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National Warnings

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/01/13


“VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Tell the people of Zion: ‘Sound the alarm in God’s Holy Mountain’ [reference to Zechariah]. God is Speaking to His Church”


“Be warned, My children; for by thinking in the way you have done for years, you have built up in your mind a society norm. For example: you buy property & it gains in value; that your family will live a decent life; there will always be available food, from a variety of sources.


“In other words, in your mind is a society norm; & you live by those norms, because that is the way you have always lived. You then have the Spirit of God as an additional factor to those norms.


“I am, however, a jealous God, & demand the first attention in all things.


“Now, this is particularly important at this time; a time of collapsing society norms. And in these circumstances, where do you go, but to the Lord?


The nation’s economic position is getting worse, not better. Biblically, how can a nation prosper, when it goes so much against God? (Deuteronomy 28)


“If the nation therefore is under a curse, how can you continue to rely on the society norms? Those on state benefits are finding out the norm is changing; so where is the stability?


The stability is in the One who never changes, rather than in the god of this world, who promotes constant change & instability.


“So, do I have your attention? It is important that I do, because your society norm is about to let you down. So, where do you go but to the Lord? I have always longed to be your provider, but your society norm has provided for you & to a degree successfully, until now.


“So, where do you go now, but to the Lord? Am I the Lord, who has always been called to direct thy paths – if you let Me. Am I the Lord, who has promised in My Word to prosper thee to fulfil & establish My covenant? Am I to be given pre-eminence in all things? Or are you to continue by your society norms?


“Well, they are not going to be there much longer. Jehovah Jireh is here; & the society norms of the god of this world – they are changing; many of which have already disappeared. How can you rely on your government to provide welfare when in its welfare programme is the death of innocents?


In its welfare programme has been an operation that originated in Liverpool (physical origin; it has different spiritual location of origin) to kill patients, rather than give them life.


With your natural children, would you have let mass murderers babysit your children? Yet you are still expecting government to babysit you!


“Do you trust government to look after your elderly & disabled, or trust Me? This year there is a huge change in UK government’s benefit structure, with professional advice declaring that there would be a huge culture change. Banks have already collapsed, & bailed out by the god of this world to promote their New World Order agenda.


“So I simply say: Let Me direct your paths; but My advice will be alien to your society norm.


“So you have to choose this day whom you will serve. So, allow Me to direct thy paths; & whereas in the past, you have just lived by those society norms & placed Me on top, that system is not going to work in future. I demand pre-eminence in all things. The solution is to come unto Me, & obey what the Spirit is saying.


“What you are setting up has been a move of My Spirit; & once you have the word out, people will come to Me, rather than their society norm.


“So I ask thee to come unto Me, all ye who are heavy laden; I will give thee rest, & direct thy paths.


“So, you can truly give Me the pre-eminence, & remove the society norms in your life, to be totally reliant on Me.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/01/13



“Throughout history, God has chosen prophets to speak through. These prophets have lived a life dedicated to hearing from God, & giving the word of God to the people.


“Words from God have come in all kinds of situations, the important thing to understand being that this is the word of the Lord that is coming.


Those words will affect those with earthly ambition; those who have the love of money syndrome; & those with a form of religion that denies the power.


These words particularly affect apostate nations, whose leaders will simply dismiss these words as figments of the imagination.


“Thus accusation is always a cover-up for sin. Prophetic warnings come when a nation is about to be taken over by a foreign power; for the warnings come in quantity when the covering of God has been removed.


Failure to heed the warnings always leads to the break-down of a nation.


“Yesterday I gave warning to My Church in relation to society norms. This relates to the break-up of the United Kingdom as people know it.


“Now, I am warning Great Britain in this prophecy today. You have dared to try & touch the ancient landmark of thy Constitution, giving yourself to other powers, thus making yourself a puppet of the god of this world, rather than an obedient nation under God, as thy Constitution demands.

“Laws which you have passed that have brought death rather than life, must immediately be dealt with if you are to avoid disaster.


Attacking the messenger (prophet) is not the solution to your problem; for bringing in the prophet to produce a document embracing the Constitutional Acts, calling on days of national repentance to cover the vast amount of sin that is destroying the nation that has forgotten God.


“The prophet should be seen as the one who can practically bring the nation back to where God wants it to be; whereas the present system of ignoring the prophet is one which will bring imminent disaster.


“Behind-the-scenes activities are seen by God; & trying to get around the ancient laws of thy nation by behind-the-scenes deals, is not appropriate in a land that is called to be obedient to God.


“The warnings have come over the years in relation to the moment that is about to come, unless the nation repents. Allpolitical parties must recognise the Christian heritage of the nation that has been undermined because of not hearing from God Himself.


“Who has bewitched you, Great Britain? You ask My Spirit to guide you in your Commons prayers, yet pass laws of destruction, not life.


“You cannot have situations where foreign legal systems stand together in a nation that has made promises to God. You cannot do this. You cannot take court cases out of court through behind-the-scenes deals that only involve one side of the argument & not the other.


That is gross manipulation, alien to all the principles of British law. Great Britain, as a nation, is in a constitutional mess, the foundations of a Christian nation being prophets & apostles, Jesus Christ Himself being the head of the corner; & it is Jesus Christ Himself who speaks through the apostles & prophets.


“It is time now to bring in those who are hearing from God in relation to the nation, & act accordingly; the first step being to stop every Health Service activity of death, to save the innocents about to die.


“Now, because of the imminent judgement on Great Britain, I have told My Church to forget its society norms, walk in the heavenly places, & be led solely by Me.


So they are safe. ‘The Word of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it, & they are safe.’ But what about the rest of the nation? The nation must take heed, to avoid disaster.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/02/13



“As Moses went before Pharaoh, asking release for the captives who were continuously hard working as slaves, so we too have been victims of a group looking to place us under slavery & letter of law, rather than have us move towards our Promised Land that is not only designed to save ourselves, but to save millions of others.


“Our dream now is to have the ability to move forward; but we are being held back by those who would keep us in slavery; working hard to continuously defend ourselves to the official channels our Pharaoh has bound us to.

“We as a Board of Trustees need now to have the freedom to move forward towards our Promised Land. This Promised Land includes setting up our radio studio to benefit those in the local community & overseas. This Promised Land includes initially the setting up of three television studios: (1) in Sri Lanka, (2) in Rhos on Sea, & (3) in Kenya. Alongside our profession of the gospel comes a humanitarian care programme that involves self-sacrifice in relation to our care of others, our inspiration being the author of our faith, Jesus Christ.


“The negativity however of our always having to defend to our Pharaoh who continuously makes false accusations against us, has brought serious health implications on members of the Trustees. “The letter of the law killeth; the spirit giveth life.”


“One of our ministers has been accused of terrible things in Blaenau Ffestiniog, from where this Pharaoh spirit has originated, leading to a serious heart attack from which he has miraculously recovered. Such is the grace of our God.


“One Trustee went through a nervous breakdown, from which she has miraculously recovered, this recovery being noticed by carers & social workers alike, including one senior social worker who is prepared to witness the freedom we give, rather than the chains of bondage of control & manipulation, which is what our Pharaoh has looked to put on us; the same senior social worker being prepared to witness the capability of our Trustee, who has been through so much that her ability to be a Trustee has increased rather than declined.


“The founding Trustee has had to face many Pharaohs before, but has looked to bring life to the people, inspiring the nation to keep to, rather than remove, the ancient landmark of our Constitutional Acts that protect the people from the chains of international Pharaohs who would look to burden the people with over-regulation & law.


“Our Promised Land therefore is to be released from the constant burden of having to defend ourselves continuously to a constant stream of government departments, to who our Pharaoh has reported us [to].


“Our Pharaoh is relentless in looking to keep us in these chains of bondage; whereas we are simply to act out the vision of the Charity, which we describe as our dream.


“You cannot build radio & television studios if you are living under a constant attack of abuse, false rumour, & complaints to government departments who have been understanding & pleasant to us, but nevertheless have to act out their obligation to visit us; but nevertheless the time we have had to spend on continual defences, which could have been the time when we could have crossed our Red Sea towards our Promised Land that includes setting up mission houses in the north of Sri Lanka, which has been so oppressed by 18 years of war, widespread atrocities, & also a major tsunami.


“These so-called ‘terrible Trustees,’ who have been accused of being for self-interest, have on one occasion crossed a minefield; another occasion prayed for the sick in a hospital without medicine & doctors.


“These Trustees, who have been accused of not providing pastoral care, were seen weeping & crying over injured war victims who had no natural medicine to ease their pain.


“These Trustees, that includes the one who is now being accused of being mentally unfit to be a Trustee, was indeed mentally fit to bring life to the injured, in the capability she has in Christ Jesus, those capabilities being still there; which is why she is still a Trustee.


“She was then prepared to give up her life for the vision & dream she has, & that we all have; that dream involving in us all the willingness to give up our earthly resources, so that we can fulfil, in our Promised Land, the dream God has given us.


“Of course we are prepared to cooperate on procedures, with government bodies, solicitors, accountants etc.; but what we are lifting up our rod of authority against, is the constant bombardment of false accusation; & constant negative work defending ourselves.


“We now ask for the liberty for this group of Trustees to collect wealth & transfer  it to the poor people of Sri Lanka, that will be part of proclaiming the gospel Great Britain’s monarch promised to God to propagate; to set up organic farms to bring healthy food to the people; in this & other professions training local people to be able to feed their families; to bring sound theological training that yes, has excellent academic standards, but more importantly has spiritual conviction, training ministers to fulfil the gospel call of self-surrender, rather than being proud academic achievers.


“This Board of Trustees now needs to cross its Red Sea, by-passing the wilderness of distraction, crossing its Jordan by lifting up its Word of God, knocking down any walls or barriers before it, to enter its Promised Land of reaching out to the world, not burdened by the chains which have been placed upon it through the constant having to deal with our Pharaoh who has become the accuser of the brethren.


“Finally, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; the ethos of the Bible being that you have to become a fool before you can become wise; the Trustees having a strong passion of God on what He has called the Trusteeship to do; that passion often defying human logic, the biblical criteria being whether there has been fruit. The Trusteeship, when not bound with law & regulation that has been put on it by false accusation, for the law which bound the Trusteeship was based on falsity, rather than the truth; there being obligation in British law to tell the truth; hence the transparency & openness of the Trustees, who have not held anything back.


“So we ask now for our freedom to fulfil our purposes; for the College & media operations to grow, there just being contact with a television & radio station in America, showing great passion to work with us.


“How can we do this, if we have been overburdened? We need now to be free.

“Now, as regards to the health of the Trustees: this vendetta group, to whom we have referred as Pharaoh, we having texts to show their ambition to destroy us, we now needing to attend to the words of our God, knowing that if we do this, in obeying His will by fulfilling the aims of the Charity, we know that by doing this, instead of the death of false accusation, by attending to the Word of God, we move into His life; & health to our flesh [Proverbs 4].


We need now to move in this, which is why we appeal to the government bodies to whom we have been reported by our Pharaoh, to allow us to move forward from the exhaustion our accusers have put us under, to not only bring life to ourselves, but also to the millions we are about to encounter with the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ.”

Prophetic Word through

Rev David P Griffiths, 20/02/13



“They will say you are a rebel, for you are taking on the system.

“But what system are you taking on?


Is it the system of the god of this world, or is it the system of the God of Heaven? It is very easy to discern if you are a rebel to

the god of this world or to the God of Heaven.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Where the god of this world is, there is the letter of the law that killeth.


“ A court which does not allow a defender to present his case, is under the god of this world: illegal under the British Constitution, where the people have to be treated innocent until proven guilty.

They cannot be guilty

if they have not been allowed to present their case.


“Demanding the right to present your case, correctly makes you a rebel; but not against the God of Heaven & the British Constitution,

but against the god of this world.


“Many lives have been destroyed through the “system” legal system of Great Britain. The people are scared to present their case; but who is the one that gives fear? God has not given you a spirit of fear,

so who has?


“This new legal system of Great Britain is destroying lives, businesses, charities, with an overwhelming amount of legalism,

that no normal man without the strength of the Lord can keep up with it.


“I have called you to public life not only to set you free, but the whole of thenation free, to have successful businesses, successful charities, not burdened with the letter-of-the-law extravagances, but free to be able to develop in a state that works with them rather than against them.


“The new “system” legal system of Great Britain allows the killing of babies in the womb by the state, & then thinks it can legislate against youth violence! How stupid is that, when the legislator is more violent against a defenceless baby than a young person in a fight with another youth.


How much more should a sentence be against those who voted in Parliament to painfully slaughter innocent children, than a young person facing a magistrate because of his involvement in a fight!

“You witness a young man of previous “good character” go to prison for biting an ear off another person (actual case at Mold Crown Court) for 18 months. How much more should an MP get for forcing a child out of the womb in pain to be thrown into a bucket, the “new” system legislators being of the kingdom of hell rather than the kingdom of Heaven.


“And so, if you are accused of being a rebel, then gladly take the title, for those of the kingdom of Heaven who take on the legislators of death, arecertainly rebels to the god of this world, who comes to kill, steal & destroy.


“The system would rather see you bow down to its new surveillant society, with its excessive use of man-made machines, rather than having experienced police personnel who can

apply wisdom above the letter of the law.


“They say if they see you do it on CCTV, they have a conviction. They say if a machine says you are doing 5 miles an hour over the limit, they have a conviction.


But this is not the case under the British Constitution, which state clearly that all law has to be applied with “law & justice in mercy,” that the context has to be considered with wisdom, & that this new surveillant society, with its letter-of-the-law criteria that thou hast rebelled against, needs to understand that if a judge is to pass sentence on surveillance only, that by sitting under the crest of the monarch, the judge is guilty him- or herself of high treason for breaking the monarch’s promise to God.


“So you have rebelled against the god of this world & his new “system” legal system; & people are being drawn to thy ministry from all over the world, as you apply wisdom as being the principal thing in law.


“What is wise in the Penrhyn Bay & Rhos on Sea area? Applying law vigorously on a deserted promenade in Penrhyn Bay; or protecting children on Church Road from speeding motorists, who when there are children about, should be driving as low as 5 or 10 miles an hour to protect those dear ones; the speed camera being placed on a deserted prom rather than protecting children by a school playground & Scout Headquarters. How stupid is that, to allow the surveillant society


to take precedence over the protection of children!

“And so it is at this point, we come back to the original point. If legislators are slaughtering children in the womb, they are unlikely to protect children out of the womb. T


heir sex education programmes encourage immorality & irresponsibility, confusing the mind on the subject of sexual diversity, instead of teaching Biblical morality in relation to marriage (Ephesians 5), there now being a generation of young people not aware of the Bible or the nation’s Constitution, or the monarch’s promise to God; & they wonder why there is so much violence & immorality amongst young people.


They allow sexual fantasies to spread over the internet, & when young people offend, they are placed in custody rather than the legislators who are at fault for allowing all this to happen.

“How stupid is that?


“Thus saith the Lord: you could empty out the prisons today, if the legislators repent before God. For it is they who have brought violence, immorality, a corrupt banking system, allowing for legislators to unconstitutionally suppress our nation’s businesses & people; & that if you are seen as being a rebel against this,

then so be it.


For to be a rebel against those who slaughter innocent lives, is to be an accepted one of God, & the Constitution of our nation.

“Now, the system now believes it can bankrupt thee for taking it on. But I tell you the scripture, “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world; & thou hast found the thief,

who has had to restore sevenfold.


“As well as in England & Wales, whose legal system thou art taking on, I am giving you access to Scotland, to restore the legal system of thy brother Knox, who would not tolerate the slaughter of children, for the Protestant Reformation was about giving a safe environment for all the people, whatever race or creed, as long as that race or creed understood that constitutionally, the law of the nation was a Protestant understanding of the use of scripture (sola scriptura), rather than the vagrancies of man, who under the god of this world kills, steals & destroys.


“so, onward Christian soldiers! I am giving thee the sword to knock out the system of destruction & restore the Constitutional Acts of thy Nation, to all corners of the United Kingdom, that kingdom being of God rather than the god of this world.”

Word from the Lord

through David P Griffiths, 21/02/13



“Thy nation is in serious trouble with God. Thy nation has not listened to the prophets of God, who have continuously warned over the last 20 years, & even up to 30 years, of serious consequences for not obeying the callings of God.


“Successive governments have placed heavy burdens upon the people. But now, the Lord is to act in a way that the nation shall see that it is founded in great sin. For the sin of the nation is in continuously ignoring its written Constitutional Acts, & the monarch’s obligation to keep them on behalf of the nation.


“Ignoring these promises to God has serious consequences on the nation, successive governments being stupid in ignoring God, to whom all honour must be given.



“And now the nation must pay the price.


“Successive governments by My prophets have been warned of the serious consequences of ignoring the prophets of God, & the nation’s Constitution. Warning after warning has been given. Mercy after mercy has been granted, & opportunity after opportunity has been given to get right with God. And thy nation’s governments have become as Pharaoh was to the Israelites; & that is, a giver of heavy burdens.


“I am dealing with successive governments, who continue to slaughter the innocents. And now, with the collapse of the NHS system in relation to how it was originally set up, no such collapse would have occurred, had the nation honoured God & allowed the innocents to live.


“As long as you allow death, there can be no blessing on thy NHS. You cannot allow departments to bring life to work alongside departments who bring death. You have been warned of this continuously, & now you are dealing with an angry God.


“Thy sensible theologians will tell you that there is the doctrine of the wrath of God, as well as the love of God; & those in intercession are being told not to hold back the judgement any more.


“I have a warning to thy present Prime Minister: thou art a two-faced liar not upholding the Constitution of thy nation; on one hand, taking part in religious ceremonies, & on the other, promoting great sin in thy land. You cannot serve God & mammon. Thou cannot serve God & mammon. Thy party is hopelessly divided; a kingdom divided not being able to stand. Thou hast removed the core values of thy party, which is in hopeless disarray after allowing the coming together of strange flesh. Thou art a two-faced liar, saying one will uphold the Constitution & values of thy nation one day, & doing completely the opposite the next day.


“As Pharaoh paid the price for his sin in the nation to which he was responsible, so will thy Prime Minister see serious events happen in thy land, for seriously the consequences of sin on a nation that has made a promise to God (1689 Act establishing the Coronation Oath); simply look at Deuteronomy 28, the passage on blessings & curses, & it is there you will find the consequences of not obeying God. And it is this passage of Scripture being implemented on thy nation right now.


“Prime Minister Cameron, there are those in thy party pleading with you right now to move back to the traditional values thine own party use to have & uphold. Thy party is in disarray, & My prophets have warned you continuouslyof the error of thy ways. And now you stand as Pharaoh stood before God, My prophets being called to set the people free from the slavery which thou hast set upon them: on one hand through letter-of-the-law policies, thou hast set laws upon the people which have given them great stress, this stress placing great strain on the NHS which because it has death amidst its operations across thy country, it can no longer cope.


“You silly Prime Minister! Do you not know you cannot mix death & life together, & place heavy burden on thy people? This is serious information coming thy way, Prime Minister Cameron. Take heed of the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, & the promise thy monarch made to Me. These must be fulfilled, if thy nation is not to come under the curse of the law. It is so serious that there are those in thy party who have opened up to thy prophet, telling him of the breakdown in thy party, which used to be a party of family values, instead of being a promoter of the coming together of strange flesh.


“Consider Ephesians 5, Prime Minister Cameron, of what marriage means; & I speak as Christ & the Church. Consider your actions alongside this Biblical fact of covenant, with your own actions in continuing the slaughter of the innocents, & now the bringing together of strange flesh.


“Read through the Coronation Service of 1953, & ask if your actions are consistent with the values which the monarch promised to keep on behalf of the nation. Reading these will bring a realisation that you have become a perverted tool of Satan, the wages of sin being death.


“This is My warning to you. Now do not think any form of natural death, because I took sin to the cross for thee. But most certainly consider the refusal to accept the cross as thy place of salvation fulfils the Biblical statement that the wages of sin is death. And this is the consequences of thy eternity, if one fails to return the nation back to its Constitutional obligations; & this includes the influence of foreign law into thy legal systems, which is prohibited under thy Constitution.

“The Constitution is the foundation of thy nation.


Thy nation chose to place its Constitution in God. What happens to a building when you remove its foundations? Successive governments have been removing foundation stones for years, & now the nation is seriously rocking, so far away from God.


Thou hast seriously failed to fulfil the Constitutional obligation to teach thy children the Name of Jesus – the name above every name. For does it not say in My Word that above all things I must have the pre-eminence?


Does it not say in My Word that I am the way, the truth & the life, & that no man cometh to the Father, except through Me? Yet thou hast chosen to bow down to other gods, ignoring Biblical statements of the consequences of doing this.


“Now, there is a way back to God from the dark paths of sin.


This is the place of the cross. O foolish Cameron to ignore it! There is only one place for you to go: to lay down thy sin before Me, & repent not only on behalf of thyself, but also on behalf of thy nation, for forgetting Me; stoppingimmediately the slaughter of the innocents & the stress upon the people; allowing there to be a day of rest for all the people physically, so that they can be alert to what God has to say spiritually; & as it stands, thy nation is facing an angry God, but one whose mercy is still alive to the repentant sinner. For thy nation has been upholding sin instead of the amazing blessings there for individuals & nations who honour My Word.”

Word from the Lord through

Rev  David P Griffiths, 09/03/13



“Politicians taught that entry into Europe would bring prosperity. This has been proven to be false. Obeying God brings prosperity, the nation being theocratic rather than democratic.


“Removing thy population through death, having a record number of people leave thy nation because it is impossible to make a living due to over-regulation, allowing immigration from nations with whom you have no covenant, is accounting error beyond accounting errors. For thy disobedience, you have walked right into the second part of Deuteronomy 28, ‘you’ being the nation, rather than the remnant Church.


“The nation has neglected to hear the voice of the prophets, including the 95 Theses of 2007, My warning before the judgement.


“Thy nation is now in big trouble. It is reducing the effectiveness of its armed forces in a more troubled world; the armed forces being there to uphold the Constitution of the nation. Yet it has failed to do this, due to a ludicrous political agenda."


“The Mayflower Compact must be upheld. That is the Constitution of the United States of America. USA and UK are united under God with that covenant. Add to this the Commonwealth countries, and you have a global economic unit way more prosperous than what the god of this world has mustered through his demonic agencies that are ruling the world at this time (II Corinthians 4:4), blinding the people to believe there is no other way."


“I created the heavens and the earth. I made them so all may prosper. Yet the corruption in the world brings about famines, international tensions, and wars. "


“The reason why a nation like North Korea can threaten America: because America no longer has Me as the head.


“Britain today is under greater threat than ever before in history. What a mess the politicians have made! Instead of going forward under God, it is cutting back its care services under Satan. The letter of the law kills. Agencies are not allowed to speak to each other, because of data protection; so those in need do not get the care they require. Yet the police can practise their apparent rights to build an over-surveillant society that is based on fear rather than care."

“What a mess it all is! What stupidity has there been!


You foolish nation! You have forgotten the Provider. You have bowed down to the foreign gods of the European Union. You have waved a false flag. You have failed to acknowledge the sin of Sodom. You have taught thy youth immorality rather than the Ephesians 5 principle of true marriage. Your politicians have been found to be in deep sin; yet you carry on as if nothing has happened.


“O foolish nation! You have sought to bow down to that which you stood against in the 1930s and ‘40s. The efforts of thy armed forces have come to nothing; for they fought for Britain and its Empire – and you have bowed down to the one they fought against."


“You foolish, foolish nation! Yet there is still a way back; and this does notinclude a national day of prayer. For prayer will fail. For I will not bless your plans. I require repentance. I require no more babies to be slaughtered. I require a coming back to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, which My prophet keeps telling you about; treating him as some kind of nut case. Yet he has simply told you what you have promised God, and what you have failed to keep."


“What a nation you have become! GB now means ‘in the gutter Britain.’ To be great again, the nation has to die from the gutter symbols of the Olympic celebrations, in which you prayed to foreign gods, portraying the symbols of the devil."


“You foolish nation! You carry the symbols of Egypt, rather than portray the victory of Calvary."


“This is where you must go to be free. There is salvation in no other, both in the life you live in the flesh on this earth, and in heaven above.


“For, Great Britain, you have sinned against God; and as a result, are in the gutter of mindless man."


“Listen to thy prophets, who are warning of a great judgement.Put your armed forces in alert. Blow the trumpet in Zion. Declare the truth: that the divine fire-wall has been removed.

Your internet security subscription has come to an end; and thy nation is open to all the plagues of Egypt, except to those of the remnant Church, who has not bowed down to Baal, and has the precious blood of the Lamb, meaning the angel of death shall pass over them. "


“Be warned, ‘Great Britain.’ My judgement is here.


“Take heed to what My prophets are saying. The first step is to save the babies, and remove the sin of Sodom. This is giving Me the pre-eminence, for this is My heart: to save the children from further suffering, and to save the nation from what occurred in the lowest place on earth."


“This requires a day of repentance, rather than prayer; for I do not want to hearing about blessing your mindless policies. What I do want is a nation on its knees in repentance before Me. "


“You foolish nation!


Yet there is still time.


Will you consider the Lord Jesus Christ and the John 3:16 declaration?

For you have a choice to perish, or obtain eternal life.”

Word from the Lord through

Rev  David P Griffiths, 12/03/13



“There is to be a great outcry from the East, with nation marching upon nation, with outcries in the United Nations about the possibility of war upon war.

“Economies of the world will crumble, as the threat of war becomes imminent. Sorrows will increase in the world, as the world comes under the plan of Satan to cause instability world-wide.


“But these wars have been carefully plotted to bring forth the reign of the Antichrist; and even now, many antichrists have come, causing havoc to economies, suppressing economies down, as in Great Britain, with businesses and charities afraid to expand, in case they should break the rules and laws of the Antichrist. The Antichrist looks to control, in an unstable situation.


“Governments will argue that they need to apply laws with vigour in an unstable situation; but that unstable situation is caused by Antichrist himself, and he looks to regulate the situation when he is the cause of it.


“This is what is happening to you now. As you are looking to go forward, they look to hold you back with 0ver-regulation, seeing in you an instability which is not there. It is in their minds but is not true. For they look at the outwards appearance, rather than the heart; and the Word says, ‘Greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world.’ For the world in under the instability of the Antichrist (to come), there being many antichrists already,


“So, you have organization after organization, country after country, suppressing populations with new surveillant, suppressive society norms,suppressing the ability of charities and businesses to move forward. For they spend their time getting their affairs into the order of the Antichrist, rather than the progressive leadership of God.


“Even now antichrist has come. Over-regulation, over-surveillance and suppression has come; but you must not fear. You continue to challenge every rule of the antichrist with the rhema word of God that includes reference to My Word used in the Constitutional Acts.


“Thou art to set up the studio at Bellwood, which will broadcast right into the instability of the East.


“Yes, there is the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet, the northern part of these countries being affected by this phenomena from the East. For there is a rising of the East to gain control. For they have the control over manufacturing, and they believe they can gain control over the world, through controlling the markets of the world.


“A message for Great Britain:


“Instead of constitutionally hearing from God and acting accordingly, successive governments went after their own lusts, closing down the manufacturing bases of thy nation, beginning the instability that you see now; which the present government will say they have to monitor with over-aggressive surveillance, the surveillance covering ordinary people as well as hardened criminals.


“I am causing those in government that love My Word to resist the surveillant society, and restore the Word of God to My schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons. For governments have failed to act on the Queen’s promise (she is the head of state) to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.


“For now, Antichrist is coming. You can look no further than Rome, where you signed a treaty to put oneself under the rule of the antichrist. For signing a later treaty put yourself under the previous treaties, signing away your Constitutional Acts to the restoration of the H.R.E. (Holy Roman Empire).You indeed have placed yourself under Caesar, the rule of the Antichrist, and under the dangers of this world, rather than the protection of God you enjoyed during World War II.


“Why should the people vote for antichrist governments, as they do time and time again? It is because that these governments rule by fear! ‘Unless you vote for me, these terrible things will happen,’ when the reality is that it is these governments who put themselves under the antichrist that have caused the problems that they now say they can deliver the country from.


“O foolish country, to vote for such imbeciles!


“Now the country sees themselves as being in charge of thee; that they can order thee about. O foolish country! Since when has My foundations ceased to be the apostles and the prophets? And now you as a nation face the outcry from the East. Had the nation had its foundations built on the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone, then whatever the rest of the world did would not matter.


“You have faced, weather-wise, a cold spell from the East. How much more can the nation the blast of Antichrist from the East, when it is not built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone?


“The monarch promised God to keep you in the place of stability, yet government after government has ignored her promise and the Constitutional Acts of the nation, and looked to isolate the prophets who have raised up these Acts which have been taken away from the memory of the people.


“No foreign power is to influence this Protestant Nation, according to these Acts. Yet they place themselves under the Human Rights courts of Europe.


“Since when in My Word, which the monarch swore on in 1953, has there been human rights for anyone? [Galatians 2:20] You are to live, yet not you, but the manifestation of Christ Jesus from within you. This is what takes charge of the Antichrist. Norman Grubb called it the Liberating Secret. How much does thy nation need that liberating secret today!


“Prepare for a mighty harvest. This is why you are setting up the television studio at Bellwood; further ones at Rhos and the Hebrides, South America and Kenya, so as they all can move out of the controls of the antichrist into the liberation of Christ.


“A word about the East:


“As the forces of Antichrist increase, be in position to proclaim My Word through the media stations I have told thee to set up; and let no man tell thee not to do it; for such a declaration would be the surveillant voice of the Antichrist.


“In thy nation, thy ministry has been one of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness, warning and warning and warning. Yet they scoff, and accuse you of being crazy. But you do not look to them so crazy now, particularly in the context of the outcry from the East.”



Word from the Lord through

Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 22/03/13



“The Anglican ‘Church’ is hopelessly divided. It cannot uphold the Protestant religion established by law, as its monarch promised to do. The evangelical wing is no longer in activity, for it has been taken away by the ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing,’ Alpha-compromising so-called Christians.


Their new thing, not My new thing, relates to their god compromising over homosexuality, abortion, & all the other deviations from the Scriptures, which they no longer use; for they patter out their Luciferian scriptures which they dare to call their ‘Bibles.’


“There is a remnant left, of course, but they are being increasingly isolated by what is now known as ‘Anglican Mainstream.’

This Mainstream will now be in negotiations with all kinds of sinners within their Anglican Church & associated groups. They have no idea that the gospel is the gospel of conviction, which challenges sinners to repent, & be saved from an eternity in hell. Instead, they present their God of love & compassion.


A cross is something you bow down to; a physical entity on an altar made with hands, where I do not dwell, rather than a place of spiritual reality, where one confesses one’s sins, repents & accepts Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour.

That is the reality of the Cross today; not an idol of brass, stone or wood – a graven image, which I warned not to bow down to. The true Cross is the place where the believer is crucified with Me, from where one is resurrected to the portals of power, the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“So they compromise with sinners. They preach a negotiable gospel, from new translations from the pit of hell, welcoming all into their ‘communion,’ rather than the true gospel that divided between flesh & spirit.


“You have been called to uphold the Queen’s promise in thy nation; & so in effect, thou hast become the National Church. This has very high-reaching implications, for thou art to walk amongst the dignitaries of power throughout the world, & bring them to Christ. Thou art to expose false religion, rather thancompromise with it, in multi-faith debacles as witnessed at Canterbury & in Rome. Their compromise is to bring the one-world religion of the last days; but you have held out.“Thy nation is so far away from God.


It still allows the slaughter of the innocents, declaring God is all love & compassion. Well, if the so-called national religion is proclaiming this love & compassion God, why do they not relate this love & compassion to the saving of the innocents? For the true God is not only of love & compassion, but of righteousness & judgement; & thy nation has been found wanting, out of line with its calling in God. It ostracizes the prophets, who are seen to be out of line with the run of things; as indeed they are.


“The only way for Great Britain is to repent before Me. My love & compassion is for the repentant heart. My love & compassion comes with theconviction on the sinner, not in the context of negotiable grace.“This is another national warning. Warning after warning after warning has now featured on thy websites; for those reading this prophecy, warn thy leaders of the error of thy ways; for by doing so, you could save a nation from destruction.”

Word from the Lord through

Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 23/03/13



“A nation that looks in on itself is a nation in recession; for what it does, is look to blame from within, rather than find an intercessor that finds a blame from without.


“The Bible is clear that our battle is not against flesh& blood, but the nation in recession puts the blame on flesh & blood within, & produces a totalitarian society which over-regulates the people, watches the people on every street corner, & now of course in this technological age, watches their every move on social media & the internet.


“Gone is entrepreneurship & flair, & in is over-regulation & suppression.


“The nation in recession looks after its own lusts, rather than train its people in the attributes of God. The nation is happy to have anew generation of drug addicts, drinkers & smokers, for they are easily controlled by dictators. Mugabe in Zimbabwe removed those who had the economy in their hands, so he could control & manipulate uneducated people. Likewise in Britain, they reduced the standards of the education authorities, introduced low-level exams, & shouted about record results, as a result of easier examinations.


“Oh foolish people, to be conned by such a decadent system of governmentthat removes power from the people, into the hands of a select few!


“They also look to remove history from the knowledge of the people; so now they are not afraid of a European referendum, for they know they can con the people again, for they have removed the knowledge of history from the eyes of the people.


“What My prophets have done is remind the people of the ancient landmark,which My Word declares should not be removed.


“Britain has failed to teach its people its Constitution; so the British people have become a people without foundation. So within the context of a people looking in on itself, you have expanded your ministry. You have extended your tent-pegs, & chosen to ignore the look-in-on-yourself system. The look-in-on-yourself system says, ‘Get your procedures right before you expand,’ when I say, ‘Go into the whole world, & preach the gospel.’


“Nations without foundations then put fear on you, because they are wobbling themselves. But the kingdom of God is not wobbling; that is the role of the kingdom of Satan. For that role is one of putting fear on the people, like the fishermen. They must not go out on certain days, because there is not enough fish in the sea! This is the green lobby of Satan based on what is seen by the outward appearance, rather than what is in My Word the monarch promised to uphold.


“A nation in obedience to God has abundance, & not lack. But the nation in recession has placed overwhelming burdens on businesses, none more so than the fishermen. I know a lot about fishermen. It was them I chose to follow Me. In their own ability, their net was empty; but in God, overwhelming amounts of fish. A minute portion of fish was given to Me to feed all the people. In Me, there were baskets left over; an impossibility to the outward appearance.


“But Britain has placed itself under EU regulation, to look at the outward appearance, rather than look to God. Likewise with the miners: I have givenoverwhelming resources underground in Britain, to be used for the benefit of all the people. Manufacturing: Britain was the manufacturing capital of the world; yet you gave this away, to be under the regulations of others, destroying the ability of entrepreneurs to make profit for the nation.


“So anyone in Britain that looks to go forward is told, ‘You need to do this, you need to do that;’ the sound-bites of a dying nation deep in recession, looking in on itself, afraid to move out because it is under the domination of another.


“What you have done is set up alliance with those of the ancient landmark; those of ancient covenant. You have sought to bring common wealth in the Commonwealth. You have chosen to expose EU corruption of our affairs. Building projects have the stars of Mary upon them; Mary not being the Mary of the Bible, but of a false Mary statue, worshipped throughout the world. For Mary was never chosen to be an idol, but simply as the virgin to hold the child. She was never called to be prayed to, for My Word declares to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus.


“So the logo of Satan is on thy building projects in Britain. Foolish politicians go grovelling for grant money from a European purse that has wasted billions, & lost billions, Britain putting far more in than it has taken out. So it is the British people who have paid for the building projects. Yet Britain displays aforeign power getting the credit for whatever it does. How stupid is that?


“So what you have now is a Britain looking in on itself. The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. So I am calling thee to be a spiritual government under the God of the Constitutional Acts, who will demand from Europe its money back, making Europe a debtor to the UK rather than the other way round, & a return to the ancient landmark of covenant, namely working with Commonwealth nations, & the United States of America, just like your Charity is doing. Moving on from what the Pilgrim Fathers established, you look to spread the word of the Mayflower Compact to the United States.


“In the Commonwealth, you look to spread the word of what the monarch promised to God; in other words, by your example you are showing the nation the way forward; but the nation is saying, ‘You need procedures for this, & procedures for that.’ Just as Israel was in Babylon, so Britain now gives the cries of a nation being under the control of another.


“So as the EU wallows in its own bankruptcy, Britain has the choice of being once more a prosperous nation under God. But it has to set the babies free from slaughter. It has to set the nation free from foreign laws that are illegal. There has to be the removal of global banks for British banks, under our laws, not laws of their own. There has to be a return to there being a nation reliant on God, rather than a suppression of foreign powers.


“Hitler may have been defeated in the war, but within the context of the over-regulated surveillant society, he certainly is winning the peace; your case in Llandudno proving your nation has reached the point that a court no longer wants to hear the presentation of the defence.

“Take heed of the warning of the prophet. Take heed of the warnings in My Word. For what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah can happen to your nation today; for you have produced a generation of immorality, rather than a generation taught in the ancient landmark of thy nation.”

Word from the Lord through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 06/04/13



“Thou art in a mess, Britain & America. Thou hast forsaken thy covenant with Me. Thou hast lied to the people over recession,& need to tell the people the truth. “There is no such thing as lack in thy nations; only corruption, lies, & more lies.


“You cannot hide the fact in years gone by thou hast given heed to what the Word of God says. But now you pour scorn on My Word, with all thy satanic pollutions of scriptures not of Me. For thou hast forsaken thy Mayflower Covenant for the decadence of Rome, its syncretisation of Early Church belief with paganism; & this is related to codices that includes Vaticanus & Sinaiticus.


A nation standing on the true Word is standing on the Rock; & when the wind blows, it stands. But a nation built on sand can be blown down, particularly if the foundations have been destroyed. “This is why you are calling the nations of Britain &America to come back to the Bible of its covenant. “A little nation is threatening thee at this time.


Sure, you have sophisticated equipment of defence; but if it is housed on sand, these weapons will sink with thee.“You see, the Word of God is much more powerful than any nuclear weapon; & it is this defence you need to return to. You have lied over your banks. Do not continue to fool the people with excuses over recession. You know this is a scam, designed to control your people. Do not fool the people anymore; for you have designed the people to be zombies of the truth; for this truth is not My truth, it is your truth.


For if the people knew the heritage that had protected them from false recession & from warmongers throughout the world, they would be crying out for the Word of God, which you (& successive governments of US & UK) have taken out of the education curriculum to enable you, as liars & despots, to control the people.


“The Word of God is the foundation of UK & US; & so now, you have a young despot looking to control thee. Your little minds are going into the areas of diplomacy. Yet your nations were called to be the heads,& not the tail.


“My prophet has warned & warned & warned; yet he will be presented as being potty. But his house is built on the Rock. I am used over the centuries to have My prophets put down as potty. Just look at My Word. Interesting how nations fell all around them for not heeding their warnings. “US &UK: are you really going to ignore the lessons of history, by laughing at the prophet as they laughed at Noah? “This lesson is very simple to understand.


Tomorrow, you can come together as nations in repentance. Saving the innocents will take death from your record, with of course repentance for all those slaughtered in the womb. Removing your ungodly laws from your statute books would be the next step, & restoring the teaching of Constitutional history to the children; that is, history based on My Word.


“If you fail to do this, then the warnings from the East will become very real.Take heed & listen. Again My prophet has warned. He simply is giving the Word of the Lord.


As an empty vessel, I speak through him;& I give warning today, whilst giving opportunity for the nations of US & UK to repent before Me.”

Word from the Lord through

Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths 10/04/13

“The Mayflower Compact:”

“A Message to Britain & America”


“Whatever you do, you cannot change this Covenant. The Mayflower Compact is set in heaven. “You say & behave as if it does not exist. You can have your Independence Day, as if it does not exist.


But whatever you do, or try to do, the Mayflower Compact is settled in heaven.“You can have your masonic symbols in places of power; but they do not change the Mayflower Compact.  “ You can slaughter the innocents in the womb; you can have your corruptions in your banking systems, & have governments that completely ignore Me. But that does not change the Mayflower Compact.


This was a Body Politick, designed to hold the peoples of US & UK together under God. You cannot change that. What is written is written. What you canchange, is your present blatant disregard to the Puritan lifestyles of those who signed the Covenant. What you can change is your murderous antics in slaughtering the innocents of the womb.


“You say you have passed laws to allow this. I say in America any law out of line with the heart of the Pilgrims is no law at all.“I say to you in UK: what you sent to USA was purity. Any  aw you have passed out of line with that God-given purity is not only no law at all, but is a breaking of a Covenant that will send all those who vote for ungodly laws in Britain & America to hell, unless they repent & change their ways in line with the body politick.


The Body Politick is being as the Body of Christ; & you once great nations have blatantly ignored what you set up here. You even prosecute those who stand up for Romans 1. You persecute those in your schools; those who stand for the principles of the body politick. You have taken out of your nation the true Word of God that never changes, but is established in heaven as indeed thy Covenant is; not that that Covenant is on a level with the finished canon of scripture; but that Covenant is consistent with the finished Canon; & that Covenant was made under God, who was honour bound to protect thy nations, as long as thy nations kept the heart of what was being said in those days, & indeed written down.


“And so, Britain & America, you have sinned against Me & become a Sodom & Gomorrah of immorality & decadence. And so you now fight your battles on your own. Oh, you have your nuclear protections,& how much more would you be protected, if you had kept to the true meaning of the Mayflower Compact.


Step 1

“In light of threats against thy countries, what you must do is call a national day of repentance, in line with the faith of the Pilgrims. Multi-faith has no place in this. This is an all-out repentance before the God of heaven: Father, Son & Holy Ghost – three persons who have always been in existence as one God. “That is who you repent to.


“Step 2:

“You give Jesus Christ the pre-eminence in both countries& both governments.


“Step 3:

“You act upon what God says, & remove all the ungodly laws, as the first step of getting right with God, & the promise made at thy Covenant between each other.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/05/13

 “THE U.S.A.”


“The U.S.A. has lost its place in the world, because the god of this world has brought the nation into his order, his New World Order, rather than the order set out by who are known as the Pilgrim Fathers, &what is known as their Body Politick. This brought the conditions for a Christian nation; a Christian nation that would not only care for its people, but people throughout the world.


“Instead of following on from this position, the United States has become a nation of compromise, a nation at war with each other, a nation that no longer treats the Bible as the Word of God; & so a nation that has lost its way, because it has rejected the way, the truth, & the life.


“Behold, I am standing at the door of this nation, knocking; asking for entry into the seat of government so that government can once more follow Me, rather than the god of this world.


“What there is in the nation is a lack of trust one to another. There is no end of information over what might be happening behind the scenes. There is even talk of a communist take-over.


“But this is what I say: call a national day of repentance& prayer. Open up the books of government. For what goes on in secret will be opened up anyway, saith the Lord. Better this come by voluntary action, rather than being found out. For sin& secrecy will always be found out, saith the Lord.


“The military needs to know to which God it owes allegiance. Throughout the states of the U.S.A. there are groups of people out to destroy the nation, particularly now, as the protection of God has been lifted. Man is responding by increasing surveillance, where God is demanding allegiance to Him. An understanding of Psalm 91 is far more powerful than all the sophisticated technology in relation to crime protection can offer.


“So here we have a nation no longer at peace with itself –how can it give peace to the world? One thing that will close down all the web-sites of the conspiracy theorists will be a nation that opens its books. When that happens, God will heal this nation. Once this has happened, the people can be relieved, & hear from God.


“Warn the people that whilst their government fails to hear from the Lord, so the danger increases day after day.


“However, there is a move of God a-coming, to expose that which has infiltrated the Church. Thy work exposing Higher Criticism is a key factor in this. Examination of man’s ways in interpreting the scriptures shows the complete folly of producing a text that continually changes, whereas I am the Lord: I change not.


“U.S.A is going to have to get used to being a small nation on earth. So turning away from God has a price, & this nation needs to return to Me.


“So come back to Me, United States, & I will give thee rest; the alternative being a nation no longer at peace with itself.


“So come back to Me, United States; I am still knocking. Reject the Nestle text, & come back to what the Pilgrim Fathers brought; a Bible that rightly demands full allegiance to God; the God of heaven, rather than the god of this world.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 15/06/14

“The Divided Kingdom”


“From being a United Kingdom, you now have a divided one. There are too many factions for the nation to work. The benefit system, whilst being a blessing for the disabled, brings a curse upon those who use it for their own ends, so that they do not find gainful employment from which they could give into the kingdom of God to ensure a United Kingdom continues.


“Those who have invested in the Constitution of thy nation will blossom, saith the Lord. As a building stands up on its foundation, those who refuse to accepttheir foundation will of course fall. This is now seen. You will see this in the political arena, across business, & with community groups; & most of all, the legal sector. That includes banking.


Thy stand against the banks has been in relation to the Constitution of the nation, in which you upheld an edict of the House of Lords; & yes, you say it by word of knowledge, they plotted with Government to overrule that edict. They set up a judge with utilitarian powers, alien to the Constitution of the nation, to overrule an edict of the House of Lords. This is not legal; & not only are they to compensate you & many others; their organisations & affiliations must fall, as indeed your country must fall. For unless there is a return to the Constitution of the nation, how can a building stand without a foundation? Keep asking the question: ‘Did you coerce, with Government, to overrule an edict of the House of Lords? Yes or no.’ You know the answer, but still ask the question.


“This banking crisis is one that is steeped in history & relates strongly to puppet businesses controlled by these banks, who care not for national constitutions, but look rather to control global businesses, to bring in their own political agenda.


“Instead of honouring a nation’s Constitution, they deliberately undermine national law in their quest to bring in global law which they can control.

“These organisations are guilty of high treason, for many reasons. They even control companies producing so-called ‘bibles,’ which, as you know, are so far away from the original that they proclaim the other Jesus rather than the One who is God, who came down in the flesh to bring salvation to the world.


“Now, My word to you as a ministry is this: all which I have exposed will fall; & on this happening, you need to be prepared for a mighty harvest. This is the issue: are you prepared? They have held you back with their attacks of global law; & as you pointed out from the Charities Act of 2011, the word ‘spiritual’ relates to the Act as well as temporal. All of these Acts come in after prayer; but it is prayer of vain repetition rather than that of the Spirit; for not only are you to prepare thy ministry to be big. You are to prepare to take over government, which is to recognise the spiritual over the temporal. For that which lasts must surely take priority over that which is temporary.


“You are to prepare to fulfil the Sri Lanka to Tibet vision (this preparation needs to be in the time one did spend in procedural preparation); & at the same time, prepare to take over the government of thy nation.


“‘How do you do that?’ you declare. Not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord. You have heard a politician say, ‘Prepare for government.’ In Britain, this includes national & Church government, for constitutionally they are one & the same.

“This is to occur too in the United States. Say this to My people in the United States: ‘Prepare for government;’ for I say unto thee: is your argument against the so-called ‘new translations’ going to stand? Has the realisation of corruption begun to be understood?


“I say unto thee: prepare now to be big. How can I prove this by My Word? Well, what happens to the stones the builders reject? What do they become?

“Oh My dear children, My dear branches, My dear begotten of the Father: you are called to the high place, the high place of authority. All authority I give unto thee, over sickness & disease & the effects of sin. All authority I give unto thee.

“Thou shalt cast out devils. Thou shalt lay hands on the sick & they shall recover. Thou shalt build up the waste places. Thou shalt bring humanitarian care where it is needed, but at the same time prioritise dealing with sin as the cause of human distress.


 “My Word is clear: that which is built on rock shall stand. That without foundations is on sand, & the storm is coming. You are to be ready to receive the harvest, having reached every creature with the gospel.


“‘When is this to be?’ you ask. The answer is in My Word. You have it in your‘On Fire’ magazine, in the part on the Hundredfold. My Word declares ‘now, in this time.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/10/13



 “There is a day coming, saith the Lord, that the cries of the people will cease. They suffer in their sin. They suffer in their solitude, in living a life without Me. They suffer in their mental incapacities, for they have minds stirred up with the lusts of the god of this world, rather than the renewing of the Spirit by Me.


“Britain, in rejecting its own constitution, is like a house rejecting its own foundations. Every day the house is shaking; for when a nation forgets its Constitution, there is only fears and insecurities and medical services unable to cope with the demand.


“There is only one solution, and that is, Come back to Me. This lack of coping has nothing to do with population control; it has everything to do with rejecting the nation’s own Constitution.


“There are huge resources on the earth to cope with growing populations. The lack of coping in Britain has everything to do in denying the Queen’s own Coronation Oath, rather than having an abundance of population. She promised faithfully to Me to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. She has failed in this task; and unless she leads the nation back to its Protestant roots, she will be seen as the failure of all time in destroying a nation by taking it away from its own foundations.


“She must become as the first Elizabeth, who restored the nation’s foundations away from Catholicism and the stars of Mary.


“The monarch is obligated to suppress foreign infiltration. This she has failed to do, thus denying what the first Elizabeth brought back to our nation.


“The second Elizabeth must declare her oath again. She has opportunity to do this in her so-called Christmas Day message. The conviction of My Spirit is upon her, to keep the demands of the nation’s Constitutional Acts, which thou hast faithfully brought to the public eye. Thou hast tackled the banking community with this; but all they have done is laugh at you, in the same manner that they laughed at Noah and his ark. The banking community already is drowning in its own corruption.


“You have brought conviction to the political parties of thy nation. Are theystanding on their own constitution and heritage? Indeed not. They have chosen to stand on philosophies of Egypt, to place the people under the slavery of the Pharaoh.


“Thou hast been the Moses, taking on the institutions of the Pharaoh on behalf of the people; but the people have murmured against thee refusing to set forth for the Promised Land, preferring to wallow in the slavery of Egypt.


“But I have sent thee the cloudy pillar of the Holy Ghost, from whence the healing stream doth flow; for thou hast given opportunity to the people to face the Promised Land. Opportunity is being given at this time for the nation to repent before God and return to its Protestant Christian heritage. But it is for the monarch to repent before the people in her“Christmas Day” message; for this is My conviction upon her, to be as the first Elizabeth, rather than be under the demonic clouds of present day political parties, who have placed the nation under the Treaty of Rome rather than keep the Coronation Oath; rather than keep the Elizabethan Settlement, which God demands the whole nation embrace.


“So be warned, Great Britain: come back to Me. For without Me there is no foundation.”


[DPG: that is a national warning]

Word from the Lord through

Rev Dr David P Griffiths 04/05/13




“You already have it. They are building up to a tribulation within the context of a continuous indoctrination of children; a continuous sexualisation of children so as to remove their childhoods; a breaking down of parental – child relationships; an encouragement to join the homosexual agenda; indoctrination of the god of this world, forcing governments to obey him rather than be servants of the people – servants of the people at best, within this culture – for constitutionally in certain lands, governments are to obey God first; & Biblically, all governments are to obey God first.


“So you have the build-up to the Great Tribulation. In Christian nations throughout the world, you can no longer have constitutional justice; there is a totalitarian approach to law, alien to the constitution of these lands. They have been brainwashed to support the global approaches that are completely run by Satan, in a letter of the law manner.


“And so when you take your cases to once Christian institutions, you now find you lose these cases on the basis of a narrow understanding of law. For legal institutions are restricted from taking the full context of a case.


“So what you have is communism, totalitarianism, fascism; for Satan is the instigator of all of these things, binding up the people into a New World Order of restriction, surveillance, & fear. This Satan wants to control everything, taking houses, lands & businesses away from the people into his hands; even businesses are now under franchises under the New World Order.


“And so here we have a situation where nations are coming under Satan, rather than the God of their Constitutional Acts. Christian nations have accepted immorality to such a degree, they kill the babies that are the result of out-of-marriage sex. So the baby pays the price, being delivered to Me in heaven.


“The god of this world is evil, & the people need to know they are being put under his control. But what you know is, that by exposing his ways & his actions through your Justice & Financing web-sites, through your stand in the political arena, you are exposing Satan & all his ways; & that by exposing a thief, he has to restore sevenfold.


“You stand victorious above Satan, proclaiming the Saviour who shed His blood to set the people free.


“My name must be lifted up above any other name. My Word must be used as a sword to plunge into Satan & all his evil ways; & as all men come unto Me, so they shall be lifted up above the vagaries of the god of this world.


“The build-up to the Great Tribulation is on; but I tell you, My Church, My true Church, which has not bowed down to the ways of the New World Order, that has not embraced the so-called scriptures of textual change ; My Church which stands on the Word which has been for ever established, triumphs magnificentlyover the god of this world, who has according to My Word, blinded the eyes of the people.


“Your role has been in opening the eyes of the people, & when I say, ‘your Pentecostal Continuing site,’ all of your sites are indeed Mine, for they are for My glory. For you have been My empty vessel, so I can write the content of these sites; & indeed on the Bible College site & its subsidiary sites, I have spoken through the vessel of Brian Mason the words of intercession impacting the whole world. All of these sites are to grow enormously; as you link them into modern media, so shall men come unto thee with their eyes open, saith the Lord. They will ask you question after question, as thy brother Donald asked thee today; & you will give the answers of the Lord; & you will show to these people who have realised what is going on, the triumphant place of walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; more than conquerors; the royal priesthood of believers, the holy nation, giving all of its praise to the Lord. For oh yes!Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.


“That is My Word: greater. My Word is that the stronger man has overcome the strong man; & what you did at Knock was a complete confrontation against the New World Order; for the New World Order is based on idolatry; the idolatry of physical signs; for the Green movement is based on what is seen physically; & what they see is lack, rather than plenty.


“The truth of My Word is, I have provided magnificently. They say there is not enough food for the people. This is opposite to My Word. For they declare that because of lack, there must be population control. I declare I have come to bring life, not death; & so through the Green movement there is a form of totalitarianism so evil that it involves the culling of mankind rather than the increase of it.


“Now My Word cannot be returned void, & Psalm 91 is clear it shall not come nigh thee. But it involves a continuous hearing from God. My promises are yea & amen to those who hear Me & obey Me. But there are those who call themselves Christian & live a life of flesh. They base their lives & opinions on what they see rather than what is in My Word. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, & those who have come against thee paid no heed to the sufferings of thy lives. They simply saw an apparent affluence which they believed was the result of corruption. Yet they did not see the total surrender of thy ministry to Me. They did not see that you have laid all thy goods on the altar for Me. But those who came to inspect thee were amazed by thy surrender to the cause, & indeed were afraid of it. For their security commonly is in their home, their houses, their pensions, which are now being removed by the New World Order in preparation for the Great Tribulation.


“What will they have then? Nothing. What will you have? Glory; victory; more than conquerors.


“Rejoice, My children. I have overcome the world. Hallelujah! But it requires a total surrender; a total surrender to Me.


“That is how to become the Christian seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“You can now rejoice; for the victory has been won.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/11/14

“A Nation at Peace with Itself”


“This is a nation that admits its faults, not hides its failures. Hiding failures creates brick walls, brings conditions for those failures to grow, brings mistrust, brings manipulation, & a hiding behind a wall to prevent you from making any progress.


“Such is the case with the banking community. Whilst some failures have come out, the major failure has been protected. What is that major failure? For years you have pointed it out on your web-sites, by My Spirit. The major failure is shrouded in secrecy. You have consistently pointed out this failure on thy web-sites. The failure is in one word: sin.


“What is that sin? You have consistently exposed that sin on your web-sites for years. Answer: failure to respect & honour the sacred oath spoken out by the monarch in 1953.


“In controlling the money supply, banks have completely disregarded the truth that the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. And it is this fundamental point that needs to be understood: that in honouring the Constitutional Acts of the nation, you apply law, not by the letter, but by the Spirit; & to control money supply by what a credit agency says, whether it be by an agency that relates money supply to the everyday person or to governments, is taking information of the narrow truth rather than the whole truth which is the demand in British law; a fundamental truth that you for years have expressed on your web-sites.


“You cannot take the narrow truth; only the whole truth, in British law. So even when court fees were paid, your credit rating was affected, when in effect you were the prosecutor & the bank was the defendant.


“The court needed to decide, based on what the Lords spiritual & temporal had said. The banks failed to do this, & you found out by the Spirit that there had been meetings to suppress a holy edict of the House of Lords, thus making youthe guilty party, rather than them.


“A nation that is at peace with itself does not reflect its sins on to others, but admits its sin itself.


“Now, this example is typical on how Britain is being run. One side places its sin on the other. So how can a nation be at peace with itself, when there is so much mistrust?


“The sin of hiding behind the letter of the law, when the minister of God is called constitutionally to call all these matters out into the open, that minister is seen as being a danger, rather than a blessing. For what that minister is doing, & indeed is what you are doing, is getting to the root of the sin. You are at that point now; & what the root is in the case of the banks is love of money, making profit for themselves; not even for their own institution, but for themselves, the motivation being greed, rather than using money supply for the benefit of the whole nation, & nations within the Commonwealth.


“What you have done to counteract this, is show an example. My Church placesall its resources on the line for the benefit of the lost. This is how thy charity has been run & is being run. Men & women of sacrifice place all on the line for the benefit of others.


“What has happened is this: those with unconfessed sin reflect their iniquity on to others, rather than admit their sins themselves. What they do is take narrow law in an attempt to bind you up. What you have done is say the Constitutional Acts & the oath the monarch gave, allows for none of this whatsoever.


“So a nation at peace with itself admits its faults, not reflects its sins on to others; & that which is done in secret is now out into the open. That which you have put on the Christian Justice web-site, & now on Christian Financing, at great expense to the Charity, is not wasted money, for it has got to the root of the sin, you bringing out the whole truth, whilst they look to bind you up with narrow application of law.


“By asking for a seat in the House of Lords, you are saying you will bring out the whole truth, nothing but the truth, & that which has taken place in secret will at long last come out. For if the Lords is to be known as spiritual & temporal, the prophetic voice needs to be heard. If the nation is to make its stand in the world, it has to be one at peace with itself.


“What we have is a nation that reflects its sins on to others; the sin of not teaching its children the Constitution, & rather choosing to bind up school teaching in chains of over-regulation, is an act strictly forbidden under British law. The act of placing the sin of immorality on to unborn children is grosslyforbidden under British law. Such a law is unconstitutional. The act of re-defining marriage, a reflection of the sin of severe immorality, is strictly forbidden under British law, for it goes against the heart of what the monarch swore to Me in 1953; & that the support of any politician who supports such an idea is not only an act of high treason towards the nation, its monarch & her oath. It is an act of supreme blasphemy to God; for I speak as Christ & His Church.


“A nation at peace with itself admits its faults, rather than legislates without regard to the prayer which has gone before.


“For to begin a session of Parliament in prayer, then legislate to kill babies & re-define marriage, is giving no regard to the foundations on which the nation is built, thus making the legislator guilty of the sin.


“No wonder you have the intrigues & secret meetings to protect the interests of the unrepentant politician! Thou hast brought this out on your web-sites for years.


“But now I say this, to all the Trustees & Council of Reference of thy ministry: thou hast done well. Thou hast not been afraid to admit faults. That which is unrepentant, is unrepentant all around you, is falling down all around thee. You see, sin can never conquer the Conqueror of sin.


“That which is in My name will always stand. The gates of hell cannot prevail against it. Oh, thou has come to the point of victory! For that which is done in secret is being brought out into the open. Principalities, powers & thrones are being exposed. Remember My Word, ‘Whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in the heavenly realm; whatsoever you have loosed on earth, is loosed in the heavenly realm.’


“That is how you stand. The rock on which the Church stands can never be defeated. All around you is the false Church, which you have consistently exposed. This you now bring to an end in My name, for they have changed the focus & words of the holy Word of God. Every curse is upon those who manifest the illegitimate rendering of so-called ‘Bibles’ which are bastards within the context that they have no words of the Father. They are fatherless, they are bastards, without a Father.


“You see, they are bastard bibles; & that is how you should refer to this literature of Egypt – as bastard bibles. For they have no Father. Jesus is the Word, the only begotten Son of God, meaning the Father, Son & Spirit – these three are one.


“These new bibles lack the understanding of the Holy Trinity & are thusbastards before the people.


“Thou hast exposed Higher Criticism to such a degree, the gates of hell are crumbling all around you. The colleges, the seminaries, who have built their teaching on this, are crumbling all around you. And here you are with a tiny College, speaking the truth of God’s Word.


“You see, what you are doing is portraying the sacrificial Word of God. Those who sacrifice, those who handle the Word of God respectfully, are to bring the truth of My Word to the people.


“What the producers of commercial bibles are doing, is changing the text continually to suit the mood of the people. This is what they call a working text.

“So how can a Church be at peace with itself if its foundations are continuously changing?


“Do you understand now where you stand? You stand, speaking out My Word. And that which is done in secret all around you, from the round tables of the new translations to the secret meetings of bankers & governments – it is all coming out. And as it comes out, all you can say is that there is a cross to kneel at with thy burden of sin. There is power in the blood.


“You see, there is no other place to go, but to the foot of the cross. There is power in the blood.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/11/14

“The Money Supply is Fine, saith the Lord, if…”


“The money supply is to be placed back into the hands of the people, instead of in the hands of unelected bodies, who instead of taking the views of the people, have an agenda to control the people, who work hard to bring about the wealth.


“The present scenario of banking is one, bluntly, of theft, coming from the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy. This is why the justice element of thy A.C.P. statement is so vital. For to bring to justice the banks, who illegally control money for their own benefit, who blacklist others who do not fit into their own criteria, who grossly interfere with the affairs of government with their own controls of the money supply; who, as you have pointed out for yourselves, grossly interfere with the affairs of justice.


“What you must do, is bring them under the crest of thy monarch, towards a judge completely conversant with the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, which thou is honour bound to do.


“Thy intercessor tells Me what I am honour bound to do; so I am telling youwhat you are honour bound to do in My name. For thou art My body on earth. Thou has all authority over the devil, the head of the body working as one, & the money supply that has been suppressed from coming to thee, is because of corruption at the highest level of banking.


“This money supply must now come back into the hands of those upholding the Constitutional Acts of thy nation; of those who will bring to justice those who have allowed foreigners to control thy money supply; & whilst it is good to have free trade agreements, it is not My will that Britain should have any part of integrating its legal & political processes with the global order, except that of the Commonwealth nations & the United States of America. For these nations, the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain & the Mayflower Compact are the basis on which to operate, these documents being based on the Word of God.


“Within this stability, the money supply is allowed to flow, all these nations prospering.



“Now, for nations not within this grouping, a grouping of freedom of choice; a grouping without dictators, a grouping without religious persecution, a grouping in which the people are free, by having their needs met through sound investments, communities coming together, in relation to community projects to develop bases within their community for everyone to benefit. As thou hast witnessed in Amish areas, there will be no crime, for the criminal element from the top will have been removed.


“Remove the corruption element from governments & banks, & you influence from the top down, the money supply should be in the hands of the people, where it should always have been, rather than in the hands of greedy bankers & stock-holders, who exploit the people for their own ends.


“For example, gone will be the designer label sweatshops, for narconomics will be a thing of the past. For the wealth will be shared equally amongst the people, throughout the Commonwealth of nations; that includes the United States of America.


“Yes, entrepreneurship will flourish; but not the entrepreneurship which exploits the people, but from community-based entrepreneurs, whose heart is to benefit all of the people, not just themselves.


“They will say this is a form of communism, for everyone is equal. Well, communism is a philosophy of man, whereas the Word of God, God gave His Son so that all the people would be joint heirs with Him.


“Now do you understand? God has shared His riches through His Son, for those who respond to Him, He makes heirs with Christ.


“And so, the will of God in heaven is the will of God on earth. So those with riches share their wealth with all of the people.


“This is why you have given up your wealth for the benefit of all the people. This is why others have given up their wealth for the benefit of all the people. This is why it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God; for they see that their wealth is their own wealth & not the Lord’s. For the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. The world’s resources are the Lord’s.


“Thou hast had sacrificial Trustees who have seen that. Yet thou art attacked by those who have the old-fashioned own wealth scenario, when I have called thee together to lay all thy goods down at the feet of those who work, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of all the people.


“You see, all around you are those who have their faith in their own money supply. Rees Howells’ ministry was so successful because it saw its wealth as belonging to God, not themselves, personal ownership being a barrier for the growth of the Church.


“Why do you think I told those with riches to sell what they had, give to the poor, & follow Me? ‘It’s too high a price,’ they said. Yet the Lord God gave His only begotten Son; & so sacrifice is the key element of the Christian life.


“The early Church said, ‘Silver & gold have I none. Such as I have, give thou thee. In the name of Jesus Christ,’ this name representing the ultimate sacrifice, of blood shed for the benefit of all the people.


“Such is the true Christian. He or she will give his whole life for the benefit of the people, never mind monies. That is insignificant, the true Christian is the one who is prepared to give his or her own life for the gospel.


“Yes, of course it is the will of God for God’s people to prosper & be in health. But this is in a certain context. That context is one of sacrifice. For to establish the covenant of God, one must be prepared to put all on the line yourself for the benefit of all the people.


“This is how the Bible College of Wales operated, with deep surrender, deep sacrifice. It was never intended for those to control it with large amounts of money, to restore the mantle of Rees Howells that can only come with those prepared to place everything on the line for the benefit of the people.


“Hence the testimonies in ‘Rees Howells, Intercessor’ through your brother Grubb; & within this context came the intercession, that affected those in governments, just as what happened at Eastleigh.


“You see, within this context comes the challenge to God to honour His Word. But this challenge of honour can only come from those like Rees Howells, who laid everything down.


“You see, when My body lays everything down in covenant, so does the Head; & I am honour bound to bring My glory.


“This is how the taps on the shoulder in the missionary days of the 30s occurred. Individuals knew they must not keep wealth for themselves, but give it to those who are fully surrendered.


“Where today can I find those who have laid their whole lives down? In Western nations, I find so-called Christians who have their faith in their own wealth rather than God’s. I find, too, false prophets & apostles, manipulating people for the benefit of their own ministries, rather than God’s.


“By restoring the mantle of Rees Howells. Thou hast brought light to the darkness; & they investigate you because your philosophy is one that believes the wealth belongs to God, government bodies not under-standing the sacrificerequired to be a real Christian.


“This is thy position: ‘the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.’ And in this belief system, the wealth is distributed for the glory of God. The waste places get built up; & in this building up to God’s glory, we see nations flourish; for the money supply is in the hands of people who sacrifice, rather than those who operate for selfish gain.


“It is these people you bring to justice, not the people of sacrifice, who must not come under letter-of-the-law philosophies, but for the justice & mercy I have ordained for the people of Britain, its Commonwealth, & the United States of America, the other countries needing to come under this umbrella too; on condition they are able to keep to My Constitution-al Acts & the Compact of the United States.


“It is this prophecy that gives the way you operate to all those who investigate your operations. ‘This is how you operate under the law,’ you say, with the question, ‘Are you operating this way too? Or, are you operating a philosophy not of the Constitution of Great Britain, its Commonwealth & the United States?’


“This is the question you must ask. For letter of the law has no place within this Constitution. For what is represented in the crest of the monarch is that the Spirit must take the precedence.


“This is what you show the lawyers & government bodies; & the reason why I say to thee that you say to them, that unless you uphold the Constitutional Acts of the nations & the Compact, then thou must step aside, & give government to the people of sacrifice, rather than personal gain.


“Now, this word that I give thee is thy sword. It is to be used against all those that attack thee. You say that this is your stand, in My name, on the Constitutional Acts & the Compact; & this is the victory.”


The work the Lord is doing through us is so important - the Bible College of Wales Continuing (not the charismatic counterfeit based in Singapore and Swansea) and its TV station ECCTV is really growing and give the Lord all the praise - we being the empty vessels for him to work through. On God calling you to be apart of this as empty vessels either reply on Facebook, e mail  01492 544451; 0044 1492 544451

Word from the Lord through 
David P Griffiths, 12/02/15
“The Issues of Today”


“The number one issue in the British General Election is terrorism, not the economy; the terrorism of the ongoing slaughter of innocents in the womb. Unless this is immediately stopped & repented of, there will be no economy to discuss. For the principle of sowing & reaping applies. Sowing death brings death.


“The nation, in its self-righteousness, chases the child abuser; yet the nation itself, along with other nations who abort their babies, like USA, are the biggest child abusers the world has ever seen; & under serious judgement. For the Pilgrim Fathers did not foresee two nations that would slaughter their innocents; only two nations that would proclaim life, life being the Lord Jesus Christ.


“So, terrorism is number one on the British General Election agenda; but not the terrorism of the Middle East, but the terrorism going on day by day in one’s own back yard.


“As regards to lost movements, the number one issue will always be the Word of God. Hear this, & hear it well: the codices of Egypt will always be returned void. For My Word can never be returned void.


“As you stand on My Word, that which is on sand around thee will fall all around thee. Thy College, which is the manifestation of what I founded through Rees Howells, is to proclaim My unadulterated Word. That which took over has embraced the codices of Egypt, Higher Criticism, the false Charismatic movement of the present day, living in an affluent atmosphere through the labours & sacrifices of those who have gone to be with in glory. It shall be returned void, & those under its control must be delivered to study My true Word.


“This is why, My dear children, sons of God led by the Spirit of God, you are working so hard. Day after day, you deal with matters of state in relation to the Charity. Yet the state cannot even manage to protect the coming generations, with its policies of immorality, sexualisation of children, letter of the law regulations, & all of that which are from the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy.

 “For a nation who is hearing from God will establish God’s lawful foundations, the Ten Commandments being clear over My attitude to nations who kill rather than bring life. For it follows on that if a nation kills its innocents in the womb, it will look to destroy its hard-working people through the stress of over-regulation.


“You see, thou has been called to be light amidst the darkness; to bring joy instead of grief; to bring My true Word to the people. But the greatest opposition to this have been those of Christendom, who have been prepared to accept a son of the gods; prepared to accept Joseph as the father of the Son of God; prepared to accept removal of words like ‘the blood’, ‘worship’, & ‘repent’ for apparent easier to understand English, failing to understand that the understanding of My Word is to be by the revelation of the Spirit, rather than the clinical exegesis of the colleges & seminaries under the curse of Higher Criticism; & into that curse, the Bible College of Wales, & the Pentecostal denominations, & many others were taken.


“So, take courage that I now have that empty vessel I desire to proclaim My Word. I am enjoying ECCTV, of those who stand & sit before that camera, without an earthly agenda. For this station will grow, saith the Lord, & the Bible College offshoot of lectures for a whole world to grasp.


“This is continuous work for thee; but I will renew thy strength. For thou will rise up with wings like eagles, & destroy the works of the devil in My name, for all the over-regulation they have looked to place on thee. For I have risen thee up to directly face the antichrist of the codices of Egypt. For it is those who embrace these codices who are the false end-time “Church,” who understand nothing of the suffering required to proclaim My true Word. For only those who have been through My refining fire, described by the prophet Malachi, will endure to the end in these last days.


“The life of Paul is an inspiration to thee; for thou art right to proclaim that this covenantal relationship thou hast with the prophetess of Kentucky is so key to all of this. For there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek. For I have called thee to make a stand. For not only art thou restoring the ministry of Rees Howells, for together thou art restoring the ministries of Norman Grubb, & his relationship with A W Tozer, who exposed the corruptions of Christendom, to bring the conditions for  those entrapped by the doctrines of Eli, which is where thou knoweth, through the prophet who proclaimed the sons of Zadok as the way forward in My Word. For those who make this stand in these last days, they will witness the great joy of setting the captives free from the clutches of Satan, who has appeared to them ‘like the Most High.’


“So, thy hard work continues; hard work made easy through the strength of My Spirit as you look to Me day by day, so as to re-establish the foundations of sound doctrine based on the true Word of God that the King authorised for the blessing, not only of Britain & America, but also the entire world.


“It is this that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. It is with this that thou preacheth & teacheth My Word, with My Spirit revealing the truth of My precious Word.


“They have no reply to this. As you preach & teach My Word, that which is of Satan will collapse all around thee.


“Thus saith the Lord.”



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/03/15

“Britain was Never Meant to Be like This”


“The people are worn out. They fear for their jobs, their pensions, their Health Service.“Yet I have spoken through thee over what the righteous can do when the foundations are destroyed.


A nation that has lost its foundations will, as the Bible says it will, fall. So in Britain today, as it is in America, as it is throughout the Commonwealth, there has been a major fall from the stability of the Coronation Service to the confusion & lack of knowledge of what the Queen, Elizabeth the Second, swore to God actually means.“With passion & zeal, the Every Creature Commission Television Channel proclaims the Constitution of the nation. Yet the channel has lacked physical resources to expand; has been as a John the Baptist channel, crying in the wilderness.


“But I have said to thee, & I say to thee again today, Be ready for major expansion. Thou art still building the foundations of the channel, this channel being built on the Rock which is already established & has already beenestablished. But thou, amidst adversity, have built in My name a channel reaching every corner of the earth.


“This channel has become light in the darkness, fulfilling the call of God on your lives. Thou art facing up to Baal, without fear, for the victory over Baal has already been won. I say to thee, Stand firm. Be not afraid, for though they try to close you down through every rule & regulation, the victory has already been won. I declare to thee today that as one moves ahead in My name, there will be those who will try & crucify you as they crucified Me. But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.


“So as you sow My Word throughout the world, I say unto thee, thou hast set the solid foundation. So even though the sinking sand may scream & holler all around you, thou stands firm on the Rock; & as one stands on this Rock, be not afraid to expose the wickedness of man, & by doing so, preach the cross of Christ, where man can come & repent, & be a joint heir with Me, as Me, high above principality & power, for thou has been called to fulfil the vision of Rees Howells, to reach every creature.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/06/12



“The prayers which have been set for Parliamentary sessions, are a period of time where parliamentarians are to hear from God & act accordingly.


“As Church & state are constitutionally not separate, the judgement of God is well & truly upon parliamentarians right now. Their decision to place the nation under foreign princes, away from the constitutional monarch, is one that is bringing God’s wrath upon the nation.


“I have said before that the spiritual covering upon the nation has gone, & the nation is open to attack from any quarter. Whilst My protection is still on My people, whether they be in Parliament or not, there is huge danger in relation to the parliamentary buildings, wherein it has to be remembered that the Gunpowder Plot as foiled.


It does not mean it will be foiled today; for the protection of God is not upon that building at all. There is, of course, huge natural protection; but the problem with that is, that those intent on bringing destruction, are spiritually motivated. For the one responsible, as those spiritually motivated in his hands.


The country has now to repent before God; to repent of multi-faith, modern laws, inconsistent with the Constitution; the serious slaughter of the innocents; & placing the nation under foreign princes.


“The nation’s error in putting on the Olympic Games, will be clear for all to see. These Games have pagan roots, & are operated by those who give allegiance to Baal, rather than God.


“The nation itself has been kept ignorant of its Constitution; & you, My children, are constantly reminding the nation of it. Those who have run the banks of thy nation must realise banking is local, not global; & that bank managers are not to be bound by rules preventing proper business relationships.


Banks are to pull down their altars to Baal, & start coming under the Christian Constitution of the nation, it being significant that when banks turn away from God, & adopt love of money philosophy, they collapse, financially & administratively. The reality is, they are in trouble, because they have forgotten God.


“So I am calling you, My children, to continue to expose that which has infiltrated thy nation. What has come in are demonic forces intent on bringing destruction. For every moment an M.P. stands in Parliament overseeing the slaughter of innocents, it is a sowing into death, rather than life.


“I say unto thee, that each M.P. supporting the slaughter should be brought to justice accordingly, for being an accomplice to murder. Every M.P. who supported the move of coming under a foreign power, should be brought to justice for high treason.


“And I have called thee, as clergy of the land, to return the nation back to God, under His protection, & under His law, which the head of state stated on oath that she would ensure it was kept in the nation.


“This has not happened. Hence the wrath & judgement of God is upon establishment Church & nation.”


[see also Hosea, chapters 7-9]


Word from the Lord through DPG, 04/10/12



“My apostle’s brother wrote the words ‘Amazing love! How can it be that thou, My God, should’st die for me?’ My apostle, on horseback, rode this land to remind the nation of the God who died for thee. He came across many dangers, toils & torment, surrounded by those who would try to muzzle what God was saying. What he gave was not his word, but Mine. What word did he give, but ‘Amazing love! How can it be that thou, My God, should’st die for me?’

“You see, he presented the Cross of Calvary. My prophetess, who recently came home, sung of looking to the Calvary hill.


“Oh! How the nation has forgotten to look to the Calvary hill, to cast its burdens upon Me, & move in My strength, power, might & dominion, rather than bow down to a foreign prince, that has controls in the way he gives his resources.

“The nation has forgotten God. Instead of seeking God, it looks to the next round of European funding, European funding that has controls over the lives of the people.


“How the nation has forgotten God! My Word declares that in all things, I must have the pre-eminence, yet I tell you this: there shall be not one man saved, lest he looks his eyes to Calvary. There is no other way for man’s salvation, on this earth & in the world to come, lest he looks his eyes to Calvary.


“The message of the Cross is for all those who come to seek God; for by no other way is there salvation, unless blood has been shed. For without the shedding of blood, there is no remission.


“So remind the nation of the pre-eminence of Christ; & like My apostle & like My prophetess, I place thy ministry & political careers on the same platform, to preach the pre-eminence of Christ.


“No other message but Christ, & Him alone, for men to turn to Calvary, to be saved both in this world, & in the world to come.


“Now, I want to talk to you about world events. The world is about to get hotter, in the sense of its apparent imminent destruction. Man has the capability to blast the world in half; & there has been & will be nations who will look to control people through the threat of nuclear weapons.


This is a difficult situation for any government. On this occasion, instead of a National Day of Prayer, the solution is to have National Days of Repentance, repenting for the slaughter of the innocents. For if a nation slaughters its innocents, it will reap death upon itself, the solution being Days of Repentance for slaughtering the innocents, & teaching immoral relationships, both heterosexual & homosexual; there being no form of sexual activity permitted by God, unless it is in the marriage bed of a husband & a wife.


“I tell thee: I require repentance of a nation that has allowed both heterosexual & homosexual activity outside of what I have said in My Word, the Word which thy monarch swore on in 1953. Give heed to this warning of God, lest thou shalt die, in the context of this world, & the eternal torment reserved for thy nation lest it repent this day.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 2/11/12



“The nations that embraced the sexual revolution of the 1960s are in absolute chaos this day. What these nations did is promote out-of –marriage sex amongst its youth; & in the 1960s, governments actually promoted the sexualisation of children.


“So from the activities of government came forth the paedophiles, the homosexuals, & massive rings of pornography that has caused massive harm to generations from the 1960s onwards.


“The root cause of it all is government policy; that is, in the natural sense. For behind this natural activity, is the root cause of all evil: the one who appears to bring freedom, but in reality binds the people in chains.


“Government action over the years has slaughtered more children than Herod ever thought about; has taken away the childhoods of successive generations; has brought about the breakdown of many families; resulting in nations reliant on other nations for  their manufactured goods, & even fuel supplies; each of these nations of the sexual revolution having serious drink & drug problems; yet we find, in the case of UK, USA, & the Commonwealth nations, Christian heritage completely ignored for the lusts of the flesh.


“How stupid is that: to slaughter innocents, break up families with free sex, with all the economic consequences that entails. For a stable nation, with families together, will prosper above all of the nations bound by the sexual revolution.

“Now, in UK, there are high-profile figures being sought after in relation to crime; yet these high-profile figures are victims of government policy.


Governments promoted the use of the pill. They even used the term ‘safe sex’ when it comes to condoms. Governments have educated children into sex under the age of 16, thus encouraging these children to chase after high-profile personalities, who are now being seen as the criminals in the piece.


“The real criminals are those who promoted the activity in the first place. This comes down to the activities of successive governments.


Not only has government promoted sexual immorality; it has promoted it in its youth, with encouraging & allowing media advertising, media programming,promoting out-of-marriage sex even amongst its so-called under-age youth. Politicians themselves have embraced the sexual revolution, with divorce rates high in government circles, elected & unelected personnel of government being honour bound to keep the laws of God.


“Whilst paedophilia is appalling, it is no more appalling than removing a child in pain from its mother’s womb. At this time, government agencies in UK are chasing high-profile personalities in relation to the sexual revolution of the ‘60s. The law of God declares the beam to be in the eye of government, the victims simply following government policy, it being government who promoted sexual revolution of youth in the first place.


“So government now looks to imprison victims of its own activity. The widespread use of the pill, paid for by the NHS, (is?) completely contrary to the original vision of that movement.


“South Wales, from where the NHS was born, had a chapel culture thatpromoted family life, not immorality. It was never envisaged by the founders of the NHS the huge bill it would get with the breakdown of family, the promotion of sexual immorality. The NHS, which was designed to bring life for all, has been used as a slaughter-house for those who have embraced government policy of sexual immorality; & that is what it is: babies being placed in buckets, left to die after being taken out of wombs.


“You decadent, evil, godless generation of perverts, who have taken from thy nations the God-given manifesto of success: that is, a man leaving his parents to be joined to one wife, & have children in the family context.


“So, what is the solution? Can a sin-stained government system really chase allthe victims of the sexual revolution? How many new prisons are they to open? For the number of those who have engaged in so-called under-age sex, this activity of the 1960s on, being promoted by governments.


Look at the pop songs, going back to that era. Look at the way young girls screamed at the Beatles; & in more recent times, the way young girls swooned at so-called boy bands. All this has been promoted by government authorities.

“Now government is chasing those who embraced this culture.


I speak to governments of the nations of the sexual revolution: you are the ones with faults in this. You are playing the moral high place; yet you do not have enough prisons to put all the victims in.


“So where is there room for the victims to go? Where is there room for the victims of government policy that has not only promoted under-age sex, but has also painfully slaughtered millions of innocent children in the womb. Where is there room for government personnel to go, who have promoted abortion & immoral behaviour?


Is government now going to go after NHS staff, & other medical agencies around the world? There is no room in the prisons for them all. There is no room anywhere for them all, except one place. There is room at the Cross.


“You cannot go locking up all the victims of the sexual revolution. Government has no ability to find everyone who has engaged in under-age sex, because its own promotion of it has been so successful, introducing the pill, & so-called safe sex, the only safe sex there is, being within the marital bed.


“So there is only one solution; only one way for salvation; only one way to avoid an eternity in the torments of hell. There is still room at the Saviour’s Cross for all men to come unto Him, repent of all manner of sin. Over the generations, millions have come to the Cross; have become new creatures in Christ. Old things have passed away.


Everything has become new, the new birth bringing forth new attitudes, new ways of thinking; a man being joined to a woman, within the confines of the marital bed; my call to governments being, ‘Look at the beams in thine own eyes. Remove the acts of thy various parliaments & seats of government that have slaughtered innocents, promoted out-of-marriage sex. Remove these beams in thine own eyes before chasing after the motes in the eyes of the victims; victims who have behaved in accordance to government policy, & are full of sin because of it.


“My call today is to come to the Cross. Despise not the prophesyings of My prophet, whom you have looked to lock up into a corner. My prophet is declaring today, ‘Government, you have sinned before God; there being a place for you too at the Cross,, where you must go & repent of sin, & go back to thy seats of government, & declare a Christian revival, removing the policies of Satan from these seats of government; & in the case of Britain, bring prophets into the House of Lords, who speak out the Word of the Lord, rather than bishops who have accepted the confines of the sexual revolution, rather than spoken against it.


“I know there are those who have been faithful to the Biblical cause in the House of Lords; & they will be rewarded for that. Likewise in the Commons there have been those who have stood for the old paths. They too shall have their reward. But for those who instituted the sexual revolution, I am calling at this time to account; & even though you may think you have escaped prison on earth, you will not escape the fires of hell, unless you repent at the foot of the Cross, & remove so-called acts of parliament that have brought death & not life.

“In Britain & the Commonwealth’s case, & in the USA because of the Mayflower Compact, these immoral statutes of parliament have never been legal in the first place.


“Bring thy governments to the Cross. Listen to My prophets. I have never changed. I have spoken through prophets from the earliest times; & if thy look at the New Testament, you will see God Himself manifest in the flesh, who went to the Cross to take the sins of the world, on condition that man would repent before Him, & enjoy everlasting life.


“Now, the choice for governments is clear: is it to be a continuation of the sexual revolution, or the beginning of a Christian revival, based on the principles of Ephesians 5, where a man leaves his parents to be joined to one woman in covenantal marriage, that base being the stability of a nation that will have little use for prisons, whereas present government policy promoting sexual immorality, meaning you ain’t got enough prisons to take everybody?


“Which path are you to choose: the path of repentance & life, or the path of immorality & death?”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/12/12



“I am very concerned in Britain that the nation is suppressing the people to behave under the auspices of a global totalitarian world. In this, free speech is supressed. In this, the ability to defend in a court is taken away; and what happened at the Olympics was a handing over to powers who had looked to take over Britain for some time. These powers look to change Britain into a totalitarian state; a state where people can no longer make their choices, for they will be forced to bow down to the god of this world, rather than the God of heaven.


“The monarch has failed in her obligation to uphold the Protestant religion established by law, as she said she would do in her oath to God. This failure has come due to a bowing down by government to a global legal structure, rather than the one that came about through the Protestant Reformation, which she promised to uphold. The Elizabethan Settlement seems such a long way away now; but the freedoms the nation has enjoyed through it are still available for those who make a stand for the Christian nation, rather than the totalitarian one.


“Those who plot to remove the Constitution of thy nation must be brought to account; for this is high treason, to remove all the auspices of the nation’s Constitution, so as to give power to the gods of the Olympics, rather than the God of heaven to whom the Queen swore.


“The nation is under a curse, of breaking its promises towards God; and because of that curse, the God of heaven demands full adherence to the One who took the curse for the nation, if the nation would only repent. Repent of the innocents being slaughtered from the womb, id the very first step. Repent of the lying together of man with man, rather than embracing the Ephesians 5 model. Repent of the way elderly people, disabled people, are treated in the context of removing from them the ability to follow God. The removal for the elderly people to pass on the faith to the younger generations, and to the disabled people, the widespread use of the cures of the occult, rather than the healing power of Jesus Christ.


“Yet the nation goes through its festivals and days, and observance of days, which mean nothing to Almighty God. What makes the angels rejoice, is a man accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour; of a woman bowing the knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; and of a child being taught the faith and Constitution of the land. On putting these matters right, we can then look at Britain being prosperous once more, and having a world-wide position, with its own manufacturing base, rather than having to bow down to totalitarian rulers, with their global brands and infiltrations.


“You have observed the coming in of foreign systems into the courts of the land. Your work in correcting the courts is vital; for unless the court upholds the meaning of the crest above the judge’s seat, then each conviction is void, because of the lack of adherence to the monarch’s promise to God.

“Totalitarianism; or the Protestant religion established by law. Totalitarianism, and the god of this world, versus the blood-releasing power of God, of a Saviour who shed His blood to enable man to be set free from the powers of a totalitarian state.”

Very Serious Word from the Lord Jesus through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths

31st. December 2012





“When a prophet warns a nation, it is wise for that nation to give heed; for a prophet will not go on & on about a situation. He will simply give his warning from the throne-room of God; & it is this warning that the nation needs to get a hold of.


“Part (1) of the warning:


“Foreign powers are making laws for thy nation, which is strictly forbidden by thy nation’s Constitution. This puts questions over the decisions of thy courts. The Christian Financing web-site clearly illustrates a case where foreign infiltration took precedence over an edict of thy House of Lords. The web-site has given warning of this, & the prophet again illustrates the point for the web-site Christian Justice UK to come into being.


“This warning is to the nation, that it cannot accept foreign law above its own legal processes. It is highly illegal, & against the covenant the nation has with God.


“The nation is in great danger of serious civil unrest, because it has removed its unity with God that has kept the nation together in times of trial. An un-united kingdom cannot stand. For how can there be a United Kingdom when foreign powers have influence & control over the law-making of thy nation, when I am asked to guide law-making before sessions of Parliament?


Whereas foreign laws, I have nothing to do with; for these foreign laws are of the god of this world. Thus you had foreign gods being worshipped at the Olympic ceremonies that welcomed the god of this world to control thy nation.


“Part (2):


“What is God saying about abortion? Has that question been asked in Parliament? My instruction is to immediately stop the cull, the original Abortion Act being illegal in Britain. Babies need to be saved, & this is My justice: all those involved in the cull must be given opportunity to repent before God; & a court case to be shown live on television, under British justice, where everyone involved with the cull: medical staff, mothers, politicians, who have been involved with this enormous sin, be invited to repent before God, failure to do so resulting in convictions for murder.


“Part (3):


"The pre-eminence of Christ above all other gods

“My prophet has illustrated that there is no way the nation can be described as multi-faith constitutionally. Such a declaration is blasphemous & treasonable. People must be allowed a free choice, but only those prepared to accept the Protestant religion established by law as the state religion, can be allowed to stay in these shores.


“My prophet has stated freedom to choose from My Word, which declares, ‘Choose you this day whom you will serve.’ But to go against the very Coronation Oath of the monarch must not be permitted within thy shores.


“Part (4):

“Immorality, binge-drinking & drug-taking: this all needs to be stopped.”

“Part (5):


“The bringing forth of a Revival

“My prophet has already exposed the barriers to revival. Take heed, for My prophet’s team will bring forth a revival, using the principles of old.

“Take heed that the so-called modern revivals are not of God, but of the enemy of God.


“But the team which I have assembled will thwart the enemy’s plans in continuing to control what he sees as his religion in Britain.


“My word to My team operating from Rhos on Sea: get ready for a great harvest, for thou art to bring in the sheaves, as thou obeys My command to reach every creature with the gospel.”



Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/01/13



“If you look at what came through the prophet Malachi, the principle being established by the prophet was that blessings would be poured out if I was given the pre-eminent position, the windows of heaven being open to those who honour Christ first, & closed to those operate otherwise.


“So to the nation of Great Britain, the windows are closed; but to those who honour Christ first, the windows are open to them.


“Now, let us analyse this more closely. Instead if the propagation of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, which is a reference to a time Protestants were prepared to give their lives so that the mask of religion, with all its corruptions, be replaced by a loyalty to Christ.


“Britain has placed itself under that mask again, of secret deals behind the scenes, to bring in the global order of the god of this world, rather than thetransparent order of the Protestants, who looked to expose the corruptions, & give the pre-eminence to Christ Jesus. This over the years has brought huge blessings from an open window from heaven.


“Politicians have ignored the Constitution of the nation, by conducting secret deals with both the EU & the globalization agenda. This has affected court cases, as you have exposed on the Christian Financing site, as well as there being a huge impact on the people of the nation, who now live without the blessing they had been accustomed to.


“So, what has been happening in Britain is this: the god of this world has gone about his business, killing, stealing & destroying; & he does this initially by destroying the foundations. The 95 Theses of 2007 were about giving an opportunity to the nation & religious movements who had forgotten the importance of the Protestant Reformation; for ignoring these was to bring great peril to the nation & the religious movements of the nation.


“My Word in these Theses warned the people of imminent danger if they ignored the God-given heritage of the nation. The warning was given, & widely ignored, for the judgement has come, & the windows of heaven shut on a nation that has disobeyed Me.


However, in that nation has come a remnant who gives the pre-eminence to Me, to whom the windows of heaven are truly open.


“Expect great growth in thy ministry, & in other ministries like thine. These are to be exciting times for those who have not neglected Me.


“I therefore declare that thou art to lead the nation back to Me by exposing the financial corruption like you have done on the Christian Financing site; challenge the new legal processes, which as you have pointed out, have included suppressing House of Lords edicts; & remind the nation of its legal obligations in the area of finances & justice.


“No foreign power can legally influence the nation of Britain in its legal & political structures. No wonder councillors, MPs, AMs, politicians etc. all look bemused; because nothing is going right. For the windows of heaven are shut.

“My prophets have given the way forward for the windows to re-open; but this requires a deep repentance, & confession of all the secret deals behind the scenes, which My prophets are exposing anyway. Confession must come from the top of government downwards. The question needs to be asked, if the monarchy has given pre-eminence to Christ, or the new global order, this new global order having caused havoc in the ranks of the royal family.


“So there has been a period of British history where the pre-eminence of Christ has been forgotten, that has closed the door to the blessings of Abraham coming upon the nation.


“O foolish nation! The list is endless; yet it simply needs a confession & repentance from the actions of state alien to the ways of God. Thy monarch promised to keep the laws of God, propagating the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; yet she has signed laws ordering the slaughter of innocents & the lying of man with man, putting the nation on a path to destruction, with the windows of heaven well & truly shut.


“To open up the windows requires a deep repentance, & turning back to God.

“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the begotten Son of God; or are you still going to use the term ‘multi-faith Britain?’


For I am a jealous God, who has shut the windows of blessing & glory to Britain until it repents before Me.

“Until then, the windows are truly shut. I have, however, maintained a powerful remnant, that have been refined according to the principles of Malachi. They are shining before Me, walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, to whom the windows of heaven are truly open.


“What a time thou art having! The victory of Christ Jesus is thine.

“Now, for those many viewers to thy web-site from the United States of America: what I have said for Britain applies for thee too. The Mayflower Compact has all the principles of the Protestant Reformation that are in the British Constitution. You do well to read it; for what has affected Britain has affected thee.


“The time has come for this nation of America to repent before God; in the same way that Britain has been called to repent too. For years My window was open for thee; but now, well & truly shut. And look at the crises you are in! Well, there is only one way to open the windows. The example of Britain is the example of America: repent before Me, save the children, & come back to giving Christ Jesus the pre-eminence.


“As in Britain, save those babies & have marriage according to the Ephesians 5 pattern.


“Both nations have altars to Satan to remove too. I will come to that on another day, once thou hast restored the pre-eminence to Christ.


“This is the Word of the Lord, the principles of this prophecy being in line with that which was given through the prophet Malachi.”

Word from the Lord through

Rev David P Griffiths, 20/01/13



“A realisation has occurred that in society you cannot live by the principles of the world 50 years ago and the world today, because society norms have changed. The society norms of Rees Howells’ day are not the society norms of today.


“The philosophies manifesting today within society are very different than those of the grandparents of people alive today.


“A Welsh village would be very chapel-oriented, just 100 years ago, instead of being computer- and shopping- oriented, as it is today. Things shut down to honour God. This needs to be revived as a society norm.


“The devil is trying to close you down from every angle he can think of, but is frustrated with your lack of interest in society norms, which he has changed, and looks to change further.


“What you are looking to do, is reverse his changes in a modern way which will benefit the nation, improving its moral fabric, turning the nation away from laws that bring death, to laws that bring life; and because you have chosen to follow God, your society norms are different to those who have rebelled against the culture of 100 years ago.


“What is happening now is that you can prove that the nation can become more prosperous if it returns to its ancient landmark principles. Sunday can become everybody’s day of rest, with all professional football being at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, with pay-per-views being much higher than now, as all the family will be able to watch. It will be a set time for a set activity.


“Likewise on a Sunday, chapel will become the society norm again, without the distraction of worldly activity; and families will be able to rest, with all shops being closed except those of essential supplies. This will reduce the stresses and strains on society, saving a fortune to the NHS. The NHS ethos of saving life can return, so that babies, instead of being aborted, become major income earners for society, with mothers in marriage having happy babies, rather than going through a lifetime of guilt through aborting their baby.


“You see, the devil is mad at you for seeking to reverse his changes.

So, you are standing in society as a norm of the past, the devil not liking his norms of today being challenged. But all those partaking in the devil’s norms of today are going to have a norm of the future in the fires of hell; and whilst there is no opportunity for the devil to escape this, there is every opportunity to change back, and come to the Cross, where the society norms of today are passed away, and everything becomes new, as a new creation in Christ.

The devil is defeated; and if he is defeated, so are his society norms.


Word from the Lord through

Rev David P Griffiths , 14/02/13



“The time has come for a great show-down in politics, between those who stand up for Biblical morality & those who do not. Those who support & back up the slaughter of the innocents must be exposed, saith the Lord. So expect to see more exposure of sin in the political realm.


“Chris Huhne is just the beginning of the next group of politicians to be exposed; for if a man or woman supports the slaughter of a child, then that person is not suitable for political office in Great Britain. Also, those who have stolen the childhoods of so many are not suitable for political office in Great Britain.


Those who take oaths or affirmations showing loyalty to the Queen, who have not read or studied the Coronation Acts of the nation, are not worthy of political office in Great Britain.


“So expect to see more politicians being exposed of their sin; for if they cannot fulfil the basic demands of their office; if they are there as a career, or using the office as a symbol of pride, then they too will be exposed. For God is looking for empty vessels in Parliament, & I am building you up to take charge of the United Kingdom, free from European suppression & the global Antichrist.


“For thy time of preparation is such, I am preparing thee to be major figures in thy land, knowing that through the suffering you have been through, the major figures will not be thee, but be Me.


“Prepare for major positions, both in Church circles & in the political arena.

“Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! For as you have been sowing life, these politicians I have described have been sowing death; & so whatsoever a man or woman shall sow, shall reap. For to bring death to an innocent makes one a murderer before God; & that includes the politician who has apparently legalized the death of an innocent child.


“This is before I talk of the so-called redefinition of marriage, which was apparently carried in the House of Commons, making the place a Sodom & Gomorrah, awaiting judgement. For if one reads Ephesians 5, you will know what marriage is, for I speak Christ & His Church.


“For by redefining marriage, they redefine the relationship between Christ & His Church, for which I am crying ‘Blasphemy!’ on which the judgement has already come.


“Legally, you have every right to walk on Downing Street & claim the seat of power. For the politicians I have described in great sin, have betrayed the nation.


“My judgement is to come. There must be a prepared people, ready to take over. Keep preparing. Get ready. The time is short. I have been preparing you, & those in covenant with you, to take over from the prophets of Baal, & be the Elijahs to the nation.


“Be prepared.”


Word from the Lord through Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 04/05/13



“By turning away from God, these nations have turned away from constitutions that relate to the Word of God. Hence you have situations which completely do not make any sense whatsoever.


“Gone is the wisdom & direct application of law. Gone is the understanding of the Christian heritage in both nations; & because of this, there is a crying out for something that makes sense.


“Successive governments have continued to slaughter innocents in the womb, despite warning after warning through My prophets. Such prophets are treated as people to be kept in a corner, away from society, because of the damage they may do. But the damage is already done through ignoring the prophet, who continually looks for the nation to come back to God.


“Now, America has been proud of being a nation under God; but now it is a nation under many gods, particularly the god Baal; & as such, America has been enduring the consequences of strange bush-fires, the result of strange weather patterns. For as the nation stirs up its worship of Baal, so Baal comes to kill, steal & destroy. Can you not see, America, by returning to Me, your land would be safe, your shores protected, & babies saved from further slaughter in the womb?


“In Britain, a false moral philosophy is coming out from the nation which is now deciding to visit the sins of a generation changed by the 60s revolution. Are the high profile legal cases against famous people in the media & entertainment business going to include investigations of the actions of government in initially passing an act to slaughter innocents, that brought the spiritual conditions for many people to act violently against children? These actions today has to include the politicians who voted to slaughter children in the womb; for the politicians who voted to sexualize children in the schools, taking away their childhoods, & have them screaming at their pop idols. No wonder many of them fell, under a Britain that was turning from God, & like America, coming under Baal.



“Today the courts of Britain & America are not recognising the importance of placing legal cases into context. They say to you, ‘keep things brief, & don’t be long-winded,’ meaning ‘do not place what you are saying into context, for we have the letter of the law that can get you.’


“Look at the communities of Britain & America. Under the letter of the law, they are dying. The prophet always puts things into context.


“Look at the prophecies in My Word. They are all into context; yet as these legal cases of high profile people are showing, they simply say a person did something, but not the context in which they did it, which was the free sex for all teaching of the 60s, which government allowed, allowing the moral decay which we all witness today. Visiting those who fell under the moral decay of the 60s with court cases relating to the 60s, 70s & 80s has to include the context which was the nations of nations of Britain & America, from previously showing high standards in government, bowed down to the new youth culture that included immoral behaviour, rather than the teaching of the Christian heritage of both nations.


“The solution for both nations today is to repent before God, & have those who perpetrated crimes under that moral stance, repent before God today, with the monarchy in Britain leading the way in this. For we know, if a government leads in immorality, there will be huge numbers of people who follow that lead; & this prophet is warning Britain that you have not got enough prisons to continue on this investigative road that you are doing; for the truth is, so many fell into immorality; so many abused children. But today I speak to the governments of Britain & America, for if you continue to slaughter the innocents,& take the high position against the abusers of the 60s, 70s & 80s,when government itself in both nations has been the biggest abuser itself, by giving children a painful death from the womb.


“You hypocrites & whited sepulchres! The wrath upon you will be far greater than what you inflict on old men in their 80s, preparing or time in prison. For it has been government action that has brought the conditions for this to happen.



“My prophets simply call for repentance; but rather than admit your sin, you would rather isolate them as being very strange. Yet it is not them who took these nations away from God; & by doing this, they have legal structures which call long-winded the prophets who put law into context, in ignoring the constitutional demand, under Christian constitutions, to apply law with law & justice in mercy. For without this application of law, those who have become victims because of government actions will simply die under the letter of the law, when the prophets are crying out for governments to repent, so that the victims of government actions can repent too.


“For governments, I speak to you today: you have not got prisons big enough for these people. For if you are to chase the apparent sinner of the 60s, 70s & 80s without examining government first, you simply are going to go bust, under the god Baal who has trapped you into his narrow thinking of letter of the law, rather than the wide aspect understanding that the spirit giveth life, the spirit being the God of the Bible, which is completely in context & needs to be read by government every day, the Holy Spirit guiding the paths of government, rather than bowing down to the New Age philosophies of immorality, which came into being in the 1960s.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/02/15 

(This Prophecy refers to the "Celts for Christ Jesus Programme" being broadcast live from Saturday 7th. March at 2.00 p.m. UK TIME)

“The Celts for Christ Jesus Programme”“I, who am the way, the truth, & the life, will be speaking continuously to bring life to parts of Great Britain, Ireland & Brittany, to enable the Celtic nations to receive Christ Jesus as Lord & Saviour.

“Thou will be restoring the paths of apostles & prophets, who stood against the rebellion of paganism; who stood against the worship of the created, rather than the Creator; & indeed today, I speak into Wales, which as long as it has its flag that honours its pagan past, rather than godly foundations, will always be a nation reliant on others to succeed.

“The flag represents defeat. Indeed, the nation is so blinded to see that the apparent rival, England, has a flag that represents defeat of a dragon. So why should a nation want a flag of defeat, when its apparent rival has a flag of victory? Why should a nation not want representation on the Union flag, preferring to stand it out alone, & wallow in the defeat of one thrown out of Heaven because of rebellion?

A nation who has a festival wallowing in ancient Druidism, honouring a created power source, rather than the Creator of that power, will always have intrinsically in its systems the mode of defeat. For as a nation worships the created rather than the Creator, its education systems will be dramatically flawed, government will express itself through dead monuments, rather than lively projects which bring enjoyment to the people, rather than the Egyptian phallic symbols those in Wales’s leadership have longed to portray over many years.

“Along with the flag comes ancient monuments that either honour the god of this world, or symbolise the suppression of the Welsh by the English. These standing stones & castles are symbols of defeat. So when will the Celts of Wales realise that it is time for the nation to rise up behind the Christian flag of Wales that symbolises the victory of the cross; that spends no more money on the preservation of ancient monuments to honour the devil; that no more has a national Church that has altars made with hands,& no more has a national festival that honours the god of a physical deity rather than the God who gave His only begotten Son, that through Him all men can be saved.

“You see, thy television channel has a radical element that no other channel is taking up. For thou art constantly facing strongholds, in line with Jeremiah 1:10, the commission that demands that you do, to bring the condition for there to be a nation of life, rather than death.

“Through Chapel Pentecost I have called thee to re-establish the chapel movement. Oh, & how dead it has become! For this was My movement of Non-Conformist belief; of those not willing to conform to the norms of a society based on defeat rather than life. So I have set up this television channel with its passion to reach every creature, the commission of God including the pulling down of strongholds: the dragon flag, the standing stones, the acts of paganism in the National Eisteddfod, all needing to be removed for Wales to become an obedient nation under God, rather than the symbol of death it portrays in its symbol of defeat.

“The ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ programme is therefore key in the bringing of revival into Wales; & of course thou knowest that as strongholds are removed, people’s reliances must change, which is where thou cometh in to preach the Cross. For Wales must this day choose whom the nation will serve: the god of the sun, or the God who sent down His only begotten Son. ‘Which Son will you serve?’ is the message for Wales.

The sun of the standing stones, or the Son of the living stones?“As for My Every Creature Commission television channel, its people have made their choice; & as you walketh with Me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above principality & power, one through the ministry of Rees Howells have sent out a call in Wales for those who desire to bring in the reaping of the sowing of My Word, back into Wales from afar, to bring the people to the Cross, which is the return of My Non-Conformist chapel movement, separate from the vagrancies of those under the defeated flag, so Wales once more can be a land of true revival, rather than the Charismatic counterfeit it embraced at Cwmbran, it being a showpiece of the doctrine of devils.

“For there to be a true revival, there has to be a digging out of the weeds; & it isthis I have called you to do in Wales, so that one day true revival can come, & that there be those prepared to pay the price so that My power can manifest through the empty vessels prepared to put their own lives on the line to enable Celts to come to Christ Jesus.“Thus saith the Lord: Be prepared for victorious, wonderful programmes, as you give Christ Jesus the pre-eminence in the programme I have called thee to present.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 06/03/15

“Celts for Christ Jesus: the Continuation”



“Celts refer to the gathering of physical stones as being the oldest religion, & in one sense, they are right; but in the true sense, completely wrong.“You see, you can be right in one context, but completely wrong in the wider context. Indeed, the cross changed everything, & became the threat to those who gather round the physical stones. For these worshippers worship a physical entity: the sun. But the only begotten Son had descended to earth, & died for the sins of mankind on the cross. So in history, so as to placate this change, the cross was brought into the worship of Druids around the stones.


“So what you have today is a cross with a sun around it, known as the Celtic cross. All over so-called Church buildings you see this compromise cross, the cross of Baal. It is not the cross of Christ.“So you have the lifestyle of the Celt, honouring the god of the physical stones onemoment, whilst apparently accepting the cross of Christ at the same time; honouring the pagan trinity of IHS, with crosses that honour Satan rather than God.“Oh, thy programme ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ will deal with all these issues.


By bringing all of these things out, you bring the conditions for Celts to come to Christ. And what you are dealing with is syncretisation. The religion of the Canaanites has been combined with the apparent honouring of the true God.“I am not to share My throne with Satan; for this is what the Celts have actually done, & brought a massive curse upon their lands, of negativity rather than progression.“I remember the days of Columba on Iona, that island today being a dead monument, honouring Satan & witchcraft rather than the apostolic achievements that I brought about through this apostle of God.


“The syncretised Celts look to bring about monuments of dead stones, rather than living stones of the true gospel. The live it in everyday life. They erect obelisks honouring the gods of Egypt, placing death over whole areas, areas that become known for suicides rather than lively young people.


You have seen the oppression increase in Llandudno, a town of obelisks, stones & domes honouring Satan rather than God.“They look to make a monument out of the pier in Colwyn Bay; a monument of dead columns, rather than have a living expression of Victoriana.“They want to build a monument of commemoration to Madoc, rather than have a living playground for children, who would learn a living story, rather than have to stand quietly by a monument.“This obsession with monuments comes from this syncretisation of the apparent religion of Christ, & standing stones, monuments, domes to the devil.“Yet they argue that the religion of standing, physical stones came first. In the true context, this is a lie of the devil.


For by Me were all things created, including the sun which they worship. So, if Icreated the sun, how could their religion come first? For I remember Satan being cast out of Heaven. It was at that point the religion of the stones took place. For following had cone the sin of Adam. It was at that point on earth the religion of the stones began.“But I am everlasting to everlasting, the Alpha & Omega. Sonothing took place before Me. So, to the Celts you can proclaim that I am the Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end, for by Me were all things created. So to say that the honour of the sun is the first, is a lie of the devil.


“And yes, the cross came later; but I, Christ, have always been in existence, I being the fullness of the Old Testament And so to proclaim Christ Jesus to the Celts is to proclaim the One to be worshipped, rather than the created of the Most High God.


“You see, what you have begun with ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ is a programme of the Spirit to break down the bondages of Satan, to being the conditions for men, women & children to receive Christ Jesus as Lord  & Saviour.”

Word from the Lord through DPG. 22/02/12



“The nation is under judgement; its banks are under judgement; & what is known as My Church is under judgement.


“I am bringing My remnant together to stand against (in My Name) the infiltrations in government, banking, & what is known as My Church; yet not My Church, for syncretisation removes the covering of God.

“As regards to the nation; seven plagues have already begun:-


“Plague (1): the fish in the sea.

“This is in My Word. When a nation turns from Me, so shall it lose its fish. Repent! Have a booming fishing industry, from places where My Word is preached; where there is a consciousness of My presence. Through national repentance will come an invigorated fishing industry. Without the illegal restrictions of foreign powers, they will fish in abundant fishing grounds. This will benefit islands, as well as mainland ports.


“Also, the waters around thy shores are contaminated, repentance bringing a cleansing to the sea.


“Plague number (2):


“There is to be a drought in thy land. \they make excuses why there is a drought, instil hose-pipe bans, & talk of shortage. Shortage is because of sin. Abundance comes through holy living.


“What you have had within the water industry has been those who have the love of money, run it so it has become an industry, rather than a resource of God.


Water is a God-given resource, as a blessing to the people. It is not a product that can be sold commercially. It is there for the people, to bless the people, to have an abundance in thy land, with water charges being on a non-profit basis.

“Previous generations understood this: & whilst I am in favour of industry, I am against excessive industry; & commercializing water, the resource of God, has been an abomination to Me.


“And so, despite of all the proclaimings of water companies, & all the apparent great work they have done, they still present the people with drought, & hose-pipe bans. This is contrary to My will.


“So, plague number (2) is drought; & associated with this plague is, of course, famine; for famine follows drought, & whilst technology will relieve the effect of famine for a while, I am warning you, this is only for a while; for within the equation of the plague of drought, comes the follow-on of famine, as well as the next plague.


“The next plague is disease & blemish in farm animals. They have pumped farm animals with substances, looked to boost food production, have brought together a food chain, boosting the size of animals unnaturally, added unnatural additives to all kinds of foods in the nation, that has affected the health of the nation. Battery hens are an abomination to Me. Chickens were created to run naturally. Crops were designed to grow naturally. And so, on food production, there is a plague, not only affecting the health of farm animals, but the nation as a whole.


“Again, this has all been done for the love of money.


“And as you place these warnings on your Christian Financing website, you are to witness how the nation’s turning against God. They will say, you are abusing your Charity status. You will say, you are simply doing what the monarch promised to do; who promised to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; a Protestant holding the keys of being the state religion, with state charity status. And if the monarch has given rights to the Protestant clergy of the realm, to keep the nation on track with her promise, then you are the ones with the keys; not the keys of the system, who have transgressed against me, with their love-of-money policies, rather than having the heart to save the people.


“Following on from this plague, will be the continuation of strange epidemics, sicknesses, blemishes, amongst the people.


“But let Me say to MY remnant who is obeying Me: Fear not of the poison you eat; fear not of the contaminations. Just as I saved the Israelites from Pharaoh & the plague; just as I saw the physical blood upon the houses of My people, so today, I see the blood covering of Jesus. It shall not come nigh thee.


“Plague number (4): Wars & Rumours of Wars:”


“Behold, I say unto thee, the Babylonian crisis has held thy nation in bondage for some time. There is rumour of war in the South Atlantic. There is rumour of war with Persia; & the Plague (4) is that under this threat of world-wide turmoil, including the threat of world-wide conflagration, thy nation has had to reduce its military resources. So it makes sense to replace these natural resources with the ability of God. How else can thy nation face oppressors; which today have a spiritual root to them, rather than a natural one.


“You face oppressors who believe they go to paradise, by killing thee. This is a spiritual phenomenon. And because thy nation has not upheld  its covenant with Me, its security services, who have tried to counteract spiritual phenomena with now limited natural resources, are in a quandary over what to do.


“You know what to do: you call the nation to its knees before Me. You state, There is a national religion established by law. And so, to God, the nation repents; a nation which is now divided, becomes a nation now united in Christ Jesus, able to resist any global threat.


“For without this repentance, thy oppressors will have the upper hand, making thy nation slaves to other gods.


“Hear the warnings of the prophet, who brought down the judgement at Boscastle, for the sin of blasphemy against My Word.


“How much more does the nation blaspheme Me, by giving preference to natural knowledge , over the sacred oath of thy monarch.


“Plague number (5):

“You are already witnessing this plague manifest; that is, the inability to keep up with the demands of the modern era. This is the plague of frustration.Children are frustrated, when they cannot have the latest piece of technology. Even young children, instead of having the simplicity of past generations, enter the rat-race to have this, & have that.


“So, even from the youngest child, up to the struggling pensioner, there is frustration in thy land. To solve frustration, social unrest occurs. You have already seen demonstrations outside thy cathedrals. You have already seen violence & discontent on the streets; & this plague will continue, saith the Lord, & intensify, saith the Lord, until the nation understand the significance of giving Christ the pre-eminence.


“Again, the nation has limited resources to cope with this unrest. There is only one solution: His name is Jesus.


“Plague number (6):this is the runs of Antichrist.

“With no anointing, there is no hope. Where there is no hope, there are depressions, & mental illnesses on a scale that has never been seen before in thy nation.


“The surgeries are full of those with stress-related conditions. Depressions are at their highest; for within Antichrist comes Ichabod. A once glorious nation has become inglorious. A nation with momentum has become a nation without hope. Depression is a plague; & how much depression is there! The nation needs to be on its knees before God.


“Plague number (7): the Neglect of My Word.


“Because thou hast failed to teach the new generations with My Word; because thou hast taught theory, rather than the truth of My Word, so shall the plague of illiteracy come upon thy people. For if thy people become ignorant of the Creation story, they become ignorant of everything. This results in lack of production; inability to get skills; & huge depression.


“So thy nation must be on its knees before God, return to the monarch-authorized Bible, & believe the Word, over the imaginations of scientists obsessed with theory, rather than the truth of My Word.


“These are the plagues upon this nation. Thou hast heard the Word of the Lord. Warn thy nation to take heed; for successive governments have taken thy nation on the path to destruction, rather than honour the God of thy Constitutional Acts.


“These plagues are upon thy nation. Invite the leaders of thy nation to ‘phone thee, not to discuss these plagues, but to repent before My prophet, who is there to lead these leaders to the Lord Jesus, repentance to Him bringing a removal of the plagues, during a prolonged period of national mourning, the nation having to grasp the understandings given on My Sermon on the Mount.


“That is the seven plagues to the nation.


“I now deal with the abominations that have come from the City of London. This is a word to the banking, & associated political activities, that comes around the looking after of thy nation’s money.


“Around the City of London you have built buildings that are an abomination to Me. My prophet has been called to stand before thy strong man; & even though you have been found out in your dealings with the people, you congratulate yourself with bonuses, rather than cover yourself with sackcloth & ashes, as a sign of your repentance towards the people.


“You have become the Pharaoh to the people, holding back the resources required to run business in the nation, to protect your interests, rather than the interests of the people.


“These are the sins I have against thee. My prophet is standing up before you, listing the sins of thy community:-


“(1) You laugh & pour scorn on the prophets. In this, you think through the grandeur of your buildings, you have it all.


“The wind of My Spirit is touching thy nation, & you are an abomination to Me. Just as the Egyptians built buildings of grandeur, you hold the people under suppression. The small businessman looks for the next penny; & you have built your buildings of grandeur & strength. You are under a curse, saith the Lord; & just as Egypt has plagues to deal with, so you have to deal with the plagues upon the nation, which you cannot do without God.


“(2) You charge excessive interest & charges to the people. This is listed as a sin in My Word. By charging excessive interest, you hold the people in bondage. You take them to court, bankrupt people; remove their livelihoods, because ofyour greed in charging excessive interest.


“My prophet speaks the judgement against you now.


“(3) The playing with people’s pension funds & investments: you are no greater than the bookie’s runner of the old St Trinians films. You are a joke before Me. You gambled the nation’s resources for your own gain. You are nothing more than bookie’s runners. You are a disgrace & abomination before the nation. Yet, have you repented? Nay. Found guilty, but living off the fat of the land.

“But these days are over, saith the Lord.


“(4) Your behind-the-scenes liaison with government: the nation knows it. You have had protests outside the cathedrals; & while I am not against capitalism to benefit the people, it is excessive capitalism that suppresses the people I am against. There is such a thing as ethical business. My prophet is available to teach it to the nation; & whilst you have lived in your palaces of grandeur, built on the profits of hard-working business people, you must prepare for an eternity in the hell fire, unless like Zacchaeus, you repent before God, & make good your excesses with the people.


“Then the Saviour can come & sup with thee. For you have become the tax-collectors of old. My prophet has done great work in listing thy transgressions; many words exposing the many breakages of the Constitution of thy nation. Yet you have chosen to pour scorn on these ancient Acts of history, one of you even calling these Acts archaic. Yet they are the ancient landmark on which thy nation has been built.


“Point (6): look around you. Why was your nation called “Great Britain”? Because of the cleverness of bankers, or because of the provision of God?

“You have failed to acknowledge the landmark, & must now pay the consequences.


“Number (7): My prophet has discovered your Antichrist. Your operations are based in a very significant part of London, steeped in history. And as we come to the points relating to the false church, you have seen the dome of St Paul’s as one of your own buildings, this dome housing the spirits which run thy operations; spirits that bring destruction rather than life.


“The building of God is no physical temple; the building of God is the body of Christ. It is this body you face today, the prophet calling down the judgement of God upon thy community.


“And now, My Word to the false church. This is My Word in relation to the financing of the false church; My Word in relation to on-going operations will come later, but at this stage I am drawing the attention to the nation of your corruption in financing.


“My prophet has shown that he is prepared to give his all; give all his personal wealth into the running of My ministry. But look at you: you have made church into an industry, rather than a ministry. You are the modern-day whited sepulchres of Pharisaism.

“God is not mocked. You have not given heed to the landmark religion of the nation. You have gone after other gods, & have made My Church into an industry, to please people rather than God.


“I give to you My Theses of 2007. Act upon them now. Remove the ecumenical, syncretized religion of Papacy, & return to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.


“My prophet will continue to bind the spirits behind thine altars. He is to teach on the coming together around the Table of the Lord, as one body in Christ, the royal priesthood of believers, whose five-fold ministry have simple clerical wear, rather than the finery of a religion with its links to the City of London, the national Church of England needing to be fully reformed, the first step being to remove the holy places made with hands, this step coming after repentance before Me.


“Now, a Word to movements which have come away from their original call. By removing the landmark of thy movements, thou hast removed the foundations; & the wind & the rain is blowing.


“So this is My Word this day, to the nation, the banking community, & what is known as My Church. I am not mocked. My judgement is come.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 04/04/12



“This is a very serious scenario for a nation. You will know this from My Word; when Israel turned away from Me, it became captive to another. It ceased to prosper, & sickness, disease & infirmity was evident amongst its people.


“What has changed? Nothing has changed, the answer. A nation turning away from God will fail to prosper, & cope with the plagues put upon it.


“The prophet will cry aloud, & spare not, & point out the error of the people.

“In Britain’s case, the failure to obey God has been there a very long time. The failure to heed My command not to swear, & build altars made with hands, are two elements of the Protestant Reformation you must put right in relation to Britain. There needs to be affirmations in the courts, Parliament, & in the Constitutional Acts; in other words, the Queen will affirm that her yes is yes, & her no is no; & all Anglican altars must be removed, physically & spiritually.


“Also, this nonsense of placating God by closing shops on Easter Sunday. Placating God does not work. Complete obedience to God is what is demanded; & the removal of prayer from Council chambers of the land is an abomination towards Me.


“The prophet is issuing this warning, to heed this word, Nation of Britain. Repent now, or face the consequences. Not only repent, but remove the altars of stone, & I shall heal thy land. Living under the regulations of Europe is an abomination to Me; for I have made thee a Christian land. A Christian land is one where God is in His pre-eminent position; a land in which the monarch & its government waits on every word from God.


“Where does that leave Britain? A bankrupt force, unable to manage its own affairs; a nation bankrupt before Me.


“And you, My prophet, have warned about these for a number of years; & not even those of Church have taken heed of My prophetic warning.


“Political party after political party have forgotten Me, & they sit in their poverty, wondering what to do. My prophet declares the solution.


“So, as you take charge in your nation, I have given thee the rod of authority, O prophet, to lead the followers of Christ into a Promised Land situation.


“I am sending you people, saith the Lord, so you can stand as a remnant against the errors of the people. This is so important. The word is Repent, & turn away from the altars. Affirm faith in Christ; & be not disheartened nor dismayed; for Psalm 91 applies to My remnant. Make the stand you need to make. Proclaim the error of the nation’s ways.


“As you stand for government position, do not compromise. Simply say out My Word. Be prepared for great miracles.


“And so, as you make your stand, you must lead those of the remnant into Promised Land living. It is Jesus who is Lord; & it is His Name you shall proclaim. This nation is called to be a nation under God, not foreign power.

“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; for I have called you into position to call this nation to be on its knees before God.


“In your position of government, immediately stop the slaughter of the innocents. To take away a child’s life is an abomination towards Me.

“There must be no re-definition of marriage.


“There is gross sin in thy nation, & I will give word of the corruption going on behind the scenes in Government, & in the national Church.

“I have called thee to be My prophets to the nation, to express the error of their ways, only repentance to God being sufficient for thy nation to prosper, & be made well again.


“Constantly warn the nation of its errors. This is the great day for the prophet; for he shall be as Moses was before the Egyptian army. For he took out a great governmental force.


“As you proclaim My Word, you are opening up opportunity for individuals to receive Christ, & be protected from the plagues of the nation. Your word is a serious word, for it will preside over downfall of government after government, unless thy nation repents before Me.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/04/12




“With droughts & famines come prophets; for in My Name, prophets can even control the weather. For I have given them the rod of authority.


“They can even control the positioning of the sea; & thou hast warned the nation of drought & famine, if it continues to turn from Me. For, if the nation continues to remove the on-going seed in the mother’s womb, & blaspheme against God for re-defining marriage, then the nation shall see the seed removed from the ground; for without water, how can the seed grow?


“Now, the Government is grand, with all its international contacts, & can bring food in from other countries. The Government has its emergency plan.

“But I say to Government: by having faith in Me, you need no emergency plan. You have sinned abominably against God, & so must now pay the consequences as a nation.


“My prophet is here to lead you out of the mire; but he has only got My Word to do this, once you have called National Days of Repentance, re-established the nation’s Constitution, & saved the lives of children in wombs; & understood the very simple point of the Ephesians 5 passage; for, Great Britain, you are in bigtrouble.


“You refused the theses of God; you attack & persecute the remnant Church; & you need to understand, by breaking the Constitution of God which you have in your nation, you are breaking the ability of your nation to grow.


“Now, My prophet is to have meetings to teach the Constitution. I warn you not to ignore these meetings. For as you come towards the Diamond Jubilee of thy monarch, My prophet is to explain exactly what she promised, & expose what has come in opposite to the promise.


“The consequences of breaking an oath to God are there for all to see in My Word. You politicians look for your sound-bites. Well, you have one today: it is drought & famine. You dare go around looking for votes, from a population that are disheartened, when you should be wearing sack-cloth & ashes.


“Our prophet warns you to repent before the people. My prophet, with his rod of authority, can take the Christian to a place of provision. But the so-called “Church” has abandoned My prophet, & so must bear the consequences with the rest of the nation.


“Thus saith the Lord: take note of My prophet. Now, do not be silly & say, ‘prophets are finished.’ They are the foundations of a Church. What can stand without foundations?


“So, Great Britain, you have your way out. Great Britain is to be the land of famine & drought, unless it comes back to Me. And how does it come back to Me? After repentance, you leave the seed in the womb, & you allow the population to increase, by having marriage between a man & a woman.

“You have been warned.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/04/12



“You failed to heed the warnings of My prophet, who stood in thy Parliament & warned of rivers of blood.


“You failed to heed the warnings of My prophet on earth today, who warned of repressing thy Constitution, to allow for multi-culturalism, multi-faith, & the abomination of bringing together the prophets of Baal with evangelical Christianity. This mix will bring blood to the streets.


“In Australia, to counteract this unsettlement, they laid on the line the Christian heritage of the nation; that all cultures are welcome, on condition they give heed to the Christian heritage of the nation. So it should be in Britain.


“My prophet has issued warning after warning to the nation. He is not racist, as God is not racist. God is no respecter of persons. But what God is saying is this: everybody living in Great Britain must give heed to the Constitutional Acts if the nation, else be convicted of high treason. For these acts relate to the promise of a monarch to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.

“Now, the warning is clear. My prophet will be informing the nation of what the Queen promised to Me. By giving heed to the promise, the nation receives a protection from God. I refer the nation to Deuteronomy 28, of the blessings & curses.


“Now, this dead religious form of Christianity will not stand; & those being called to join you, must be prepared to give their all, & hold nothing back.


“And so, this calling of God which thou hast, is to stir up the old paths; to have a nation once more under God, so as to move thy nation forward

it has to be on the old foundation.


“For the tensions between the different cultures, all having agendas of their own, is going to spill out on to the streets. You will see extremists on all sides; & as you have witnessed, thy nation has even given its law-making powers to the Babylonian controls of Europe, that one cannot even deport an extremist when one wants to.


“But this is only one extremist. There are many on all sides of the cultural platforms, which are building up into violent extremist organizations throughout thy nation.


“This prophet of God is saying this: unless the monarch enforces the Christian heritage, as indeed the Australian government did, then thy nation will collapse, into civil war between the many cultural groups, who will develop violent extremists of their own; that what was witnessed in Norway will become a violent threat in Britain.


“Now, the prophet of God speaking now, is giving the solution. God is no respecter of persons; but anyone living in Great Britain who fails to give heed to the Constitutional Acts of the nation, is in fact guilty of high treason, & a stirrer of racial hatred. For the nation will have failed to enforce that whoever comes to live in Britain must give heed to its Constitution, which is the stability of the nation.


“Now, My prophet has spoken in love. My prophet enjoys portraying the love of Christ Jesus, into all cultural backgrounds. He embraces the principle of the parable of the Good Samaritan. He is a peacemaker, but not a compromised when it comes to the Constitution of the nation, which all must adhere to.

“By failing to teach the nation its Constitution, has resulted in a nation not at peace with itself. The pantomime of the mayoral election in London needs to be replaced by candidates who fully embrace the Constitution of the nation. For, without a Constitution, a nation will fall; & extremists will take their hold, & bring violence to the streets, which has already been witnessed.

“And this prophet’s warning to the nation, that failing to give heed to the Constitution will bring the rivers of blood My prophet in Parliament warned about years ago.


“This prophet, who was ostracized for being racist, was simply giving the warning of God, who is no respecter of persons.


“What the Parliamentary prophet warned about, is now happening; & the prophet I am speaking through now, is warning likewise, with the solution of portraying the Queen’s promise to the nation.


“Now, this prophecy is to go on the Christian Financing site; for failing to give heed to the nation’s Constitution obviously bring financial ruin to that nation, the principle of what I am saying today being in Deuteronomy 28.


“Now, My prophet enjoys talking to Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu people, etc. & shares the gospel. There is love in this message today. For men have a free choice of which god to follow; but only one religion has the Cross of Calvary.

“For all men must come, of whatever background or race, to receive the eternal salvation that is available to all, through the shedding of the Saviour’s blood.


“Now is the nation going to have its people, of whatever race or background, washed on the blood of the Lamb, or is the nation going to lay itself wide open to the John 10:10 warning, of a counterfeit “god” of this world, who comes to kill, steal, & destroy?


“For it is that god that will manifest in Britain, unless the nation comes back to the Saviour portrayed in the Coronation Service of 1953.


“That is My warning; a warning which needs to be understood clearly.

“Do not accuse My prophet of being racist, as you accused My Parliamentary prophet. For My prophet loves the people so much, of whatever race or background; but warns that they must give heed to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, else be guilty of high treason.


“For coming against these Acts, is coming against the promise of the monarch to Almighty God, the nation needing to realise that what was promised on Coronation Day, God keeps the nation to.


“Thus saith the Lord: this is a warning from the throne-room of God. Give heed,or pay the consequences of the one who will come to kill, steal & destroy (John 10:10).”





“They turn to the scientists rather than to the Word of God. The scientists can come out with many complex explanations, which usually result in further application of law against the people. Psalm 91 gives a better explanation, for if thy nation had kept to its Constitution, then the consequences of sin in the world would not have come nigh thy country. Instead, thy country prefers to rely on the scientists, and must now pay the price for that.


“Deuteronomy 28 gives a better explanation. For the scientist places blame on the way people travel rather than the way they behave. It is sin that brings the curse, rather than a ride in a motor vehicle, or a flight to a far-off place. The issue of sin & corruption is the issue that government needs to address, rather than everyday human behaviour.


“Moving from the philosophy of increase to decrease has brought about the present conditions for plague & pestilence to touch thy land. Thou art right to grow thine own vegetables in the circumstances you find yourselves in. For thou art coming in to a time of major pestilences upon thy land (that is, the land under government control). For thy government has sinned against Me, saith the Lord, for by Me were all things created. For I called for man to join with woman in marriage – that is, in covenant, a union of increase rather than decrease; & thy nation must face the consequences of breaking its own Constitution to allow the lusts of sinful man to take a hold.


“Bringing in laws to appease the Green movement is not the solution to these pestilences & plagues. Not even a National Day of Prayer is the solution; only National Days of Repentance before Almighty God, to whom thy monarch swore allegiance to keep the laws of God.


“Thy monarch is to keep a separation between Christendom & My true Church: that is, those of My body; & to bring persecution upon My body is one of serious crime before God.


“My remnant, according to the British Constitutional Acts, has to be protected. Neglecting those obligations in favour of global law, is one of serious crime before God; & whilst those under rebellious government law come under the plagues & pestilences which are placed upon the land, it shall not come upon My remnant who uphold My law. The consequences of sin are there for all to see. Putting trust in the scientists is not the answer; only repentance before God.

“Thou art to preach the cross; for individuals can seek refuge in Almighty God. The latter rain revival is to bring in all manner of souls into the kingdom. There will be dissatisfaction among the people over scientific explanations. Thou hast the answer. Thou hast the solution. This comes in only one name: the fullness of the Godhead bodily.


“They walk in the paths of Christendom; thou walketh in the paths of Almighty God, completely protected from the plague. The humanistic spirit trusts in man’s explanations, whereas thou knoweth thou art in union with the Lord.


“So rejoice & be glad, for the conditions have come for a mighty harvest of souls. This is why you work so hard: to bring life to thy nation, rather than the death of ungodly union.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 30/08/14

“Honour My Oath”


“Now, you have proclaimed yourselves to be a Protestant Reformed nation. Indeed, the oath given in 1953 declared that the Protestant Reformed religion is established by law, meaning that unless you as a nation expand on that statement, then you are in breach of your own law.


“Now, as this is an oath to God, it is I you as a nation face in relation to the keeping of that oath. Now, what have you as a nation done to increase the Protestant Reformed religion established by law? Now, by increasing the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, you are in covenant with God. By being in covenant with God, the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 apply.


However, by not acting upon the oath, the curse of Babylon will be upon thee.

“How many warnings have My prophets got to give? My first priority is to save the babies from slaughter. You continue this mass slaughter. Whatever a man shall sow, so shall a man reap. Thy Prime Minister himself admits that Babylon is on the rise; so why not do something about it? Admit thy obligations to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, have national days of repentance, & tell all those in so-called ‘multi-cultural Britain’ that there is only one religion established by law, & this is so established that your nation’s life depends on it.


“Now, this Constitution allows for freedom of choice in the nation. What it does not allow for is for Queen & government to blatantly ignore & not keep to the oath of thy monarch. It does not allow for this.


“My prophets will require the freedom to proclaim My warnings, & are being protected from years in bondage which thy nation is already in. Thou hast broken My oath. You admit yourselves the rise of Babylon. What happened to Israel when she broke My oath? And your Coronation Service has references to the coronations of Israel. Yet you blatantly deny My oath, & place yourselves right into the hands of Babylon.


“Why can you not see it? It is so obvious. The protection of God depends onobedience. It is so obvious. You slaughter the innocents & you reap the same upon thy people. Why can you not see it? The plagues are all around you. What is on your news bulletins just now? Babylon & plague. Yet you do not see it. It is there before you!


“What is the solution? The solution is for the monarch, the Prime Minister, to stand up & say, ‘We as a nation have sinned against God.’ You say, ‘We have slaughtered the innocents. We have promoted immoral practices in our schools. We have allowed for the matrimony of decrease rather than increase. We have denied the one way to God, thus denying the Cross & all that the Cross means.

“There is only one Saviour; yet you proclaim yourselves to be multi-cultural, multi-faith. Yet there is only one Saviour, who went to the Cross.


“And so I call, through My prophet, for there to be a statement before the people that we have sinned against God. We have sown death rather than life; & we require the blessings of God rather than that which Babylon has to offer us.

“Now, My prophet of the 95 Theses is available, as Daniel was available, to be called up before government to explain the requirement of God. He will go into great detail of what God requires; but the first stage is that simple statement, ‘We have sinned against God.’ There requires there to be a re-establishment of the Settlement of the first Elizabeth. All of that needs to be put into place in practical application. The Act of Settlement needs to be re-affirmed, & all links to Romanism cut off.


“For what is the Protestant Reformation religion but to cut off links with Romanism & all its Egyptian bondage? My people struggle with their rules, regulations, policies & procedures. What is that but Egyptian slavery? It requires a repentance.


“My prophet is here to go through what is required in re-establishing the Elizabethan Settlement; but thy leaders are responsible to start the process off. ‘We have sinned against God. We repent before the people, & declare before You that we will honour the oath of our monarch, & all the Constitutional Acts around that oath – yes, all of them!’ My prophet has studied them, & is available to assist in placing all those demands in practical application. By giving him a seat in the House of Lords, he can sit with the bishops, to insist that they too are upholding the Constitutional Acts of the nation. Unless everypeer can affirm these Acts, they are indeed no member of the House of Lords, for that is their duty, to affirm the oath of the monarch.


“So the forthcoming election, with its promises based on economic prosperity, are as nothing, for My oath has been broken. If you honour what thou hast promised to Me, then all the blessings of Abraham shall come upon thy nation, on condition you re-affirm My oath & re-establish the Settlement of the first Elizabeth before the people, without fear of the reaction of minority groups who look to affirm the liberalism of acts against God, which you are now even teaching thy children to honour, rather than the oath of the monarch before Almighty God.


“Well, I leave it with you. My prophet is available, but can do nothing till the monarch & Prime Minister declare, ‘We have sinned against God.’ There is no point of him even speaking to you until thou hast made that statement. Then My prophet can go through all the demands of the Constitutional Acts. He loves it. He lives by them, because they are life rather than death.


“You will regret not keeping My demands; for by your own admission, Babylon is rising. How do you defeat Babylon? Simply honour that which you have promised to Me.


“Thy monarch & Prime Minister need to humble themselves before God & say, ‘We have sinned against you.’ This is My decree this day, My prophet’s Theses are before you. You have ignored them, as have the denominations to which they were sent. My prophet wakes up night after night with these prophetic utterances. His wife writes them down. They get put on the internet. Yet you ignore them.


“This time I cry out to you: ‘Ignore not the cry of My prophet, & the prophets all around the world.’ For if you look at My Word, My apostles & prophets are the foundations; the foundations of My Church, of which I am the Head of the corner, the chief cornerstone of what is My body, of which the gates of hell cannot prevail.


“Oh Great Britain, thou hast sinned against Me. The time is now to repent, & save the innocents from continued slaughter. For that is the abomination I face each day, of breaking your promise before God to bring life rather than death, that is, the death of sweet, innocent children; that is, the death of no childrenwithin marriage; & that is, the death of disobeying the oath of the monarch, that has placed thy nation under the hands of a foreign power, that is implemented over-regulation, the consequent stress, & the consequent strain on thy Health Service, for continuously it deals with those coming under the strain of over-regulation rather than the freedom the Protestant Reformed religion gives.


“Scotland had John Knox to ensure this freedom, its monarch betraying the freedom of the Protestant Reformed religion. I say to you, Repent now. Keep thy United Kingdom together, as a kingdom of one faith, its righteousness being in God, rather than the multi-faith culture which thou hast embraced.

“Thy monarch promised to uphold this. Thy covenant with America is included in this, that the threat of bondage in Britain is also the same threat on USA, because of the covenant between two nations.


“So this obligation is for the President to hear, as well as the monarch & Prime Minister of Great Britain.”



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/04/15
“There is Nobody to Champion My Cause”

“It is for My ministers, My prophets, those of the House of Lords, to champion & uphold My cause. For to remove the House of Lords’ role is to remove those who have responsibility to uphold the Protestant Constitution of thy nation.“Now, this prophecy deals with the Constitutional foundations of the nation; deals with the Coronation Oath to God; the Elizabethan Settlement, & all the Constitutional Acts around the monarch.

Also, it deals ethically, ethics being important because of its emphasis on life & not death, the majority of the political parties looking to uphold death & not life, as regards to the child in the womb, which took noplace in the politicians’ debate - & this is number one on My agenda.

“However, I want to deal with the Constitutional side first, simply because this Constitution to which I refer, willsave the child in the womb, will also saveyou, as they gather around you at this time to destroy you, because of thy stand for the Protestant heritage of thy nation, & the financial commitment you, thy trustees, & member, have put into it.

“There seems to be no place in a politicians’ debating chamber for the truth of God’s Word. Yet what did the monarch, who remains Head of State through it all, swear in 1953? Surely each party, as in government they have to affirm loyalty to the monarch, should say something of their responsibility towards the monarch’s oath? This protects the nation from the letter of the law infiltrations of foreign powers. It protects the legal system from oppressing those whoupholdthe monarch’s oath. 

For at this time, those upholding the oath are being isolated, marginalised, & kept down from speaking out the will of God, which is an embarrassment to all those upholding foreign agendas.“Scotland is surging under an apparent nationalist agenda; yet it is a nationalism passionately desiring to live under a foreign power, Scotland apparently choosing a lowly position in the European Union rather than a primary position in the United Kingdom.“Where is My Protestant voice from Scotland?

Who is contending in the seats of government, like My prophet who took on the Romanist order, who took on the Scottish monarch looking to place the nation under papal power;& today has arisen anew Mary, Queen of Scots, who charms the people toaccept the stars of Mary; toreject the Protestant Constitution, & abolish the House of Lords.

“Who is to be the prophet of Scotland, to restore the nation back to its Protestant roots? Who is to enliven the Celts to realise that the paganism of this present order isnot of God,not of the Celtic saints, but of the infiltration that is dominating the now divided, rather than United, Kingdom.“Nothing is being said along these lines.

The voice of God& the heritage of Great Britain is being ignored; & those who uphold this heritage are being held back by modern-day letter-of-the-law procedures, policies & regulations that are holdingallthe people in the chains of the Pharaohs of a foreign power.

“We then heard the voice of a Green movement intent on preaching their doctrine of lack. ‘The world can’t sustain its people,’ it declares. Where isthat in My Word? ‘We need to place evenmore regulation on the people, for the world can’t sustain itself.’ Where isthat in My Word?

“The movement emphasises that which changes, like climate, rather than the One whonever changes, whose stability is the Rock on which the world can grow, &adequately feed its people in abundance, should the message of My Word come across to the people.“But was this Word given in the politicians’ debate? We heard from Wales of a party not of Lewis Valentine, the Baptist minister of the North, but of another agenda, agenda akin to the Druidic past rather than the Christian present; of a nation in defeat, rather than a nation taking a primary position in the UK; which Scotland is doing, except it is doing this with the wrong agenda, toremove the Constitution rather than embrace it.“Those embracing the independence message mention not the Christian heritage, but are of a mixture of different philosophies, we knowing that a kingdom divided cannot stand.

“Yet, it be a party determined to take the country out of the European oppression, & in that & that alone, it has My support. But where does it stand on ethics? It fears to raise the subject of morality, for fear of losing its support from its divided philosophers.

“We fail too to hear the Non-Conformist cries of Lloyd George in the present-day Liberal Party, a far cry from the talks on the beach with Churchill, to uphold the Constitution of Great Britain. Where isthat with the present-day Liberals, who want to sell out the nation to the idols of Brussels, whose icons are clear to see?

“And so, we come to what are known as the two main parties. Will they protect the prophets of God in upholding the Constitution of the nation? Will they uphold the monarch’s oath? Will they uphold the Union flag with gusto, showing that a nation under God will prosper, & recognise that the prayers in Parliament are not to be of vain repetition, but to be a time of hearing from God, & beingobedientto God?

Which main party leaders are saying, ‘I will get on my knees, hear from God, & obey His Word’? Who is to do this? My main hope therefore in the Parliamentary debate, was to hear from those upholding the Protestant Constitution of the nation; & the one party who would have done this, was not allowed to attend, whose voice was suppressed, yet it represents the votes ofsomanypeople, the Irish voice being ignored.

“What kind of debate was it that suppresses the voice of My Constitution? The answer is, the voice of sand. For facing Britain is the rise of Babylon, just as in Old Testament times, the Coronation Service of Great Britain based on the coronation of the kings of Israel. And so, to see what is happening in these days, one only has to turn to the pages of My Word, to see what happened to My Old Testament prophets, as they cried out for their nation;& thy ministry has become the prophetic voice shouting in the wilderness, they gathering around at this time to gag thee evenmore; to place thee in chains, as Paul & Silas; for the voice of the Lord willneverbe suppressed.

For there is coming a time of such judgement on Great Britain that it is only the voice through the prophet who can return the nation back to the stability of its Constitution. “For it is thisProtestantvoice that has given the liberty of choice to the people, but has clearly shown there to be only one Saviour, the Saviour whoislife, health & peace. Isn’tthat what the nation needs – life, health & peace, rather than being placed under the slavery of foreign powers? Where wasthatvoice in the politicians’ debate?”  

Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/09/14

 “The Philosophies of Men (yet not men), No Longer under the Schoolmaster, & 

The Money-Changers in the Temple”


“Now, this is what I tell you about the Emerging Church. It is pulling itself apart with division. It has its philosophies, keeping its form of order. It has its schoolmasters, that is, its pastors, keeping the people suppressed & under the system, their freedom only being allowed when devilish spirits are allowed to take over meetings.


“Then there is the control of the money-changers in the Temple; that is, their publishing & media operations, which are there to bring profits to shareholders & companies rather than to be there for the Every Creature Commission. It is clear to see the move of money is the root of all evil; & this is the motivation behind these publishing companies.


“The Emerging Church is based on the sin of rebellion, which is witchcraft. You have studied what happened at Fuller, the Assemblies of God & Apostolics, & have witnessed what happened at Elim, & know the whole story of ICA, Kansas City Prophets, Toronto, Lakeland - & all this has brought destruction rather than life.

“Those who have been under all of this are now afraid to go to ‘Church;’ afraid to be involved with Christians; & many have died through this ministry of Satan rather than of God.


“Locally, you have warned people not to be involved with charismatic groups. Globally, on the internet, you have shown where they have come from, how they operate, & have been in God’s favour in your quest to save those under this destructive spirit.


“There are so many out there that will not go near any fellowship now, because of the corruption they have witnessed.


“And you have been standing almost alone, exposing this now for many years. In one context, thou hast built an Ark, with a hand out for those who have suffered in this mishmash of witchcraft & commercialism. Yet the leaders of these movements stand firm. They have so many people under their control, taking the chains off at meetings so they can wallow in the manifestation of devils. The Vanity Fair exposed by the prophet is all around you. Yet thou hast chosen to follow Me. Thou hast chosen to lay down thy earthly goods before Me.


“All around you is this commercialism; pastors with their pensions & secure jobs, in the context of this mishmash of schoolmasters’ control, philosophy & blatant commercialism.


“Let Me tell you, it is pulling itself apart. In this context, you see the government of the UK pulling itself apart, for a grass-roots movement is beginning to stand against those who have destroyed the heart & passion of the original visions of political parties.


“Labour is no longer Labour; Liberal the same; & the grass-roots of the Conservative Party is nothing like its leadership.


“Now do you see the parallel? Political parties forgetting their vision will fall; & you are witnessing this at this time.


“As in politics, so in this Emerging Church. This Emerging Church is pulling itself apart. Why do you think you have materials ready, not only in the Church arena, but in the political arena too? To teach Christian ethics to all the political parties; to restore the family values in the nation; to make the nation God-fearing. You have all the material necessary to teach all parties the truth. Likewise, the Emerging Church, the Vanity Fair of Christendom. You witnessed the worship of other gods whilst at the Elim College; & you knew to obey Me by not taking their degree of philosophy rather than Christ.


“These lost movements you have a passion for, just as you have a passion to restore all political parties to their original calling; & your dear Bible College of Wales, with those now in charge of the Swansea buildings having looked to take over a movement that has suppressed the vision of Rees Howells, having introduced Higher Criticism, being part of a worldwide charismatic movement of destruction rather than life.


“Thou hast issued the challenge as to which side the present ownership are on: the philosophies of men, the money-changers in the Temple, the blatant commercialism of the charismatic global operation; those who control over masses of people.



“This is serious business. But there are those now realising what is going on; & I have tested thee whether one will be able to take those who are hurting so bad, so as to introduce them to the visions of movements again.


“Thou art called to restore the Bible College of Wales, the Nazarenes, WEC & CLC bookshops, Pentecostal denominations; & not only this, but the political parties, who have strayed from their original visions; who have introduced laws of suppression upon the people; who have introduced immorality at a level founders of these parties would not believe.


“Restoring the ancient landmark is what you are all about; ancient landmarks which should never have been removed. And so, you move on in this calling of God, & you will witness these movements quaking in the judgement that is upon them.


“Likewise in politics, they are pulling themselves apart. But you can go forward, confident that you are built on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can have no fear. It is them who are falling, & you are lifting out that hand for those wanting freedom from the rebellious witchcraft of modern-day movements, whether political or of what is known as ‘Church.’ “

Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/10/14

“There’s Only One Jail Big Enough”


“As the present generation looks to judge the sins of past generations, it needs to be understood that this is the duty of God; & whilst, in effect, under the monarch’s crest, the monarch taking responsibility in God’s name in relation to justice, it also has to be understood the impossibility of the task.


“There is no jail big enough to take the sinners of past generations, except one, called hell-fire. And as it is not My will that any should perish, the effort going into the catching of the sinners of past generations should instead be transferred to the root cause of all these things. The effort should be on this root cause, for the present generation has not acted to remove the gross sins of politicians who brought in acts of Parliament that have killed, stolen & destroyed.


“These sins go on today; whereas commonly, 80-year-olds have stopped the sins of their youth, government continues its sin of aborting My babies; its sin of promoting immorality in schools; & its sin of stealing from the people resources that do not belong to them.


“Dealing with this on-going sin is where the effort should go, whereas dealing with the sins of past generations is My role.


“This is how I deal with sins of past generations: on those alive, I convict with My Spirit, but in Western countries there are intellectual barriers to faith, which is the result of the introduction of false philosophies into the education system, which is now over-stretched, over-stressed, built on sand, & not fit for purpose. For instead of teaching the basics of the Word of God, the system has chosen to bow down to the idols of philosophy, the idols of false science, the idols of the Green movement, rather than simply believing in the God who created the heavens & the earth.


“This is why there is so much stress about. People under stress look for escape routes. So, because of the fact that the laws which cause stress are not being removed, then there are many more sinners for the government to deal with, when in fact the biggest sinner is themselves.


“So again, I call for National Days of Repentance; as I have already stated, the build-up to the General Election is full of party manifestos that think they can do something. I am looking for a party that can do nothing; a party that will be an empty vessel for Me. For by My Spirit, I deal with the root problem of sin; & the true party, led by the Spirit of God, will remove that which has come to kill, steal & destroy.


“Oh yes! The Name which is above every other name has to be exalted in thy nation; & as that Name is exalted, so sinners of the past generations will come & repent, there then being no need to put them in prison. But those who maintain the status quo of abortion, over-regulation, & putting the nation under a foreign power, there is a jail reserved for them which will last for eternity, unless they repent before God, & bring the nation back to its Christian Constitution.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/01/15

“The Idol of New Year”


“Satan devised the calendar so that the world might observe what he wants them to. So people physically see the first of January, & they say, ‘Happy New Year’ at a time when people become optimistic about the future, forget the past, & set up resolutions to behave in a different manner than before.


“All this has come because of a physical calendar date, the god of this world having the whole world, in this context, under his control.


“My true Church, however, has none of this. The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God, faith being the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, the true Christian being led of the Spirit, rather than that of a physical phenomena.


“What you must point out to people, is a warning that as the world sees a year, it is not going to be a good one, particularly as under Satan’s plan, governments place the economy as top of their agendas, there being a UK General Election when the issue of the Spirit will be the saving of the innocents.


“You see, the love of money is the root of all evil, & if that is number one on the agenda of the people, it is going to be a very, very bad – as they see it – year indeed.


“The Christian cannot say ‘Happy New Year’ in this context, whilst millions of babies are being slaughtered from the womb, whilst the economy is given first position; & that they should even contemplate assisted dying.


“For as a nation sows into Satan’s agenda, so the nation will be destroyed itself. So how can you say, ‘Happy New Year’ to people, when indeed this is far from the truth? However, there is a place far above all these circumstances, which is where thy revealed teaching comes in: on positional truth, the baptism of fire, & being aware of the dogs looking to bring you into Satan’s agenda, motivated by what people see on the calendar.


“It has never been My will to reduce the world’s population, that through manufactured diseases that Satan is having a heyday with. In this context comes the massive signs & wonders I have previously told you about. For as the god of this world looks to decrease the world’s population, it is My will for increase. They say this, & they say that, about the world’s resources; but the truth is, the world is well big enough to sustain a bigger population; that is, if sin is dealt with. The fish of the sea will return to the shores of Britain with abundant supply, if politicians place Me first, as they are obligated to do in the Constitution; if the monarch would lead days of repentance & prayer, & renounce multi-faith in favour of the only religion in Britain established by law, which she is obligated by law to do.


“For if these things do not take place, there is to be the famines & destructions I warn about in My Word. You cannot say, ‘Happy New Year’ to people in the world in this context, because it ain’t going to be one.


“However, for those walking in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, this is not just a ‘Happy New Year,’ as the world says. This is a joyous walk, for in it one tramples down principalities & powers, who are under your control. It is a place of peace, & reliance on God; & let Me tell you this: it is a place of a joyous eternity, rather than the devil’s lie of being a Happy New Year for those in the world.


“You see, from this place one tramples on the enemy, his plots & his devices. Prepare now to make great strides. Prepare thy ministry to be flexible & available. Added equipment will be needed, like vehicles. You will need staff, for thou art being put into position to bring a joyous eternity for sinners to be soundly saved, away from the motivations of the god of this world, who controls populations through the calendar, whereas My true Church is motivated by the Spirit, rather than that which is seen through physical sight.


“So, it is a joyous eternity in Jesus’ name that is proclaimed, whereas the world is left with its calendar, its policies of reducing populations. Whereas you bringlife to the world; for instead of having a political agenda of the economy first, you have the opportunity to proclaim the pre-eminence of Christ Jesus, of His name alone, whereas the calendar depicts men of the dogmas of this world, & spirits with the motivation of death rather than life.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/09/15

“The Sinners Cheer as the Righteous are Jailed – America’s Identity Crisis”


“George Washington stated ‘You cannot govern without God & the Bible.’ Ronald Reagan stated about the importance of virtue (the anointing) in government. Yet now, without the Bible & without virtue, government operates in the United States, looking to jail the righteous & protect the sinner.

This recent example in the State of Kentucky is one that has stirred the body of Christ to action; yet it must move by My Spirit. And as we witness this desecration of the Bible Belt, the weeping in heaven is great. For what was once a great nation that stood on the Word of God the Pilgrim Fathers brought, has now been reduced to the rites of Satanism that allows for the worship of the flesh, rather than for God’s Word.


“There are many asking when the Judgement will come; but the Judgement is already upon a Church that has allowed itself to bow to the rites of Satanism, in what is known as the Charismatic movement.


“You see, you need a Church that stands on the Word of God, just as the incarcerated sister has done, not by the false experiences of the Charismatic movement.


“You see, if you are going to have a nation standing on the true Word of God, then the counterfeits of Satan have to be exposed. Outside of Fuller Seminary, outside of Saddleback, did My intercessor stand; a so-called ‘seminary’ & a so-called ‘church’ that has compromised My Word through Higher Criticism, embracing scriptures that uphold the sinner, rather than convicting him or her; so that now, when an outrage occurs, only a remnant can stand, for only the remnant upholds the true Word of God, so the forces of Satan criminalise the righteous, so that the sinner can be in control of the legal system, placing those with the Word of God in their hearts behind bars as in Daniel’s day.


“This now has affected America from upholding righteousness throughout the world, with Britain & America standing before Me as guilty of grievous crimes, the Church however being the most responsible for allowing this to happen, by embracing Satanic translations of the Bible, brought about through the spiritualists Westcott & Hort, rather than the true Word of God that came about through the authorisation of the British monarch.

“O America! Thou lieth in the pit of snakes, not just because thou passeth ungodly laws, but the Church has embraced false scriptures that has allowed this to happen.


“I have warned in My Word that there will be those who embrace another Jesus, & it is the Church established in America that has done just that, thus allowing government to operate without the true Bible embraced by Washington, & the virtue embraced by Reagan.

“So thus, America has an identity crisis, for it knows not My true Word. King James preachers, arise! The time has come to preach My true Word.


“Then refer the readers to

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/09/15

“Despite of the Monarch’s Oath to the Country,

Humanism Decides how the Nation is to be Run”



“What a mess occurs when the secular state takes on the anointed of God! Inconsistencies are easy to find, for instead of following the nation’s Constitution based on the never-changing Word of God, they pass laws that react to situations, rather than hearing from the Spirit at given times.


“The secular state, as it is called, has no thought for the morals of God. It has thought as to how people are behaving. The secular state, so called, looks to remove the conscience of the nation when it passes laws promoting & liberating those in sin, & criminalises & suppresses those of the conscience.


“When that secular state looks to take to law those of the conscience, its case will always be full of inconsistency, for its worldly god ever changes, to meet the demands of new social norms. The Constitutions of Great Britain & America are built on those who have sacrificed & forsaken for the cause; but to the new social norms, this is something that no longer occurs. Rationalising this behaviour is strange, & unacceptable to the humanistic mind-set.


“So when we start looking at the social norms, it becomes obvious that these norms are without foundation in the Constitution the monarch swore to uphold. The Constitution declares the Word of God as being the oracles of God, the most precious book the world can afford; yet the laws of the secular state are inconsistent with its pages.


“The fact that the mind is renewed by the Spirit no longer occurs in modern laws. The fact that the unborn child is to be protected as a human being no longer occurs under modern laws. The fact that a man leaves his parents to be joined to one wife as Christ & the Church, no longer occurs under modern laws, which embrace cohabitation as a normal way of life rather than a life of sin. The warnings in the Scriptures of same-sex relationships are not heeded, with those embracing the holy oracles of God being criminalised for offending those living contrary to the Constitution.

So whenever the secular state takes on the anointed of God, the case of the secular state is always found to carry many inconsistencies, for the laws they quote relate to a never-changing world & an ever-changing God, which is why the Constitutional Acts override such laws, because their stability is in God rather than the god of this world.


“So we therefore discover that humanism & secularism has a god, a god that convinces them that is it of human rationale that bring about these laws, whereas the Word of God declares that there is a god that blinds the minds of those that believe not. So if their minds are blinded, who then is of mental incapacity? Those of the so-called secular state, or those who are the anointed of God?


“So who then is the god of this world? This is clearly Satan. So in their blindness, the humanist is no longer a humanist. The secularist is no longer a secularist. Just as those who no longer live become as Christ on this earth, then likewise those of the rationale, with their blinded minds, become as Satan, opposing those whose minds have been renewed by the Spirit, who are as Christ.


“So the battleground is no longer of human thought, but deeply rooted in spirituality, which is why the Constitution places virtue first in law application, rather than the philosophies of man.


“This is why the philosophies of Great Britain & America can only be that of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law in Great Britain, taken over to America by the Pilgrim Fathers; & this is why the areas that uphold the Protestant faith are in stability, whereas those who embrace that which the Protestant faith protests against, are always in chaos & inconsistency, which is why the case they place against thee is a shambles, because of the mental assent Apostle Wesley warned about, the coarse world of reason President Reagan warned about, there being only one winner in this, the One who won the battle 2000 years ago. For at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, & that includes the god of this world, who embraces secularism & humanism for his own ends, in reality there being no such thing as humanism, for the blinded humanist becomes as the god of this world, & the anointed of God as Christ Himself.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths. 07/01/16

“From Their Position of Worldly Security & High Salaries,

They Chase the Poor & Hard-pressed”


“As in the days of the Early Church, so it is with thee. As with the Early Church, you are surrounded with earthly demands, demands with your earthly ability, you cannot meet.


Surrounding thee over many years has been those with high salaries & worldly security, demanding you pay for all kinds of legal & procedural cover. There has been non-stop draining of your finances, & so you have now reached the point where you have almost nothing more to give.


“As with you, so with the poor & hard-pressed. They are constantly attacked by those with high salaries & worldly security. Worldly charities are run by those with worldly security & high salaries, whose charities can afford all the legal & procedural covers. For instead of giving most of the money to the poor & afflicted, they give it to pay for their legal & procedural covers, & high salaries of their workers.


“So, when people give to a high profile charity, on the basis of giving to those in need & affliction, in effect the giver is giving into the system of high salaries & worldly security, & those who are poor & afflicted become the victim rather than the beneficiary.


“In your own particular case, you are surrounded by those demanding resources from thee so as to keep up this system of benefitting the high salaried & worldly security scam. For this is what it is. They see the charitable advertising on TV or in the press, & people respond into the system of high salaries & worldly security. The afflicted get helped a bit, but not in proportion to the amount of money people give.


“In your recent court case, you were surrounded by those with high salaries & worldly security. County Council officials, Court of Protection officials, Office of the Public Guardian officials, Betsi Cadwaladr officials; a barrister of wealthy chambers – all with high salaries & worldly security. And who did they attack? Those with practically nothing, & no worldly security.


“The amount you owe from family inheritance is to support ultimate high salaries & worldly security. For that is the desire of many parents towards their children, & in the attitude of the Sermon on the Mount, you are willing to give what you have.


“But who cares for the poor & oppressed? This is My Church; not the so-called ‘Church’ of high salaries & worldly security, of ministers with wages & pensions. They build their Church on the basis that their salaries & security is the first line of their income. Where is such a Church in My Word? Where is My true Church? My true Church lies in the hands of those who can say, like My early apostles, ‘Silver & gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.’


“You see, to say this, you need to have gone through the processes that thy ministry has gone through. You see, the world is run by those of high salaries & worldly security. But what did I say to Peter when he cried out to Me that he had given up all to follow Me? Has this requirement changed?


“My word to you, My children, is ‘Prepare for the hundredfold’, not to benefit the system of high salaries & worldly security, but so that the houses you get be for establishing My covenant, rather than the system of high salaries & worldly security.


“For I ask you, who are the most powerful people? Those who come from the base of high salary & worldly security, or those who say, ‘Silver & gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth…’ The choice is there. To be a true minister of the gospel, one has to make this choice.


“So, they gather around thee, making demands of thee, & all you can say is, ‘Silver & gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth…’ Thou has gained the inheritance of the kingdom of God & the righteousness of God, a righteousness unobtainable with high salary & worldly security.


“Now, a word for those who manipulate offerings with ‘seed faith’ encouragements: The Parable of the Sower is about the sowing of the Word of God. For I tell thee, thou art adding words to Scripture by changing the Word to money investment. I warn in My Word about adding to Scripture. Sow the Word of God by studying the Word. You invest your time in study of My Word, & await my Spirit to reveal the truth of My Word.


“Now, you need the wealth to establish My covenant; & I have given the power to My true Church to get it. But I have not given My Word in relation to giving so as to gain materially. For the giving of finances is one of self-denial & self-sacrifice, which is how giving occurred in relation to the person who gave to thee from her heart, rather than for personal gain, something those with high salaries & worldly security cannot understand, which is why I am moving at this time in bringing together those who have no interest in worldly gain, to take back movements once run by those of personal sacrifice, from those who run them from the base of high salary & worldly security. For from this base comes the corruption, the love of money being the root of all evil.


“So, when I see offerings being taken on the basis of seed faith money, this is not of Me. For it is the Word you sow, & by seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, the resources come to fulfil thy call, the blockage at this time being those who operate from the base of high salary & worldly security. For it is these you need to stand up to, in the name of Jesus Christ. For it is by this name you stand, rather than the god of this world, who looks to offer you his kingdoms, to whom I replied, in the wilderness, ‘It is written,’ & it is the Word of God which is thy resource for ever & ever, whereas earthly riches pass away, but My Word shall never pass away. For the just shall live by faith, the faith of the Son of God, who gave His life, & it is the Church of self-sacrifice that the gates of hell cannot prevail against.”


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