demands a price. The longings of the golden calf is to compromise to the needs of the people.

“ ‘Thou must visit the people, & show them love, & embrace the benefits of their calf. One must have tea with them. Thou must compromise towards this calf, who is quite prepared to accept your religion, as long as you accept his. For the god of the calf is very accommodating. ‘Oh! You can have your life in the spirit.’ And one becomes accommodating to the spirits of other gods too. ‘We must show them love. We bring in the gods of the J.W.s [Jehovah’s Witnesses]; we bring in the gods of masonry.’ For this calf is all-accommodating. ‘O! we don’t want to cause any trouble or any difficulty. We want to be accommodating to all men.’ The calf of one world religion is all-accommodating.


“But I am the Lord: I change not. My prophet climbs the hill of the Lord. He comes with the Word to forsake the calf; with My Joshua calling the people to consecration. But the people did not know what to do. They just said, ‘Yes – we accommodate thee. But I can’t leave the strands of the calf. O Lord, I can accommodate Thee – but I have my own feelings, my life in this world – I cannot forsake that.’


“But My Joshua called for the people to repent of the calf. But there is excuse, problems, difficulties. ‘Can I give my life to the one God? I have got to give honour to my other gods too. I have got this to do, I have got that to do – I must not forget this. But the price is too high. I’ve got my life to lead; for these gods will bless what I have got to do. I pray for them to bless my plans.’


“But the Word declares: ‘If you hearken unto the Lord thy God…’ You see, the message of the prophet & the apostle is to hearken unto the Lord thy God. The God of Deuteronomy 28 has not changed; & the prophet & the apostle declare, ’Choose ye this day whom you will serve.’


“You see, the prophet & apostle are here, not to bow to the all—accommodating god, the god of this world, the architect god. For this is the god of physical buildings. Oh! How they honour & worship their building. O! they have their cathedrals; they have their places of the pyramid.

“ ‘O, but we must respect the god of these buildings.’ They go quiet as they open the doors, & they bow towards the altars of Baal.


“But My Word declares, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal? ‘ My Word declares, ‘Be ye separate.’


“And so, at the place Shittim, the people had a choice, to separate themselves, to sanctify themselves, because tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders.


“But are the people prepared to pay the price to enter into the Promised Land?

“The prophet cries out to the people, to sing out praise unto the Lord thy God. He goes into trances, not wanting to heed the backbiting & rumour; wanting to stay unto the place of the throne of God, where He sits equally, as joint heir with Christ. He brings from the throne room the message of God, they will not heed.

“Yet, there are those who will not heed. They say, ‘I have an all-accommodating god. I can do this, I can do that. I have my own free choice.’ Yet My Word declares, ‘Ye are not your own. Ye were bought with a price.’


“Yet I have thee, saith the Lord; as thy hast cried out thine own inadequacies, I have filled thee with My Spirit. You see, I have seen thee cry out before God, in intercession for the people. They will not leave their worldly security zones, to cross int the Promised Land. They have this, they have that. ‘God will bless us,’ they say.


“Yet, I have called them to Shittim, but the things of the world have their hold. My Joshua gave the consecration word. They have to discuss it, ‘We have this; we have that.’ Will there be a people willing to forsake the workd, so that thy nation can be saved?


“Revival only comes through broken people, who have broken away from the claws of this world.


“Yet, the ‘phone calls have been going on; the texts have been written; e-mails too. Oh! Can the people forsake Egypt, to wholeheartedly give their lives to God?

“In the Promised Land, there are principles those holding on to the world can not accept; which is why they have to forsake the world.


“My warning to those entering this land, is not to give heed yet again to the gods of Egypt.


“Thou hast warned of the vagrancies of the Alexandrian verse; yet in thy land, they still hold on to the bibles of Egypt. They still hold on to the strand which makes them feel secure. For thou hast been called to hold on to the one true Word, of the call of God out of the land of Egypt, & into the Promised Land.


They murmured against thee; but thou still hast called for the people to sanctify themselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among them.”

If only the Believer will listen and act for God is speaking prophetically about and to Britain .......



Word from the Lord through DPG, 09/06/12:



“(1) Thou hast forsaken the covenant you had with Me. In thy Constitution, it is when thy monarch gives her promises to God, that she becomes Queen. For primarily, the office is in the context of establishing relationship with Me, rather than with the people. With the people celebrating a number of years since her father died, rather than when she made her promises to God, the people look to the monarch, rather than to whom the monarch gave her promises. This contravenes the scripture that in all things, Christ Jesus must have the pre-eminence.


“Thy nation has forsaken its Covenant with Me. “This is the lament of a nation.


(2) Pagan practices were very much part of these Jubilee celebrations; & thou hast seen the Leviathan of the Thames given honour, with dragon boats, & dragon salutes.


“And thou knowest who the dragon of Revelation is.


“Yet they honoured the defeated one, rather than the One who hung on the cross.


“This is the lament of thy nation.


“(3) Prophets know how to handle the weather. What did I do on the Sea of Galilee? What did Elijah do, when a nation turned back to God?


“People are now complaining about the lack of summer weather, & the lack of sun; yet they have borne the torch, lit by the sun, giving honour to the sun rather than the Creator of it.


“The sun god Baal is mentioned throughout the Bible, those in covenant with Me being reminded never to have concord with the evil god of Baal.

“Yet thou hast paraded, throughout thy country, a torch of Baal that has taken away the pre-eminence of Christ.


“What concord has Christ with Baal?


“This is the lament of a nation.


“(4) I call the nation to repent; yet, as in days of old, they look to muzzle the prophet: so much so, he has become a voice crying in the wilderness.


“And they look, as in the days of John the Baptist, to present his head on a plate; for there is little place for conviction, in a nation that has forsaken God.


“Yet, the nation was promised all kinds of prosperity, the people voting for a trading union. Yet, without any vote of the people; with complete disregard to the covenantal Constitutional Acts of the nation, they have integrated legal & political systems that has brought about the removal of the foundations of the nation; a nation now under dramatic economic downturn.


“For prosperity comes through obedience to God, rather than bowing down to the antichrist of global integration. “This is the lament of a nation.


“(5) There is a way back to God; but it will involve the people not having a Bank Holiday to celebrate a man, but having a Bank Holiday to repent before God.

“Meeting under a dome of man’s achievement did not placate God in these so-called Jubilee celebrations.


“The prophet knows where it should have been for the people to praise the Lord, rather than the comedians & the singers of the entertainment world.


“The prophet would have brought in the finest of gospel artists; the finest, world-wide preachers, & had the people on their knees before Almighty God.

“Yet, thy nation chose to entertain the people, rather than bring them to almighty God, to whom the monarch gave her promises, which thou, My prophet, continually tells the people. “This is the lament of a nation.


“Thy nation thinks it’s clever, through its days of Jubilee Celebration. And now, the Olympic Games.


“It will continue to portray man’s achievements, with little regard to the Creator, of not only thy universe, but way beyond.


“How can you ignore the God of thy Constitution? Yet the achievements of men take preference in thy nation; & so thy nation has been placed under laws which bring about striving, pain & distress over business & charities which have never seen paperwork like it.


“They cannot keep up; solicitors & accountants burdened with stress.


“It is a nation in decline. “This is the lament of a nation which was known as the motherland of its Empire.


“(6) No doubt the nation will be looking for a man to solve its problems; a desire leaving the country open for the coming of the Antichrist.


“And so the nation, in its squalor & poverty, looks for a man to take over, with all the solutions & answers.


“My prophet knows the solutions & answers: that is, to have a nation on its knees before Almighty God, repenting, & giving honour to the God to whom thy monarch swore oath in 1953; not 1952. For thy nation has classed the moment the previous monarch died, whereas in thy Constitution, the monarch becoming Queen on giving her promises to God; promises that have not been kept, thus bringing this lament to Great Britain, as Jeremiah brought lament to My nation of years ago.


“This is the lament of a nation that has left itself open to man’s ways, rather than God’s. “My lament gives opportunity for repentance, but the time is now short.


“Give heed, for I am calling this nation back to Me; but it refuses to listen, while the nation embraces a form of godliness, that denies the power.


“In thy Coronation Service, recognition of the priesthood of Zadok is given great priority, there even being music of Zadok the Priest. Yet, have thy children been taught the significance of the Zadok priesthood?


“Thy nation is guilty of not teaching its children the foundational acts on which the nation has been built.


“Yet, what building course, yet teaching men & women to build houses, teaches its students not to dig a hole, & set foundations to a property?


“So you have a nation that blindly follows what the mood of the moment is, rather than digging deep to find out the true significance of a situation.


“So, you have a nation without foundations, being tossed to & fro with every wind of doctrine.


“No wonder people are in such a state; for a building without foundations will fall; & that is what you are witnessing in thy nation.


“This is the lament of thy nation.


“(8) A nation that neglects its own foundations, then places itself on the foundation stones of others; & these foundation stones will not give heed to the foundation stone of the original.


“It comes under a foreign power, & a foreign god (II Corinthians 4).


“Oh, how thy nation needs to return to its original foundations! There is no0 excuse in neglecting thy foundations.


“Yet, the nation makes excuse after excuse. Yet had it called in the prophet for that Jubilee Concert, he would have known that it was the time to return the nation to its foundation stone.


“In the words of the prophetess of across the “pond:” the nation was to return to the Rock of the nation’s foundation; the stone that the builders rejected.

“Can you not see, Great Britain? In your quest for prosperity, you have rejected the very Stone on which your greatness came.


“Oh, how you embrace religion, rather than embrace the Rock on which the Church is built!


“The prophet would have brought in anointed singers, to sing the song of the prophetess from across the “pond,” which is a nation in which you hadcovenant; for both nations have rejected the compact of the “Mayflower;” to the detriment of the whole world.


“This is the lament of a nation.


“Yet, I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

“And through the persecution of a state that has forgotten God, against those of its original foundation stone, I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


“Betrayal abounds in Great Britain. The unit of the nation has been removed. The secular greed, rather than God-anointed adherence to the direction of God, who is saying to the people of Great Britain, “Keep to the old paths. Come back to Me, the ancient landmark of thy salvation.”


“There is a way back to God from the course of sin that thou hast followed. For what you now regard foolishness, that is the preaching of the cross of Calvary, which is the place thou must return on thy knees.


“Thy prophet is still available to put on the biggest gospel concert in world history, from the steps of Buckingham Palace, with way beyond the numbers that gathered at that secular concert, to lay their lives down before Christ.


“Thy prophet would bring in those anointed of God to preach the Cross.

“Thy prophet is available to organize this, for June 2013, which is the trueJubilee of thy monarch dedicating her life to God, in relation to the running of thy nation.


“So thy nation has a choice: to stay in the lamentations of the prophet, or return, & receive the life of the One who gave His life; & whosoever believeth on Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/06/12



“The lament of the nation has already taken place, although there is always time for a nation to wholeheartedly come back to Me. The present monarch, & successive governments, have the slaughter of the innocents on their hands; have encouraged the coming together of strange flesh; are responsible for the massive increase in violence in the nation, & family break-up; are responsible for educating the nation in secular humanism, rather than the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, which the monarch promised to uphold.

“For not upholding the Word of God; for failing to hear what God is saying; for muzzling prophets from speaking out the Word; the nation as a whole has no spiritual covering whatsoever; has bowed down to the god of this world; & is therefore in serious threat of military action from awaiting groups from around the world; from natural disasters, which you are already witnessing; & even despite of this, the monarch & government take no notice of the signs of the times.


“I have therefore instituted a judgement on Great Britain, in which the secret society will be exposed, & the people given opportunity to repent before me, in this time of build-up before the Tribulation.


“Now, this is my instruction to you, David & Lindsay: you are to play a key role in convicting the nation of its sin:-


“Get through the rear-guard, as quickly as possible. Do not be put off by this & that. Get through the rear-guard.


“(2) I am giving you the role to save this nation, & you must be in position.

“So remove the rear-guard as quickly as possible.


“(3) I cannot emphasise this enough: remove the rear-guard, that is, all the paperwork of last season, for a new season is coming.


I am bringing in anointed men & women to help you.


“(4) Get to the Hebrides, & see the Christian Party members, Lindsay. Meet with all of them, & express the seriousness of the situation.


“In this outpost of Christianity in Great Britain, those truly born again by the Spirit of God, not the dead academic form, are to put aside their differences, & come into the objective of God, into saving the nation.


“I like the work you did in placing the Word of God on posters throughout the island.


“I like the work you did in getting near to having representation in Parliament. But I have called the Griffiths here to bring together the body of Christ for a particular mission: that is, to save the nation of Great Britain from its impending doom.


“You do this, by declaring My Word; My Word that has been authorized by the national monarch.


“Be brave in convicting the nation of its sin; for there have been days in thine island, that through the conviction of the Holy Ghost, men & women have cried out for the mercy of God. “Is there mercy for me? Is there mercy for me?” they cried.


“And so, I am restoring the intercession on the west coast of Lewis, not only to impact Great Britain, but America & Canada too.


“Be prepared for this great harvest of souls. There will be those who say, “It won’t happen! It won’t happen! It’s not in God’s plan! It’s not in God’s plan!” But I tell you, it has always been in God’s plan to save. It has always been in my plan to convict. What has happened is a new gospel has come in, where man can continue in his sin, rather than turn away from the world.


“This move I am bringing in to the Hebrides, will be one to convict men of sin; that this move I am giving unto thee to instigate in My name, will not only affect Lewis & Harris, it will affect the islands to the south, where the altars of Mary will come down.


“By being MP in Lewis, thou will be bringing a message from the Western Isles that these islands are of the Holy Ghost.


“The tradition of Sabbath rest will be restored. These islands will be at peace, the stronghold removed, & the glory of God come.


“In Parliament, the words of the Hebridean revival of old, & of the present time, need to be expressed to the whole nation. “What is there in the Hebrides?” they shall cry. “What have they got that we haven’t got?” The answer will not be the slower way of life; the answer will not be the laid-back culture. The answer will not be the heavy drinking, which once more will cease. The answer will be Jesus Christ, the Name to be upheld throughout all of the islands of the west.


“For I am visiting you again, saith the Lord. As My intercessors walk the portals of power, they shall see that which is not of Me, & free the people. The Gaelic psalm-singing will continue, saith the Lord, but with new gusto; for I will pour My Spirit on all those who praise the Lord from the heart.


“Tell all the people of the Presbyterian divides, that I am bringing forth a revival to restore the functions in society which John Knox brought to the Nation, & which has now been undermined, to the detriment of all the nation of Scotland. Scotland shall not remove itself from the United Kingdom. It shall notne under the English either. It shall ultimately be an equal partner; but it shall not be an equal partner now, saith the Lord. It will be a higher partner; for I am pouring out My Spirit through the Hebrides once more; as you bow your knee to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the true nationalist not putting himself under foreign power, under the control of the European Union. Oh no! that is not being a nationalist, but a traitor.


“For at this time, Scotland is to be the higher power in the United Kingdom; but not higher in its own strength, but in the strength of the risen Lord.


“The Christian Party has a major role to play in this, in breaking down the Presbyterian divides, by allowing the Wesleyans & Pentecostals an equal say in the running of the Party. You are not to look down at each other, but look up to Christ. For what are any of your groupings, of you do not look up to Christ?


“For I am calling you to forget the things which are behind; all the heartaches & all the hurts of divide, & move once more into the high calling of God.

“If one sings psalms, & another sings hymns, do not condemn: for it is with theheart we believe unto righteousness.


“This prophecy I am calling to be placed on the Pentecostal Church of Scotland web-site, which I am bringing into being in Scotland as a body that will be a blessing. This is a body free of all the antichrist-infiltrated abuses, that has devastated much of the modern-day Charismatic/ Pentecostal movements. Associate them more with the old-time Keswick movement; Welsh & Hebridean revival movements; old-time mission hall movements. They will move in the gifts of the Holy Ghost, & portray the fruit of the Spirit of God.


“And for those in Scotland who are cessationist, do not condemn; for whatever doctrine you have, without love, it is nothing.


“This movement will portray the love of Christ; not the surface love of modern-day movements, but the convicting love of Christ, that sent the begotten Son of God to the Cross of Calvary.


“For this movement will have preachers preaching the  Cross.


“The time is nigh, saith the Lord. In Wales, I am bringing in anointed men & women of God, to grow the ministry from the foundations you set up, David & Lindsay: firm foundations of God, saith the Lord. And though the gates of hell have tried to prevail against them, you have stood against them in My Name; & even though there has been times you have cried in bed, admitting thy weakness & inability, you have stood with My armour firmly placed upon you , & the gates of hell have not prevailed, & the ministry has grown.


“I am calling those led of My Spirit to come & build from the foundation thou hast set. And yes, there is to be a revival in Wales; but that which is not of Me has to be exposed to the people. The false religion; the altars made with hands; for I tell you, saith the Lord, that Wales must make its stand against materialism & greed amongst its people, & return to having communities who care for each other as in days of old. Chapel Pentecost will bring forth a revival in Wales, based on the background of full surrender to Me.


“And so I am calling thee this day, to remove the rear-guard, action that youmust take; defend yourselves gallantly against the accuser of the brethren; & be prepared to hear My word over future actions in Wales.


“I am bringing forth a revival, saith the Lord, to affect the whole of the United Kingdom, My plan being to bring this to the Hebrides, if the people submit to Me. But remember: remove the rear-guard, for I have waiting many forward actions for you to take, once the rear-guard is complete.


“People will be coming to continue the ministry in Wales;

 & you will be part of this too, as you see a chapel built by the A55, where people will witness its meetings around the world.


“But you will be going to & fro between the Hebrides & North Wales, in this end-time harvest of souls. That which is secret in the nation will be exposed, for I have called thee to this great task.


“Primarily, this prophecy has been about Scotland. There will be further word over the building of Chapel Pentecost in Wales, setting the captives free, as well as the great call I have on Jeff & Sue Green, to bring a revival to Wales, through the Proclaiming of Christ’s Lordship , just as I have called the Bible College of Wales into existence in Wales, this will be a revival to bring forth missions to go round the world, with the Every Creature Commission pulsating from its roots, the revival in Scotland having political impact throughout the whole nation, bringing this nation back to God. It will be to North Wales where the people will come, to be trained for the Every Creature Commission, so that the nation once more will be sending out missionaries to the whole world.

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