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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 06/06/15

“Are the Courts Committing High Treason?”


“Above the head of every judge, is the crest of the monarch, meaning the judge is going to represent a monarch who has made promises to God on oath; & so this crest is saying, ‘I represent these promises, & the covenant of the nation with God, & all that represents.”


“Judgements therefore have to come within that understanding. For if a court is found not to keep the laws of God primarily, it is found to allow for philosophies & thinking into its judgements, is found to refer to foreign power above the Constitutional promises to God, is found to bring death rather than life, then surely that court is guilty of breaking the constitutional obligations towards God, & is thus guilty in itself of high treason.


“The crest represents the street preacher, propagating the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, & the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which the Queen herself promised to propagate before God in 1953. The crest represents this; & so to find against the street preacher obeying that Constitutional demand, is an act in itself of high treason. For to muzzle the prophet is not only an act of high treason in one’s own law; it is an act of suppressing the gospel story, that has as its forefront the Saviour who died for mankind, something no other lifestyle, or philosophy, or religion, has in its portfolio, thus making the pre-eminence of Christ a pre-requisite for a court case to be legal.


“Do you see the picture? This crest represents so much. Has Britain taught its children what this crest represents? For, a nation that teaches not its Constitution is a nation living on sand, rather than the Rock this crest represents.


“Write here the obligations of the Constitution this crest represents. Do the courts, do the politicians, do the people know these obligations? This Constitution Keepers web-site plainly puts it on the line; & I deal with other issues:


“Can a court allow a woman to kill her own child? For is a court allows for the death of a child, then it has misunderstood the Scripture so many swear on. For a child is such as the kingdom of God. To find for the mother to kill her own child, not only ignores the Constitutional demands of the nation. It actually destroys the economy, the type of population one has, thus making all the votes in referendums & elections questionable. For the slaughtered child has lost his or her vote, & opportunity to uphold the nation’s Constitution.


“This act of vandalism against the kingdom of God, is at the heart of the nation’s political & legal structures that only days of national repentance can put right, with acknowledgement from judges & politicians that we have sinned against God. This web-site is all about pointing God’s finger at the sinner, but with opportunity to repent. For the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the sinner, should the sinner choose to come to Him.


“The reason, therefore, for so many strange court decisions, is because the foundations of the crest have not been acknowledged by the legal & political processes of the nation. Bakers are being forced to make cakes with messages alien to our own Constitution. Foreign courts are being referred to all the time. Yet this is not permitted in the Constitutional Acts of the nation. The utilitarian has his say above the Constitution of the nation, which thou has shown in relation to banking cases on this web-site, in which a House of Lords edict was overthrown by behind the scenes negotiation out of line with the understanding of the Upper House. Throughout the world, I have My prophets crying out. Such exposures of the turning away from such God-given Constitutions, these prophets becoming the criminals of the god of this world, the righteous & the pure in heart being found guilty of breaking the new protocol. In Britain now, the guilty are those who uphold that crest.


“And I say unto thee that I am He that liveth, that liveth & was dead; & behold, I am alive, alive for evermore.


“And so, I speak to Great Britain & USA at this time. For this web-site emphasises these 2 nations, whilst giving Constitutional understandings all over the world. I am speaking specifically to UK & USA at this time.


You have been brought together under God by the Mayflower compact, & your nations have been protected & blessed because of this covenant before God. Thou hast forsaken this compact. Thou has not taught thy children the importance of the rock on which you stand.


This web-site is all about the choice before you, which is to either muzzle the prophet & ignore the rock on which you were built, or repent before God, place My prophets in positions of authority all over the world, so that My gospel, which thy nations are obligated by law to uphold, is thy primary philosophy in all thy courts of justice, parliaments & congresses.


“Will you make the choice for Christ Jesus today?”



 It is very clear that the Lord Jesus desires to communicate with Great British Leaders in relation to how they are running the country either under Legal System No 1 or 2.


To help understanding this page identrifies the two systems.




We stand for this system that relates to the laws & customs of thy nation over many centuries; that relates to the monarch’s oath to God; not only in what those laws are, but also in what the monarch promised God, in relation to how those laws are to be applied, & the suppression of foreign influence over them.


Supporting Law:


i) 1534 & 1559 (Elizabethan Settlement) Act of Supremacy


The original and restored Acts of Supremacy first and foremost give Christ Jesus the pre- eminent position in law and application of Law in that in both documents there is a demand on the Head of State to increase "virtue" meaning anointing in Christ's Religion.


Errors, heresies, enormities and abuses are to be repressed under the act and with Christ Jesus in his pre-eminent position it is clear all over philosophies which the act see as heresies and abuses must be repressed - very important when it comes to the application of legal system 2.


The Act too places obligation on the Head of State to preserve the peace and tranquility of the realm, it being argued here that the over-regulation of Legal System 2 has severely affected this. In addition the Monarch is obligated to suppress all foreign in fluence and infiltration inton our legal and political processes.


For more information CLICK HERE!


It should be noted that Queen Elizabeth I in the Settlement declared that the repealing of the Act of Supremacy had been illegal and we stand on this for the ignoring of this act still on the Statute Book in favour of Legal System 2 is just as illegal.


With the suppression of foreign influence over the nation the Settlement gives special rights to ecclesiatical persons to ensure the demands of the Act and Settlement be kept. This we do on this website in our challenge to Legal System 2.


ii) 1689 Act Establishing the Coronation Oath


Here the Monarch swears to God to ensure the statutes laws and customs of the Realm be kept, the Oath being within the context of the Elizabethan Settlement that means laws of this country only, not foreign powers.Law and justice in mercy is the way law has to be applied, the Monarch swearing to God that this will happen, the laws of God being maintained which means that any Act of Parliament that contravenes the laws of God is not a law at all, the role of Bishops and Clergy coming in here who assured ability to ensure this happens. We on this website are establishing this fact for we intend to apply restriction against laws that have contravened God's law.



iii) 1700 Act of Settlement

following the 1689 Bill of Rights


These acts relate to the nation under a Constitutional Monarchy, the succession to the Throne and the rights of the people who live under the Monarch and not foreign law makers.


The influence of Magna Carta occurs here particularly in our age old law practice of Habeas Corpus over Legal System Two's Corpus Juris.


The 1689 Act gives particular freedom from fine or forfeiture without a trial, and are to show on our Christian Justice UK site that a fair hearing was not allowed recently at Llandudno Magistrates Court in which a Christian Minister was not allowed to present his case based on Legal System 1, the Magistrate dismissing the Constitutional Presentation whilst admitting he had not read our case, suppressing the Minister's ability to speak after stating that admission!


All of these acts firmly establish Great Britain as a Protestant country with Protestant legal systems under a Protestant Head of State.


2) Legal System No. 2


Here in practice Great Britain has placed itself under a foreign power that has a flag of Roman Catholic origin, there never being a vote in Great Britain for this, the original referendum into the Common Market being for a free trade zone - not political and legal integration.


Arsenne Heitz, the designer of the twelve star European Flag has admitted his insopration from Mary, a figure that is domineat in Roman Catholicism whereas the 1534 and 1559 Acts of Supremacy gives re-eminence to Christ Jesus himself and increasing his anointing.


Even though the people of Britain voted into a Trading Union the warning sigs were there at the time with the Treaty of Rome 1957 having in its preample an objective to have closer toes with the people of Europe.


Rome had been the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and once again was to become thespiritual seat of the coming EU, the acts of Legal System 1 being Protestant, the acts of Legal System 2 coming under Rome and its old ways that made Reformers keep Britain ourt of papal control. This is why there are so many references to Protestantism in the Constitutional Acts including the Monarch's Coronation Oath in which she promises God to maintain the laws of God, the true profession of the Gospel and the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law.


The Holy Roman Empire had its courts too and pre-reformation Protestants were under its control of over-regulation and frustration. The same has happenrd now under Legal System 2 with its over-regulation and contrast to Legal System 2 that the country is divided with two legal systems absolutely opposed to each other causing confusion, division and conflict.


It is the objective of this website to return to Legal System 1 alone!


1986 saw the first major revision of the Treaty of Rome making possible the path under Legal System 2 for full European integration, illegal under Legal System 1 and completely at odds with the British Monarch's oath to God.


The Three Pillars of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 under Pillar 1 gave governmental authority with the internal organisation of the E.U. Pillar 2 brought about a common foreign and security policy and Pillar 3 which is running throughout legal caees in Britain today brought about a joint Police and Judicial P{olicy, this going against Great Britain's Constitutional Habeas Corpus position as can be seem the the McGuffich v RBofS case featured on this Website.

Word from the Lord through Rev David P Griffiths, 03/09/12



“There are 2 systems of law competing against each other in Britain, as in the cases you are involved with. You stand on one system, & your opponents stand in another. This is why you are a million miles apart in coming to a conclusion over the issues you are involved with.


“You stand for legal system number (1), that relates to the laws & customs of thy nation over many centuries; that relates to the monarch’s oath to God; not only in what those laws are, but also in what the monarch promised God, in relation to how those laws are to be applied, & the suppression of foreign influence over them.


“This is what you stand for.


“Your opponents within the global context, do not give heed to what the monarch promised God, but rather give heed to the many treaties so-called British governments have signed, giving away to a foreign power all that which you hold precious. For whatyou stand for relates to what the Head of State gave oath to God about.


“So your legal system, which we will call legal system number (1), is in God & cannot fall. Legal system number (2), that relates to foreign power overruling that which you call precious, is falling all around you. It cannot stand. It is on sand. The god of this world can only ever build on sand; & what you have done is challenge the legality of legal system number (2), which you are legally entitled to do, because of the powers given to Protestant Reformed ministers under the Constitution.


“So let us analyse each legal system.


“Legal system number (1):


“Under the background that the original referendum, apparently voted for by the people, was for a free trade area relating to trading, rather than legal & political integration; since that date, there has been vast immigration from European countries, with people from these countries now seemingly able to vote, & influence through these votes, anti-Constitutional perspectives, into Parliament & future referendums.


So the European order illegally has ignored the democratic referendum of the terms of entry into the Common Market, by adding all the over-regulatory powers of successive treaties British governments have signed, all these governments guilty of treason, for ignoring the restraints of the original referendum, which was for a trading union only; but more importantly, ignoring the God-given demand on the monarch to suppress all foreign influence on our political & legal processes.


“Legal system number (2), as you have found out, makes decisions over the people before giving them a hearing in a British court; & because legal system number (2) is now ruling over legal system number (1) in practice, the British people can no longer expect law in justice & mercy, as demanded in the British Constitution.


“This is why the banks you have taken on are so confident in winning their case against you; for they are operating in legal system number (2), their faith being in men’s manoeuvrings, whereas your faith is in God.


“Legal system number (1) relates particularly to the Elizabethan Settlement, Elizabeth I having removed the treachery of legal system number (2).

“Legal system number (2), as you saw in the Olympics, has allowed a phoenix to come out of the ashes & dominate Britain, the people at the Olympics looking up to rings of fire coming together, which depict the god of this world bringing together the continents of this world under him, the god of this world mesmerizing the people to look unto him& his rising forth out of the ashes, into what he is calling ‘fresh fire.’

In ‘churches’ today, they too talk of ‘fresh fire.’ They talk of a new thing God is doing. This is all part of legal system number (2);

for the landmark of what God did in the Elizabethan Settlement, is now ignored for the worship of the phoenix rising out of hell.

“You however are standing on legal system number (1), which demands all error & heresy be suppressed, the monarch giving power to Protestant Reformed ministers to see this occurs. You are doing this day by day, but you are not getting the support you deserve, for the people have been mesmerized by the god of this world rising up out of the ashes, showing he has a way better than the ancient landmark of thy Constitution.


“So this is the base of legal system number (1): the demands of the 1534 Act of Supremacy, the Constitutional demand to suppress & repress heresy, the rights given to ministers to ensure this happens, the demand on the monarch to increase the anointing in Christ’s religion, Elizabeth I restoring all this back to thy nation; the age-old right under the principles of Habeas Corpus, to await the result of a court hearing before pronouncing guilt on an individual. This principle is being removed from the legal processes of Great Britain, which is why the banks are confident that they have legally been able to blacken thy name, without waiting for the results of a court.


“I am declaring, saith the Lord, that this is illegal under thy Constitution; an act oftreason against legal system number (1), the only solution being a repentance of the nation before God, in allowing foreign power to come in & take away what is precious in the Constitutional Acts of Britain, the effect of which being a ‘walking on eggshells’ by the British people, now afraid of over-regulation, the jobs & prosperity given to a foreign power; local councils bowing down to the regulations of the foreign powers, their begging for funds from these foreign powers, for the funds they have to beg for, are only the funds the British taxpayer has paid anyway; but to get the money back, they have to agree to the rules of legal system number (2), & ignore the Queen’s promise to God.


“No wonder the system is at breaking point! It does not work; & the consequent stress levels on government workers, business people, professional people, charity workers, is such that there is so much strain on the NHS, dealing with the physical & mental tortures of an over-regulated society, that that system is at breaking point too.


“Legal system number (1), therefore, which is the Elizabethan Settlement, gives freedom to the monarch, constitutionally head of legal & political processes, as well as head of the national Church, to apply law & justice in mercy.


“Legal system number (2) decides guilt before a hearing is heard in court. This is the illegal system of corpus iuris that has dominated foreign powers for years, Britain for years being protected from this.


“So as in the banking cases you have encountered, there is no need of awaiting the result of a court hearing. Your name is blackened before you have had a chance to give your say. So suddenly under the new British law, you have to pay an account even if that account is in dispute.


“Thus saith the Lord: to take away the demands of Habeas Corpus is not only an act of high treason before the nation; it is an act of blasphemy before God, the people being mesmerized with the ‘fresh fire’ of the Olympic rings, looking up to them & the phoenix rising from the ashes, rather than the ancient landmark of thy Constitutional Acts.


“They have shown they can do what the prophets of Baal before Elijah could not do, in getting the people to look up to the fires of Baal, they being able to bring forth fire from the sun, through technological know-how; & transferring that fire with runners all over Britain; the people looking up to a flame that has brought forth a phoenix over Britain that has undermined the Constitution of the land. The people have cheered the flame of Baal, mesmerized under its hold, that phoenix representing legal system number (2). In a recent case in Llandudno, the prophetic minister was not allowed to speak, thus being the influence of this new system of law, that was not able to question the reliable of a man-made machine; but that which man makes is now infallible; for this phoenix encourages pride in man’s achievement, rather than adherence to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, & to the One which the nation is obligated constitutionally to worship: Almighty God.


“The god of legal system number (2) has mesmerized the people to accept foreign influence in court cases. They talk of their own human rights, & relate this to the European Court of Human Rights; yet in World War 2, the nation admitted before God that it could not manage without Him. This was when Britain was at its strongest. When it was weak, it was strong.


“So this phoenix has encouraged pride in what man has done in Britain. Hence the Olympic opening ceremony was pride in man’s achievement, rather than in adherence to God.


“ ‘Look what we have done!’ Britain says to the world, as it celebrated the Industrial Revolution. But where is that industry now? Given to foreign powers, along with the nation’s legal processes & political systems!


“So the banks are confident they can beat you. The have all this going for them. They have pronounced you guilty, even though a dispute was clearly established. Collaboration ignored a House of Lords edict, which banks could not adhere to, a judge under European law being brought in to take out cases which the Upper House had clearly established in law. But this was legal system number (1). Legal system number (2), based on corpus iuris & utilitarianism, which is the greater good of the people who have looked up to the fresh fire of the phoenix, rather than that which is written in the nation’s Constitution.


“ ‘These are ancient laws & irrelevant,’ they say from legal system number (2). But you say in the anointing of God, ‘It is written.’ They say to you ‘We own the kingdoms of this world. We have brought the continents together, under a global system of law. You haveto bow down to us & our ways, because we are so powerful. We have the fire now.


“Likewise in ‘church’:  ‘We have brought all the faiths together. We have made new Bibles; for no-one is to be offended any more. We have made a powerful unit, with fresh fire ministries, that give adherence to the phoenix, rather than to God.


“The ‘fresh fire’ of the charismatic movement – that is where all the people are going, the people being mesmerized under this fresh fire. So Satan is saying ‘I now have Church & state in my hands. Behold! I am showing you the kingdoms of this world. All you need do is bow down to me& worship me, & embrace my systems of law.’

“But since when has what you see taken precedence over the ‘It is written’ of God’s Word that in the British sense, includes that which is written in the British Constitution.


“You declare, ‘It is written.’


“Now, the fire of the Olympic rings came about through technological know-how, rather than through the ability of Satan.


The fire of God requires no technological know-how. The prophets of Baal have not changed. They are incapable of bringing fire; Elijah, restoring rule to Israel, just as you are called to take charge in thy nation, bringing to justice all those leading under legal system number (2), that denies the Constitution of Great Britain, in favour of foreign rule; whereas you stand under legal system number (1), that has Christ Jesus in the pre-eminent position.


“In these banking cases, you have shown European decisions taking precedence over a House of Lords edict. What is established under British law, is the demand on the monarch to suppress all such influence – this website is all about restoring the Constitutional demands back to everyday practice, & extinguishing the flames of the Phoenix, a Phoenix that has risen to bind the people to hell on earth through over-regulation, you holding your hands out to bring life to those people, by proclaiming the gospel the Queen promised to propagate in her reign; a gospel that brings forth life. For the letter of the law, so commonly used under legal system number (2), killeth; but the spirit that comes under adherence to legal system number (1), giveth forth life.


“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the phoenix of global suppression, or the God-given Elizabethan Settlement of thy nation, that forth life to the people, rather than the death of the letter of the law.


“Go forward & set free the people, by proclaiming the Name of Jesus. You shall refusethe kingdoms of this world offered by Satan by declaring to him ‘Christ Jesus rose from the dead, the resurrected Jesus being the One thy Constitutional Acts give adherence to.


“The victory is thine.”


"threatened to be destroyed through official channels" 

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