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Financial Issues

Word from the Lord through DPG, 26/02/11


“Today I want to talk to you about the tithe, & the whole concept of giving; for as thou hast sown over many years into the ministry, it would seem that that sowing has brought much struggle, as the devil has used his every defeated resource to suppress the anointing that relates to the understanding of covenant. The tithe was always a part of covenant, not of the law. ‘If ye be Christ’s, are ye Abraham’s seed.’ It’s this covenant which continues through the Old Testament; the covenant with Abraham, it continues through the New Testament – for as Abraham was prepared to slay his son, so God the Father sent His only begotten Son, that whoso believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


“Tell the people the tithe is holy unto Me. Tell the people the tithe is non-negotiable. They seem to insist on a New Testament text; I give thee two: ‘If ye be Christ’s, are ye Abraham’s seed.’ Hallelujah. ‘In all things He (meaning I) must have the pre-eminence.’


“So, there are two key words here: ‘seed’ & ‘pre-eminence.’ The tithe is recognition of the understanding that I am the provider. By not recognising that provision, man has become a schemer & manipulator. By recognising that provision, one recognises one’s provision is of God, rather than one’s own resource.


“Yet, there are those who say that people can be rich without the tithe. They are forgetting one thing: the wind is blowing; the rain is falling.


“That which standeth on the Rock will stand. For man’s resource is of sand – it is sinking. Remember the hymn ‘The Solid Rock on which I stand; all other ground is sinking sand.’ And my, is it sinking!


“Thine own abode has become a place where the Word of God is transmitted from 24 hours a day. Thou hast heard from Me, David Owen, My Word & broadcast it world-wide. Likewise, thou hast discerned spirits, David Griffiths, of what is known as the New World Order, that have manipulated the saints into thinking that it is their own positive confession that brings the resource, when it is clear from My Word that it is the faith of the Son of God rather than the faith of man.


“Trust Me now, saith the Lord; trust Me in tithes & offerings. Thou wilt not go short. Recognise thy provider – or is that provision of human, or godly, resource? If it is of human resource, then you rely on yourselves. If it is of God, then you honour Me with tithes & offerings. That is New Testament, that is Old Testament, that is everything.


“Now, as the people of God recognise this obligation, thou hast been trusted with the holy tithe. I have seen thy struggles over the years, as man has looked to manipulate funds from you, rather than give you the holy tithe. And I have seen thine heart. Thou hast seen Kim Freeborn wander the world on mission after mission, his early days of mission having been with thee. His whole dependency has been on hearing from Me. The principles of covenant remain the same. ‘If you hearken unto the voice of your God...’ These principles are clear in Deuteronomy 28. Why do people neglect their titheing & their giving? It is because of human dependency, that dependency being on the god of this world.


“But that dependency is bankrupt. The New World Order manipulates & suppresses the people through their false accounting, & ridiculous world-wide crashes. Are you not aware that the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof?

“Thou, David, are in a process of exposing the New World Order & its malpractices. Thou hast shown to Me, David, that you are open to be that empty vessel; to expose the god of this world & his financial miscalculations, even to the highest court in thy land.


“Take heed to My Word – it is life. Yet you have been warned that heeding My Word can mean death. Yet My Word declares ‘Attend to My words; they are life to those who find them.’


“And so, David, as you take on the financial institutions of the New World Order, know ye this: it shall not come nigh thee. Thou hast the Psalm 91 protection. So My word to thee is to be fearless, strong, the mighty man of valour in Me. Just as Gideon looked over at the Midianites, laugh at the resources of the New World Order. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.

“What they have is stolen from the people. By exposing the thief, he has to restore. Call, therefore, a trustees’ meeting, a Holy Ghost night, & recognise thy resource is of Me. That which is coming in is of Me – but make sure of the holy tithe. In all things I must have the pre-eminence; yes, in all things I must have the pre-eminence. There thou will be, amazed at the resource that is of Me, as men & women honour the holy tithe, which thou hast been given charge in My name.


“This tithe is holy to the Lord. Thou art right to say thou hast needed resource, My Word declaring I have given thee the power to get the wealth. What to do?

“In answer to this, there is the word covenant. Establish My covenant, saith the Lord. Lean not to thy own understanding, but to the Word of the Lord. The tithe is holy unto the Lord. Hallelujah!”



Word from the Lord through DPG 12/03/11


“I am speaking to you as apostle & prophet. I have purposes to fulfil through your ministry, which requires great wealth.


“Listen to Me  constantly as I give you the strategies to create wealth. Remember My Word ‘I have given thee the power to get wealth, to establish My covenant.’

“You have understood My covenant. You need to establish My covenant, which requires you to gain great wealth. Do not give heed at this stage on how you spend that wealth. I will give you the strategies of spending when the time comes.


“Simply gain the wealth. Pay off or remove all debts to the world. Bring the trustees alongside you with this. They are to be open about their own positions. Tell them they have been shown to be faithful. When the ministry was needing money, they came up with it.


“But now, you must go on to great wealth; talking at this stage of over a million.

“I have plans for the stage presentation; to touch hearts; to bring men & women & children to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour; not only that, but to understand the whole concept of covenant which thou knoweth.


“You will need a bigger vehicle: I am telling you that. You will need to stay away, as you take this vehicle across the country. It all takes wealth, & the bank account must show increase rather than going down; but the funds are to increase rather than decline, as you preach My Word as regards to covenant.

“People are to see that you are living normally within the culture, staying in nice places like you used to do; but not being proud, but staying as the manifestation of I: close to the people, but only close enough that thou can hold out the hand to take people to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“I speak to you as if you are a mountain rescue team in a helicopter. The mountain rescue team comes down so far; holds out a winch to which people can hold on, & be taken high up to safety. Such is the kingdom of God; you fly down so far, lower down the winch, which is My Word. As people hold on to My Word, so they will be lifted up to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“So the wealth is to be spent on national mission – I will tell you that. And be not afraid of Northern Ireland, Lindsay. The vision I have for you of My protection – remember My Word? ‘It shall not come nigh thee.’ Those who preach My Word must be fearless.


“I needed to see, David, through the Peter Watkin warning, whether you would stand up to the god of this world. Thou hast shown that in Me, thou art fearless; so to use you to have a major impact on this nation, I require you to have great wealth. I require you to have great health; for thou needeth health & wealth to establish My covenant.


“As you go out in My will, no plague will befall thee; but pestilence, plague, natural disasters, will increase in the world, as the world continues to follow My counterfeit.


Thou hast shown to Me that thou art prepared to be unaffected by the counterfeit’s festivals. I cannot use those that are. Continue to warn about following festivals. Have no truck with them whatsoever. Remembering physically, & to have a resurrection day, is an abomination to Me. Thou hast shown that thou art prepared to move by My Spirit & to manifest My resurrection 24 hours a day & 7 days a week continuously, to show My victory over the devil. He has looked to confine this to one day; & even then, presenthimself as the Crucified One.


“So rejoice, My children; listen to My strategies to create wealth - & when I say ‘wealth,’ I mean it. You will need it to fulfil what I have called you to do.

“Get ready for revival; continue to preach conviction. There is a major call of God on this church  that requires full commitment.


“Rejoice, for thou hast been chosen to fulfil this mighty call of God.

“Do not hold back at this stage in creating wealth. This is what I have called you to do; it is in My Word, to establish My covenant.



“There can be a limited amount of spending at this time, to go to the next stage in the sound equipment & lighting, & to tidy thy house, & to bring the office in the way thou hast mentioned. But you are to think much wider & broader within the context of having a wide aspect view. To establish My covenant, you will require great wealth. This is what I am giving you strategy to receive.”

Word from the Lord through David Griffiths, Rhos on Sea, 31/05/11


“There is a Name above every other name - & at the name of Jesus, every knee must bow. This is because this name has won the victory for thee.


“Satan’s forces are defeated: defeated, completely defeated. Thou hast the victory in thy hands, & thou art to manifest this victory in all that you do; for the rulers of this earth have no such victory. The rulers of this earth have chosen to go along a path alien to that which I have called thee to; for they run their councils, & parliaments, according to that which is of the final moves of Satan.

“With the expansion of thy tent-pegs, men & women will witness the increase, & will see that I am blessing thee.  Thou art to hold out a hand to those who are called to the heavenly place in Christ Jesus; & as so many are coming into membership of what I have built through thee, so specific jobs are to be allotted; specific jobs which have bee brought together by Me. For thou art to be separated from the feelings & anxieties of men, to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“The enemy has sought to put you off the road; yet, in the face of battle, thou hast looked to go forward. Thou art called to be victorious; thou art called to walk above all the attempts of the enemy.


“Representative of large organisations will want to know how you are achieving such growth in what they see as a recession. They will want to ask thee questions over how you can do this, & how you can do that. You are to be victorious in all that thou doest. Whatever you put your hand to in My name, the victory will manifest.


“So rejoice; the victory has been won. Praise God the victory has been won.

“So rejoice; exoand; set out thy tent-pegs. Rejoice; the victory has been won.

“The victory has been given to thee; so rejoice.”



Word from the Lord through D P Griffiths,  Saturday 25/06/11



“There is a cloud coming over thy nation, saith the Lord: an awesome cloud of judgement, for thy nation has to answer for many things:

(1)             The turning away from Me;

(2)            They know not Me; for I am the way, the truth, & the life. For they have refused to accept My mercy, so now must face My judgement.


“I am telling thee this day, that thou must shout from rooftops the imminent arrival of My cloud. For there is to be a time of political instability – there is to be a time of judgement; judgement that will include My Word being preached by those who unde3rstand the true time & season.


“For I have called thee to be My crier to the nation. Those who desire shelter from My judgement must come to Me.


“Thou knowest the truth; the truth that has set thee free; & thou art to present this truth to the nation.


“The cloud will include judegment upon the government, which has refused to answer the call of God. The cloud will include greatest austerity; but it shall not come nigh thee.


“The wealth of the wicked is to be transferred to those who stand upon My Word; & I am resourcing thee, as I have through Margaret Ryder, to spend according to My will – My will being that thou should extend thy tent-pegs, & all thy resources that Margaret collected is to go to the ongoing expansion of the gospel, for her will was My will.


“Thus saith the Lord.


“All the resources are for the ongoing presentation of My gospel. Thou art to put out material on the internet. This stage, remember to reach as many ;people as possible – warn of My judgement. My judgement is against those who have aborted the nation’s childhood. My judgement is against those who have failed to keep the laws of God, by bringing in laws inconsistent with My Word.


“Thou hast shown already to the nation My Word; & the truth of My Word is to be received on screen after screen. I am calling thee not only on internet television, but television that will reach the vast majority of screens worldwide.

“And this is what you must warn: thou must contend with the Indian government to properly provide for its poor.


“Do not be alarmed at the pending judgement, for the government will show fear; but remember, it shall not come nigh thee.


“This judgement is real: warn the people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord; for a nation which sows death shall reap death; & that reaping is about to happen, as in the years of Noah & the ark.


“For the people refused to hear from the prophet of God. For I have spoken through thee; thou hast produced material of My Constitutional Acts. They are to be adhered to, not ignored as they have been. For great punishment is upon a nation that turns away from its landmark.


“Thy nation has touched tha holy thing; voters voting for governments who have slaughtered thy innocents are to be convicted & judged.


“There is not to be a hold-back on behalf of My Church in the warning of the people.

“You can go forward. You have given the warning of pending judgement .


“The money of Margaret Ryder is not to be used for any other purpose than the ongoing delivery of the gospel. That was her desire. So warn the people. Warn them clearly.


“Thou knowest the desire & heart of Margaret Ryder.”

Word from the Lord through DPG,

05 08 11


“I have come to you with this call, & you know to keep out of organisations that have the love of money as the base of their operations. My written  Word warns against that activity.


“There will be those who see they can make money out of thee. As you know from My Word, I have no objection to thee collecting money for the extension of My kingdom. I have every objection  to using the gospel for commercial gain. The gospel is there to save souls; to save souls, & make disciples. It is not there for commercial gain. That is why the books that you will write, the money goes to the ministry; & also it does not go into the hands of commercial publishers – only those who use the profit to establish My covenant. That is My Word – it is clear.


“When those come in who see the commercial gain, you will then see the ways of the world compete with the ways of God.


“I have no objection to thee having thy manse a place of rest as well as a place of work. I have no objection to the use of tithes & offerings for the use of this manse to preach the Word all over the world through the use of technical advances.


“I have no objection to the use of tithes & offerings to be used for the very best of equipment & the looking after of family & staff.


“I have every objection to publishers cominbg in, commercial companies with shareholders, to use what I have called you to do for the extension of the world’s kingdom.


“You have exposed the two big boys in this; Zondervan, & Thomas Nelson - & there are others. The gospel is not to be used for commercial gain. There can be profits made; but all of that profit is to establish My covenant; that is in My Word.


“Looking after the earthly needs of My people is in My Word. As well as a house of work, you need a house of rest; I have no objection to that; none whatsoever. I have every objection to commercial companies coming in & taking over ministries.


“I have no objection to financial advisers, as long as they are there to give you natural knowledge. I can use the education of this experience for My purposes. But financial advisers are there to give advice, not to control. My role is to control, because you are not your own. You are to be the empty vessel.


“I appreciate you need earthly education. As a child you needed to learn to read, write. Those skills which thou hast learnt are to be given up to Me, so I can use what you have learned for My purposes. Such as it is with finances. You can learn the best place to keep money, to hold until My Word comes over what to do with that money.


“I will use that which you have learnt, by My Spirit, & give instructions over what to do at certain times. Get a hold of this: I cannot use, to the extent I want to use, even men of God who are in the clutches of commercial publishers. Why do you think I am telling you to expand thy tent-pegs? As you get bigger, these publishers will be knocking on your door, seeing the commercial opportunity & offering you great wealth.


“What you do is set up your own publishing operation, either through a non-for-profit company or charity, one organisation which does not have as its root the love of money. What I am looking for is the passion for souls. The establishing of My covenant, that is why I am looking for you to get wealth – not for commercial gain.


“This is the root problem even in small “churches.” People see themselves making money for themselves; holding on to that which they have got. If they were truly submitted to Me, they would have no problem with handing over their tithe; they would have no problem in hearing from Me as to where their offerings were to be placed. But what they have is an agenda of their own, which they ask God to bless. My promises are conditional upon hearing from Me. In other words, their lives are run with commercial gain. Yet the wealth I have called you to gather is for one purpose & one purpose only: to establish My covenant. Then I can look after your earthly needs, at a pace even higher than you are prepared to think.


“Your critics are those who live a life of commercial gain. You make the people of their own thinking uncomfortable. As you broadcast My Word from thy manse, you will bring that conviction in the same manner as you brought that conviction in the local church.


“You see, My Word is pure, not to be blighted by commercial gain. My Word, My written Word, is not to have the names of commercial publishers on it, but to have not-for-profit companies, charitable trusts – whatever.


“You cannot make money for commercial gain from the sale of My Word. The profits made are for the extension of My kingdom, not for the extension of earthly greed.


“Be open for great extension of thy tent-pegs. No! you have not been able to respond to the demands of people. What is important - you respond to the demands of the Living Christ. You will be criticised for not responding to the needs of people. I never called you to respond to the demands of people. You are to respond to the demands of the One True God, & Him alone.


“I never called you to go running after people. I have called you to study My Word, & respond to the demands of My Spirit, to be what I have called you to be: the empty vessel. For it is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/10/11



“David & Lindsay, thou hast shown to Me thou hast been prepared to go all the way; & that you have understood the importance of hearing from Me. Had you gone another way, the way of earthly respectability, you would now be enjoying a leisure lifestyle & the luxuries of this world. But you have chosen the old paths; you have chosen the way of the cross.


“There have been times when you have wondered where the next penny would come from. You have given up all to follow Me.


“There have been times you have wept, & cried out to Me, casting burden after burden upon Me; such has been the battleground that has been your lives. You have given up family inheritances for Me. You have had times when you have wondered what was to happen to you. You have lost family relationships for Me; part of your family will not come near you, because of the stand you have taken.

“You have moved in the power of the Lord, in times of earthly desperation. You have a determination to expose that which has infiltrated thy nation - & paid the price for doing so.


“You are aware you could easily join the Conservative Party, & be given easy seats to win, & be prosperous from it. In fact, either of you could easily climb the ladder, & end up in a government cabinet; that is, if you were prepared to give up the prophetic, & simply live by the means of the god of this world.


“So, in effect, you have rejected the luxuries the god of this world wants to bestow on you. You would have had family round you, telling you how great you are, but you have given that up to make the decision to follow Me.


“Even now, the pressure is on to conform. They want to be “a blessing” to you, if only you conform. They want to see you fail, so they can be that “blessing” to you – even bail you out, as long as you conform.


“My hundredfold return is for people like you, David & Lindsay; the list is there in My Word. Those who have given up houses, & lands, & family, for My sake & for the gospel, shall receive a hundredfold, now at this time.


“To fulfil the purposes of God, you need great wealth. You have discovered that, when you have had wealth, people can clamour round you, but soon depart when you have entered the hard times you have had to endure for many years.

“I say to you: be of good cheer. My Word declares, be of good cheer when men shall revile you. You have the power to get the wealth to establish My covenant; & you had the ability to pander to people in your church, to keep that money supply going; but you knew the enemy was looking to control you in relation to tithes & offerings.


“You see, unless a man tithes, he is holding back from God; & if a man tithes,  looks to have control over that tithe, he becomes a manipulator who denies the role of the prophet who hears from Me in relation to how that tithe is to be used.

“You have had those who are prepared to give (on condition that…). You see, acting this way is a manipulative move of the enemy, to keep you in the natural realm of total depravity.


“David & Lindsay, for many years you have suffered this way; you see the same pattern unfolding again.


“But My Word declares a rest & a peace for the people of God. You have not shown fear; you have shown strength in your weakness. You have been prepared to go all the way.


“So My Spirit can work on those I am calling to give substantially to thee.

“So you are moving on, & not backing down, despite of all the pressures that have come against thee.


“And so, you have stood on My Word, rather than the lure of men. You have seen that there are two roads one could go along.


“So, you can go forward in My strength now, having been through all that you have been through; & that hundredfold passage in the gospel, you are to read through again. It is for men & women like you.


“Lindsay, you could have had that sporty car you so love. You could now be having so much from your retirement – yet it seems to have all gone. But I am telling you, there comes a time for the release of the hundredfold; of what you have given up, coming back a hundredfold.


“Be prepared for this to manifest; for My Word declares now & at this time.”



“You have even considered passing the work down to the next generation, having paid a great price to establish the work.


“And there is opportunity now to go forward in My strength.


“How I love you both. Simply refuse respectability, & the comforts of this world, to proclaim My Word.


“The Jezebel has tried to destroy you again; yet you have stood firm, having the anointing that has already destroyed the yoke of bondage.


“Rejoice; they say all kinds of evil against thee. But rejoice! I have already won the battle, & you are washed in My blood to fulfil My purposes, rather than the “oughtnesses” of this world.”

Words from the Lord through DPG, 12/11/11

NUMBER (1):”The Subject is Security.”


“In dealing with security, one naturally deals with the word “insecurity,” which is the diagnosis of this world at the present time. People out there are scared, very scared. They have fears of insecurity, asking questions of “What is to happen to me?” “Will I be able to make it?”


“The coming ‘double-dip’ recession, as they call it, programmed for the New Year: what this has brought is insecurity; & man has caused it, due to his greed, controls, & manipulations. Politicians are trying to muster answers, but cannot find peace. It is as if the whole world is battling with this area of insecurity.

“Insecurity equals fear, fear equals worry, & worry equals a lack of motivation; & fear is all around.


“So, what is the solution? You have the solution within you; for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. You must tackle insecurity with My Word. My Word gives you the words to say. You know, when people hear of their property prices going down, investments being lost – it needs to be understood that people invest in the kingdom, the kingdom of God, not the things of this world. They fail to give the tithe; because of their fears of insecurity, they hold back the tithe. But this makes the situation far worse; for they are robbing God.


“I know this is your heart, to get the message out using media; & media is the way forward for thee to get out the message of the gospel; & one thing you have done, through the ministry of My Word, is make the agents of the enemy afraid of you. You have faced up to the enemy – agents, for you have clearly & boldly shown the solution to the fears of the people. The answer is Jesus – yet the enemy will show the answer is antichrist.


“You see, you have moved into being the supernatural Christian – one that is far above all fears & tribulation. You have found that your security is in Me,rather than the god of this world; yet the people hold back of the tithe, because of their fears of what is going to happen in this world. What they need to understand is that if they desire to move in the supernatural plane, they must honour God by not bring fear-some by nit handing over the tithe. “Thou art right in being firm over these things; for fear is the fruit of insecurity; we overcome by the Word of God. Yet there are those who call themselves Christian, who put their trust in the governments of this world; but I am saying to thee, Fear not; I have overcome the world.


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; do not hold back the tithe; for by doing so, you are cursed with a curse. Bring the tithes into the storehouse; for by doing so, you face up to the god of this world. Abraham forgot no to bring the tithe to the table of the Lord. He knew to honour God,


“So when you speak to thy Church, remind them not to hold back the tithe. The tithe is vital for holding back fear & insecurity, for the tithe belongs to Me.Malachi 3 & Ephesians 6 are very much together.


“My Word must go forth; & for the people to overcome fear, they must understand that I am a covenant God; just as you give to Me, so I give to you. But, the tithe is not giving anything to Me; it is simply handing over what already belongs to Me. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world; for what I see in what is known as Church in Britain, is a group of people who put their trust in the world, rather than in Me; their money in bank accounts & investments rather than in Me. I say, Repent, & hand over thy tithe - & see the blessings of the Lord.


“Remember, the Christian is a supernatural being, who hands over the tithe to enable one to have the blessings of Abraham, who did not hold back the tithe from the table of the Lord.


“Moving out of fear & stress comes by honouring God, & giving Him the pre-eminent position in all things. This is called, being moved & motivated by the Spirit of God. Thou hast set up a storehouse for the tithes to come, with the callings of God to take on nations, to take on the corrupt Church, to expose family life in Britain without God. Thy nation has forgotten, too, to hand over its tithe. Its tithe is for the ministers of the gospel; those keeping to the Queen’s promise before Me must be recognised by government that these are they who keep the Constitution of thy land.


“The banks which have offended thee: thou hast placed the fear of God amongst them.


“So rejoice; thou hast overcome the world. But those coming to thy meetings must understand, those being ministered by thee over the internet must understand, that where thou art being fed, is the place of thy storehouse of the tithe. Do not rob God. Honour God with thy tithe. Rejoice, I tell you, rejoice. But warn the people of the importance of handing over the tithe.”



NUMBER (2): “Covenant-Breakers.”


“Covenant-breakers come over every avenue of life in Great Britain: in government, in what is known as Church life, & also in families.


“The example of keeping covenant must begin with the leadership of thy nation, which by covenant demand, has to be Christian.


“There are many factors in keeping covenant. The most important factor is understanding who you are keeping covenant with; for there are false covenants as well as true ones.


“For example, if you have made a covenant with God, you cannot make another covenant that is opposed to your primary covenant. At the time of the Reformation, thy government made covenant with Me, to be a Protestant nation. Thy present monarch affirmed that covenant in relation to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. The monarch has spoken the words of covenant. It is not good enough, now for her to say, “Well, activity is up to my ministers;” for the covenant affirmation was made through her; & ministers govern, having understood that covenant promise.


“Failure to honour a covenant of God, brings disaster upon a nation. Obligation is placed in thy law for Parliament to minister to, & hear, & obey, what God is saying; but a form of Christianity that denies the power, has come around these covenants to God, presenting these covenants as somewhat archaic, rather than active;  & there are moves afoot to remove these covenantal acts from the nation; & so your nation is cursed with a curse. So, the only way out is for thy monarch to repent; not only for herself, but also for the whole nation. And so, a National Day, not of Prayer, but of Repentance to God, needs to take place.


“You see, I am not allowing the word ‘prayer’ to be used, because around Government is this “set form” style of prayer, which My Word strictly forbids. I see their words as vain repetitions. Only a Day of Repentance, with a nation on its knees before Me, crying out to Me, will avert disaster.


“For centuries, thy nation has been under the protection of God; but successive government after successive government have disobeyed Me, & failed to recognise the importance of the Constitutional Oath.


“We appreciate thy nation looks to recognise the sacrifice of its military; but has failed to recognise the sacrifice of the One Who went to the Cross; for it was the Cross that saved thy nation; & those who died in successive World Wars, within the culture of that time, there was an understanding of the sacrifice of Calvary; & within the culture of that time, indeed many of those soldiers would have placed Christ in the pre-eminent position. But today, they are bowing down to altars of stone, & failing to recognise it was the God of Christianity that brought the deliverance of Dunkirk. Whilst it is right to recognise the bravery of soldiers, it was God Who brought the freedom to a Protestant nation, rather than thy military might; for the monarch of that time recognised that through National Days of Prayer. That does not seem to get mentioned today.


“Thy nation has forgotten Me. Thy nation has a Remembrance Day for soldiers, but no remembrance day for Me. Thy nation is walking a dangerous path; thy nation is talking of a further recession in the New Year, wondering what to doabout it. Thy nation is remembering the sacrifice of soldiers, but forgetting Who brought the deliverance from the oppressor.


“Thy nation is in poverty because it has forgotten Me, Who is thy nation’s Provider. The solution is simple: do not put your trust in bankers, their systems, or their schemes. You have seen how that has fallen. It is time to put your trust in Me, Jehovah Jireh. Your military is in no position to help in what is to come. Thy military has to understand its weakness before it can become strong.

“Your nation is on a path to disaster, because it has forgotten Me. Its education systems have forgotten Me. They have introduced systems of multi-faith learning; & I am a jealous God – I do not sit alongside other gods.


“The only way is Jesus Christ. Until that is returned to the schools, you will have social disruption amongst young people, like you have never witnessed before.

“My prophet has warned of the danger of Higher Criticism; & I am talking of Government at this time, rather than what is known as MY Church. There is an obligation on Government to suppress heresy in the Constitutional Oath. Higher Criticism is a heresy, bringing death, not only to what is known as Church; it is bringing death to the nation, for it is bringing doubt & unbelief to a university system of which the country was once proud.


“My prophet refused the nation’s degree; & all of the degrees of thy nation, I fail to recognise. They are recognised by the god of this world, who has used them to bring violence & corruption into the seats of government in thy nation. They sit proudly with their degrees, accepted by Satan, but refused by Me.


“Thy Government does not know what to do at this time – such are the problems. There is only one way for Government to go, & that is to be on its knees before Me.


“Thy nation has broken covenant before Me, & is wide open to disaster after disaster, collapse after collapse, because it has forgotten Me, & its covenant promises towards Me.


“And now, to the subject of what is known as Church. What is known as Church is very different to what is Church; for what is known as Church is full of corruption, sin, fornication, adultery, sodomy. A new form of “church” has come on the back of the new form of government in thy nation. This “church” I reject in its entirety. Those movements who have come under the banner of Higher Criticism are thrown out of My kingdom, for they have rejected their first love. “Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.” What were once holiness movements are now movements of filth, sexual immorality, & decadence. They are evil to the core, because they have rejected Me. Taking words out of the Bible, & putting other words in, brings the rejection of God towards these movements. They have embraced Bibles that reject the Christ which began their movements. They are now under another god; another god that emphasizes the good works of men. So, they have become “community churches,” when there really is no such thing. They have their own souped-up revivals – so-called. Because they have rejected Me, they have come out of their covenant with Me. They are covenant-breakers, & you should not be afraid to say so.


“What is known as Church in Britain, is a rejected entity towards Me. “Thank God for the remnant,” you cry. Indeed, there is always a remnant, crying in the wilderness; & I speak to My true Church. I see thee as My John the Baptist; how he cried to the system to repent! How he called for the conviction upon those in leadership at that time! How he cried that God did not accept the nation any more, because of its filth, & decadence. I see thee as My John the Baptist. What word did he constantly use? Repent. Repent; & he foresaw the One who would baptize in fire.


“I spoke to My remnant. I have called My prophet to bring about a brokenness revival; but it is a revival that will baptize My remnant in fire.


“So, yes! You cry aloud, you spare not. But also bring My remnant together to be baptized in fire; for thy message is to be made known abroad. I have called My prophet to build a media centre, using the resources which I have given unto him, through the faithful understanding of My saints. But there are those who have not been so faithful, & held back that which belongs to Me. Those who have been in covenant with him, but have held back that which I have called to be given for the building of the kingdom of God. They have come under the spell of human logic & human reason which has to be repented of.


“My remnant is to be provided for supernaturally; but their voice needs to be heard loudly. They are to pull down the forces of darkness which have taken over thy nation; taken over that which in known as Church. And they have not stopped there – they are now in the business of destroying family life in Britain.

“Even now, they have to explain that a marriage is between a man & a woman; such is the way the family has been undermined. Husband, wife, & children – there is no other definition of what has been around for centuries: Mum, Dad & children.


“Family needs to be restored to thy nation. You see, marriage is a covenant; & as thy nation has broken its marriage towards Me, so thy nation must suffer the consequences of seeing marriage breaking occurring through the whole of thy nation.


The cry of My prophet is for thy nation to return to Me, with a fully reformed Church, & family values restored to thy nation.


“Without this activity, prepare for the worst; so, My judgement is come, saith the Lord.


“To My remnant: it is time for brokenness revival, & the baptism in fire. Get ready to be the manifestation of Me to this world, & understand the Word fully. My Apostle Owen has given it unto thee, as indeed has My prophet & prophetesses; & throughout the world, prophets & apostles are giving the same message.


“Have no covenant-breakers amongst thee. They can come back on their kneesbefore Me, but must not try to control the operations of My remnant Church. My remnant Church is to hear from Me, & act on what I say only. Covenant-breakers will not have their way. My remnant Church is My John the Baptist, crying out, & sparing not – for thus saith the Lord.”

Banks Defeat the House of Lords

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