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  1. Victims of the no-prosecution list of the 1980’s

In the late 1980s to early 90's our business in Inverness was targeted, targeted by the forces we knew nothing about at the time, but now do. Lindsay and I were then very naïve trusting in those who called themselves “Christian.” We had no idea of the battleground of "Church" in Great Britain, of the dark infiltrations that had taken place into the so called "Church". Whilst many Christian staff members lived up to the Word, there were those who chose otherwise, and the business came under immense attack with infiltrations involving the manifestation of sexual immorality amongst staff, particularly one member who after leaving we found an immense amount of stock had been removed, it being seen in the Spirit the immorality and also the place in Ireland where the stock was being taken.


Immense suffering followed but God lifted us up to being exposers of the corruption in so called Church, Lindsay at the time receiving a “word of knowledge” of a staff member, a part time preacher who took on himself as a married man, the wife of another married man. I approached the guilty woman who denied her adulterous act for twenty minutes, then admitted it. Then to the man who denied the act saying we were acting on a whim instead of using the gifts of the Spirit. On him leaving we found thousands of pounds worth of stock missing and Lindsay saw in the spirit where it was going to Ireland, to Malahide and a pub there where it was reported to us shops in the area were selling our goods.

It is now well known secret negotiations were going on between government and para-military organisations in relation to peace, the price of which being an ignoring of crimes that included theft crimes to pay for the para- military struggle. Peace is welcome but there are so many victims of crime who have in effect had to become the victims for peace! Utilitarianism (for the “greater good”) eliminates the rule of law, the British Constitutional Acts allowing law to be "applied with law and justice in mercy", the legal alternative to the illegal presentation of utilitarianism. We were victims of such a crime, the actual operation being found out through "word of knowledge" hence the geographical accuracy of the two key centres of the crime, but whereas we had lost in effect all our money, many in Northern Ireland had lost loved ones, and in the apparent name of peace received no justice for those brutally murdered.

Two intercessions through Brian Mason took place at the two crime scenes, a Police Sergeant coming to see us at the time of the crime reporting to us that there was nothing they could do, for the culprit was on the “no prosecution” list and so even though all the evidence was there for a prosecution, there was nothing the Police could do! Intercession 1 at Church Street Inverness on 28 10 16 and Intercession 2 on 31 03 17.

Part 2: Victims of the move from orthodox theological teaching to the higher criticism from Germany in the 1990’s -


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