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Unconstitutional Greens!

Unconstitutional as false scientific logic

has brought the conditions for over regulation worldwide

The Cost to Society of the Green Movement


In presenting this website I am aware of the amount of strain being placed on the people of Great Britain through over-regulation and over-surveillance. It is a major issue because people’s health is at stake, the Bible declaring:


2 Corinthians 3:5-6 KingJ ames Version (KJV)


Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;


Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.


The Green Movement operates through the inbred belief that there is lack in the world and this indoctrination has affected governments and organisations to over-regulate to protect an ailing planet. This belief is dangerous because it puts so much pressure on the inhabitants of the planet they can no longer maintain a living and a dog eat dog society arrives.


The Christianity the Monarch is on oath to propagate is one of increase, one that fundamentally believes that God as Creator has provided magnificently for us and that what most we are being taught is a lie.


The problem in the world is sin. If a homosexual couple can reproduce a child then they are a couple of increase but in a world that emphasizes through the green movement lack, then lack becomes acceptable!


 It’s now acceptable to slaughter innocent children in the womb and use tax payers money to do it but take the cost of each operation, take the taxes that child will no longer pay and it for this reason that there is lack – the reason of sin, not the lack of God’s provision.


Children are indoctrinated with heresies and doctrines out of line with the nation’s constitution, the foundational documents of our country. Remove these and the nation will fall down and produce lack. It’s for this reason we are experiencing lack – not that the world has lack but because government after government has failed to build on the Constitutional Foundations of the land.


This is why there is lack. In that context the Green Movement have come in with a false agenda to pull our nation further into the mire.


Scientists are convincing us that the earth is millions of years old. It’s not and scientific evidence proves that but we have got to have this lie circulating that the earth has been around for millions of years when it’s obvious this is not true.

We live in an age when the Bible in its entirety is no longer believed in “churches”, many of which have embraced this new Green agenda. It is alarming to say that the Nestle committee behind new translations of the Bible have admitted their text is not definite, so where is the stability now? Why have so many "churches" chosen a non-definite text over one that is completely true?


In her book Set Up and Sold Out Holly Swanson gives warnings of how the Green Agenda of lack is bringing the conditions for unprecedented controls over the lives of people. In Chapter 9 she exposes the use of the enthusiasm to have a healthy environment and to the  opposing of greenhouse gases etc.  to bringing in a new type of government, a government of lack. A government that looks for population controls, one that gives lies over the ability of the earth to produce sufficient crops when all the time the problem is sin.


Swanson points out that the Green agenda to change Governments, change economies, take control over the lives of people, and the indoctrination of children to believe the political and spiritual beliefs of the Green movement is really taking over today.


Swanson quotes from the book of the International Forum on Globalization Alternatives to Economic Globalization which states:


 If the planet is to support generations to come, it is vital that an alternative economic system be built that is rooted in the principle of ecological sustainability.


 Now is this the reason for the economic recession? Is this the reason why we are being overwhelmed with ludicrous extra laws and pressures? Is this the reason why our lives are being taken away from us? Is this the reason why it is becoming so much more difficult for business and charities to operate in the underlying policy of lack to support a sustainable world?  


The present agenda is completely opposite to the Biblical command.

Genesis 9:7 King James Version (KJV)


And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.


What this website is all about is bringing the conditions for a return to our Constitutional heritage of multiplication and not lack, freedom from controls rather than the present suppressive atmosphere in which people are so afraid of getting something wrong. No wonder stress and heart conditions are going up. No wonder there is so much pressure on the National Health Service with all the pressures the doctrines of lack have placed on the people whilst the Monarch is still obligated to propagate the Christian Gospel of increase, the Christian Gospel of challenging sin rather than the “letter of the law” politics of the Green Movement.


This lifestyle, Constitutional statement is for all parties to uphold, to not bow down to the totalitarian ways of Green belief, Greens having said this as quoted in Swanson’s book:


Eco-efficiency tells us to restrict industry and curtail growth …. Limit the creativity and productiveness of humankind. Set Up and Sold Out, Swanson p. 401.


It’s time to return to our Constitutional values of increase based on the Word of God rather than the totalitarian doctrine of lack so manifest in Communistic societies of old, perhaps the Cold War was not won after all!


that questions what is taught to schoolchildren in Great Britain.


If we cannot get our science right based on God the Creator as shown in the Word of God - how can we expect to prosper?

Numbers 14:40-42 King James Version (KJV)


And they rose up early in the morning, and gat them up into the top of the mountain, saying, Lo, we be here, and will go up unto the place which the Lord hath promised: for we have sinned.


And Moses said, Wherefore now do ye transgress the commandment of the Lord? but it shall not prosper.


Go not up, for the Lord is not among you; that ye be not smitten before your enemies.

WORD FROM THE LORD THROUGH Rev  David P Griffiths, 04/04/14



“They turn to the scientists rather than to the Word of God. The scientists can come out with many complex explanations, which usually result in further application of law against the people. Psalm 91 gives a better explanation, for if thy nation had kept to its Constitution, then the consequences of sin in the world would not have come nigh thy country. Instead, thy country prefers to rely on the scientists, and must now pay the price for that.


“Deuteronomy 28 gives a better explanation. For the scientist places blame on the way people travel rather than the way they behave. It is sin that brings the curse, rather than a ride in a motor vehicle, or a flight to a far-off place. The issue of sin & corruption is the issue that government needs to address, rather than everyday human behaviour.

“Moving from the philosophy of increase to decrease has brought about the present conditions for plague & pestilence to touch thy land. Thou art right to grow thine own vegetables in the circumstances you find yourselves in. For thou art coming in to a time of major pestilences upon thy land (that is, the land under government control). For thy government has sinned against Me, saith the Lord, for by Me were all things created. For I called for man to join with woman in marriage – that is, in covenant, a union of increase rather than decrease; & thy nation must face the consequences of breaking its own Constitution to allow the lusts of sinful man to take a hold.


“Bringing in laws to appease the Green movement is not the solution to these pestilences & plagues. Not even a National Day of Prayer is the solution; only National Days of Repentance before Almighty God, to whom thy monarch swore allegiance to keep the laws of God.


“Thy monarch is to keep a separation between Christendom & My true Church: that is, those of My body; & to bring persecution upon My body is one of serious crime before God.


“My remnant, according to the British Constitutional Acts, has to be protected. Neglecting those obligations in favour of global law, is one of serious crime before God; & whilst those under rebellious government law come under the plagues & pestilences which are placed upon the land, it shall not come upon My remnant who uphold My law. The consequences of sin are there for all to see. Putting trust in the scientists is notthe answer; only repentance before God.


“Thou art to preach the cross; for individuals can seek refuge in Almighty God. The latter rain revival is to bring in all manner of souls into the kingdom. There will be dissatisfaction among the people over scientific explanations. Thou hast the answer. Thou hast the solution. This comes in only one name: the fullness of the Godhead bodily.


“They walk in the paths of Christendom; thou walketh in the paths of Almighty God, completely protected from the plague. The humanistic spirit trusts in man’s explanations, whereas thou knoweth thou art in union with the Lord.

“So rejoice & be glad, for the conditions have come for a mighty harvest of souls. This is why you work so hard: to bring life to thy nation, rather than the death of ungodly union.”



Recently I came across several books which are showing the dangers of this agenda, but in the following pages I am going to quote direct from the Agenda itself. The whole of the original paper is 351 pages long and all I am going to do is to show you the main points from that paper with the appropriate paragraph numbers otherwise this work would be too long for you to read.  I must admit that they use a lot of long words which I do not completely understand, but I hope that as you read on that you will get the gist of what is in this Agenda 21 document and what it will mean to us and the world if it is implemented fully.


The whole of this agenda is not quite what it says that it is, as it is saying that we need to go green to save the world from all sorts of problems. The green that is meant here is not green at all, but red. What do I mean by that?


When you travel by train, your train is controlled by signals. Red for danger, Amber for a warning of danger ahead and Green for a safe passage. The sequence of the signals are as follows. A double Amber light means that at the second signal the driver will need to stop the train.




When an single Amber light is showing that means the driver must stop at the next signal which will be at Red. As the train approaches the Red signal the driver has to prepare to bring the train to a stop.  If a train driver ignores an Amber warning he is heading for trouble. If he passes a Red signal then the driver is in definite trouble as there is a reason for the Red signal, which is to warn of a possible danger to the whole of the train as well as the driver. This essay is to act as an Amber warning to the nation and to the world of the dangers that are coming if the warning signs are ignored by our government and the governments of the world.


This plan of the United Nations is to set up a world government that is communist controlled. This is what Lenin and Stalin tried to do in Russia with very disastrous results to the whole nation. Adolf Hitler had similar ideas as well, and look what happened to Germany.


If it does come about as this plan wants it to then, you will be told what to do, what to think, what to buy, what to eat. There will be no freedom of speech, no freedom to worship anything but the state. You will become slaves to the state. There will be no-one owning property as the state will own it all and you will live where they will tell you to live. If that is the sort of life you want to have then all you have to do is to ignore the warnings in this work.




As you read through these pages I will be giving you some comments on the things that I will come across as I read through this document. At the end of the essay I will tell you what the Bible says is going to happen when a World Government comes into being in the not too far off in the future. So, be warned.


I will be using several websites for information so please be aware that some of  the information on these sites might be out of date or wrong. So, please be aware of that. I am using the information that I have come across to illustrate what I am trying to say. I will not be commenting on every part of this agenda as it will be too long and tedious to read. So, please stick with it and carry on to the end.


I suggest that you read the whole of the agenda for yourself, all 350 pages of it to check what I am saying to see if it is true or not as I will only be able to do a brief summary of its contents, so that you do not get bored with the length of the work. The actual document covers  forty chapters with many sub-sections, hence the cutting short of this essay.




The way that the Agenda 21 paper is set up is as follows.


1. Preamble.

2. Social economic dimensions.

3. Conservation and management of resources.

4. Strengthening role of major groups.

5. Means of implementation.

The United Nations Agenda 21.

A warning to the U.K. 

and the world, by John Harrold.

1. The Preamble.


This section of the work sets out their ideas of what they (the United Nations) want to see happen in the near future and they are already working their way towards that goal. The plan started in the early 1990's.


You will come across such words like "sustainability" and "world order" quite often  in this section.


Paragraph 1.1. Says that there needs to be a global partnership to solve all of the world's problems. They are  saying  that  these problems are being caused by the worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health, illiteracy and the deterioration of the world's ecosystems.

Paragraph 1.2. Here they are calling for a balanced view on how to tackle these problems. This came from a conference held on 22 December 1989 and became the U.N. resolution 44/228.




Paragraph 1.6. Here they are advocating that new money must be found to combat all of the problems outlined in paragraph 1.1.


Part of their ideas are to put more money into the poorer countries to bring them up to the level of the rest of the industrialised world. This new money will supposedly help to accelerate the sustainable and economic development in these poorer nations.


My question is this, where is the so called new money going to come from?


The answer is from the better off nations.


What will become of the richer nations?


The answer is that they will become poorer.


Billions of Pounds and Dollars have been given to a lot of these poorer nations, so why are they still poor?


The answer to this question is that a lot of it has been stolen by the governments of these nations and has gone into the pockets of corrupt officials and not to the places or to the people that it was meant for.


The word for this is idea is Equalisation.


Paragraph 1.6. This section is calling for a new world or global partnership to solve all of our ills.



Yes, there will be a one world government, and is to be found in the Bible which I will be dealing with at the end of the essay.


2. Social and Economic dimensions.


Paragraph 2.1. Again the United Nations is calling for a world economy by all the states who are members of the United Nations organisation.

Lenin did this at the start of the Russian revolution in the early part of the 20th century and then lied to the people. Because of his lies the whole of  Russia became a serfdom, where the ordinary people had no say in anything, but were told what they could believe and do etc. That will happen again if this Agenda21 comes into being fully. The U.S.A  is the Guinea Pig for this plan and parts of it are already being implemented right across the nation under a cloak of lies. It could happen here in the U.K. if our governments and the true Christians do not stand up to this plan and say "No we are not having it here". It is up to all of us to take a stand and say no, not just a few of us, all of us need to stand up and be counted.




Paragraph 2.2. Here they are saying that we should get rid of the Third World debt by making sure that these nations have the finances to develop by getting rid of the debt, trade restrictions, having more access to world markets and the lowering of terms of trade and commodity prices.


Question. How do we stop the corruption at the top of the tree, as I have already asked in the previous section?


Question. If we lower the prices for commodities the richer nations will become poorer  and then they will not be able to help the rest of the world, so what will happen then? The answer will be that all of us will be poorer.


The next heading is called, "Promoting sustainable development through trade basis for action".


Paragraph 2.5. There's those words again, "sustainable development". It is used twice in this paragraph and many more times throughout the whole of the Agenda 21 thesis. I have shortened the next piece to the following words. Open-equal-secure-non discriminatory and predictable multilateral trading system. It is saying that all of the world trade has to be consistent with the goals and aims of this agenda so that there is a sustainable development with the optimal distribution of global production and advantage to all of the trading partners.


I.E. everyone has the same, is the same, with there being no rich people or poor ones either.




A level playing field? I do not think so. Look what happened in Russia because of Lenin's lies. Then look at Germany in the late 1920's. Hitler promised all sorts of things and then lied to the people. If you tell a lie long enough people will come to believe that it is the truth.  In any sport you will always get someone who will cheat to try to win dishonestly and so it will  happen in this scenario as well. There will always be someone who will be dishonest and corrupt and who will take the advantage over a weaker person. So have they (the United Nations) a solution to get rid of the corruption in high places across the world? I wonder!


Paragraph. 2.6. Here comes the government bit. They want to see environmental concerns being integrated into national government plans.


Here you need to read the Green Party Manifesto for the U.K. and you will see something of what these people want for our nation. Their manifesto is almost the same as the one for the Green Party in the U.S.A. All of the Green parties across the world have the same or similar plans for our world and that is to dominate all of us into thinking their way, which is Communism in disguise.


Paragraph. 2.7. This section says that trade should be liberalized to be in harmony with the environment.




What they mean is that governments will tell farmers what to grow, when to grow it and how much to grow at any one time. If this agenda is accepted across the world then farmers will no longer own the land that may have been in their families for centuries. Look at what happened to Russia in the early part of the 20th century. All farms were under the control of the state and were made into collectives.


Over the past few years there have been trials with Genetically Modified wheat. I am not convinced of the argument behind these experiments, because it could be used to control the supply of wheat seeds to the growers who would have to buy their seeds every year that they wanted to plant wheat. I understand that in normal circumstances the farmers would save the best wheat seeds to use for the following years crop. G.M. seeds will only grow once and do not produce seeds that can be used for a following season, so new seeds have to be bought each year to grow the next season's crop. I totally understand the argument about having disease free crops which can produce a better and higher yield, but at what cost to the environment? Our pests are some part of natures food source for other animals and birds etc. Destroy the pests and you might at the same time destroy the habitat that you are trying to save.




Paragraph.2.8. Here they are saying that world trade is continuing to grow faster than world output. I do not understand this at all. Are they saying that less goods are being shipped around the world to equalise the world output? Or, are they saying that we are not producing enough to warrant the amount of shipping that is being used to ship stuff around the globe? To my way of thinking, if you are trading more, then you must be producing more.


Paragraph.2.9. There are four objectives here to show what they are wanting to do for the future of our world. a. To promote an open non discriminatory and equitable multilateral trading system to improve the economic structures and living standards of nations.  Didn't Lenin say something like that in 1917? Then he lied after he took control of Russia.


b. To improve access and markets for exports of developing countries. Some countries have next to nothing to export because they have no natural resources or because they are too small. I am thinking here of some of the South Sea Island States in the Pacific Ocean.


c. To improve commodity markets and policies worldwide.




d. To promote policies of support of the same to make economic growth and environmental protection mutually supportive. In other words to control what people do and to where they can and cannot go etc.


Paragraph 2.10. There are five activities listed in this section as follows.


a. Halt and reverse protectionism. Further liberalization. Expand world trade for the benefit of all nations especially the developing ones. Meaning a level playing field for all.


b. To provide  a fair and equitable trading system.


c. To facilitate the integration of all nations into the world economy and international trading system. This looks like one set of rules for any nation that is trading across the world.


d. to make sure that all environmental and trading policies are mutually supportive with a view to achieving sustainable development.


e. Trading policies to be strengthened through the Uruguayan round of multilateral trading negotiations.


Paragraph.2.13. a. This paragraph talks about the liberalizing of trading systems and creating a domestic environment in the support of a balance between production for their domestic and export markets. What it seems to be saying is that you have to remove the blockages that are against exports and to stop buying inefficient imports as a market for your country.



b. this section is saying that you need to promote policies and a framework to improve your efficiency as well as your infrastructure in your exporting and importing of goods. This also applies to your home markets as well.


Paragraph.2.17. Here you will come across to words.


a. GATT. which is the title  of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. This an international agreement for regulating trade between nations.


b. UNCTAD. This is the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.  This agreement was established in 1964.


Paragraph. 2.16. a. What it seems to be saying is that all trading should be done with the environment in mind as well as taking note of occupational health issues.

b. Where there is a shortfall in export earnings in the poorer countries that they should be compensated for by the richer nations. This means that the richer nations bail out the poorer ones thus making the poorer ones richer and the richer nations poorer. This is part of the plan to take what the richer nations have to give to the poorer ones. Would the money given in these cases to the poorer nations go to the people or would it be creamed off at the top by corrupt officials?




c-e. These sections can be summed up as saying that we should help the developing nations to plan, design and market their products in a more efficient way and to help them to diversify at the same time.


A lot of smaller nations like those in the South Pacific have no natural resources other than tourism and coconuts. So what would they do then? Sell sand? If there are no other resources available to these people would the plan be to ship in heavy industry which would then completely spoil their habitat and natural beauty?


Paragraph. 2.17. Finances. The costs given for this plan so far between 1993 and 2000 were $8.8billion. This is about £5 billion. Later on the cost is quoted as being $10 billion, about £6 billion. Which is correct?  This is our money from the taxes which we pay, which our government is giving to the United Nations to prop up this Agenda that in the end it will be used to control all of us if the agenda ever gets fully implemented. Is that what you want to see. If it is not then we, the people of the U.K. should rise up and demand an answer from our elected representatives in Parliament.

Paragraph.2.18. The aim of this agenda is to use natural resources by strengthening the national capabilities for the design and implementation of the commodity policy.




This sounds very much like a control of all the world's commodities and resources as well as the prices of everything.


The next section is called, "Making trade and environment mutually supportive. Basis for action. "


Paragraph 2.19. Here the authors of this agenda are advocating that if you have sound environmental policies and an open multilateral trading system, that this will benefit all of us  especially the environment. This means that the environment has priority over the needs of us human beings.


Paragraph 2.20.  Going Global once more.


Here they are arguing once more for a more level playing field across the world, meaning that the richer nations bail out the poorer ones who in turn become richer at our expense. Let me give you an example of this from my working days. I used to deliver goods to a lot of catering establishments and one of the things that I was told was that we, the U.K. had to bring our catering hygiene standards down to the level of the rest of Europe. Our standards were higher but had to be lowered so that other countries did not feel that they were inferior. Why couldn't these other countries  have been helped to bring their standards up to the level of ours, thereby making things safer for all of us?






Paragraph 2.21.  In this section there are three parts which I am going to make into one so as to cover all of the main points. Here they are saying that all Governments through the GATT, UNCTAD ,and other trading bodies should make international and environmental policies that are mutually supportive and in favour of sustainable development. As well  this they also say that it should be to clarify the roles of the groups mentioned above in trade and environmental issues internationally. The next bit says that we should get industry involved with environmental issues as well.

What I am seeing here is that all the laws on trading between nations being placed under one umbrella organisation to control world trade. As long as it fits in with the environmental rules you will be ok, but as soon as you start to think for yourself, you will be in big trouble with these people who want to rule everything that we do or say. You and I will have to do as we are told, or else.




Paragraph 2.22. Section i.


 This section is interesting as it seems to be implying that unless an importing nation agrees to your rules in the way your exports are being made and sold etc.(i.e. environmentally friendly) you will not be able to sell them to that nation.  This smacks of being told what to think by someone else. Again this is a Green Communist idea of controlling people. The rest of this section seems to be saying that the environment is more important than the people who live in that environment.




Paragraphs 2.23/24. These two paragraphs deal with Third World debt and the need for investments into those nations. .Yes, I agree that there are many parts of the world that need more investment put into their infrastructure, but why should the richer nations keep giving our money to these nations where there is corruption at the top of the nations leadership? If we keep giving like that we will become even poorer and not have the money to help these nations to improve their standard of living. We need to see the corruption stopped in these poorer nations as a first step to their improvement and then sound monetary advice to show them how they can make these improvements to their economy.




Paragraph 2.27. Debt issues and how they are dealt with.


The countries with big debt issues need to negotiate with the banks, and their creditors to reduce their debts and to encourage inward investment into their nations.

One suggestion here is the Paris Club.


Until I started to write this article, I had never heard of this organisation, so on looking it up I found that it is an informal group from nineteen nations from the world's biggest economies who give advice on debts to the governments who apply to them for help. The I.M.F. quite often recommend that governments use this service. This club has been around for over fifty years as of February 2014. There is also another thing mentioned here in this section called "Trinidad Terms". I tried to find out on the internet what this means but until now I have been unsuccessful. It seems to be a mechanism to solve the debts of the poorer nations with their creditors.


Paragraph. 2. 30. Again we are looking at the same ideas as earlier to solve the problems of nations who are in great debt to other nations.  One of the answers that they suggest is that these countries apply to the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) for a loan to help them to get out of trouble.


Wait a moment here,. Can any of you remember what the Callaghan Government did in 1979?




They applied to the same fund for a loan of $3.9 billion which has been said since that they did not need. But, what the nation was not told was what it would cost us to have that loan. I did not know for years what we were going to pay for this unwanted loan. Here are some of the things which I have just discovered today as I searched the Internet for some clues. The I.MF. is part of the Global banking system and following are some of the things that a nation will have to do if they want to get rid of that loan.


a. Structural adjustments to the way things are done.

b. Austerity.

c. Economic output and resource extractions.

d. Devaluing your currency.

e. Foreign investment.

f. Removal of price controls and state subsidies.

g. Privatization of state properties.

h. More rights for foreign investors over our own ones.

i. Fight corruption.



This idea is sometimes called the

                  "Washington Consensus".


Please look this up for yourself and see just how much it is like some of the Agenda 21 policies.


What happened to the U.K after this loan was granted was that we now have no heavy engineering, no railway manufacturing, no large ship building, no coal mining, etc. etc. Either these entities were sold off or they were closed down. That was the cost of the I.M.F. loan taken out in 1979 according to the information I found on the internet.


Paragraph. 2.31.               BASIS FOR ACTION.


Policies for a misdirected spending need to be changed. Who can say that what one country spends its money on is either right or wrong? What one nation decides to do is not for another one to say that it is wrong. the only time that I would consider something to be wrong here is if one nation starts arming for a war against an adjoining nation, or something like that. Again it seems that that the this agenda is advocating that the misdirected public spending and large budget differences are paid for by the richer nations in favour of the poorer ones.




Paragraph.2.32. At long last they are starting to say something about corruption at the top of the poorer nations as well as the richer ones.


Paragraphs. 2.33 to 2.43. These paragraphs also carry on about the way that money is to be dealt with. For the sake of this essay being too long, could I suggest that you follow this section up on your own?


                 COMBATING POVERTY.


Paragraphs 3.1 and 3.2. In these two sections they are trying to show a way of getting rid of poverty across the world.  They say that it can be solved by economic growth, and sustainable development. How is this to be achieved? By having an effective strategy which will be needed to tackle the problems of poverty, development and the environment. This will start by focusing on resources, production and people, covering demographic issues, enhanced healthcare, education, women's rights youth, indigenous people, local governments and a democratic participation in association with better governance of the people, or nation.


Paragraph.3.3. The above ideas will strengthen employment as a means of generating the wealth to get rid of poverty. My question here is this. Will it work?


Paragraph. 3.4. How to achieve this aim.




a. to provide everyone with an opportunity  to have a sustainable livelihood.


b. implementation of local policies and strategies that promote levels of funding so that they can have an income, and increased local control of their resources etc. This will include a greater involvement of N.G.O's and local government which will deliver the systems needed to ensure that these plans can go ahead.


c. sound policies to be developed in all poverty stricken areas as well as programmes of sound and sustainable management of the environment, resource usage, poverty eradication, alleviation, employment and income generation.


d. They want to see the development of  national plans and budgets or investments of human capital, especially directed to rural areas, poor urban districts, women and children. I would like to know what "human capital" means as I have never heard of the term before? Does it mean that human beings are being used like money is or is it something more sinister than that?  In my working days, we used to have a Personal Officer who looked after the staff, then it became a Human Resources Officer, now we are to be called  "human capital". I am not a resource, or a human capital, I am a human being, a person who God loves and who Jesus died for. What we have here is the dehumanising of people to a commodity and having their humanity taken from them.



Paragraph .3.5. Here the agenda is focusing on empowering people by the delegation of authority to the local people in community groups to make sure that the programme is geographically and ecologically specific to alleviate poverty and develop sustainability. They also suggest that there should be long term plans to get rid of poverty by helping the disadvantaged groups such as women, children and young adults as well as refugees. The plan aims to help all sorts of communities who at present are at a disadvantage in the poorer nations.


Paragraphs 3.6/ 3.7. The focus here is on basic education, health care and the advancement of women. No help for the male of the species to change their ways and attitudes are mentioned in this section so that there would be a fairer system for all of us. This plan is being pushed through education and protection of our natural resources.

Paragraph.3.8. This is a very big section in the agenda about families being planned as well as the rights of men and women to choose how many children they want to have.  One question that I have here is, does this mean that abortions will be included in this agenda for families in this health care plan?






Paragrpah.4.1/4.2. This part is the first section which is dealing with unsustainable production and consumption of our natural resources. The idea is to make us change the way we use things. It also deals with transport, energy and waste.


Paragraph.4.3. This part is suggesting that there is a connection between poverty and environmental degradation. What it seems to mean is that we in the developed and industrialised nations of the world are the cause of the poverty of the poorer nations of the world. Could this mean that there are too many people in the world for the resources that we have and use? Or is this part of the plan to make the industrialised countries poorer?


Paragraphs 4.5/4.6. It seems to be saying here that all of the richer industrialised nations are the cause of the worlds troubles, because they have too much and the rest of the world does not have enough of the resources to make a decent living. Hence their poverty. Their answer is the same as I have mentioned earlier, and that is that this plan wants to take from the rich to give to the poor.  Isn't this the same idea that Robin Hood had in the 12th and 13th century A.D. England?




They accuse the richer nations of exploitation of the worlds resources, but if this did not happen to a degree then where would the help for the poorer ones come from? We are told in Genesis chapter two that we are to care for our world and not to exploit what we have been given to the disadvantage of others. If we cared for the world and looked after it properly then we would have no poverty. There is plenty of land in the world where we can grow things to feed everyone who is in need, and all that it would take is to change a lot of the old ways of growing crops naturally, (not with G.M. seeds) to produce more food so that all of us can get a fair share of it. It seems that this plan(Agenda 21)is for a small group to control the worlds resources like the Communists did in Russia from 1917 until the fall of Communism in the 1980's.

Paragraph. 4.7./4.8 and 4.9.




In these three paragraphs there are the basic plans of how they would like to achieve this world plan for resources, trade, environment, etc. In 4.7 we see the promotion of patterns and production that will reduce environmental stress, which will meet the basic needs of humanity, and at the same time to develop more sustainable patterns of consumption.




Then they say that all countries should strive to achieve the aims of the above paragraph 4.7, with the developed nations leading the way. Also they advocate that the industrialised nations stop all production that harms the environment, and is inefficient and wasteful. The developed nations will be expected to lead the way in these changes. To follow this they say that a high priority should be given to making sure that these goals and plans, as well as their aims, should be met. A question comes to mind here. Who will do the snooping to make sure that these plans etc will be carried out? Will it be the U.N. or local governments in each country? They give no answer here at all.

Paragraphs 4.10/ 4.11/4.12/4.13/4.14.




In these five sections they are presenting ideas to see how their plans are working and if they can be improved upon. These ideas will be to ensure that what the agenda says will be carried out to the letter. Then the review part will see if there is anything going wrong with the plans and to see where changes will needed to be made to keep the agenda on their track.


I think that I can see a pattern emerging here which is saying that the environment is more important than the people who live on Planet Earth and that the environment needs to be saved from us human beings.



Well, I have some news for you. There is coming a day when there will be no Planet Earth as we know it as it will be totally destroyed by fire. You can read about this in the second letter of the Apostle Peter in chapter three. Then what will these One World people do? You had better get right with God before that terrible time arrives here on Planet Earth.


Paragraphs.4.15/4.16. These two parts are all about how they plan to maintain this plan through sustainable development-environmental quality-efficiency in production-changes in patters of consumption and less waste as well as a reorientation of the way that we do things are all covered in these two paragraphs.


Paragraph.4.18.    OBJECTIVES.


Here we have three ways that governments and other organisations should strive to be doing to achieve the aims of this agenda.

a. promotion of efficiency and less waste.

b. through a domestic policy to encourage change to more sustainable patters of production and consumption.

c. to re-enforce the values that encourage the above two items.




Here is another question to chew over here. If any government or other body refuses to go along with these plans what will happen to them? Will they be forced by armed conflict to put them into operation? I wonder!




Paragraph. 4.18.In the following five points they are advocating that the amount of energy and materials per unit of production is reduced to alleviate environmental stress, ( does this mean more people out of work and on the dole?) and greater economic industrial productivity and competitiveness. Does this mean that there are to be less jobs going around? They are asking governments to work with industry to intensify their efforts to achieve this by the following,


a. Encouraging sound technologies.

b. Research and development of the same.

c. Help other countries to do the same.

d. Encourage environmentally use of the sound and renewable sources of energy.

. Encouraging environmentally sound and sustainable use of renewable and natural resources.




Paragraphs. 4.19 to 4.22. RECYCLING.


In the following four paragraphs the subject of recycling is dealt with in various ways of how to minimise waste and to encourage recycling at all levels of society. One way that they say that we can reduce waste is in stopping, or reducing extra packaging of goods. Another way they say is to encourage sound products and to encourage households to recycle more than they do at present. Governments should encourage people to recycle and also industry should label items which can be recycled. This is already being done in the U.K. as I have personally noticed on jars and tins in the shops this year.(2014) Here in the U.K. some local councils are saying that if you do not recycle waste items that you will be fined  £1 000, and in others the weight of your bins has been recorded and if you are throwing out too much you will also get fined for doing so. This is not the way to encourage recycling as it smacks too much of "Big Brother" tactics. If you have never read the book "1984" by George Orwell you should have a look at it as it is describing some of the things that he said in 1948 which are already happening in 2014.

In paragraph 4.22. I seem to get the impression that they are advocating here that if we do not recycle things, then the world will suffer because of that choice of not recycling.




 It also seems to be saying that if we do not recycle things, then we can expect to get bad health and that the environment will suffer as well. In the last part of this section they are saying that governments should create programmes that are recycling orientated.  Before we move on to the next paragraph I want to tell you how we recycled things in the 1940's and 50's. When I was a young lad my parents, like thousands of others, recycled whatever we could as the wages then were quite low. In my family we recycled, (the word that we used was reused) as much as we could to make ends meet. We used all the vegetable peelings to feed our rabbits which were a food source for the family. Then (before the age of teabags) used tea leaves were put into the coal store to bind up the coal dust and to stop the coal dust flying in the air  when the coal was being shovelled into a container for the fire. We reused old bits of wood to mend things and shoes were mended until they were impossible to mend anymore. To save on the leather my shoes often had studs hammered into the soles and my didn't they make sparks when you deliberately kicked the studs on the paving stones. All this we did out of necessity and as far as possible we never wasted food. Sunday leftovers were made into a meal on Mondays That used to be cold meat and chips. We just could not afford to waste anything that was reusable in those days.




We used to save as much money as we could throughout the year so that we had at least a week's holiday in the summer. No luxury travel then, just a week or two at the seaside in Britain. Greed goes along with waste and so does easy come and easy go. People do not seem to want to reuse things now as it is often cheaper to buy something new rather than get it mended.


Paragraph.4.23.The governments of the world would be expected to set an example by only purchasing things that this plan would allow. Would this then filter down to the general public that we would only be able to buy what we are told to buy? I wonder! This could also mean a control on the money supply from government to the people as a way of making us go the way that we are told to go.


Paragraphs.4.24 and 4.29.


Here the plan advocates that there should be pricing controls and environmental charges and taxes to protect the environment. In the U.K. we have had a tax on air travel for several years now. I will be dealing with that in a later chapter under how this plan is already affecting our nation (i.e. the U.K.)




Paragraphs.4.26 and 4.27.


Here they are promoting a backup plan to ensure that all of us are doing what we have been told to do by the promotion of positive attitudes, education, public awareness, etc. through positive advertising and products and services that adhere to this Agenda 21 programme, or will support it. The way they want to implement this agenda is through the buying power of women and households. What I am seeing here is that they want to indoctrinate women to do their bidding by clever and slick advertising to get women to do what they are advocating in the Agenda 21 programme. Why are they hiding this plan behind women's skirts? Why can't they come clean and say that we are using people to push our ideas forward instead of being cowards? Another question I have here is, why can't they say that they want to rule the world openly? They won't do that because people would see through their plans, hence the secrecy. Reader, please be aware that this Agenda 21 plan is a blueprint for world domination by the Communist bloc and it has nothing to do with saving the planet at all. So please be aware of what you are reading and hearing from the so called Green movement worldwide.






This section of the agenda is about gaining and developing knowledge and 

disseminating it to others. A sharing of ideas and knowledge from all over the world to control it better.(i.e. to control us better)


Paragraph.5.3. States that the rate at which the world's population is growing is putting a huge strain on the environment and the life supporting systems which we use every day. It seems that they are saying that because of human activity our resources of land, water, air, energy, etc. are under stress from us because we are not using them in a proper way. The biggest problems, they say, are coming from the fast growing cities and urban areas which are the stress makers for the environment in those localities.


Decisions will have to be made by governments and other agencies about this problem and how to combat it. In one of the books that I shall mention at the end of this resume says, that part of this plan is to build high rise blocks of flats and not to build housing estates that spread out into the countryside. I can tell you from things that I saw and heard in the past that this is a plan heading for disaster because one of the problems is, where do the children of the families in high rise flats play and what do you do if there is a major fire in them?




Have you ever watched the film, "The Towering Inferno"? that film gives you a glimpse of what could happen in a tower block fire.


Paragraph.5.4. is advocating that changes need to be made by human beings to save the environment from the impact of human beings. Are they saying here that there needs to be a cull in the human race? If so who would be the first persons to be culled? Would it be the people who rule us? I doubt it very much!


Paragraph.5.5. In this section they are putting forward ideas and suggestions to combat the stress that is being put on the environment by us human beings.


a. To incorporate demographic trends into a global analysis of environmental and development trends. A world wide survey of what people are doing would possibly be a better way of saying things.


b. To develop a better understanding of the relationships between demographic dynamics, technology, cultural behaviour, natural resources and life support systems. Is the planet dying? It would seem so if it needs a life support system. It seems to my way of thinking that they want to mix everything up to see what the results will be at the end of it, and then make laws to change everything.



It is like a child's paint box where you wash the brush in water and after using all of the colours all you get then is dirty water of an indistinct  colour. That is what this idea seems to be leading to.


c. To assess the human vulnerability in ecologically sensitive places and centres of population. This will be done to determine the necessary priorities for action at every level and will include defined community needs. Is what they are stating here that human beings should be kept out of the countryside? If that is the idea then our health could suffer as many of us like to get out of our towns and cities to get some fresh air into our lungs, which in turn does us good.




Paragraph.5.7. This section is dealing with the finances of implementing this plan, or at least to get it going. Earlier it was stated that it was to be approx $8.8billion, but here they are now saying that it is going to be $10 billion (between 1993 and 20000) to see their programme getting going. That means that the cost has gone up by $1.2 billion in the time that the previous page and this one were written. All of this money is to come from national governments in grants and concessions. That is our tax money being used to control us if this agenda is fully implemented. So, Watch out!




Paragraphs. 5.8. / 5.9. This part is telling us that research, environmental and development programmes would be used to implement the financial side of things.




Deals with the development of information and public awareness programmes.

Paragraph. 5.12.Again they are bringing in the ideas of improving the status of a woman through education, healthcare, etc. In some parts of the world women are classed as second class citizens in their culture. That should not be so, as the Bible tells us in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 that God created women as equal to a man, but having different roles to a man in the family. Woman came from the side of man, not from his head to be over him, neither from his feet so that she would be below him, but from his side as an equal.


Paragraph.5.13. Tells us how the information about this plan and agenda would be broadcast to the world.


Paragraph.5.16. This is a large paragraph on what should be done to rectify the mess that us human beings have made of the resources of our planet because of the way in which we have misused the natural things around us. Again they talk about women's aspirations and health care which they have already mentioned several times.




What are they trying to say here? Men are not mentioned at all so far in this agenda. Why? Is it because a small group of men think that all men do not need to be educated and have good health care etc.?


Paragraphs.5.7 to 5.40. These paragraphs cover a wide range of things mainly dealing with the objectives, activities, assessments of this agenda so far and also to build and strengthening a national information or data base for each nation.

Paragraph. 5.41. Human resource development.


I hate being called a human resource for the following reasons. Coal is a resource, timber is a resource, so is water, gas, electricity.etc. I am a human being and not a resource to be used and then discarded when I am of no longer use. I am a person made in the image of Almighty God and not a resource. So are you, the person reading this essay.

Paragraph.5.42 and 5.43.



This agenda is advocating a population programme that takes into consideration the following things in an integrated framework consisting of integrates trends and factors.




These factors are ecosystem health, technology and human settlements in conjunction with socio-economic structures and access to resources. Population programmes should be in line with the above ideas. I do not like the  sound of this idea at all as it seems to me that it is going to be a way of controlling the population of the world by allowing abortions and birth controls to become mandatory across the nations.


Paragraphs.5.44 to 5.52. In this larger section there are things being mentioned which do not include us men folk at all. Only once are men mentioned as against women being mentioned about ten times. To start with they are asking that governments and other international bodies, with local communities, women's groups etc. to undertake and promote the things that they say are important in the rest of this section. Please look these up for yourself. The impression that I am getting here is that this plan is part of the feminist movement, where men are not to be counted for much, maybe just as baby makers and not much else. I do hope that I am wrong. I know that the health of women is important. but isn't the health of men just as important too? I know that in some parts of the world the women get a raw deal sometimes, and that their health suffers because of the way that they get treated.




 What I would like to see is that the way women are treated by men is changed to the way that the Bible says that they should be treated.  Read what the Apostle Paul says in the letter to the Ephesian Church about how husbands should treat their wives and how wives should care for their husbands. If the world followed God's way of doing things, then the lot of women would be much better. Going on from that I notice that men's health care is not pushed in the much as women's is on television and in advertising.




Paragraph. 5.53 to 5.56. Here they are asking for support and commitment for this plan to come from the political, indigenous, religious and traditional arenas as well as the private sector and the national scientific communities. These various groups would be used in the development and implementation of this agenda through various institutional conditions and to also closely involve any established machinery for doing so. The whole of this agenda is to make all of us think, breathe, behave etc. all in a single way and that would mean that our freedom of thought, speech, religion etc. will be stolen from us if we do not watch out.




On the religious front for a moment there will be a one world religion in the future as mention in the Bible and anyone alive at that time will have to bow down to it or die. Please do not think that because you are a Christian or a church goer that you are exempt from all of this plan. It has been going for about 25 years now. We are beginning to see these things coming into being right now as I will try to show you in the section on what is already happening in Great Britain in 2014. There will be more on this at the end of this essay.


Back to the Agenda 21. These people want us to go blindly along with these plans and not to look too deeply into them. Please read the agenda for yourself to check if what you are reading here is correct or not. The next part of this agenda mentions another branch of the United Nations work by the title of UNFPA. On looking this up I could only find part of the title which is United Nations Population Fund, This fund is being used to help poorer nations deal with their debts and gives other advice on health and related issues as well. They are working with other agencies at the same time to bring in this Agenda 21. to control the world also. In the last piece of this section they introduce proposals that should be made for all local, national and international population environments to achieve sustainability that need to be met. The very last bit introduces pensioners and older people.




Here they are saying that the old people in every community should not have to rely on their families for support. Wait a second. That is going to hurt a lot of families who come from the Sub-continent of India as they take great care of their older people. Their old people are held in great respect and the oldest one is head of the family and is not shoved into an old people's home. Is this what they are talking about, or is it something more sinister like euthanasia? I wonder! If it is the former then who is going to build all the homes needed for the older generation, of which I am one? This tells me that the state would try to control all the older people because the older generation have their minds already made up and would not change them to suit the state. Whereas younger people might.


Paragraph. 5.57. The estimated costs are mentioned again here at $7 billion, but wait a moment they said right at the start that it was $8 billion, then later on it changed to $10 billion. So which number is correct? Or is it a combined total that they mean here of $25 billion. That is approx £16 billion pounds  between 1994 and 2000. But what the cost is now? I have no idea.


Paragraphs. 5. 58 to 5.61. The following four sections of this  document deal with research and how people will react or respond to this agenda which is being prepared and already carried out in parts in the U.S.A.




At present there are very few people who know about this Agenda 21, so how are they going to react or respond to something that they know nothing about? They are saying that there needs to be surveys on the needs for changing the laws in family planning which reflect on various the socio-economics groups across the world.




Paragraphs. 5. 62. to 5.66. Did you know that I get rather upset and annoyed when I am being classed as a human resource. I will repeat what I said earlier. I AM A HUMAN BEING AND NOT A HUMAN RESOURCE. You the reader are the same. We were are made in the likeness of the most Holy God of the Universe. A resource is there to be used and then dumped on a rubbish tip when it is no longer able to do the job that it was being used for. That is how I see what these planners are doing to the human race. This whole section is saying that this plan will educate and to train  people to think in one way only, along the lines of the Green Lobby and no other. You will be told what to do, when to doit and when to do it, whatever it might be. This plan is the way to Hell as it will take any freedoms of thought, religion, decision making, etc. from you and make you a slave to the plans of this agenda.




 At the end of the essay I will be showing you what the Bible says from the Book of Revelations. There it says that everyone will be made to have a mark tattooed on their right hand or forehead. If you refuse that mark you will be killed. If you should take it, you will then end up in Hell. The choice will be yours




 Paragraph.6.1. What they are saying here is that health and development  go hand in hand with each other. If the development is not so good then your health suffers, and with an expanding world population we are going to get more severe health problems in every nation on Earth. Health, environment and socio-economic improvements require all of us to work together to achieve the health care aims of this agenda. In the "all of us"  that includes education, housing, public works, community groups as well as businesses, schools, universities, religious , civic and cultural organisations. Prevention programmes are to be pushed forward rather than remedial treatments. They then state that all countries should follow the ideas and plans set out in next part of these health paragraphs under the auspices of the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) All through this agenda you will keep finding the word "development" cropping up. My question here is what is being developed?



 They don't exactly say in so many words, but I have a feeling that they must mean this plan to rule the world. Another thing that I have noticed that they keep on about education. Now, education is important, but what are the people going to be taught? From what I have read already on this subject from other sources it seems that this agenda is starting to be spread from universities to the new school teachers already, who in turn will teach it to the children in the schools where they will go after graduation from university. So, parents please take note of what is being taught in the schools where your children attend.


Paragraph. 6.2. The programme areas which follow are the ones which they think are the most important and they are as follows,


a. Meeting primary health care needs mainly in rural areas.

b. Control of communicable diseases.

c. Protection of vulnerable groups.

d. Meeting the urban health challenge.

e. Reducing health risks from environmental pollution and hazards.




Paragraph.6.3. Our health depends on the ability to successfully manage the interaction between the physical, spiritual, ecological and economic social environment. They also say here that we need a healthy population to bring about the changes that they have planned for the environment, without damaging the environment, which if damaged could help to bring bad health to the population. The next idea which they would like to see  is for better health being promoted in food safety, water safety and in sanitation. I know in some parts of the world that water and sanitation are not very good at the best of times as I saw on two visits to Eastern Europe some years ago now. I agree that things needed to be done to educate people in parts of the world on better water quality and for better sanitation which will give their populations a better and more healthier lifestyle. Also there needs to be a change in the way that food stuffs are grown in poorer nations so that the quality and quantity is better, but that can only be achieved when corruption at the top is stopped and people are better taught on these things. One part of the lack of food, water and sanitation in the more needy parts of the world is that the monies of  charities who are helping them sometimes is creamed off by corrupt officials and does not reach the people at all.




Then, added to that some of the charity money never leaves the shores of our country as it is used to pay high wages etc. and not given to help those in need so I have been informed.


Paragraph. 6.5. The use of national governments, with the help of N.G.O's and international organisations, should develop and strengthen primary healthcare systems in accordance with the needs of different countries with special attention given to rural areas. To build the basic infrastructures, monitoring and planning systems they will need to put in place the following activities,


1.Develop and strengthen primary healthcare systems especially in the area of clean drinking water.

2.Support the use of and strengthen as well as improve the existing mechanisms at all of the appropriate government levels.

3. To put into practice affordable approaches to establishing and maintaining good health care.

4. To increase Social Services support.

5.To monitor and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of such programmes.

6. To find ways to finance the programme from other sources.




7. Health care and training in schools etc.

8.Support for the management of self help health groups.

9. Bring all traditional knowledge and experience into health care systems where appropriate.

10. To promote provision for health care for those in rural areas.

11. To promote and strengthen the necessary provisions for community based rehabilitation groups in rural areas.


The next three items are concerned with getting the local community involved in the appropriate use of the local communities money and resources as well as conducting health research in various ways to prevent bad health and to conduct research into traditional knowledge of preventative and curative health practices. This could possibly mean the use of Chinese medicines and also herbal plants as well. But would it include Witch Doctors from the jungles of Africa?




Paragraph. 6.6 says that the cost of this section would be about $40 billion.




So we are now up to $65 billion (approx. £44 billion in English money) for the whole of the plan so far. Where is all this money going to come from? You and me via our taxes etc.


Paragrpah.6.7. How are they going to achieve these goals that they have set for the health of the world? Following are some of the answers.


By the testing of new management and planning of health care systems.


By research and support of new ways to integrate these new ideas into the systems of health care.


By the encouragement of transferring and sharing of information and expertise, including the use of education and communication methods.


Education can be, and is good if it is not hijacked by  groups of people who are using it as a cover to push their own agendas as it is here.


Paragraphs. 6.8 to 6.9. This part of the plan deals with us human beings, people,( not human resources) and how to help us to use better the advances which being made in health care. It also mentions the things that governments should be promoting in getting local communities to take control of local health care issues and how to get the community trained  to do these things.




This sounds very similar to the communist idea of collectives which came about in Russia after the 1917 revolution. 6.11. This section deals with disease controls that are communicable ones in the areas of Malaria and HIV. etc. in which there have been a lot of medical advances since the year 2000.




Paragraph.6.12. Is a large section which deals with the objects of this part of the agenda. The aim was that by the year 2000 there would have been a lot of reduction or eradication in the disease ridden parts of the world. It is now February 2014 and I do not know  just how much of these aims has been achieved so far. The areas that they wanted to see these reductions in was as follows,


They hoped that the Guinea worm, Polio, River blindness, and a reduction in childhood Diarrhoea had come down by 50% to 80%.


By the year 2000 childhood incidents of Diarrhoea had been reduced by 25% to 50%.


By 1995 they wanted to see Measles deaths brought down by 95% and reported cases of the same to be down by 90%.




By 2000 to see a reduction in children's deaths from respiratory  illnesses for the under 5's to be down by 33%.


By 2000 to provide 95% of children worldwide with access to healthcare for respiratory illnesses.


By 2000 to have instituted an anti-Malaria programme in all of the countries where Malaria is a big problem.


By 2000 to have implemented control programmes where parasitic infections are endemic and to reduce the other infections at the same time from parasites by 40% down to 25% respectively for Schistosomiasis and Trematode infections. Aids, HIV, Tuberculosis and vaccine use was also mentioned. Whether any of the goals were ever met there is no real way of  knowing in 2014.But what I do know is that here in the South West of Wales in recent years there have been several cases of Measles which affected several schools and also there have been one or two E-coli outbreaks as well of which there were a couple of deaths.


Paragraphs.6.13 to 6.31. In the following few lines I am going to go through just a few of the points raised about health issues and these include plans to get governments, national and international bodies, to identify and monitor programmes that would include intervention and vaccine programmes.



Public information and health education on the risks of endemic diseases is also included. They are also saying that there needs to be environmental factors to control diseases. Then they go onto primary health care programmes and prevention ones as well with an emphasis on a balanced diet and good food. HIV. reduction needed for women and children. The last part goes on to things such as research, development and dissemination. Other parts of this section cover finance, scientific values. human resource development, Working together, protection and education of poorer groups of people and specific human groups, costs and finance etc.


Paragraphs. 6.32 to 6.34. This section sets out the basis for putting these ideas and plans into action as well as their objectives for doing so. They were hoping to see an improvement of between 10% to 40% by the year 2000. Whether that was achieved I do not know. This is followed by them saying what governments should be doing to promote these plans and ideas  at all levels to establish and strengthen various committee groups across the board. What seems to be being planned is a cohesive plan for the health of the world for all of us.


Paragraph.6.35. Costs. The cost for this part of the plan was set at $222 billion and so far that total cost is $690.7  billion and still rising.





Paragraph.6.39. This part of the plan shows how this world order would tackle pollution and how to correct what is going wrong. There was a KYOTO agreement in Japan some years ago to combat air pollution, but certain countries have not or will not sign up to it and they are the worst polluters around. Here in Great Britain back in the 1940's and 1950's we used to have thick dense fog that eventually turned to smog every winter, and these smogs would last for a week at a time. I remember one of them when I was about ten years old that was so bad that several thousand people died from the complications caused by breathing in the soot filled gog every day. The result was that around 1965 a clean air act was introduced and since then the smog menace virtually disappeared. They wanted to see by 2000 things introduced to change the ways that we produce things so that the air pollution problem was reduced. One thing that was introduced was an air tax on people using aeroplanes. I think that this tax was introduced to try to stop people flying, so that there would be less planes in the sky. So, who gets this money and what is it being used for? Does it go into the coffers of governments for them to spend or what?




Paragraph.6.40. This paragraph is all about pollution and gives you a list of things that are polluting our world. Urban air pollution, indoor pollution, water pollution, pesticides, solid wastes where people live noise pollution and radiation. This is followed up by industrial and energy products including industrial hygiene. Then it goes on about monitoring and reducing accidents at work with research being made into chemicals that can cause pollutants that would damage the health of the workers. I was wondering when they mentioned urban air pollutants if they were thinking of the smells that originate from farms. Actually in some of the smells from a farm there is ammonia in the air and that I am told is good for you to breath in as it clears your nasal passages.




Paragraph 7.1. They are saying here that in the large cities and towns of the industrialized nations that we are putting a great stress on the environment and global ecosystems because of the amount of things that we consume. Then they are saying because of that the poorer nations are suffering and things need to be shared out by us in the better off countries to help the poorer ones to catch up with us. We have been here earlier in this essay and I won't go over that part again here.




Paragraphs.7.2 and 7.3. These two paragraphs deal with how things can be changed if the poorer countries had  more money to spend on the things that would bring them up to our standards. Then they say that because of their poverty the environment is being upset and under great stress. Hang on a minute. Didn't they sat just now that it was the consumers in the industrialized nations that was putting the environment under great stress. So this would mean that all of us human beings are upsetting the environment by consuming too much and  consuming too little. It does not make sense to me at all.


Paragraphs.7.4. to 7.5. The aim of this part of the agenda is to improve the quality of human settlements by social, economic and environmental means, especially for the urban and rural poor. All sections of government etc. to be involved in this scheme to help the following, special interest groups, women, elderly and disabled people. They say that the following eight ideas should be implemented and for them to be monitored to see if they the disadvantaged  groups of people that they mention.

The eight ideas are as follows,


a. providing adequate shelter for all.

b. improving settlement management.



c. promoting sustainable land use through planning and management.

d. promoting an integrated plan for the infrastructure.

e. promoting a sustainable energy and transport system for settlements.

f. promoting sustainable planning and management in disaster prone areas.

g. Promoting a sustainable construction industry.

h. promoting human resource development and capacity building for settlements. What do they mean by settlements? Do they mean settlements like the Ancient Britons had 2000 years ago, or do they mean that we are to go back to that type of living? Mud huts! I live in a house on a housing estate near a city and not in a settlement.


Paragraphs. 7.6. to 7.15. These paragraphs all deal with the rights of all of us to have a safe and healthy shelter, which they say is conducive to having good health. I don't live in a shelter, I live in a house. I know that in some parts of the world that there are people who do not have good housing, but they mean that all of us should have lower standards in the industrialized nations to bring us down to the level of the poorer ones?




About 1994 this document said that if nothing was done by the year 2000 a lot more people would be living in poor housing. Has that changed since then? I cannot possibly tell you as I do not have that sort of information to hand. Global plans were then mentioned for 1988 and 2000 to meet the need of poor housing. This is followed by ten things that they wanted to see in action through this agenda, which I suggest that you read for yourself. All this is to help the poorer people in the world to have a better life than they have at present.  They mention costs toward the end of each part of the plans that they have, which I will give at the very end of the exercise. The aim of this part of the plan is to make sure that everyone of us lives in a managed housing system that enhances the living conditions of the poorer countries.


Paragraphs.7.16. to 7.21. This is all about how we will see our towns and cities changed to the plans of this agenda and managed for the future. It also includes how we should help those who are out of work who live in rural areas.


Paragraphs.7.22. to 7.26. Deal with the costs and how the human race is going to be educated and trained for the future of this plan. Sounds like we are going to be indoctrinated instead.




Paragraphs. 7. 27. to 7.31. These paragraphs are their basis for bringing this plan into action and it includes how we use our land, developing what each nation has and how to manage it according to this agenda. The last points mention the various world bodies which would be helping to pay and make sure that this plan is on track.


Paragraphs. 7.32. to 7.34. This section tells us that they want to see more technology being used here, so that we can be controlled into using the land that we have properly according to this agenda. Then comes even more training. Every section of this agenda includes a section about training and, or, education. This sort of thing is going to take an awful long time to complete and I expect that is why they will start with the very young in schools and also in the universities as they have done in the U.S.A. Another part of this training or retraining will be with the farming communities. A lot of farmers have been farming for many years as were their ancestors before them on the same farm, so why do they need to be retrained?


Paragraphs. 7.35. to 7. 38. This section mentions what they would like to see developed in the way that our water is managed, our air quality and an environmentally safe sewage system. They want to see all of this in place by 2025.




 In the U.K over this current winter (2013 to 2014) we have seen unprecedented storms for the past ten weeks with a few more to come and winds reaching record levels up to 108 m.p.h. Then where will their plans for the U.K. be? Right up the shoot, as the costs to our country will be way up in the hundreds of £ millions to clear up the mess.

Paragraphs. 7.42. Covers a lot of activities which they say that will needed to be done to complete this agenda in the time frame allowed.


Paragraphs. 7. 43 to 7.45. This part deals with the costs of putting this part of their plans into action and also the scientific and technological means to complete the programme.


This is followed by yet more training of us humans in various ways. Can you see what I said earlier about being brain washed here? This training is to make all of us think along the same lines and ways that they have set before us. We will be pressurised into thinking, eating and sleeping this agenda if we do not watch out.


Paragraphs. 7. 46. to 7.54. Here they are saying that public transport is using up too much of the worlds resources and needs to be changed and that their energy patterns of use need to be less. The section then goes on




Paragraphs. 7.55. to 7.80. These paragraphs cover a lot of things so I will not go into then here, but I would suggest that you look them up for yourself.

From here on in I am only going to mention the heading of each chapter because if I go through everything like before then this work will be just as long as the original and probably will send you to sleep in the process.


Chapter 8. Integrating environment and development in decision making.


chapter 9.Protecting the atmosphere. Covering how they would control our air quality, and the usage of land and sea in the way that stops pollution.


Chapter 10. Management of our resources and how we should use them in future


Chapter 11.              Combating deforestation.


This is a way being planned for various parts of the world where the forests and major woodlands are being destroyed bit by bit. The ideas that are being planned are to see that these woodlands are managed in a far better way so that the habitats of the flora and fauna are not destroyed. The Amazon Forest is a good example here, where a vast swathe of this forest has been burned to make more land available for agriculture.




 The problem arises that if we stop using timber for our needs then what do we use in place of it? The answer is plastic. Ugh! I hate plastic furniture as it is not real.


Chapter 12. Managing fragile ecosystems, combating desertification and drought. Fragile eco-systems are described here as deserts, semi deserts, mountains, wetlands, small islands and some coastal areas. I am all for looking after places like wetlands as they provide a breathing space near to our larger cities towns and villages.


Chapter 13.     Sustainable mountain development.


According to this plan, mountains are an endangered species. This section deals with water and erosion of soils as well as mountain farming. Here in Wales the only thing you can do with mountains other than going for a long walk over them is to breed sheep and collect up the water in lakes.

Chapter 14. Promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development.


It is estimated here that the world population will reach 8.5 billion people and that they will all need good food and water etc. So the idea is for all of us to get involved to solve the problem of growing the food that the world will need then.




The plan also covers the idea of a planned land usage for food production and conservation of water, animals, pest controls, plant life, natural habitat and energy etc. The estimate that the need for food in the world went up by 50% by 2000 and that it would be double again by 2025. Pesticides and pests could affect between the food supply between 25% and 50%


Chapter 15.     Conservation of biological diversity.


This part deals with genetics, species, population and eco-systems. Then they go on to say that the biological resources that we have do the following things. Feed us, clothe us, provide homes for us, provide medicines for us and also spiritual nourishment as well. Spiritual nourishment ?? I would question that by asking what sort of spiritual nourishment do they mean? It seems to suggest that you are to worship the natural world and not the God of the Bible who made the world in the first place. Reader be careful here.


Chapter 16.                    Biotechnology. 


This chapter is dealing with the genetics (DNA.) of plants animals and microbial systems. There has been quite an argument in the U.K. over the planned use of genetically modified crops for good reasons as nobody really knows what the outcome will be if these crops go into mass production worldwide.



 I mentioned this earlier about the seeds having to be bought every year so I won't go over that again here.


The ideas behind this altering of our food is for better health care and to enhance food production and to  have an increased supply of food and for its distribution worldwide to bring better health where it is needed.  Is this a way that people are trying to play at being God?


Chapter 17. Protection of the oceans, seas and coastal areas etc.


Current efforts are not good enough for the management of our coastal resources says this chapter and that there needs to be some new plans to combat the erosion of our coast lines. Which in turn would help to protect our marine life in those seas nearby. Shipping is getting some of the blame here as ships disturb things as they sail by. this section covers the ecosystems of all seas, oceans, inland seas and coastal regions.


Chapter 18.         Water quality and supply.


Water is essential to the well being of every living creature in the world and can so easily be disturbed, poisoned and polluted if things are not changed so that all human beings and animals have access to pure and clean water. We can forgo food for quite a while, but not so with water. We need that commodity more than food.




Here it is being advocated that the changes in the climate and air pollution are affecting the water supplies to the world. To a degree I agree with that, but, why are there so many parts of the world where there is little or no clean and pure drinking water? Answer is corruption and lack of vision to change things. When I was in Eastern Europe several years ago now, the toilets were a hole in the ground in a shed in the garden and the water supply to the house was a well not far away and in the same garden. The waste water liquids were penetrating the water supply which was then drawn from the well for the people and animals to drink. Not very healthy.


The plan here is also about flooding and having the staff and money to retain and train the staff to control floods. Here in the U.K. this winter (2013/2014) we have seen unprecedented flooding across the South, South West and Wales because of record breaking rainfall. Yet the staff and budgets to help control such events has been drastically cut by the government in London. These floods have been caused by the JET STREAM moving south over the past two months. Hence the unusually heavy rain falls and storms.



Chapter 19.                    Toxic chemicals.


Toxic chemicals can and do have side effects on our health and need to be stooped and this plan is showing the things that they would like and want to be done. Toxic chemicals are bad for the reproductive systems of human beings and animals and possibly to plant life as well. The can also be the cause of air pollution.

Chapter 20. Hazard waste movement and management.


This is dealing with hazardous waste in the way that it is being stored, treated, recycled, reused, transported, recovered and disposed of. The other part deals with the illegal trading in hazardous substances worldwide.


Chapter 21. Sewage and solid waste management.


This is dealing with the way that household sewage and industrial sewage is used and disposed of. Here in the U.K. we have two systems for sewage disposal.


1. Sewage farms that treat the raw sewage and turn it into fertiliser for the garden.

2. Cess Pits. These are mainly used in rural areas such as farms etc. The sewage is collected by tanker and then taken to a sewage disposal place for treatment. A lot of animal waste can be used as fertiliser for the ground.




Chapter 22. Radioactive waste.


They are promoting the safe use and transportation of this material in all of its forms from power stations to hospitals.


Chapter 23. Strengthening the role of major groups.

All social groups, including governments, should encourage everyone to use the Agenda 21 song sheet and sing in tune with them.


Chapter 24. Global action for women to be involved.


This part of the agenda is trying to end the discrimination of women so that they can have access to land, education, safety, and equal employment rights. In some parts of the world this is necessary, but in the industrialised parts of the world this can still be a problem as so many men are jobless. I believe in equal pay for a woman where she does exactly the same job as a man.


Chapter 25.      Children and youth in sustainable     development. This is all about getting children and young people involved in the project to save the planet.


Chapter 26. Indigenous people and their communities. They are to be given the full rights of this programme without any discrimination or hindrance at all.



Chapter 27.N.G.O's and other partners in this plan. This section deals with how N.G.O.'s and their partners should work together to fulfil the aims of this plan and to develop its agenda by working alongside national and local governments.


Chapter 28. Local Government support. In the U.K. we have Local development plans (LDP) for every local authority. These plans set out what each local authority is planning to do for the future of their areas. I am not sure what the time scale is for these plans, but I think it is something between five and ten years ahead. I am wondering if this idea is part of this Agenda 21 plan? I am not sure if this is part of it or not.


Chapter 29. The role of unions and workers.


The object here is that all workers have a full and sustainable employment so that poverty is stopped or alleviated. By this, they say, our community and personal health will improve.


Chapter 30.The role of business and industry.


Looking at the ways that we produce things and how to produce less waste and more cleaner ways in the production processes.




Chapter 31. The scientific and technological community.


All sorts of groups of people are being involved here that could make a difference in the ways of producing things that we need. It mean a change in the things which we grow for food and transported. There is one thing that comes to mind here and that is what happened two hundred years ago in the cotton industry in Northern England. The new technology of that period was just dumped on the workers without as much as a by your leave. There was no training or encouragement to change as such, and those who could not adapt were thrown out of a job. The bosses got rich on the backs of the workers who got paid a pittance for long hours of work and then had to spend their money in the bosses shops and their rent to the bosses agents as they lived in houses owned by the bosses. It could happen again.


Chapter 32. The role of Farmers.


Here they are saying that local farms should be co-operatives running things locally instead of nationally. They then suggest a variety of ways that these co-ops could be set up for self sufficiency, women's groups to strengthen and develop local and village organisations that would delegate power and responsibility to the local farming community.



Chapter 33. Financial resources and mechanisms.


Looking at ways to raise new money and additional money to develop sound programmes in the emerging nations to achieve the aims of this agenda, which would also include the international community.


Chapter 34.Environmentally sound technology etc.


Looking at ways to use old and new technology to protect the environment etc.

Chapter 35. The use of science in sustainable development.


Science can be used for good  here in making discoveries that can alleviate  disease and sickness. But on the other hand it can be used to create something like "Frankenstein's Monster" if we are not careful.


Chapter 36. Education and public awareness training.


Reorientation of education towards sustainability. - brainwashing?


Public awareness and training. This includes formal education. This programme of retraining has already started in the U.S.A. with the five year olds.




They say that this is critical for the promotion of this agenda  which will in turn make all of us think the same way, do the same thing, and then we will have lost our freedoms to think what we like and go where we like.


This AGENDA 21, is dangerous to all of us who love our freedoms, so please be aware of what is going on.


Chapters 37 to 40. These chapters deal with the various bodies and arm so the U.N. international agreements and legal issues for international groups followed up by decision making. Here, you and I have to make a decision about this agenda. Do we go along with it and end up in Hell, or do we make a stand against it and say that we are not going to be part of it? It is up to you to decide for yourself. I agree that we need to care and look after our natural resources but not in the ways that this agenda is saying. So, we must choose which pathway we are going to take.


Summing up.


The estimated costs for the whole of this programme from what is in this agenda from 1993 to 2000 is a staggering and astronomical amount of money. I have calculated it at $1.479.812.765 .000.000. That is our money that has been used to change our ways to go theirs.



What the current costings are I have no idea, but I suspect that it will be a lot more than the figure which I have just quoted.


One big thing that I have noticed all the way through this agenda is that there is not one mention of God in it at all. It is a complete humanistic and atheistic way of thinking.


Now for something different.




In the next few pages I am going to tell you what I found out that is going on in Great Britain over the past few months and years. Then we will have a look at the Bible and what is in there about a New World Order.


1. Fears of an internet crash. Around 1998/1999 there were lots of fears being pushed out that if you did not retune your computers that there would be a great big crash across the world. It never happened. It was a lie to get us to by more modern computers, or to update the ones that we had already. It was done to generate fear that if you did not change things that something awful would happen to you. I did not change my computer as I did not believe what I was being told.




2.Global warming. This lie was being pushed out from the late 1980's that if we did not change things then the world 's temperatures would rise and we would be in trouble. Since then that has now been disproved. Since then America has had extremely bad winters on the East Coast, twice this winter 2013/2014 and the U.K. has just had three months of continuous storms and rain, with severe flooding which will take months to rectify. Yes, there are changes in the climate, because in the Middle Ages we had a mini Ice Age for every winter for about two hundred years.


3. Government lies.


In the summer of 1988 there was a long strike by the mining community in Great Britain. The government blamed the miners for the strike. In Jan. 2014 the government papers for that year 1988 were released  and guess what it said? It said that the government of 1988 set out to close the mines on purpose so as to break the powerful Miner's Union, and that this had been planned way back as far as 1979 before Mrs. Thatcher became Prime Minister.


Because of that decision to close all of the mines the communities where the mines once were have suffered with a loss of jobs and now these areas are in great need of help, which the government has not given them.




4. The ten zone world.


This idea was put out several years ago now in the national press that we in Great Britain would only be involved in the following areas of business. We would be doing Banking, insurance and tourism, and that is all we are doing because all of our heavy engineering, ship building, railway engineering, etc. has been sold off to the highest bidders from abroad.


5. Abortions on demand.


The world population is growing as I have already mentioned in the previous article, and their solution to this problem is that abortions are on demand. Millions of babies have died unnecessarily since the Abortion Act of the 1960's. That is one way of culling the population. Another way is to allow euthanasia, and this is beginning to push its ugly head over the wall, so to speak, to say that I am nearly here.Feb.14 2014 in Belgium a law was passed on that day to allow the assisted suicide of sick children. This move is totally immoral and is against the Bible's teachings on life.


6. The new High Speed rail link. (HS2).


This is a plan to build a new rail route from London to the Midlands and then on to the North West and later to the North East of our country.




This seems to be part of the Agenda 21 plan for buying up land for a rail link that nobody wants, which in turn will destroy lots of good farm land and properties. Agenda 21 says that we would all be living in big urban areas and that to get to other ones we would be travelling by train. This is part of the plan to make people live where they are being told to live. This line is not needed as there are already three other routes from London to Birmingham which could be up graded and used, rather than build an expensive new one. A question that I am asking here is if that new line does not go ahead, will the government return all of the land back to its original owners and also will they compensate them for the loses accrued?


7. Environmental and food Police.


I bet you didn't know that we have environmental police and food police in our nation, but we have as I shall tell you now.


Daily Mirror 1st Feb.2014. A boy was told to stay home from school for four days, not because he had done anything wrong, but because he did not have a healthy and balanced diet in his school lunch box. All that he had that was deemed to be wrong with his lunch was that it included Mini Cheese snacks which the head teacher said that it was potentially harmful to the child. What utter nonsense. This is all part of the Agenda 21.




A later article from the same newspaper dated 18 02 2014 stated that at the same school when the kitchen was out of action that the head of the school went out and bought 100 MacDonald's fish-finger lunches. The newspaper says that he was accused of hypocrasy.

The next part was seen on the I.T.V. Wales news on 7th Feb. 2014. A shop owner was caught smoking in the doorway of his own shop and the environmental police fined him for smoking in a shop. Why? Because anyone passing by to enter the shop might be, emphasis, might be affected by his smoke. Yet if he stood about a foot away from the shop front there would have been no fine. Stupid isn't it?


8. Pensioners to suffer.


Plans were announced on the 4thFeb.2014 that the current government were going to stop extra payments and benefits to pensioners. Is this also part of the plans to kill of the older people?


9.Four recent taxes.


a. Carbon footprint tax when you fly anywhere. Too many people flying across the world. This is to try to stop us going where we like.



b. Air tax. Done under the pretence of stopping air pollution.


c. Bedroom tax. This being done to people living on state benefits if they have a spare bedroom or more. £14 for one spare bedroom and £28 for two spare rooms.

This tax has brought misery to many people and should be stopped right away. The aim is to make people move to smaller places that just do not exist.


d. If you are convicted of a crime in the U.K. you will have to pay a surcharge on top of any fines you will have to pay. It is supposed to go to help victims and witnesses of that crime, but is it, I wonder?  In my local paper the other day I saw that this is now being called something different. It is now being called a CONVICTION TAX. I tried to find out where this has come from and so far I cannot find anything on the internet about it at all.


10. Freedom of speech.


This is now being taken from us slowly as we are now not allowed to say that sin is sin and that the God of the Bible is the only God. We are being told that to do these things is upsetting others. Sorry, but if my Bible says that something is sin then that is what it is. I AM NOT CHANGING WHAT I BELIEVE JUST BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT SAYS THAT I MUST.




Isaiah chapter 5 verses 20 to 21 say what is wrong with our present world which is, that good is evil and evil is good.


11. A Stealth tax.


This tax was brought in during the year 2012 starting in Bristol on the 24th Feb 2012, and then in Nottingham on 1st April 2012. It has been reported in the Mail on Line and the Daily Telegraph.


This tax was brought in to make workers travel to work by public transport. If your place of work had ten or more parking places for the employees, the company would have to pay £288 per year for those extra car parking spaces. In my last job I was at work before the buses started each day, so what would I have done then? The cost to businesses was reckoned to be £3.4 billion every year and the fear was that this charge was going to be put on the workers. Strikes were threatened and firms threatened to move out of these cities. This was another idea from the Agenda 21 to control the movements of people.


Before we go to the Bible could I suggest that you get and read the following books.

United Nations Agenda 21 Environmental Piracy. By Dr.Illeana Johnson Paugh.





Trained for treason. By Holly Swanson.

Set up and sold out. By Holly Swanson.




The last book in the Bible was written at the end of the 1st century A.D. and was the last book in that Bible to actually be written as well. John, the Apostle who wrote it was given  lots of things to write about which he could not understand at that time. An example of this  is to be found in Revelations chapter 1 verse 7, where John saw the risen Lord Jesus return to Earth. Then it says something that at that time was totally impossible to do, and that was that every eye would see that event. Today we can see by television events across the world within minutes of the event happening. Revelation chapter 11 verse 10 tells of another instance where the whole world would rejoice at seeing one event happening. How is that possible today? Satellites in space. These things have only come about in the last forty to fifty years as we know them today. But before we get into that book I want to go back to Paul the Apostles letters first as we are given a prelude to the events that will take place later. Go to the Second letter to the Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 1 to 12. What do we find here?




Verse 2. A great falling away. From what are we falling away from? Morality of the Bible, caring for each other, self control, etc. This will happen before the man of sin is revealed. Just look at our nation today to see where we are at present.

Our nation has gone away from God and has allowed things to happen by law, that are contrary to the Bible.


This man of sin will oppose any form of godliness. We are seeing the rise of humanistic and atheistic movements in the nation at an alarming rate who are opposing anything and everything Christian or religious. Christians are being sidelined in their jobs and businesses every year and it will get worse. The so called church is very weak and will go along with a lot of this stuff so that they can be popular. Verse 9 will tell you where these ideas are coming from. They are coming from the pit of Hell itself. Look at all the sects and false religions that are around today. They are all part of this false idea from Hell. They are there to deceive you and I, so watch out. Let us go to Paul's first letter to Timothy chapter 1 verses 1 to 4. What does it say here? In the last days there will be a lot of false teachings etc. Which are lies from the pit of Hell. What are the last days? They are the days in which we are living now. Now turn the pages over to the second letter to Timothy, chapter 2 verses 1 to 7. What do we see here?




An exact copy of what our nation is like today in the year 2014. We see corporate greed at the top and poverty at the bottom. In between we see that it is everyone for himself. A lot of this greed started back in the 1980's when the government of the day encouraged us all to get what we can and blow everyone else. Look after yourself was the order of the day and don't worry about anyone else. This is the setting prior to the book of Revelations. But before we go to that book, I want to show you something from history less than one hundred years ago in Germany. In Germany in the 1920's the people were suffering badly because of the war reparations and sanctions that were put on them for causing the First World War, which ended in 1919. The people were calling out for a man to save them from what they were suffering. Look who they got. Adolf Hitler and look at where that got them. Within twenty years the country was in an even worse state than it was before. He thought that he would rule the world like others who tried before him. The time was not right then, but it will be one day soon. So please be ready and keep a watch out in the news and from what you see and read in your newspapers, because it will happen and it may be quicker sooner than when we think it will be.


What does Revelations chapter 13 teach about the one world order?




 It starts off with a vision of something that is restless like the sea, and that sea is not water, but humanity. It has been said that this beast that arises out of the sea is the old Roman Empire revived. When you look at things today there are similarities to that empire around us now.


1. The language of the Roman Empire was Latin, which is still in use in our legal terminology, and is still used in botany and chemistry.

2.A lot of our language comes from Latin.

3. The Roman Catholic church covers the western half of this old empire.

4. The European Union also covers most of the same land area as the Roman one did.

There is another aspect to this New World order and that will be in religion.  Look at verse 15. An image made by men will be energised by Satan to be able to speak and make people bow down to it in worship. This was also prophesied by the Prophet Daniel in his book in Chapter 12 verse 11 mentioned that there was to come an idol that would be placed in the Temple in Jerusalem that would be the centre of worship. The Greek civilization did do something like that, but what Daniel saw was something that is still yet to come. The vision that John saw was of an idol that was given power to talk.



I have heard of things being made in recent years along this line in robotics. As you read this thirteenth chapter of the book of the Revelations you will see something else as well here. That is that there will be a mark placed on your right hand or forehead so that without this mark you will not be able to do anything. This is an exact copy of what God said to the Jewish people way back in the Torah. Also it was copied by the Nazi regime in the last century, where all the Jewish people who were rounded up had a number tattooed on their right hands. This is where this Agenda will end up if you reject God's offer of love today, so get right with God while you have time to.

Thank you for reading this and I hope and pray that you will be warned by what I have said and do something about it.

Extra Control and Regulation writes David P Griffiths

"Everyone" in the U.K. is aware of extra surveillance and extra regulation.


We as a ministry are fully aware of it having been threatened by a hostile group to  "destroy us through official channels." 

This threat directed to us was clearly understanding that enormous burden can be placed on organisations to keep up with all the new laws and regulations.


The fact is nobody can and whilst report after report went in about us to government bodies they all had to visit as that is their regulation.


So a great weapon against somebody today is to report them knowing  the impossibility it is for us all to up with regulation and control. What a mad society this has become but what is the root?

Before answering that question, if you are a business-person we have a question for you! Are you becoming more and more stressed having to keep up with the mountain of new control and regulation? Have you considered moving your business to a less regulated country? Has it all become too much?


If you run a charity like we do, are you fully aware of the incredible amount of regulation and control around this activity? We are and understand how David must have felt!


Psalm 56:1-6  King James Version (KJV)


Be merciful unto me, O God: for man would swallow me up; he fighting daily oppresseth me.


Mine enemies would daily swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most High.


What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.


Every day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil.

They gather themselves together, they hide themselves, they mark my steps, when they wait for my soul.


We then ask , however is all this regulation necessary.? We are not against laws and law making and indeed the Holy Spirit is asked for guidance on our law makers but is the root of over-regulation from our own Parliament or is it from outside? Are there laws being applied against us that our Parliament has had nothing to do with, and if so are they legal?

Before answering that question we would like to ask all the British patriots reading this article today if they feel they now live in the land of hope and glory, mother of the free?


Are we living in a free country our brave troops have fought for over the years or are we unconstitutionally being placed under the control of unelected officials designed to bring about a one world government?

Does the song mean anything anymore?


Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free, 
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee? 
Wider still, and wider, shall thy bounds be set; 
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet! 

Truth and Right and Freedom, each a holy gem, 
Stars of solemn brightness, weave thy diadem. 

Tho' thy way be darkened, still in splendour drest, 
As the star that trembles o'er the liquid West. 

Throned amid the billows, throned inviolate, 
Thou hast reigned victorious, thou has smiled at fate. 

Land of Hope and Glory, fortress of the Free, 
How may we extol thee, praise thee, honour thee? 

Hark, a mighty nation maketh glad reply; 
Lo, our lips are thankful, lo, our hearts are high! 

Hearts in hope uplifted, loyal lips that sing; 
Strong in faith and freedom, we have crowned our King!


Is the "hope and glory" being drained out of us? Are we the "Mother of the Free?" Are our bounds being set wider and wider or being held back by over-regulation? Is truth, right, and freedom still a holy gem in our country or has there been an infiltration? Are there foreign controls influencing our way of life?


1)  We say an absolute YES to the question of being drained of hope and glory! We are!


2)  We say an absolute NO to the question on being the "Mother of the Free." We once were, but no more!


3)  We say an absolute YES to the question of being held back by over regulation


4)  NO to question as to whether we have "holy gems" anymore


5)  YES to the question of there being foreign controls and on that theme we prove it!


A Romanian lady who lived under communistic controls before moving to USA has recognised the same controls coming into America as she witnessed in Romania.

Dr Ileana John Paugh is that lady who has observed that the USA is a signatory to United Nations Agenda 21. Great Britain too is a signatory, that signatory being the then Prime Minister Tony Blair who said that all UK local authorities by the year 2000 should have implemented action plans to bring in the demands of this agenda. Now in 2013 are we feeling the affects of this?


Dr Ileana John Paugh: U.N. Agenda 21

Ileana in her studies of this agenda has found a clause which our own Prime Minister of the time signed in for that was so similar to her Communistic background. She points out that Agenda 21 believes in government control of our economy, environment, and social equity. She quotes the agenda directly which declares "individual rights must take a back seat to the collective." No wonder this is familiar to Ileana and perhaps an explanation to our so called "recession" which has brought the conditions for huge pressures to be placed on "social equity" or house ownership! Or did we really buy into the "its the bankers" theory?


As we will shortly see from our own British Constitution these now widespread government controls over our lives in business, in the running of charities and in the running of our everyday lives are contrary to our British Christian heritage of choice. Can we really be patriots of the "Mother of the Free" with God making us mightier and even "mightier yet" ?


Ileana illustrates this point by quoting George Washington who said, "Private property and freedom are inseparable." Agreeing the second President of the United States John Adams said, "Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist."


Now however with Great Britain and USA being signatories to this agenda, we are both agreeing to the loss of ability to choose the way we go and that includes the way we run our businesses, the way we run our charities & the way we live our lives as patriots. Instead of being part of the "Mother of the free" we must now bow down to the collective! I thought the "iron curtain" had been pulled down rather than transferred to Britain and America.!


Ileana is well onto this "collective" talk for she directly quotes the UN General Assembly President, Joseph Deiss saying that the UN must be reformed in order to "claim its rightful role in achieving more effective global governance in the 21st. century." Chile, August 10, 2011.


So we now have to give up our businesses, our charities, our allegiances to the global collective because unless we do the pressures will become unbearable. It is my view that those pressures are becoming unbearable but we are called of God to resist and we are  are resisting at this present time so that the holy gems of "truth, right and freedom "can be maintained, not only maintained but that which has infiltrated in exposed.


Finally in answer to the question of the root and the solution based on the Word of God in our British Constitutional Acts.


1)  You will see from our Constitutional Acts that  emphasis is placed on the way law is applied with "law and justice in mercy." The new global regulations have no such clause, only a responsibility to the "collective." The Bible warns of over regulation remembering in the case of our charity that we were threatened to be "destroyed through official channels."


2 Corinthians 3:6  King James Version (KJV)


Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.



2)  If it is the "letter of the law that killeth" then who could be the instigator of over-regulation?


John 10:10  King James Version (KJV)


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

3)  We give on this website a thorough presentation of our constitutional acts which protect us from the new global controls but our education no longer teaches us these facts. This is what makes the Bible College of Wales Continuing so precious because unlike other education establishments we have not bowed down to the "collective" which is demanded by modern day culture.


We stand on our British Constitution directed by God which demands:


i)  that there be a repression of error, heresy, enormity and abuse:

1534 Act of Supremacy


ii)  that there be a repression of the infiltration of all foreign laws and systems into our nation. 1534 Act of Supremacy


iii)  that the rule of law relates to the Statutes of Parliament that cannot be influenced by foreign rule but by our own customs which are of a Christian heritage of choice, rather than a Communistic ethos of responsibility to the "collective."

1689 Act Establishing the Coronation Oath.


iv)  that all laws must be consistent with the Word of God - not global controls

1689 Act Establishing the Coronation Oath.


v)  Rights and privileges given to the clergy of the realm to see that all this occurs and so we are applying this right as Ministers on this website.

1689 Act Establishing the Coronation Oath.


vi) Finally the Mayflower Compact between Great Britain and USA was all about advancing Christianity, not Communistic ideal. The New England Charter of 1620 clearly states this and the whole ethos of Christianity has bound our nations together. We must not allow this new ideal to steal what is so precious to us.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 15/08/14

“The World is out to Destroy You”


“… but have no fear; I have overcome the world. Such as it was with the children of Israel. The Pharaoh placed untold bondages upon My people; a succession of laws held them up to what they wanted to do.


“There are keys to the story. As the land of Egypt, which Britain now is; a land festooned with regulations & laws contrary to My Word, will always try to destroy My people with over-regulation.


I tell you, Britain is under a curse. It is under a curse because successive governments after successive governments have disobeyed My Word. Each government has sown into death, rather than life; & because of this, violence has increased on the streets, in the home, & in the workplace. Take no heed to reported crime figures going down. The reason they are going down is so much crime is not being reported. Break-up of relationships relates to much crime; such as, a child no longer having a mother & father is a crime in My sight. That does not get reported; yet the child suffers great emotional strain in the break-up of Mum & Dad.


“Now, your Pentecostal Continuing web-site is full of prophetic word. Now, what the prophetic word does is expose strongholds, which is why you get the abuse you get. A stronghold will then look to destroy you; & the destruction attempt is bong done through official channels.


“So this web-site has become so ‘politically incorrect’ because it exposes the sins of the nation & of the people. Instead of repenting, they are reacting. You simply say, ‘It is God who said these words.’ Their intellect cannot cope with such a notion. They have no idea of the inner witness.


“So, just as it is with Pharaoh & Moses, so it is with you. They say, ‘We have our astrologers.’ They say, ‘In Britain, we have our Jesus.’ This is the Jesus of toleration & acceptance; no longer is he the Jesus who died to take away the sins of the people. We now have a Jesus without conviction; a Jesus with a bible with the blood taken out.


“You see, the gospel is an offence to those that are perishing. Pharaoh was offended by what Moses had to say; but the God of Moses did not tolerate the sins of the Egyptian people. For disobeying God, Pharaoh & the people paid the price.



“The new cross, as I through Tozer put it, is a cross of sin toleration. The old cross is a bloody sight of sin removal. For a man to go to this cross, all pride has to go.


“You see, they say today, ‘You can’t get heavy with the people;’ yet coming to the cross is heavy, the load is heavy; & the old cross is a cross covered in My blood, shed for the people; a cross of no toleration for sin. Yet the new cross is without offence, without upset, without offending the people; & yes, it is true to say you have offended those who have refused the old cross, but have embraced the new. They are the ones out to destroy you. They have a cross where everything is rosy in the garden. Yet you have a cross that demands you remove the weeds before planting the new seed.


“It is as if now you have to get out of Egypt. They come after you constantly, & accuse you falsely; but as has been said through Brian Mason, it is not the you they accuse, but Me. For I am the God of the old cross, whereas they embrace the god of the new.


“So the new cross embraces all religions; embraces all sexual deviation; embraces the slaughter of the innocents; a new cross of all religions, where no one is to be offended. If you rock that boat, they will look to chain you up with so much legalism, the god of legalism using these rules & regulations to destroy you; & this is what is happening.


“Now, what is the solution?


“Now, the plagues of Egypt are today spiritually manifest in the nation; the rivers of blood were prophesied years ago; & so over a number of years the plagues of Egypt have been manifest in thy nation. How many firstborns have been killed by the angel of death? What about the growth of the occult? As in Egypt, so in Britain. The occult are producing their snakes. So Britain has been under these plagues for a long time; & the more the prophet looks to set free the people, the more chains are placed upon My people to hold them back from proclaiming the freedom of the Lord.


“So, what is the solution? Moses contended right to the top of government. Yet, the ‘churches’ of the new cross have opposed your every move in government, saying rule after rule forbids them from taking part in this contention.


“I tell you, they have condemned by their own foolishness. It is totally Biblical to contend in the seats of power; & you are contending right now, right to the highest seat of government, & before Pharaoh, that the people need setting free.


“The more they hold the people in the chains of slavery, the more the impact of the plagues put upon thy nation become.


“Secondly, you hold the rod of authority as Moses held it. Remember who has the keys. Remember the authority I have given My body. As you look to fulfil the call I have given thee, without these chains of bondage, you have this feeling that they just want to place bondage after bondage upon you, & you are saying, ‘No! We need the freedom to fulfil the call.’


“Next step is to recognise the rod of authority you hold; & whereas in the story of Moses & the Red Sea you can set the people towards the land of Shittim (reference to the Book of Joshua), where the people may sanctify themselves, as you then lift up My Word, cross thy Jordan, remove thy Jericho wall & enter the Promised Land, where you will have the freedom to fulfil My call – this is the road you are on.


“The new cross has a bible that declares its Jesus as the capstone of the pyramid, this pyramid being the symbol of slavery. They worship the Jesus of decrease rather than increase. Without increase, there is death; & so, their allegiance to the Jesus capstone has brought about a nation with no fruit; a nation symbolised by a new Ephesians 5. A marriage without fruit can never prosper; but the Jesus of the Bible is the Bridegroom married to his bride, its unity being one of being joined to the Lord, without any room for diversity. This new Jesus of Egyptian Britain, instead of being the Jesus of oneness in Christ, is the Jesus of all sexual deviations; is the Jesus of all creeds; is the Jesus who condones sin, rather than being the Jesus who took the load of sin to the cross & paid a heavy price, something the new Jesus will never do. For this new Jesus accepts thecontinuation of sin, rather than the heavy removal of it.


“The old, rugged cross is where the trophies of man are laid down. The new cross is the cross of acceptance of man’s ideals & man’s ways.


“So have no fear; I have overcome the world; & just as the children of Israel were able to walk away from the land of bondage, so I have given you the power to get wealth to establish My true covenant.


“And so, the Beatitudes have once more been proven right, David & Lindsay. They dospeak all manner of evil against thee & thy ministry. So it is the time to rejoice. I have overcome the world; & greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 19/12/14

“They Have It the Wrong Way Round”


“Thy ministry is having to endure yet another government inspection; but it is in the Constitution of thy nation, that it is the role of the clergy of the realm to inspect government in relation to keeping the terms of the Constitutional Acts. For constitutionally in thy nation, the government is upon My shoulders; My shoulders being the body of Christ on earth.


So it is for My body to inspect government as to whether it is keeping the terms of the Constitutional Acts.“In relation to the latest case of government, there is the issue ofcovenant, a word which is being ignored in relation to governmental practice.“Constitutionally, Britain is in covenant with Me.


This is the heart of thy ministry – being in covenant with each other & to Me. This has certain demands: that thou must love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind; & that there has to be a fear of God throughout the whole country.“The lack of understanding in government of the role of My ministers, ensuring that the Constitution is kept, is the reason why evil spirits have brought the conditions for you to be inspected continually, when it is the desire of My Spirit that it is you who inspect government.“


They have it the wrong way round.“Now, where are you to inspect government? I come back to the three points. You cannot have a blessed National Health Service that kills innocent children in wombs. This breaks the whole heart of the founding of the NHS. This was to bring access to healthcare to all of the people. This is completely in line with My Word.


“But to choose a certain group of people for death undermines the whole operation.“You have sacrificed your lives for the care of others. That includes the latest case. Thy commitment is without question. But the commitment of government to protect the child in the womb is in question. It is the ultimate child abuse.  


“So, the accuser of the brethren has brought the conditions for you to be inspected, whereas the will of God is that My ministers inspect government itself, which operates a slaughter of innocents at such a level that those with the government upon their shoulders must act, & stop immediately.


“My second point is in having marriage without fruit. This is way out of line with thy Constitution, for I speak as Christ & the Church. Again, government has not grasped the idea of covenant. And so, the whole ideal of covenant is how you are to present the latest case before government – that there has been a strong covenant going on in thy ministry, which has not been the case in government itself.“Finally, in the case of the banks: youknow of the secret deals going on to undermine that which has been stated in the House of Lords. For it is you that kept covenant with the Lords Spiritual & Temporal.


Yet thy cases were taken out of court unconstitutionally, it being the lack of understanding of covenant in government that brought the conditions for those like you, who trusted an edict of the House of Lords, to see that trust diminished by those who operate in secret, to suppress the will of the highest court in the land.“It is for you to inspect government.


They have it the wrong way round. Attacking ministries like I have set up through thee; attacks that have involved endless work & strain & pain upon My people of covenant, has brought the conditions for a nation not at peace with itself. Everyone is looking over their shoulder. There is an atmosphere in the nation of fear; for thou lives in an over-regulated society, without the fear of God.“So, what are you to do about this? My answer is, to keep questioning government & its misuse of My Constitution.


Thy government is in a dangerous position at this present time. Babylon cannot touch a nation at peace with itself, & in covenant with Me. So, thy inspections bring life, for you bring thy nation back in covenant with Me. “But what thou hast, is a nation killing children in wombs that are the future of thy nation.


This can only bring thy nation down. This is so serious, that unless thy nation repents, it will reap what it is sowing. The blessings & the curses are clearly shown in My Word. They continue to inspect you; yet it is you who carry the government of God on thy shoulders; government that brings life rather than death.   “They continue to attack you.


It is you that carry the keys of the kingdom; the authority of the believer, the walking in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, from where thou has pointed out the error of Great Britain, that the nation if to bring life rather than death; for once the National Health Service kills its patients, which it is doing through abortion, it loses the right to call itself a Health Service, & gives it the title of death rather than life & health.


“This is what I am calling thee to inspect; that how long are we to endure the continued slaughter of innocents from wombs, an activity that has placed thy nation under a massivecurse.“I am calling this to be Number 1 on the General Election agenda; that which party will come forward, saying they will save the innocents from slaughter? “They inspect you.Yet it is for you to inspect them. They have it the wrong way round.”

United Nations Agenda 2030.  Utopia is coming hurrah!

By John Harrold.




2. The Bible explains what went wrong.

3. God's remedy for the situation.

4. Man's remedy for the situation.

5. The results.

6. U.N. Agenda 2030.

7. Epilogue.

8. Extras.





I am indebted to the Lord God of Israel, the only true and living God,  for giving me some insights into what is going on around us in our world today. I am also indebted to A. Ralph Epperson for his book "The New World Order", which has given me a lot of background information to the subject. I am also indebted to the various websites  and people who I have contacted in writing this work. Their names will be listed at the end of the work.



Chapter 1 - Introduction


Proverbs chapter 16 verse 25, "There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of Death" KJV.


Everything which I say from the Bible, in this essay, is to be found in the King James, Authorised Bible and no other translation is being used here.


Today is the 21st October 2015 and I am starting to look at this new Agenda from the United Nations and how it will affect all of us in the next 15 years or so.


Last week I came across this new agenda for the first time, but it was only two days ago that I really started to see what it was about. I tried see if it was in book form yet, but it is not, because it is that new. So I printed it off the internet. It is a new agenda and it incorporates the previous one, Agenda 21.


On looking at the first page or two I found that this work was only finalised on September 25/26 2015. It has taken two whole years of secrecy, in the United Nations, in New York, by unnamed people from every nation represented in that institution, to produce this document which will incorporate all of the aims and ideas from the previous Agenda 21 and will add new ideas to it as well in this new agenda.


Like the previous agenda, there was no announcement given to the world what is going to be done on the behalf of the peoples of all of the nations. It seems that it is the latest plan to level everything out by bringing down the richer nations and bringing up the poorer ones.


Do you know something? This is pure COMMUNISM. The Russians tried it in the 1920's onwards and it failed as will this plan. Why? Because God is not in it. It is mankind's answer to the worlds problems.

Before we go on I want to warn you, the reader of what is going to happen according to my Bible. The Bible tells me that there is coming a World dictatorship and a World religion, meaning that there will be a One World Government and a One World Religion. These two elements will work together to rule the world and I have seen the start of it already in the way that things are being said and done already. I urge you, as you read these pages to get right with the God of the Bible before you do anything else in your life. Because if you do not let Jesus Christ into your life now while you can, you will eventually go along with these plans and land up in Hell. You need to ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of all that you have done wrong in the past and ask Him to come into your life and to take it over right now, so that you will escape the wrath of the almighty God of the Bible which will fall on those who go along with this One World idea and plan.


Please go to your Bible and read Revelations chapter 13.


Let me explain here what is going on for a few minutes.


Verses 1 to 3. This beast is the old Roman Empire being revived out of the sea of human beings. If you have ever watched a large mass of human beings at a football match, sometime their movement is like a tidal surge, moving one way and then another.


This beast is already with us and goes by the name of the European Union which I am totally against as it is man's ideas and not God's.


Verses 4 to 9 tell us that this beast will be worshipped by all the peoples of the Earth at that time, and if you do not know Jesus Christ as your own personal saviour you will be there joining in as well with this great mob of people giving homage to the Devil.


Verse 10. This verse seems to be saying that those who oppose the rule of Satan will be killed.

Verses 11 to 14 tell us of the deceptive religion which is coming to the peoples of the Earth. This deception has already started in the way that there is now a World Council of Churches who are joining up all of the false teachings and religions of the world under one umbrella. You can read about these things in my website on the false churches. They are also seducing believers at that same time. Look at the following website www.Empowered 21. where you will read a list of names of so called Christians who are getting sucked  into another deception from Hell.


Verses 15 to the end tell us about a statue which will be set up in Jerusalem in the rebuilt Temple, on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. This image will be given life by the Devil and all people will be told to bow down and worship this statue and if you refuse you will die there and then. At the same time everyone will receive a mark in their forehead or on their right hand. If you refuse this mark you will be severely dealt with.  Again we are seeing the beginnings of this in the ways that we shop with the new smart cards, smart meters and credit cards.



Just a word of warning about the so called SMART METERS. Should you have one already installed in your home, get rid of it, as it a way of finding out more about you than you realise.


You can get more information from the following website www. If you have not received this mark you will not be able to buy, sell, eat, or do anything. This mark is the Devil's mark of ownership over you. If you come to know the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Saviour you will receive the mark of God on your life and you will not have the other one.  This chapter is the most important one for you to read for your future as there are already plans and ideas out about making robots that can talk and do things.


If you compare the above chapter with the Book of Daniel you can see what happened to three young Jewish guys who said no to the king of Babylon in Daniel chapter three. These guys stood their ground because they worshipped the true God of Israel and not the god made by a human being, which is no god at all. They were prepared to die for their faith rather than give in to what a mere mortal said that they should do. God has said that we should worship Him and not the things that we can make out of wood or stone. Today we make idols out of our possessions, homes, jobs, money etc. etc. These gods of our making will not save you, but will lead you into the things that are coming upon our world in the very near future. You have the chance right now to change from the gods that you think are gods, to the real living God of the Bible.


Chapter 2.  The Bible explains what went wrong.


As we look at what went wrong on the Earth, we must go back to the time when the Earth did not exist.


If you go back to the Bible and turn to Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12 to 16 you will read there of a rebellion in Heaven, where Lucifer wanted to become God. This was not what he was created for. He was created to bring worship to the most high God Himself, but he, Lucifer, craved what God wanted and the end result was that he was kicked out of Heaven with a third of the angels. Where did Lucifer end up? On the this planet called Earth.


From here we go back to the Bible and look at what happened in The Garden of Eden. Genesis chapters 1 and 2 tell us all about God' creation and how beautiful it was. Everything that God does is always good and pleasant. Adam and Eve were in a perfect place to live, because God was in everything. Look at the mess we are in today. There is not much peace anywhere in the world, because we have left God out of everything.


Genesis chapter 3 verses 1 to 7 tell us what went wrong. Deception by Lucifer who is now being called that Old Serpent, Satan etc.


He is now out to destroy anyone and anything that God says is good and that will include you, the reader if you are not careful. Eve was deceived because of the lies of Satan, and then her husband Adam followed suit, and both were now naked before God. They then were afraid of God. There walk with God was broken. They then tried to do something about the situation.


They covered themselves with Fig leaves. This is a do it yourself religion, which mankind has been doing ever since that day when Adam and Eve first sinned. This type of religion is no good to God, so He, God, killed an animal to cover up their nakedness. Ever since that first sacrifice of blood, God has required a blood sacrifice to cover our sins until the death of Jesus Christ, His son on the cross, where sin was paid for once and for all time. This is what God now requires of us, so that we can be put right with Him, that we acknowledge our sins and ask Jesus to forgive us all of these wrong things which we have done in our lives and ask Him to come into our lives and to change them to what He wants them to be.


This bit of our story concerns Cain, the first born son of Adam and Eve. When he was a grown man, he and his brother Abel were to present to God something in the way of thanksgiving, or as an offering. Cain brought something which he had grown in the fields around where they were living. Abel brought a lamb as an offering and a covering for anything which he had done wrong. He would have learnt this from what had happened to his parents and what God had done for them. Cain's offering was a do it yourself offering and was not acceptable to God at all.  Abel's offering was what God wanted, a life for a life. Just after this event a fit of jealousy got the better of Cain so much that he killed his brother in anger.


Ever since these days mankind has always been trying to get to God by what they can do and it will always not be enough to please the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As I have already said, Jesus is the only way to get to Heaven as you can read in the Gospel of John.


Chapter 3. God's remedy.


God has a remedy for the situation that our world is in and it is the Bible. We have been given the 10 commandments as a basis to live by, and with His help we can achieve quite a bit of it. But our problem as human beings is that without God in our lives we cannot achieve anything near to the standard that God has set. Look at the first commandment which says that we must love the Lord our God with all that we have. We cannot keep the first one of these commandments, let alone the rest of them. We also have been given the complete Bible to show us how to live our lives, but in our modern society that is old fashioned and out of date, because people think that they know better than that, and that they know more than God who had the Bible written in the first place. Modern people seem to think that we are progressing upwards towards God and Heaven, when the reality of the situation is the reverse. We are heading for a Godless eternity in Hell itself if we do not change our ways and turn back to the Bible and to God and start going the ways of the Bible.


Man wants Utopia his way. This will end in destruction as you can read in Revelations chapter 20.


In the Readers Digest dictionary, Utopia is described as being a place, a condition or a situation of social and political perfection. It also says that it is an idealistic goal or concept for social and political reform. Mankind thinks that all will be fine and dandy in Utopia but what he will get is DYSTOPIA. This is an imaginary island where everything will be utterly bad and rotten to the core.


Four hundred years ago in the year 1516 Sir Thomas More wrote a book called UPTOPIA and this was still the same idea as it ever was, that man could improve himself so as to be acceptable to God. It won't work. It never has done before and never will do even in the year 2015, nor in the years to come. The Bible says that mankind is sinful in everything that they do and you can look this up in your own time and in your own Bible to see if I am correct or not.


In his book, Sir Thomas More describes what his ideas of Utopia would be like. I found it on the internet on the Sparks website. Put in Utopia by Sir Thomas More as the title and you will find quite a bit about this man and his book.


I can see where this U.N. Agenda 2030 is coming from and where it is going to take this world in the end. There will be more on the results of the theme of mans ideas of Utopia later on.


Chapter 4. Man's remedy.


Man's ideas for the future are based on man's ideas and not Gods Word. Mankind in a lot of cases wants to make a name for himself without God being involved at all. Go to Genesis chapter4 verses 1 to 9.  What do we read here? We read that mankind of that time wanted to make a name for themselves by building a high tower to reach into the skies to observe the Heavens and to worship the stars etc. We also read that God looked down on this monstrous edifice and decided to confuse all of the people with different languages, so that the builders could not communicate with each other. So the folly of mankind trying to reach God by his own efforts ended in confusion and babble. That is where the word Babble comes from, Babel.


The problem in Babylon, which was built on the same place as Babel, is that man still wants to built things to honour himself. This is still going today in parts of the world where dictators hold sway. You will see them have gigantic statues built of their likeness and placed in a prominent place in the country where they live.


So it goes on and on in our world today, where human beings leave God out of things, and what is left after these people are gone is just a mess for someone else to deal with, if they can.


In the book of Revelations and chapter 20  you will read there of what God is going to do to the people of the world if He is left out of things. In this chapter we will see what is going to happen to this poor old world of ours.


As the Apostle Peter puts it in his letter,(2 Peter chapter 3 verses 7 and 12) this world is going to be burnt up and destroyed, then will come in God's new world and anyone who is not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ prior to this destruction will not see Heaven at all, but Hell. You need to choose now which place you want to go to, before it is too late. This theme is backed up by the following verses. Jude verse 7, Revelations chapter 16 verse 8, Revelations chapter 20 verses 9 to 15, 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 13, Revelations chapter 21 the whole chapter. So please do look them up and then get right with God, because if you do not you will be included in those who will be going to Hell. It is up to you to make the right choice now while you are able to before it is too late.


Before we look at the final judgement of man's efforts to bring about this one world government, I want to have a quick look at previous judgements on Earth by God.  We have already looked at the Tower of Babel earlier. Now go to Genesis chapters 7 to 8 tell us of a worldwide flood and the only way to get saved then was to enter into that Ark. Sad to say that out of all the people who were alive at that time, only eight were saved.


Now go on to Genesis chapter 19 verses 24 to 25 where you will read that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and Brimstone because of their utter sinfulness of homosexuality.


This what we are now being told is no longer a sin, but as far as I am concerned, if the Bible says that it is a sin to practice such things, then it is still a sin, and it will ruin any nation that legalises it.


In recent years Great Britain and the U.S.A. have done just that by legalising sin through their government processes. That has put us under more judgement from God. The end of the matter will be that all of this world is going to be burnt up one day and that might happen quicker than the Agenda 2030. As we now go to what is to come for this world, from a biblical point of view, you had better hold on to your hat as things are going to change so much that you won't be able to take it all in.


We now go to the end of the Bible to Revelations chapter 13 to see where this One World idea is going to end up. Some of the things which you will read here, I have already mentioned in passing earlier in this work. Verse 1.Here we see a lot of unrest among the world's peoples. Just like the sea which is always on the move, ebbing and flowing. It is always restless. If you look at your history of Germany in the 1920's to early 1930's, there was the aftermath of the First World War, where people were hungry and inflation was out of control. In the middle of all of that mess, one man said, "I have the answer to the problem", and look what happened after that, you had the rise of the Nazi Party and all that happened over the next twelve years until 1945. Something similar will happen again. The World is crying out for a man to get rid of the mess of this current world in which we live. Yes, they will get one, and he will rule with a heavy hand and a rod of iron.


Back to our verse again. What is this beast which comes out of the sea of humanity? It is a revived Roman Empire. Yes, it was dead in one form from the early to middle 5th century A.D. But it has now been revived as The European Union in which, so far, there are 28 member states all from the revived Roman Empire.

Verse 2. tells us of the power which the Devil will give to this new order. There is now a bigger push going on to make this One World Empire an entity with these two agendas that I have come across.


Verse 3. The death wound of this old empire is healed. This what we could be seeing in 2015 in the way that there is a coming together of all of these nations again.


Verse 4. Here we see the new religion coming to the fore in that the Devil will be worshipped more openly. It is  sad thing that so called Christians are getting caught up in this sort of thing. They are being deceived by the enemy of our soul, the Devil himself and he loves it.


Verse 5 tells us of the changes in religions that will blaspheme and say all sorts of things against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and us true believers in God. Even now in late 2015 true believers are being hounded for saying what the Bible says about sin. Sin is almost outlawed in the West. You are not allowed to say that anyone's lifestyle is wrong in case it upsets people. Sorry, but as I have already said, " if my Bible says something is sin, then it is still sin". I am not going to change my faith or beliefs for anyone, and if this gets back to the "Thought Police" then so be it.


Verses 6 to 8 tell us what is going to happen to the true believers. It will be a case of giving in or dying for your faith. If you should give in to the Devil you will receive his mark on your right hand or on your forehead. If you take that mark, you will certainly be going to Hell. The choice is yours.


If you go back to the Nazi era,1920's to 1945, all of those people who did not fit in were sent to camps and a number was tattooed on their right hands. On one of my travels to the Ukraine I met an old man who had one of these numbers tattooed on his hand and it was 122436. This was a fore runner of what is coming in a very big way soon, to our world. During 2015 there have been experiments in this idea in Sweden which were put on to the B.B.C. news one day during the summertime.


Have you noticed how many people are having tattoos now? Is this a pre-curser to the Mark of the Beast as described in this same chapter? I think that it is.


Let us go on with our short study.


Verses 9 to 10. God is saying in verse 9, are you listening to what He is saying? I am afraid that there are not many people of my generation and younger who are listening to the Word of God and the warnings given in this chapter. They are listening to everything else, but not to God.


Verses 12 to 17. These verses are  a warning to our generation that there is coming a WORLD RELIGION and anyone who stands against it will be killed.


Don't be fooled, please, when people are saying that this is a long way off and might never happen. It is already happening in the year 2015 with the Roman Catholic Church and the following groups who are joining in. The Charismatic Movement, The Purpose Driven Church, The Emerging Church, Empowered 21, and others are all joining in with this idea of a One World Church.


These groups are all false people trying to lead astray the rest of us, if they can. This WORLD RELIGION will be telling you what to worship, who to worship, when to worship. If this idea comes into being then all of our freedoms will be gone.

In verse 12 there is something here which is a warning to us all. This false religious leader will make everyone on the Earth at that time worship the Beast of verse 1. It looks to me that this is saying that we will all be worshipping the European Union, but is that what it really means? No. we will all be worshipping the Satanic power behind this entity.


Verse 13 says about things happening in the sky. Wait a moment, don't we have something in the Bible about this sort of thing before? Yes! we do. Let us go to 1 Chronicles chapter 21 verse 26,                    1 Chronicles chapter 18 verse 38 and Luke's gospel chapter 21 verse 28. All of these verses mention fire falling from Heaven. The first two have already happened and the third one has yet to come into being.


Verse 14 shows us that there will be a lot of deception going on in those days to come. IT IS ALREADY HERE, and I am seeing it more and more as each year goes by. There are already ideas in progress about making robots that can think and talk as I think that I have already said. But, this one will be energised from Hell itself. I want you to try to imagine something here. You invent a robot to do a job for you in a factory. Then after it has been put in place for a while you are able to make it think and talk like a human being and then it takes over everything that you have not made it for.


That would be scary, would it not? This image will have complete control over you, just like the one in our passage which we are looking at.


Verse 16. Here you will have no say in anything unless you have a mark on your right hand or on your forehead. Again this is the Devil copying something from the Bible in the Books of the Laws of God.


Could I please plead with anyone who is reading this book on the internet, not to take this mark as you will go to Hell for doing so, and not to Heaven as you think.

What we have just been reading and thinking about is how God sees man's attempts at UTOPIA.


This is what this UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030 are all about. A paradise without God.  The end of all this plan and ideas of mankind are going to end up in being burnt up by God. Read Revelations chapter 20 verses 9 and 10.


Then in the last chapter of the Bible God is going to have a new Heavens and Earth, not like we have today, but a perfect one the like of which we will never see as long as this world is in existence. Also in this last chapter we see healing, happiness and restoration between God and those who never took that mark of the beast which I mentioned earlier.

We have not got quite as far as the above in our history yet, but it won't be long before we are. Look at what is going on now. We are not allowed to say that SIN is SIN anymore. We are not allowed to criticise the lifestyle of anyone anymore. We cannot stand up and say that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD anymore.


All of this is called Political Correctness, which I have no intention of obeying or being at all. If my Bible says that something is sinful, then it is and I do not care what any government says on that score. I am saved by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST and nothing else.


We, the true believers must stand up and be counted before it is too late to do so.


Three final thoughts as we end this chapter.

1. Why is this scenario going to happen?

2. When will it happen?

3. Where will it happen?


  1. Why will it happen? The simple answer is because the human race, that is you and me, have left God out of everything. If we leave God out of our lives He will let us get on with it ourselves, but we will have to take the consequences of that decision.

  2. When will it happen? It will come about when the Third Jewish Temple has been erected. Just watch what is happening in Israel.


   3. Where will it happen? It will happen in Jerusalem, the Jewish capital city, which is according to my Bible the only place            where the God of Heaven has ever said that it was the place where He would put His name for ever.



Satan hates God and will usurp the place of God once this new building is erected. So, watch this place and see what will happen, and when it does start to happen get ready for the final showdown between God and Satan.


The Devil craves worship and he is out to get all of us worshipping him in one way or another, and as you read the previous chapters you will see that this is what is going to happen. You will be forced to worship the enemy on the point of death. God wants you to worship Him with a free heart and mind and not by force.


Chapter 5. The results.


The results of the previous two chapters will be totally different to what anyone could every envisage.


From God's point of view this current Planet Earth will be destroyed by fire Which we are told of in 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 7. Revelations chapter 21 verse 1, says that this old Earth will be gone forever. Why?  Because sin has tainted it so badly and where sin is God cannot be.


From the human point of view man thinks that things are getting better. But will they? No, they will not.

Let me illustrate that. Many years ago now, when I was a young Christian in my teenage years I was shown an illustration of the way that man says and thinks  that we are going and what God says.


A diagonal line was drawn from the bottom left hand side of a page and going up to the top right hand corner. This represented what man was saying=that we are going upwards. The other line was drawn from the top left hand corner down to the bottom right hand corner this meant what God was saying about mans efforts= going downwards towards Hell.



Now, once more you have the chance to change your ways and start to follow the God of the Bible or you can still decide not to take any notice of anything which I say and then please do not say that you were not warned if you land up in Hell. I have tried to warn you and if I have failed to do so, then I ask your forgiveness.


Chapter 6. The United Nations Agenda 2030.


In this chapter I am going to pick out some of the points page by page, but not every page as this would make this work far too long and tedious, to show to you what is going to be done to you and your nation whether you like it or not. All the nations of the world are included in this new plan.


Right, here we go.


Preamble. At the start of this agenda you will see the following words come up and they will be used all through the paper.

Sustainable, Universal, Freedom, Global, etc.


This plan is for an Universal Peace between all nations of the Earth. God is not included in it at all. The freedom they are spouting about will in fact be a trap. There will never be any peace on the Earth until the return of Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of mankind.


I did notice that this plan WILL be implemented, not Might be. Please notice that fact. It will be put into place. It seems that all of us will be forced into bringing about this plan. Where is the freedom which they talk about then?


The stated aim is to heal the nations of the world from all that has gone on before, so that there is no more war, want, shortages etc. etc. It won't work. Sorry to have to say that because as I have said earlier GOD IS NOT IN IT. This is man's plan for UPTOPIA without being responsible to God for anything.


In Revelations chapter 20 man's Utopia is smashed to pieces and in the next chapter God's new creation will be ushered in and mankind will have nothing to do with the running of it at all.


Preamble continued. There will be controls on everything in the world when this plan comes into being. It is just like Revelations chapter13 where we read of the controls which will be placed on every person who is alive at that time. Controls on food, energy, clothing, ideas, everything. As the chapter says, if you do not receive the MARK OF THE BEAST, you will not be able to do anything at all. You will be killed if you do not take this mark.


If you do take it, and I just pray and hope that you do not, you will be able to get what you need, but at the end of that time God's judgement will be upon you and you will go to Hell. Read the last verses of Revelations chapter 20.


The other thing which I read form this page was the so called GREEN ISSUES.


This is pure Communism in disguise, just like the previous agenda.

More of the Preamble.



One part of this page seems to say that there would be a One World Army to police any problems that could arise in the world after this agenda is implemented.


It also mentions Global Unity in all of the nations. Does that mean that we will all be doing the same sort of things all over the world? It is totally man centred and not God centred.


The Declaration.

*  Signed and dated 25-27th September 2015 in the United Nations Headquarters in New York.


*  It will be fully in operation by 2030 and will include everything from the previous agenda, ( Agenda 21) that has not been done by then. So, we will have 15 years to see this plan being fully implemented, and then what will happen? Will this plan go on forever without any problems. Will it be like the Nazi ideas of a "Thousand year Reich"? (Empire)


Item 4,of this agenda seems to say that everyone is included in this plan of universal goals and targets without exception. Will our freedoms be taken away from us? Yes they will and are already being done in the U.K. already by the Political Correctness which has been foisted upon the population of the country.


Item 5. On this page are set out the lofty aims of man for our world. Changing the environment and surroundings of where we live, work and play, will not solve the deep problems of the human race. Only God can change people by the means that I have already mentioned earlier in this work.


These aims seem to be saying that man is basically good, but my Bible tells me different in that man is basically sinful and needs a saviour to change his life round for him. The United Nations will never be able to do that even though these agendas and plans are what they feel are for the best of mankind.


Item 6. tells us how long it took for the various heads of Governments to make up this plan which was done in secret and was not announced to the world on any media outlet that I know of.


Items 7 to 9. The Vision.


These rules and ideas are being made by unknown and unelected people on the behalf of all of us, and we have no say at all on these discussions which are being held in secret. All that we will be expected to do will be to obey without question who tells us what we are to do and when. We will become human robots.


God gives us a choice as to whether we will obey Him or not. But,  our choice will decide where we spend eternity. If we choose God and His will, then it will be Heaven. Choosing our own ways will lead to an eternity in Hell. The choice is yours as I have all ready said.


These new ideas and rules are for the changing of our world as we know it. But, it does not change the human heart which the Bible describes as evil and wicked.


Item 21. This additional and new plan will start on Jan1st 2016. That is 58 days from today the 3rd November 2015. and will be completed by 31st December 2030.


From that date onwards watch out even more carefully than you have before for the things which are being planned for this world of ours, and it is not going to be nice for us who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Item 23. Here we see that they plan to empower people who are vulnerable. Empowered to do what? The Bible says that we should care for people who are vulnerable by providing the things that they need. Read the Letter of James chapter 1 verse 27 and chapter 2 verses 14 to 16 about caring for people with needs.


Item 24. This page then goes on to mention Rome, the eternal city of man not of God, where the Treaty was originally signed that brought about the European Union. Here it mentions a declaration about taking action on food security an all the associated things that go with the plans of this committee.


Let us look at the Bible again for a minute or two and see what is to become of the City of Rome.


Revelations chapter 17 verse9 tells us about a place with seven hills. The only city that I know that has seven hills in it, is Rome, which is described here as a centre of commerce. It is also described as something like the Babylon of old which was destroyed centuries earlier.


Chapter 18 of the same book tells that this city will be destroyed by God for its sinfulness.


Look at the history of Rome for a minute.


It crucified the early Christians because they would not bow down to the Caesars of those times. It held the barbaric games in the Coliseum where men fought animals. Where Christians were used as human torches etc.


Roman laws were in places brutal to those who they conquered. Then there is the false church which surfaced in Rome in the 4th Century A.D. and is still powerful in many parts of the world even today in 2015.


God is going to destroy Rome and all of its political and commercial power as we read in Revelations chapter 18.

The last piece on that page which  I want to consider is education.


Item 25.They want to bring a plan where all children are given a good education. I have no problem with that, but where I do have a problem is in what will be taught to these children in the near future.


At present, in the U.K. we are seeing the start of children being taught sex education with the aim of trying to stop unwanted pregnancies in young girls. Also we are seeing children being taught that to be "gay" is normal. They are not being taught the principles of a loving relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. Marriage is meant to be a loving union between a man and a woman for the well being of the children who come along in that family.


This section then goes on to ask about the rights of children.


According to the biblical ways of raising children is to love them, tell them off if they are doing wrong, to teach them God's ways, to provide care and comfort for them when they have problems.



But, I do not understand where this idea of kids divorcing their parents came from in the U.S.A. There is something wrong here.


There is also something going on in Scotland where the Scottish Parliament want to bring in a law to say that every child born and living in Scotland will have a "named person" to monitor these children's lives. They will have more power and rights over these kids than the parents. Something is wrong here. Parents for better or worse should be caring for their own children. I know that some parents lack good parenting skills, but with training and help these parents can become better at caring for their children. This idea is about control by government and takes away the parental choice."BIG BROTHER KNOWS BEST".


Item 26. In this section there is something about life expectancy. In this respect it was mentioned in the U.K. earlier this year that our life expectancy could reach up to 135 years of age in the not too far distance.


The Bible has a bit to say about living longer or shorter as the case might be. In Genesis chapter 6 verse 3, God says that the life span of man would fall to 120 years and in Psalm 90 verse10 that it would now be between 70 and 80 years.


Jesus said in Matthews Gospel chapter 6 verse 27 and again in Luke's gospel chapter 12 verse 25,"that we cannot add one inch to our height by worrying", which to my mind means that we cannot change things unless the good Lord allows it. So how can we extend our lives to live a lot longer than the average age now?

As far as I am concerned, my life is in God's hands and He will take me out of this world when He says and not before.


Another thing from this section concerns the so called family planning ideas. Does this idea mean that there will be the removing of those babies who are not wanted, unloved and in the way of the life styles of the people involved?  What about the babies who are terminally ill or disabled in some way or other? Then at the other end of life what about the very elderly and infirm? Will they be removed because they are considered to be a burden on society? Will this be done to lower the world population so that there is enough food to feed the rest of us? People are pushing for euthanasia to become law in the U.K. at present and it is possible that it will become law in a few years time.


What of the "Planned Parenthood" idea in the U.S.A. where abortion is a big industry? This is part of the plan to lower the world population and it is the murder of the innocents and unborn children. The Bible says that children are a blessing to us not a commodity.  Psalm 127 verse 3.


Jesus spoke very forcibly about harming children in the Gospel of Matthew which you can research for yourself. So, be warned about killing, harming or hurting children.


Item 27 Transport.


In the original plan the idea was for people to live and work in one area so that the amount of pollution would be cut. In these urban areas only public transport would have priority over cars and the use bicycles would be encouraged.


In this item they are saying that they want to see cheaper fares on public transport. In Sheffield in the 1980's there was a very cheap fare system on their local bus services, but the government of the day did not like it because it was a Labour run council, who were forced to put up the fares. This probably meant that the car traffic in the area went up as well. There are big plans to introduce a Metro scheme for Cardiff and the surrounding areas which will take billions of £s to implement and years to achieve.


About two years ago the coalition government said that a new rail line was going to be built between London and the Midlands and then an extension to the North West and Yorkshire. It was to be called the HS2 (High Speed 2). Nobody wants this new railway line which will destroy the countryside, and as I asked in the previous website "will the government repay the land owners whose land has been bought off them the value of their land with interest, if the line does not get built". I wonder!


Item 29. The right of return.


When you read this section a problem comes to my mind immediately, which is would this apply to the Jewish people only, as at present, or to everyone else connected to Israel? If it does, then we will see a lot of trouble in Israel, because if all of the Arabs who left Israel came back, they would change the whole demographic makeup of the nation which would mean that the Jewish Israelis would become a minority in their own nation.


Item 31. Climate change.


Here they are on about climate changes to our weather and air. This is a nonsense, because the climates are always changing every year. But, I can understand the ideas for stopping air pollutants being belched out of our factory chimneys every day. This is one way that pollutants enter the air. I can remember as a child the thick smog every year in London. The Clean Air Acts of the late 1950's and early 1960's changed things so that when the fogs came down the air was a lot cleaner.


What these people will not tell you is that there were for several hundred winters in Western Europe a "mini ice age" every winter. There are many paintings of ice fairs on the frozen rivers from this period of history.


In recent years the University of East Anglia was in trouble for trying to convince us all that there was a big change coming in our weather patterns, which was proved not to be true.


Item 32 is allied to the previous one in that the question I am asking now. Is man trying to change the weather? Is man able to control the weather at this point of time? No, man cannot change the times and seasons which God has laid down.


Just imagine if we could completely change our weather patterns worldwide. The changes I think would be very dramatic indeed. Would we have sunshine all the year round in the day time? No winters? Always warm and never a cold, wet, rainy day? God has set these patterns for a purpose and that is so that all of us get a fair share of the good and bad weather.


I agree that we can do things to make the air which we breathe better and cleaner as I have already mentioned earlier.


Item 35. What sort of peace do they mean here? Is it just a cessation of wars and fighting? Or do they mean the deeper word for peace? That deeper word incorporates the idea of health, well being and happiness within ourselves. I don't want to see any more wars as I grew up during the last World War, but I am sorry to say that I do not think that wars will cease in the way that this agenda would like to see. True peace comes only when individuals and nations turn to the God of the Bible and ask for His help to live in peace. Individual peace will only come when we let God into our personal lives and nation ones as well. There is an old saying "NO GOD, NO PEACE , KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE".


That is true today 7TH November 2015.


Item 40. Conferences.

One thing that I have noticed is that there have been a lot of conferences all over the world about different parts to this agenda.


My question here is who is paying for all of these meetings? Just think of the costs of the venues, hotels, air travel, meals etc. etc. It must run to an enormous amount of money, time and effort for what? Surely that money could be better spent by those governments on things in their home countries?


Next, think of the pollution given off by the cars, taxis and planes getting to and from these big meetings and all of the waste from the left overs at the meals and the dirty water after the washing up of so many plates as well as the laundry's waste water etc.


Item 41. The new agenda.


This new agenda is not just an addition to the previous Agenda 21, but it seems to be (and is) complementing it and changing things so that it is slower in coming into being.


If it means that things are being done at a slightly slower pace, is that to slowly fool us as to what is going on? I wonder!


Item 50. The Isaiah chapter 10 verses 9 and 10 complex.


In this section I will try to explain what I mean about these verses. They are both about the pride of man's hearts and what man wants to do and is planning on doing.


As you read these verses you will see what they are saying "we will build with cut stones". In those times when this was written, bricks were mainly sun baked bricks, not like the kiln fired ones of our generation. These sun baked bricks were not so robust either and could so easily be broken to pieces.


We will need to go back to the beginning of the Bible to see something of the pride of men's hearts in the building of the Tower of Babel. Genesis chapter 10 verses 1 to 9 tell the story of this tower of mans pride. The men of that day wanted to make a name for themselves. But God destroyed their ideas by confusing their language. Back to Isaiah chapter 9. What are these people saying? the old is in ruins and that we are going to rebuild with hewn stone that which has collapsed. After the events in New York in September 2001 the same verses were quoted at a meeting in that city about rebuilding what had been destroyed. There is a new World Trade Tower near to the place where the old ones once stood.


Two quotes from item 50.


1. " We resolve to build a better future for all people" End of quote.

2. "We can be the first generation to succeed in ending poverty". End of quote.


What can we get from this section? I think that the only answers that we can arrive at are, that it is all about what man can do without God. it seems to say " LOOK AT ME" and what I can do without God. "I WANT TO MAKE A NAME FOR MYSELF". If that is the case this agenda will fail. Then what will they be able to put in its place? With this attitude you should be able to see that it is all about the PRIDE and BOASTFULNESS that is in the human heart to want to do our own thing and not what God wants us to do.


Item 52. The journey.


In this section a journey is mentioned by the people who wrote this agenda. My question is where is this journey going to take them, and us as well, to? What is the destination for this U.N. Agenda 2030 train? The answer is Hell and destruction. Will there be real peace and happiness at this destination in the year 2030?  I DON'T THINK SO. Do I have a Bible verse about the journey and this road that mankind is travelling on? Yes I do and it is found in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7 verses 13 to 14. These two verses are a picture of life. Jesus said that many would follow the popular, worldly wide road to Hell and few would find the very narrow road to life with God in Heaven. I have a question for you, the reader, which road are you on? The choice is yours and yours alone as I have already said earlier.


This train is going to hit the buffers of God's destruction because it is not His plan that is being implemented.


You need to get on the right road now to make sure that you get to the correct destination.


Item 53.


I have noticed in this section of this agenda that it is totally what man is going to do. Not might or possibly do, but will do. In essence it is just like the story of the Tower of Babel all over again."Let us make a name for ourselves". Meaning that the God who created this world in which we live is not wanted or is invited to be a part of these plans for the near future. Sad, isn't it, that no-one wants God in their plans anymore?


Item 57 Data Collection.


Yesterday I saw in my local shopping centre people trying to sell the idea of SMART METERS. This is now being pushed at a very fast rate on the unsuspecting world. This idea is being pushed by our government in the U.K as it is in other Western Nations at the same time. From the information which I have discovered this is a charter to snoop and pry on all of us. I am not very happy with this idea at all as I do not want people prying into my affairs. If you want more information you can check this for yourself at the following address there is quite a lot of information on these meters coming from the U.S.A. where it has been found that the people who control these meters can tell which room you are in and when your house is unoccupied as well as knowing what you are spending on your utilities each day.

As well as that they are able to pass on these details to others, and added to that these wireless lines are not being safe guarded from hackers. If you don't mind that happening, then go ahead and install such a meter. Another thing that has been discovered is that these meters can give off radiation, which will make you ill at higher doses than the other forms of meters would ever give. The health of your family is at risk if you have a smart meter put into your home. You do not have to have one as they are not compulsory. But governments are trying to make it look like that they are. So, if you do not mind being ill, then go ahead and get one of these meters installed in your home.


if you don't mind these faceless people who will control your home gas and electricity supplies and knowing how much you are spending every day, then go ahead and change your existing meter to this not so smart meter system. It is going to be fully implemented in the U.K by 2020. You will have one year in which to change back to the old system once one of these meters has been installed, but as happened to a friend of mine, he had a very difficult time to get the new meter taken out of his house, even though it was before the end of the one year period.


The main company spreading this system is British Gas which is not British owned anymore, but is French owned, and the French people are getting lower tariffs on the back of the higher prices which we in the U.K are paying.


Item 59. "Mother Earth". This statement is pure New Age thinking. There is no such commodity as Mother Earth in the Bible.


The Bible says that God created the Earth and all that is in the natural world by speaking it into being. God is depicted in the Hebrew language as MALE not FEMALE.


Then this section says about the visions for the future of each country in the world. What sort of visions are they talking about? Is it the vision of a perfect world without God being involved in it? Is it their ideas leading to their Utopia?

The vision that God has for this world is that it is going to be destroyed at some future point in time, so that He can usher in His new world. Which will be completely different to the world that human beings are looking for.


There is no mention again of there ever being a God who made this world. My vision for the future is that of the Bible, where I shall be enjoying all of the things that God is going to give me in His Paradise. I do not want to be around on this planet when it is being burnt up in judgement.


The next part of this agenda deals with the goals of how to achieve this plan and again I shall just look at some of the points raised here.


Goals 1 to 8 This will cover how they will tackle poverty, hunger, ill health, bad education, equality of the sexes. sanitation and hygiene and the lack of jobs.


Yesterday 11th November 2015 it was announced that the jobless total was about 1.5 million people in the U.K. When I left school in 1955 there were lots of jobs and not enough people to fill the vacancies. Now it is in reverse, more people than jobs. What went wrong?


Our industrial base has been decimated over the years, our mining industry is almost obsolete even though we have 300 years of coal in the ground untouched. Our ship building capability= gone. Our railway locomotive industry=gone. Steel making almost gone. There are other large companies which were part of our industrial base which have also gone. This was caused in part by our nation having an I.M.F. loan in 1979. Some of the conditions were that the government had to sell off "the family silver" to whoever wanted to buy it. A lot of foreign companies bought our once proud engineering base and we are now relegated to the following three things. Banking, Insurance and Tourism. This what we have been told that we will be doing by the E.U. and others.


Goal 11. Transport.


This goal is now slightly different to the previous one.


Here in the U.K we are having the new rail line cutting right through the heart of our countryside. A line which nobody wants, but again as I said earlier is being foisted on us by the Government. This is the HS2 line which is to get people from the Midlands to London twenty minutes quicker than by the existing lines. In my article on the Agenda 21 plan, I asked then, if the land which is being bought up for this new line with government money is never used for the project, will the people who lost their land be compensated for the loss and would the land be returned to the original land owners?


Go back to Agenda 21 and you will see that this could be part of the plans to take land away from people and for state control over private property.


So, watch this plan unfold over the next 15 years to see just how much land will be taken away from us by central governments.


Goal 13. Climate change.


This section tells us how this group of people are going to change the climate which we all share. There are a lot of lies being told bout climate change. It was discovered by the University of East Anglia some years ago now, that they had manipulated their findings on climate change to suit their own plans.


These climate changing people will not tell you of the mini ices ages which occurred for many winters in Europe during the Middle Ages. Rivers were frozen solid so much that ice fairs were held on them as you can see from paintings from those days.


Yes, it is true that there are things which we can do to make our climate better, such as stopping pollutants being pumped into the air from industry and cars etc. But in the long run God is in control of our climate as He was the creator of it in the first place.


Another thing that we need to do as human beings is to stop cutting down the large forests for wooden products. Deforestation means less rain fall and soil erosion in heavy rain storms. These are some of the things that we can do to make sure that our air is clean. But, overall it is not up to "MOTHER NATURE", but the God who created the climate, to change it.


One thing that people forget is that the Jet Stream changes course every so often, which in turn will affect our weather.


The next section gives an explanation of these 17 goals, which I will go through briefly and how they are going to be met.


Goals 1 to 2. To eradicate poverty and hunger.


The plan is to make sure that this is completed in the 15 years that are allotted to this plan being completed. I cannot see this being done in that time scale as it will take a lot of time and effort to change the heart of people from the tribal mentality of today to that of the future where all of us will be going the same way and thinking along the same lines. 


Would you, as in the Agenda 21, start to decrease the world population in the ways that this previous plan suggested? You would have to have large scale abortions to get rid of the babies being born. Does this include contraception on a large scale for countries that have a lot of large families or too many people in them?


China has had to admit this year (2015) that its one child policy is failing as they now have a lot of older people living longer and less people to do the work of the nation as a whole. But who are we to be playing at being God in the destruction of babies who are not wanted, or of the older generation who are weak and sickly?

Euthanasia will be the next big thing to get rid of the older generations as we older ones are living a lot longer than we were twenty or thirty years ago. People in the U.K. are pushing for the law to be changed on this subject in recent years, but the U.K. government so far has said no to this idea. If ever it did come in to our nation it is feared that many older people will be made to feel that they are of no use to anyone and will kill themselves. We need to do what the Bible says in looking after our older generations. It says that we should "Honour our mother and father".

What does the Bible say about life?


It says that we are made in God's image. Genesis chapters 1 and 2. The Psalmist said about the wonderful way in which all of our body parts are framed and how they fit together. Jeremiah chapter 1 tells us that God knew us before we were even born. So what right do we have to destroy unborn children and the elderly people? We have no rights to do this at all.


Goal 3.


This goal deals with health issues for all of the world and in my mind I am asking the question will this include looking after disabled children and the old and infirm, or will they be done away with by law as not worth being kept alive? I don't know what the answer is, but it just made me stop and think. It also covers a lot of other areas of health from drugs to Aids etc.

I can agree with a lot of what they are trying to do here to alleviate sickness and disease, but where they are going wrong is that they do not go to the one who made human beings in the first place== God the creator of everything== for answers to our problems.


In the previous part of the plan (Agenda 21) it was stated that there were too many people on the planet to care for and feed. if we used our land resources properly, we could then feed everyone without the need to get rid of anybody at all.

One way to help people to have a healthier life style is to stop every smoker from smoking tobacco products as these items are causing so much trouble for a lot of people. This would help to get rid of a lot of cancers people have and help them to live  a better life.


Another thing would be to get rid of alcohol, because of the problems which excessive drinking does to people's bodies.

Our hospitals are getting so many people coming into them through drink related problems every Saturday night that they are finding it hard to cope with the pressures being put being put on the staff.


December 22nd. 2015. Our local news stated this morning that there was a drastic rise in our hospitals from drink and alcohol related problems over the past year or two.


Goal 4. Education.


My question here is, what is being taught in our schools and colleges?


One of the things that is being pushed by governments in the U.K. is that same sex marriages are normal, THEY ARE NOT normal. Go to your Bible and that will tell you what God says about marriage. The Biblical way of marriage is between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN it is not between two men, or two women. I do not care if that statement gets me into trouble with the courts, but I try to live by the teachings of the Bible and that is how I live. Geneses chapter 2 verses 24 & 25. Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22.


Another thing that is being pushed as fact is that EVOLUTION is right and that the BIBLE is wrong. Evolution has never proved that mankind was evolved from monkeys. If you want to believe that you are descended from monkeys that is your choice, but I would rather trust what the Bible says.



A third thing that is being taught is the so called BIG BANG THEORY rather than that God created this world.


Bibles are being banned from schools and all sorts of religions are being taught except true Christianity.


School assemblies have been done away with, so that the influence of Christianity is lost in the school curriculum.


Goal 9. Industry.


In the 1950's here in the U.K there were more jobs than people to do them. Now it is the other way round more people than jobs. What was the cause of this change?


Simply this. The European Union decreed that we in Great Britain would be doing Banking, Insurance, and Tourism. Our once great engineering base has now completely gone. We no longer make things like we once did. Take for example our railways. We were at one time the country which made all the railway locomotives and carriages in the world. We invented the railways back in the 1830's and 40's. We now have to virtually buy any railway stock that we might need from abroad with about one exception at Derby, where there is still a railway manufacturing company, and that is not British owned.


We used to have a lot of apprenticeships in the engineering field, but now there is very little in this area for our young people to go to.


If we want to reduce the unemployment levels in the country we need to have the jobs for people to go to where they will be paid a decent rate of pay for the job that they are going to do.



There is so much that we could do to help our young people to get a job but are we willing to do anything about the situation? One thing that we could do is to lower the retirement age down to 60 years of age, which would in turn release more jobs for the younger people. But, no. What did the current government do? They put up the retirement age for all of us to 68 years old, a rise of three years. The reason for doing this was partly so that we could not get any Government pensions earlier. Are they trying to kill off the older workers?


Goal 11. Transport.


Part of this goal covers transport, which I have an interest in as I worked for many years in public transport and lorry driving.

Part of the previous plan was for there to be big urban areas with public transport running between these urban areas. What are we seeing here in the U.K.? Bus services from towns to villages being cut so that the local people have no way to get to the towns etc. The only way that the villagers can get about is to use a car, which causes more pollution in the air.


We saw the decimation in the 1960's of our once proud railways down to the current levels that they are at now. Then they were sold in the 1990's and look at the major accidents that have occurred under privatisation since then.


I have already mentioned about the HS2  new rail line which nobody wants, so I will not repeat what I already said about this here.


Goal 13. Climate change.


In this section this plan wants to "take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts". They want to raise $100billion by 2020 from various sources around the world annually to implement this part of the plan. Also included in this is the GREEN CLIMATE FUND to capitalize this as soon as possible. Mankind is responsible for all of the pollutants in our atmosphere from the manufacturing process's which we use right around the world. Change that and then we might get clean air. Again I have already mentioned this earlier on in this essay.


Yes, we need clean air to breathe, but is this plan the right way to achieve the goal of eliminating the poor air quality in some countries around our world?


Goal 16 part 9 is a quote from the 2015/November  03.


Quote" By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration. The United Nations is already working hard toward the implementation of this goal-particularly among refugee populations. The UN. has partnered with Accenture to implement a biometric identification system that reports information "back to central database in Geneva" The following is an excerpt from an article that was posted on


The United Nations High Commission for refugees (UNHCR) is moving forward with its plans to use biometric technology to identify and track refugees, and has selected a vendor for the project. Accenture, an international technology services provider, has won out in the competitive tendering process and will oversee the implementation of the technology in a three year contract.



The UNHCR will use Accenture's Unique Identity Service Platform (USIP) to send this information back to a central database in Geneva, allowing UNCHR offices all over the world to effectively coordinate with the central UNCHR authority in tracking refugees.


(I don't know about you, but that sure does sound creepy to me.)


And these new biometric identification cards will not be just for refugees. According to a different Findbiometrics report, authorities hope this technology will enable them to achieve the U.N.'s goal of having this kind of identification in the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet by the year 2030." End of Quote.


At the present time of writing this November 18th 2015 we have Oyster cards in London which tell the issuers of those cards where someone was at a certain time of the day or night when travelling. We also have Biometric passports which do the same sort of thing when you travel to and from another country. These passports are being hailed as a quicker way to get through passport controls at an airport. But are they there for another purpose such keeping an eye on who is going where and when? I do not know for sure.


Goal 17. This goal seems to be saying that only that which is good for the planet will be acceptable in trade, commerce, banking etc. Now will that bring about the peace that mankind is looking for? No, it will not. Only the peace which God gives through Jesus Christ will bring about the peace that people are craving for.


They are saying in this section that they want to boost the exports of the smaller nations so that the economy of these small nations grows and that would mean money coming into that nation to help them to develop.


A lot of the South Sea Islands have very little means to grow economically as there are very little resources on their islands that could be used. There are coconuts galore as well as date palms and pigs, but not much else. There is plenty of rain each day in the tropical areas of the South Pacific as I saw for myself when I visited Tonga some years ago now. Tourism is a big thing in parts of these islands, but as for industry there is very little of the raw materials that would be needed to make an export business viable.


How this plan will pan out I do not know at present, but we shall see. James chapter 4 verses 13 to 16 comes to my mind here when it says about what men are boasting what they are going to do tomorrow. What if God says that the plans that you have made for tomorrow are not to be done? What will you do then? The Bible says that we should say that if God wills we will do such and such a thing tomorrow or the day after. Again this plan of man is leaving God out of the reckoning.  This plan is boasting of what the United Nations is going to do over the next fifteen years. God might in turn say "that is not what you are going to do, you are going to do my will and not your own."


Now the script returns to the aims and means to implement this plan, or programme.


Item 60.


This is the revitalised global partnership for the world by the United Nations. Is it the revitalized Agenda 21 which was the precursor to this new agenda? In Revelations chapter 13 you will see a world plan of domination emerging from out of the sea of humanity, not the literal sea as you go through this chapter. It has already commenced in our day and age with the European Union and the United Nations agendas. All of these things are now in existence. So, Christian, if you know and love the Lord Jesus Christ WAKE UP to what is going on around you and look at what is being planned for this world. Because if you do not wake up to the events around you and open your eyes to the way things are going you too will be sucked into the abyss of this evil one world system. It will finally end in the destruction by fire as mentioned in the book of Revelations and so will you be. So, please wake up and look at what is going on and compare it to what the Bible says about the end times for this world. It is nearer than you think.


Item 63.


Here in this section, they seem to have changed the plan from the original one to doing things in a slightly different way. The original plan said that there would be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT controlling everything. Now they seem to be saying that each country will run its own affairs but the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT would be controlling what these countries will be doing. It would be like an overruling class of people making sure that the plans in this agenda were being adhered to, but each country would adopt these plans at their own pace and speed to suit their population.



 It looks like a world federal authority and system, similar to the type of government in the U.S.A.


Item 67.


Is this section talking about the privatisation of everything? There is no mention of anything being nationalised at all.

Here in the U.K. we have seen the selling off of a lot of our nationalised industries over the years and from what I have seen it is not a great success.


My background was at first on the railways in London. That was in the 1950's to January 1984. After I departed the railways, the company was broken up by the Government. Let me explain what happened. When I first joined London Transport the company originally  owned and ran the following things. Green Line coaches, The Underground Trains, Red buses, Country buses, Trolley Buses and Trams. Gradually these were sold off as separate companies to who ever wanted to buy them and now the once great London Transport is a fragmented group of companies. So no one really knows who owns what any more.

In the 1990's the Railways of Great Britain were sold off cheaply again to whoever wanted to buy them. The Royal Mail went the same way. As I look back over these events I can now see what was going on and it in some ways annoys me as it meant the destruction of our once great industries and the communities where the workers lived.



 I know the mining areas of the Rhondda Valleys of South Wales as that is where my parents came from and since the mines were drastically closed in the late 1980's these areas are still suffering in the lack of jobs.  The miner's strike of the mid 1980's was to try and stop the government closing down the mining industry nationally, and the government won  in the end. This left the mining areas in poverty as nothing much was put in the place of the mines in the way of work that paid a decent wage.


Will our National Health Service go the same way? If the current government  has its way, it will be sold off and all of us will be the poorer for that sell off.


All this is part of the plan to decentralise everything and to sell it off. Not necessarily to the highest bidder, but to get rid of it off the government's books and to make some money for the government of the day.


Item 71. Technology.


Part of this section deals with the new technologies which are up and running and any new ones that are coming into being soon. It mentions about on line programmes and like subject, which I am not very familiar with. Here in the U.K the government is trying to get every household to go on line as soon as possible. It seems that we will not have any choice in the matter as to whether we want to go on line or not. Is this a way to get us all to conform to the governments wishes?  That is just a thought that is worth thinking about. Sometimes I have a suspicious mind when the government says that we are pushing to do something in a hurry.



There is a verse in the Bible which is eluding at present which says that at the end times that knowledge will increase and it is increasing so fast that I cannot keep up with the changes that are happening each year. There are so many things going on in the technological world that it makes one's mind spin. If you watch the "Click" programme on B.B.C. you will see week by week the changes in technology. I have seen in the past the start of talking dolls, or humanoids, that they are trying to make talk and think for themselves.


Go to the book of Revelations chapter 13 and you will see the outcome of this sort of thing there, when a statue will be given demonic power to talk, think and to do things. How near are we to that situation? I do not know at this present time, but if as I have seen that people are working on such a project now in 2015, how long will it be before it becomes a reality?


How true the Bible is when it says in Daniel Chapter 12 verse 4b. I quote " even to the time of the end, ( that is now in 2015, my comment) many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased" End of quote. Look at just how many people travel by air every day, millions. Just look at how many people commute to work each workday for more than an hour each way. Just look at all the inventions which are now common place since 1945, millions of them it seems. But are we any the happier for these inventions, not really. Yes they have taken a lot of the chores out of our lives, but they have put people on the scrap heap. All because companies want bigger and bigger profits without spending much money on people.


The god of this world is now money and what it can buy, not the God of the Bible. That is "Old Hat" as some would say.

 But is it? No, because you are still born without bringing anything into this world and when you leave you still cannot take anything with you. Again go back to the Bible and tell me if this thing has ever been changed or not. Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse 15 which tells us that we were born with nothing and that we will leave this world with nothing. So has that changed?

Another verse from the same book and chapter 7 verse 29b tells us that people have sought out many inventions. Look at the amount of inventions now that are changing our world either for the better or the worse.


After the initial paragraph there is about three pages of follow on notes about this subject. This is one of the longest items in the programme.


Item 71.


This just says that this programme will be and I quote" universal, indivisible and interlinked" end of quote. To me it sounds as if it is going to be a set of rules which no-one can alter like the laws of the Medes and the Persians of ancient times, which were implemented in a similar way.


Items 72 to 90 are all about the follow up of these plans, Globally, Nationally and Regionally to promote accountability, best practices, mutual learning and understanding, reviews of the whole of the process's to implement this agenda.


It will also be people centred, gender sensitive, focused on human rights and caring for those who are in need. This will be done at all levels indicated in this plan both Globally, Nationally and Regionally.


Item 91. Looking for Utopia.


That is the sum total of this plan for our world. But will it ever work? No, because God is not included in the plan, so it is due to fail. Another reason that it will not work is because it does not take into account the human heart of mankind which the Bible says is continually wicked. Sorry, I forgot that under this plan you will not be able to say things like that as those sort of words will be banned from our language by then.


Epilogue.  As we come to the end of the story, I will try to sum up what we have been looking at in this Agenda 2030.  To my mind what it means is that we will all be doing the same things, thinking the same things and behaving in the same ways. There are things in this agenda which we should be doing to stop wasting our resources which are not infinite. We need to take care of what we are using and to use things in a responsible way. We do need to protect our air quality from harmful gases etc. but things can get out of hand. Let me give you an example of this.


In my local paper today 24th November 2015 (South Wales Argus) there was a report mentioned about cutting down on the amount of meat that we consume. Why? Part of the reasons given were that if we eat too much meat we are upsetting the climate which we need. Because of flatulence going into the air.



The report also went on to say that we could tackle this by more taxes or cut down on meat production.

What they really mean is that there are too many cows and sheep making rude smells in their fields which is upsetting the climate balance. What about human beings doing the same thing? Will they cut down on the number of people in the world for the same reasons?


The way that councils in Great Britain are going about recycling is to fine councils (and individuals) heavily if they do not reach certain recycling targets on certain dates. This then would be passed on to the people who live in those areas where a fine has been imposed. Also the people are being fined if we put our rubbish in the wrong bins, or that we put out the bins on the wrong days etc. This not the right way to get people to recycle things. People need to be encouraged not bullied into recycling things. These targets are coming from Europe not our own government.


Look, I am not against recycling at all, but I work better when I am encouraged and so would everyone else in they are encouraged without the fear of being fined for not recycling properly.


This plan is not really going to care for those who are in need, even though it will try to do so to the best of its ability. The Bible says a lot about caring for those who are in need and we should do all that we can to help them. But we need to do it the Biblical way by putting God first and asking Him to show us what to do to help others.



This agenda, like the previous one has many lofty ideas, but it has left out several things and has not taken into account the sinful nature of the human mind and heart and it has, as I have said before, left God out of the equation. If you change the hearts and minds of people you will change society. Take for instance the 19th century reformers, these men and women saw the degradation of the masses in our nation and changed the way that things were being done so that the people were better off. The same applied in the spiritual realm also. William Booth was used by God to change the hearts and minds of people and then their society changed at the same time.


Leave God out of everything and nothing changes at all, but things will eventually get a lot worse as it is everyone for themselves. Put God into the mix and things change for the better, but sad to say this plan does not want God in it at all. When people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour their lives will change for the better as they go on learning about God and the Bible. I am living proof of that myself. There is no other way that will work that I know of. If you change the hearts of people, by letting God come into their lives, then society will change for the better at the same time.


I also have noticed that there have been, and will be, lots of conferences around the world. The next one is a Climate Change Conference in Paris next week. (Week commencing 30th November 2015)  The others have been in the following countries, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Austria, Turkey, Brazil, United Emirates, etc.


My question is why do we need all of these conferences all over the world? What about the costs of the travel and hotels, let alone the costs of the security for each event. The people meeting at these conferences say that we must cut down on pollution, but what they are doing is adding to it.


Our Prime Minister wants to have a plane to fly round the world in. This will cost the U.K £152 million pounds to produce and will, so the government say, save about £775 thousand pounds per year on travel costs. The letters which I have seen in one of national daily papers did not support it one bit and nor do I. We are supposed to be in austerity times at present, so why bring this out now? I just do not get it, do you?  I have also noted that certain preachers are doing the same thing, i.e. buying their own planes to fly around the world. They could save a lot of money if they flew the same as I do and then they would have money to help the poor and needy people of the world.


Now for a couple of quotes from 2015.


Quote 1. This is about a biometric ID. card.


Quote." At some point will a universal biometric id card be required for everyone, including you and your family? And what would happen if you refuse to take it? I could definitely foresee a day when not having legal identification would disqualify you from holding a job, getting a new bank account, applying for a credit card, qualifying for a mortgage, receiving any form of government payments, etc. etc." End of the first part of the quote.



This looks like the verses in Revelations chapter 13 where it mentions the MARK OF THE BEAST which everyone alive at that point would need to have to do anything.


Back to the quotation. "At that point anyone that refused to take a universal ID. would become an outcast from society.

What the elite want to do is to make sure that everyone is "in the system". And it is a system that they control and that they manipulate for their own purposes. That is one of the reasons why they are slowly but surely discouraging the use of cash all over the world.


In Sweden, this movement has already become so advanced that they are now pulling ATMs out of even the most rural locations." End of quote.


The next quote is a plea to us all to wake up and realise what is going on around us.


Quote." I hope that people will WAKE UP and see what is happening. Major moves toward a ONE WORLD system are taking place right in front of our eyes, and yet I hear very, very few people talking about any of this". End of quote. (emphasis is mine)

This is one thing that is going on now, but there is another thing going on which I want to draw your attention to and it is this, a quote from in the section called dated 16 November 2015.Here the question is being asked about what is going on around the world with all of the mass migrations of people into Europe from Islamic countries where there is fighting. Quote."



However this should be no surprise as for years we have been shouting from the roof tops that what we are witnessing is a calculated and fabricated agenda to use Islam as the means to justify a greater end. An agenda in which through Islam so much turmoil will be wreaked on this Earth that it will justify further the need for global surveillance , the erosion of privacy and the complete overhaul of the global foreign policy as a new international world order is structured.


The increase in global terror will reach such dire and community impacting proportions that people will literally accept the manufactured solution that will be dangled in front of everyone as the only salvation to bring in a new era of global peace".

End of quote.


Another quote from the same source of the same date says the following. Quote" How is the refugee crisis simply a part of a bigger agenda to create fear and terror in the western nations so that controversial bills can be passed through without any objections?" End of quote.


For the last year or two, hundreds of thousands, in fact millions, of people have flooded into the western nations for several reasons, like war and economics. But there have been reports that a lot of sympathisers of the Islamic State have slipped into Western Europe in disguise. How many have done that, I do not know or have any information about the numbers, but all that I can say is, that it is happening.

As we get toward the end of this exposure of the Agenda 2030 I want to draw your attention to ask what will we have after this plan is fully operational? Will we have the peace, that mankind is so badly in need of? Will there be the happiness that we sometimes crave for? Will there be the prosperity that many nations need for their survival? As I read my Bible, I cannot see that this or any other such plan will bring about the things that these people want to do and see for our world. In fact I see the opposite happening when the Bible says that this world in its present form will be destroyed by fire. It is sad in one way to think that mankind has now got the potential to destroy its self with nuclear and atomic bombs.


This agenda, like the previous one, Agenda 21, seems to be saying that each nation will rule its own affairs under the watchful eye of the United Nations, who will make sure that the plan will be adhered to.


On November 19th 2015 I was listening to a radio broadcast on the subject of the world's population. At present it is about 5 billion people and is expected to rise to 11 billion by the year 2100. As I listened to this programme, I started to think about what was in the original agenda about the plans to get rid of the over population of the world by allowing euthanasia and abortions. The original plan says that there are too many mouths to feed so people have to be culled in one way or another. Will this lead to people being killed off at a set age limit? Makes you think, doesn't it? So will this prediction of 11 billion people by the year 2100 be a reality by then? Who knows? Will there be a planet still in existence at that time? We just do not know.


But there is one thing that I do know, and that is that there is a God who created this world that we live in and as the Bible rightly says it will be destroyed because it is tainted with the sinfulness of mankind. That is why I have said, and will say again, that you need to get ready to meet Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, or you will be in real trouble when you have to face Him in judgement. So get right with Him now while you still have a chance to do so.


Extras. After I started this work I came across a book called. The New World Order, by A. Ralph Epperson. I shall be quoting from this book, and using it as a basis of study, to show you that what I have been saying earlier is not just my fancy ideas. This book exposes the New Age ideas and the Freemasons as well. I won't be quoting from every page, but from various pages to show you what these groups are wanting to do to us who are not part of them. So, please read on, and if you compare these groups and their teachings with the Bible you will find that they so different.


We will start at page 15, where there is a quotation from the New Age Movement. This quote was written by Barbara Marx Hubbard. quote "People will either change or die. That is the choice". End of quote.


Page 12. There is a quotation in the middle of the page that gives the suggestion that anyone does not accept this new religion, that they should be done away with and go to other worlds.


On page 13 it says that the Third World people are to be replaced by a "new race root". This means that there will be a purge on parts of the human race.


Pages 23 and 24. Here we see the mention of a dragon and a baby full of wisdom. The question to ask here is, whose wisdom will it be? Read Revelations chapter 13 again and you will see what sort of wisdom is being looked at here, and it is not God's Holy wisdom, but mans.

Page 33. The New World Order. This New World Order is to be run by the Freemasons and the New Agers of the world under the auspices of the United Nations.  This world plan was started by the Illuminate in around 1798 A.D. but there have been things said like this before that date, so I have been led to believe. These Freemason lodges are a secret society, and do not be fooled by what they tell you of their good works for society. You find that these people have an influence in all walks of life in our country and others too. 


There will be a false religion as well at the same time, which could either Islam or the Roman Catholic Church, or a combination cum amalgamation of the two. Whatever it is, it will come into being along side of the beast who will try to deceive all of the people alive at that time.


Who do the Masons worship? Lucifer also known as Satan. If you, the reader are in the Freemasons could I urge you to get out now while you can because you are under a curse from Almighty God if you should stay in that movement. If you stay in this thing then your immediate families are likely to suffer attacks from Satan as well other members of your family, so repent and confess you sin of worshipping Satan and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, NOW.


Page 39. In the year 1856 on July 14th, Benjamin Disraeli spoke of the secret societies which were operating across Western Europe. The aims of these secret societies was to bring down governments and religious establishments, so that they could set up their own rules for government. The page goes on to say what sort of tricks these secret societies will use to get their own way. They will hide things from the people so that the people do not know what is going on. They operate in the dark, just like Lucifer does.


Jesus said in John's gospel chapter18 verse 20 " and in secret have I said nothing". The true Christian will or should be doing things in the light not hidden in the darkness.

Page 39 line 14 says this, "Secrecy is certainly not a part of the Christian religion."


Pages 40 and 41. Here we see the snake and serpent coming into the picture. Wait a minute haven't we heard about a snake somewhere before in the Bible? Go to the book of Geneses chapter three to read the story of how Adam and Eve were deceived by the Devil in the form of a snake. The Devil has not changed one little bit since that day when mankind was deceived and fell out of God's plans for them. Also in the same pages there is a mention of the Sons  of light. These are the false Sons of light because Jesus is the Light of the World.


These false Sons of Light are like the wreckers lights of old on the Cornish coast which were set up to lure unwary ship onto the rocks so that they could be wrecked and robbed of the goods that they were carrying.


The same thing applies here as well, because these Sons of light want to wreck your Christian life or to stop you finding out the truth of what you have got yourself into when you joined the Freemasons.


Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12 to 17 tell us why Satan was thrown out of Heaven. Originally he was the Cherub who led all the praise and worship for God His creator, but, he wanted what was not his. He wanted to be God which was not his place so he was thrown out because of his rebellion. It was a war in Heaven which he could not win. Ever since then Satan has tried to destroy what God is doing. He is out to destroy you as well if you are not careful. Just read through the Bible, and history as well, and look at the number of times that Satan has tried to destroy people, countries, kingdoms etc. He is still doing it today, but in the end he will lose everything and end up in  Hell. This place was originally meant for him and his fallen angels, but anyone who refuses to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour will also end up there. Read the last but one chapter of Revelations and read what it says there about the judgement coming on those who do not accept God's offer of salvation.

Page 53. Who are you worshipping?


I worship the Living God of the Bible. The freemasons worship the sun because it rises in the East each and every day.


To these people the North is a place of darkness, but in the Bible we read that God sits in the sides of the North.


Where our God is there is no darkness , but light, as John the Baptist said in John's Gospel that Jesus is the Light of the world. Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, whatever you want to call him sits in the darkness and hates the light because it shows him up for what he is = evil. You will either worship the true God of light, or the god of the darkness. You cannot worship both. So, back to the question, who are you worshipping?


If you try to do both you will come under the condemnation of the God Almighty as we read in Ezekiel chapter 8 verse 16. In this verse you will read that there were twenty five men with their backs to the Temple, in the Temple compound who should have been worshipping God, but were actually worshipping the sun that was rising in the East. They were pretending to worship the God of the Bible, but they thought that God could not see them, but He could and did see them. They put themselves under His judgement. If you, as the reader, reading this work, think that you can do the same, be warned that God can see what everyone is doing and will judge us accordingly.


Pages 56 and 57 tell us that the worship of the sun was not something new, but goes back centuries into the ancient past.


Read Deuteronomy chapter 17 verses 2 to 4 and verse 7 tells us what should be done to those who do not worship the true and living God, if they say that they are God's people.         


Page 61and most of page 62. 


Tell us about how Satan started to deceive mankind and then tell us what he is doing today to trap us and turn us away from the real God.   There are several scriptures for you to look up and consider. Genesis chapter 2 verses 16 and 17, Luke chapter 10 verse 8, 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 4, 2Corinthians chapter 11verse 14, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 9 and Revelations chapter 12 verse 9.


If you take the time to study these verse from the Bible you will see the things which I have previously mentioned about Satan and his work. He is a false god and not worth worshipping. The only God that we should worship is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the true and Living God.


Page 63. Here we see that everything is done in secret to hide the true meanings and work of the freemasons.   They will not tell their new converts that they are worshipping the devil. It is kept from them and hidden in secret. When Jesus made disciples He called them openly in front of other people who knew them. You can read that in the Gospels. Jesus worked in the light, not secretly, but openly. Now, my question is why do they hide these things if Satan is the only true god?


Page 67. People involved with the new age idea do not realise, sometimes what they are doing or saying. In this page they believe that Lucifer is the good guy.


By his tempting of Adam and Eve, they believe that he was enabling mankind to evolve towards being enlightened, to having the same knowledge as God and to becoming like God Himself.


 My Bible tells me in Geneses chapter 2 that Lucifer was and still is the deceiver of mankind, and always will be until God finally deals with him as shown at the end of the Bible in the book of Revelations.


Page 68. Freemasonry believes that man evolved from something. Was that from mud, monkeys or what? My Bible tells me that mankind was made by God and had the breath of God breathed into his life by the Almighty.  If we came from monkeys, or slime etc. why then do human beings need to worship something?  Animals and nature do not worship anything, only human beings do. You either worship the living God or you will worship something else, and if it is something else other than God you will open yourself to deception.  


Page 76. Line 1. Here we have to make a choice. Do we follow the reasoning of the human mind or do we have faith in the living God? I cannot make the choice for you because it is an individual thing. But, be careful because if you make the wrong choice you will regret it later on.        

Pages 80 to 86. Two morning stars.


In the natural world there is only one morning star to be seen, when the Sun shines. But here in these pages there are two Morning stars mentioned. Now that cannot be correct, as one must be the true star and the other one the false star. Before Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven he was the bright star of the morning.


Read Isaiah chapter 12 verse 14 where he is described as the son of the morning. When he fell, he lost his position and titles in the Heavens and became known as Satan. This is the being who became the false light and people are being deceived by this light. Read 2 Corinthians chapter 11 verse 14   where Paul the Apostle describes what Satan is now trying to do. Then there is Jesus who John the Apostle describes as the light of the world and in whom there is no darkness at all. Read John's Gospel chapter 8 verse 12. So you have to make the choice as to which light you are following. Freemasons and New agers follow the false light and will be led into the darkness of Hell if they do not change their ways. These two groups of people say that we who believe the Bible are in the darkness which is not true at all. We who know and love the Lord Jesus are in the light of His love and life.      


Page 92 Lines 14 to 15. Here the New Age people say that the old age  (and ways of doing things) will be got rid of and replaced by this New World Order. It is presumed to mean that the old age is Christianity.

Here in the U.K. it was proposed by a lady from the House of Lords to get rid of some of the Lords Spiritual and replace them with other Lords from other religions. To me this seems another attempt to lessen the Christian ethos of our nation and take us further away from the God of the Bible. Already we are seeing Bibles being removed from hotels, school assemblies being a mixture of anything and everything except truly Christian in expression.   


Page 96. On this page the New Agers and the Freemasons say that they are entering a millennium of "love and light", This is a quote from Marilyn Ferguson who is one of their supporters.


That, I think, was due to start in the year 2000 A.D. From what I have seen since the year 2000, there is anything but "Love and Light" happening in our world. There is coming a millennium of "Love and Light" when Jesus returns to Earth once more as the King. That is what I want to see. The love and light that these other people are talking about is the reverse of what is described in the last book of the Bible. It is a false love and light. This false love could become lust and the false light is darkness. Anyone who worships Satan, or Lucifer, is being seriously conned as they will find out when it is too late to do anything about changing the things that they are now worshipping.   


A millennium is a thousand years, but look at the thousand years that Hitler's Third Reich was going to last. It lasted 12 years. The Empire that the New agers want will, according to my Bible last seven years and those seven years will be Hell on Earth for everyone who refuses to bow down to the rulers of that time. On the other hand, God's one thousand year rule will be exactly just that, one thousand years.


Another question here is this, which god is your god?


The New Agers god is the Lord Maitreya a false god, which I had never heard of before I started to write this paper. My God is the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who created the Universe and all that is in it. The true God. So which god is your one?    

In 1992 the Lucis Trust, (Lucis means Light) a New Age organisation, was looking forward to the year two thousand as it would be a symbolic portal in which humanity could pass into the new age if they so wished.  The year two thousand came and went fifteen years ago and in that time what changed? A lot of things changed since that date and not a lot of them were for the better. Christianity has been sidelined more and more. Homo-sexual marriage has been made law. More and more babies have been aborted. False churches and false Christianity have come to the fore. 


Page 100. Obelisks. An obelisk is a stone pillar with ancient Egyptian writing on the sides. The column has a pyramid shaped dome on the top. These objects were worshipped in ancient times and still are today in one form or another by the New Age and Freemasons.


There are three in the world. One in Washington, one in New York and the last one is in the Vatican in Rome. Every time the Pope in Rome makes a speech from his balcony to those of the Catholic faith, he faces the obelisk in St. Peter's Square.  These monuments are worshipped as a god and that the Sun God's spirit is in the very stones of the monument.

Page 105 A warning ignored. In the 1920's Winston Churchill gave a warning about a New World Order which was coming. But it was ignored simply because a lot of people did not understand what he was talking about and also because these people who are involved in bringing about this New World Order work in such secrecy that it is very hard to find out what is going on.


Jesus always spoke and worked in the light, nothing was done in secret. That is working in the true light not the darkness.


The people who work in this New World Order are working in secret because they do not want their deeds to be made known. That is working in the dark.


The Bible says quite a bit about being the light and being in darkness. The Bible says that God is light and in Him there is no darkness. You can read that in the first letter of John Chapter 1 verse 5. When you walk in the light you can see where you are going and what is going on around you. But, if you are in the dark, you cannot see where you are going and you certainly do not know what is going on around you as things are being done in secrecy, so that you will not see what people are up to. This is, and always has been, the plan of the Freemasons and the New Age movement.


Pages 106 to 107. Here we find that the true purpose of the Illuminate is to rule the whole world. Jesus gave a warning about gaining the whole world. Read the following verses, Matthew's Gospel chapter 16 verse 26, Mark's Gospel chapter 8 verse 36 and Luke's Gospel chapter 9 verse 25. Please note that when the Bible mentions the same thing three or more times, it is trying get across an important message to us. The message is this, if you gain the whole world will it be worth it if you have lost your own soul? Will it ever be worth losing your soul for what you are going to leave behind when you die? No, it is not. 


This One World idea started on May 1st 1776 A.D. Why that date? This is date is a festival day to honour the Sun.


This One World idea is anti-Christian as well as being anti-religion. Their main idea is that " man is made perfect as a god without God" i.e. that is without the God of the Bible.


Page 108. Reason is the god of this New Age and Communist ideology. It is the unbridled use of the mind of human beings to solve all of the problems that mankind has created for itself. God is not wanted or to be involved in the way that mankind solves its problems, but just look at the mess human beings have made of the planet because God was not included in the plans of men.


After the 1917 revolution in Russia millions of people were purged in communist Russia by those in power, mostly because they were not communists, or because they did not fit in, or because they valued their freedoms and would not conform to communism. The same thing happened in China after 1948, as in Russia, millions of people disappeared for the same reasons.


Go back to the Bible and look at Genesis chapter 2 verses 16 to 17 and chapter 3 verses 1 to 6. Today, many thousands of years later, we are still seeing the results of that one sin, which now affects all of us without exception.


Page 109. The aim of the New Age and Communism is to destroy all things religious and especially the true Christian Faith. But, if they think that they can destroy our God, they had better watch out. Our God cannot be destroyed as He is above and over everything. He is eternal, we human beings are not.



Page 117. Warning given. In the 18th and 19th centuries A.D. several people gave warnings that there were secret societies out to destroy our faith in Jesus Christ. Sad to say that these warnings were ignored. In the Bible we read time and time again of the warnings that God gave to the Jewish people to turn away from their sinful practices and worship of idols, they would be facing expulsion from the land of Israel. The people took little or no notice and were then exiled like Judah was for seventy years, after which God restored them to the land once more.


The one aim of this work is to try to warn you the reader that if you follow the ways of the New Age or Freemasonry you will be putting yourself under God's curse. It is up to you to decide what you are going to do about this as I cannot do anything but warn you of the consequences of not doing the right thing.


Page 117 warnings given. In the 18th and 19th centuries warnings were given about the workings of the freemasons and others about bringing in a New World Order, but sad to say a few people listened to the warnings being given then. Today in 2015 this is another warning being given to you the reader that this New World Order is almost upon us, but will you listen and take notice and then do something about what you have been warnings given in this work?


Pages 123 to 124. Here are some quotes from two Russian leaders of the past.


  1. Lenin. He said in the early part of the twentieth century that the aim of the Communists was that the " Spread of Atheism is the chief task".

  2. Khrushchev said that he wanted "Liberate people from religion" and also from God. His liberation would be the means of trapping people into a kingdom of darkness and slavery of the Devil. Our God is the God of light and there is no shadow of darkness in Him.


Pages 128 to 132. The rise of evil. In these pages you will read just how the evil Nazi Party started by one man joining in with the Thule Society, which is a branch of Freemasonry. The Nazi Party was heavily involved in the occult and worship of evil. The results of which were, that in World War 2, 50 million people approx. sacrificed at the altar of Satan. This same party is still active in parts of the world today. I wish that those who are still involved could see just what they are doing to themselves and the rest of the world. They are going to drag themselves down to Hell and many other people with them as well. This is what Satan wants, so that he can destroy mankind and stop as many as he can from finding out the truth, which the God of the Bible wants us to know and experience. 


Page 132. Resistance.


On this page it states that anyone who resists this New World Order will be executed for refusing to worship the Sun god will be killed. That is those who know and love the Lord God of the Bible who are alive at the time that this law is brought into being. Read Revelations chapter 13.


Yet, if you resist the Son of God's offer of salvation you will die twice. The first time spiritually and secondly physically. Read Revelations chapter 20. This death is for only those who refuse God's offer of mercy etc. You will not win anything from God unless you give in to His mercy and grace.


Pages 138 t0 144. The Dollar bill explained.


In these pages there are a number of explanations about the symbols on the American Dollar Bill. All of these symbols are to do with freemasonry and the Illuminate.  They are also connected to the ancient Egyptian religions which worshipped the sun as one of their gods. This god is also worshipped in the modern religions of the New Age as well as the freemasons. It will also be part of the false religious worship when the New World Order is fully ushered in. The Sun god is a false god, so please be wary of which god you are worshipping. If you worship the SUN god you will be sadly disappointed, but on the other hand if you worship the LIVING GOD you will be saved from the wrath of God which is to fall on the whole of the Earth sometime in the future, but it may not be that far away either.


On page138 there is a Latin word which I have not come across before and it is this, ANNUIT COEPTIS. In English it means "Favours the things having been begun". It is to do with this New World Order which was started way back in the 1770's.


Pages 151 to 153. Warnings of a trap which lies ahead of the unwary traveller. If you start your journey into becoming a Freemason, you will be lied to right from the start.


You will not be told of who or what you are worshipping until you are well and truly hooked into this false religion. This one of the deceptive tricks of Satan to catch people and to lead them deeper into the false teachings of this movement. God wants you to be in the light. Read the first letter and chapter one of the letter written by John the Apostle. Here he says that as God is in the light so are we who know and love Him. God does not hide in the darkness as demons do. God is light as well as everything else that the Bible teaches that He is.


When you get a lot higher up in the rankings of being a freemason you will discover who you are worshipping. It will be Satan and not the god who you thought it was. The good works that you will be doing as a mason will not get you to Heaven at all. Read Ephesians chapter 2 verses 8 and 9. It is by the grace of God that we are saved, not by what we can or have done. These were the first verses which I learnt as a new believer in Jesus Christ way back in 1952 when I found Him for myself to be everything that I ever needed to get to Heaven. When you are dealing with the Most High God of Heaven, He will tell you what you need to do openly. You will find it in His word, or He will reveal it to you by another person, or in some other way, but you will know that He, God, has spoken.


Read Amos chapter 3 verse 7 where it says       "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He reveals his secret unto His servants the prophets". The true and living God is a God of openness and truth, not a god who lies to us like Satan does.


Another Latin phrase pops up here and it is this "ARCANUM ARCANDRUM .What it means is a secret and a mystery. The God of the Bible is not mentioned here at all it is all of mans ideas and plans which will be worshipped.


Pages 162 to 168. Those who object to what is being planned.


When people in the past have objected to, or complained bout, what is being planned they have been murdered, ostracised, ignored etc.


Here are a few examples of this. Captain William Morgan in the U.S.A. wrote in 1826 about the Freemasons and for his pins he was murdered, even though the freemasons denied it at the time. William Vaughn in 1830 did something similar in trying to warn others of the freemasons activities. It is not recorded what happened to him. Several ex presidents of the U.S.A. warned of the errors of this same group as did one Pope who was reportedly poisoned in 1903.


Charles G. Finney came out of the masons after the death of Captain Morgan and his reasons for doing so are to be found on page 165 of the same book which I am using as a study.


There are two verses of the Bible I want you to think about now, and to look them up as a Bible study of your own.


They are Revelations chapter 13 verse15, and Daniel Chapter 3 verses 1 to 18. These verses tell us what will happen to those disobey the New World Orders.


Pages 173 to 176. Twisting the Bibles words.


Go to 1 Kings chapter 7 verses 13 to 40. This is all about Hiram who was given the job of overseeing the construction of the first Temple in Jerusalem. His death is not mentioned at all in the Bible, but the freemasons have managed to make something out of this story to mean something totally different to the Bible narrative. Read it for yourself and see what they are trying to do in twisting the Bible to mean something which it does not. We are warned in Revelations chapter 22 verses 18 & 19 not to add or to take away from the Word of God, but that is what these people are doing. If we do add or take away from the revealed Word of God, we are then opening ourselves up to having all the curses mention in the Bible coming upon us.


The freemasons say that the enemies of mankind are the Church, State and our opposition to Reason. That is why they want to do away with these three things and to bring in their ideas of Utopia. It won't work.


Pages 177 to 180. Mankind is not looking to God to solve all of the problems of the world, but someone or something else. The natural mind does not want God in our lives telling us what to do or how to run our lives. That is rebellion. Rebellion comes from Satan. Read Isaiah chapter 14 verses 9 to 15 tell us of the Satanic rebellion in Heaven. Satan is still at it today causing people to rebel against the God given order for our lives. Look what happened in the 1920's in Germany when people were looking for a man to get the nation out of its problems, they got Hitler and the Nazi party. Is this sort of thing that you want to see happening over once more? No, I want to see God take over the reins of this world to show us just how much we have a need of Him and not a man.


Pages 181 to 184. A dangerous precedent is being set by freemasonry by them saying that you can be free of your sins as long as you obey their rules and do not bring the lodge into disrepute. This is highly dangerous because the Bible says that the only way to free from our sins is to accept what Jesus did, by His dying on the cross. I Corinthians chapter 1 verses 17 to 18 tell us that the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who do not believe that Jesus died to remove our sins. Then Colossians chapter 1 verse 20 says that we can only be reconciled to God through the death of Jesus on the cross. There is no other way to have your sins forgiven that I know of except by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. You do not have to do anything else to be free of your sins. The freemason movement is not a way to freedom, but a way to be bound in sin and that will end you in Hell.


Pages 186 to 188. In these pages you will read about their views of who and what these people worship. They worship the Sun god and use the symbol of the Phoenix bird (which is a mythical bird) and is a symbol of the sun, and  as a rebirth of mankind for 500 years, where reason and wisdom will be the god of the world, then it is supposed to happen all over again with another rebirth etc.


If you read the book of Proverbs chapters 1verse 5 to Chapter 5 verse 2. Here you will read all about the wisdom that everyone of us will ever need for our lives.


The whole aim of this false religion is do away with religion, state, God's Word and the church. The new ways of doing things will be built on MANS REASON, not on God's Word, which they hope will bring about a Paradise on Earth.


Pages 191 to 194. The blame game, or excuses.


In this part of our study these people, the freemasons, are saying that it is not our fault if we make mistakes, sin or do anything wrong. Did you know that was the first thing that Adam said to God after he and Eve had sinned. let's look at Genesis chapter 3 verse 12. Adam was saying that it was God's fault and the woman's, that he sinned by saying this, "The woman that you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate of it". This sort of thing has been going on ever since. If we choose to do wrong whose fault is it? It is not the fault of our environment, family, social class or anything else, it is our own fault.


The next part gives another Latin phrase "Ordo ab chaos" meaning order "out of chaos". The chaos meant here is the current world systems in which we live, but not as the Bible says in Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 & 2. These people want to destroy what we have and hold dear so that they can bring in their new ideas and plans for this world. Jesus came to give light and life to anyone who wants it. The choice is yours to make.


Pages 199 to 204. This section gives us more details of what the Humanist believe and is totally opposite to the Bible. To start with, they state that the world was self existing and not created by a god.


Then they say that mankind has emerged as a result of a continuous process. Meaning evolution.


After that comes the fact that they do not believe in the supernatural. This followed by them saying that they do not believe in a prayer answering God.


Then they say that they do not believe in a creator God in any shape or form. What they do believe in is a form of socialism. That is communism. Another thing that they believe is that man can save himself without any form of a god to help us. If that is a true statement, then why are we still in a mess?


Page 206. Population explosion. The writer here states that this is a fraudulent lie and is believed by the Humanists, Agenda 21, etc. It is a none existent problem. I said in my previous article on the Agenda 21 that if we used the Earth properly there would be no need for us to go hungry or to want to get rid of people, as there would be enough for us all to have something to eat. Famine, wars and natural deaths will kill lots of people, so we do not have to get rid of anyone.


Page 213. Sir Julian Huxley believed that mankind was made on the same level as plants and animals. He also believed that we were not created body, soul and mind by God, but were the products of evolution. My Bible tells me in Genesis chapter 1 that mankind was created by God. Evolution is still a theory, which has yet to be proved as to the veracity of its claims. Darwin at the end of his life said that he had not found any connection between man and animals, but that is conveniently forgotten by evolutionists.


Page 217. Man is his own god. If that is so then there are no absolutes. God's commandments are done away with and everything becomes a free for all, in other words you will have anarchy.


Page 220. The warnings of Isaiah chapter 5 verses 20 to 21. Where it is stated that there is a warning to anyone who says that GOOD is EVIL and that EVIL is GOOD.


What are we seeing in late 2015? People saying that if they are enjoying something that it is WICKED, meaning that it is good. Don't they understand what they are doing and saying? Obviously not, or they would not be saying such things.


God has set boundaries for us, for our well being, but if you have no absolutes, you will have no boundaries you will have a free for all that leads to chaos.

In the 1920's the Russian government did away with all the old morality and boundaries. The result was starvation and chaos. God was almost eliminated from the minds of the Russian people. There was mass poverty for the ordinary people, but not for those who ran the country. If anyone disagreed as to what was being said or done, they were done away with. The estimated death toll from these purges was about 42 million people.


Page 221. An absurdity. How do you try to get rid of something which is eternal? You cannot get rid of anything which is outside of our dimension ever. Because eternal means just what the word says, eternal. If you could do that you can get rid of God. But God is eternal, so you cannot get rid of Him at all, but that is what communism and the New World Order are trying to do, but have failed to do, so far. You can pretend that God is not real, is not there or does not exist, but He does, because He is eternal and is always there whether we like it or not.


You can also ignore what God is saying, doing or wanting to do, but He will still be there as He is outside of the sphere that we are in. He lives and works outside of time and our control.


People try to put God into a box, meaning that they are trying to control God. But how can you control something that is so big and is outside of time itself? You cannot.


Pages 225 to 228. The attack has started.


Education in the U.K. is under attack from all sides. What is happening is that things are now being taught in schools that were never even thought of when I was at school many years ago now.


1. Same sex education (and sex education) is being pushed into schools at the kids from a very early age, saying that this lifestyle is normal. It is not normal because my Bible tells me it is not. I gave the reference earlier. Why cannot these people leave our children alone so that they can enjoy their childhood?

The idea behind sex education at school was to try to stop teenage pregnancies, but it does not teach that sex should be in a loving relationship of a father and mother who are legally married to each other.


2.Evolution being pushed as fact, when it is still an unproved theory.


3. Christian schools being closed by the school's inspectorate. I heard recently that at least two Christian schools, with a good record, were closed down, mainly because they were Christian based education establishments. At the same time there were the so called "Trojan Horse" schools who are promoting Islamic ideas, were still open.



3.Churches are closing down across the nation as the congregations grow older and less in number. In some cases people are leaving churches because the church leaders are not born again and leading the people down a wrong path. Another area of concern is that churches are not doing what the Bible says that they should be doing, but are doing what is forbidden in the Bible. There are same sex parish priests, and same sex couples also, in charge of churches, which is totally against the Bible's teachings.


4.Page 229 to 240. Destruction of the family unit and individual person. This is one of the things that this New World Order wants to see in this plan. You will just become a number of a payroll if you are at work, not an individual person. You become a human resource to be used and then discarded when not wanted. This is already here now, in the U.K and Western world. I am not a NUMBER, I am a PERSON made in the image of the most High God of the Universe. There is a plan going on in Scotland at present to give every child a named person to take care of them until they reach adulthood. This person it seems will have more power over the child than the parents. Now, that cannot be right. I know that there are bad parents and single parents who need help with bringing up children, and that is the right thing to do. What is going on here is part of the step to make children a part of the state apparatus. If this happens, then all, or any Christian ethos in education is gone and lost forever.


The Bible says that Christian parents should bring up their children in the Love of God. Read Proverbs chapter 22 verse 6. We are to bring up our children in a Godly manner and when they are older they will not depart from what we have taught them.


I am not saying that it is going to be easy to bring your children up in such a way because of the pressures of modern life, but it can be done with God's help. Ephesians chapter 6 verses 1 to 4 gives us some more ideas of what a father should be doing for his children.


This new agenda like to old one does not want us to bring our families up in the loving knowledge of God, or to know about Jesus. Jesus loved the children and said that we should have a faith just like theirs. But, if you take that all away from the children what have you got left? Our young people in the U.K. as everywhere, else need boundaries to work to, but if take these away from them you will have a mess to sort out in their young minds. Young minds are so impressionable that is why these groups like the New World Order go for them, so that they can warp their brains with all the false stuff that these groups are pumping out in schools, colleges and universities.


Page 241. Tells us what we will become if this plan is fully implemented. We will become WORLD CITIZENS, not individuals anymore.


Page 242. This page tells us about another group of people who are for this New World Order plan. That is the Friends of the Earth party.


Pages 243 to 252. Destruction and control.


The first bit deals with controlling the money that we have. A question which I have here is, was the recession of 2008/9 done on purpose or not? But since then the U.K. government has been cutting money everywhere in the country, so that local councils have less money to spend on the infrastructure of their locality.


We have seen extra taxes being levied on the people if we travel abroad, government departments cut in personnel, money being wasted on bombing Libya in 2015. Yet, it was announced during the last year 2015, that M.P.'s were going to have a 10% pay rise. This upset a lot of people who were going to get next to nothing as a pay rise. The rest of the section deals with the destruction of the family unit, which I have already dealt with. If the family unit is totally destroyed you are destroying something which God has created. God is serious about families and the rearing of our children. Christian families are and will be a target for those people who want this agenda to succeed. Go back to the section pages 229 to 236 for the Biblical references which I used to support families.


Pages 253 to 261 The right to association.


In Great Britain our rights to be able to freely assemble and meet are slowly being taken away from us. It is getting harder every year for street preachers to operate in the open air to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to a crowd of people. There is a new law being proposed for 2016 by the title of Extremism Dispersion Order. It is feared that this bill will sweep up anyone who the police do not like, who are complained about, who is deemed to be causing a nuisance of themselves etc. It is also feared that this will include true believers like you and I, in this all encompassing net. If you go to the following websites you will get up to date information about these things. CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE and CHRISTIAN CONCERN.


Pages 262 to 271. Education under attack. I have already mentioned, earlier, that our children's education is under attack in the things which are being given to them to learn.


So, I will not go into that again. But, please do be warned that some of the things being taught in our schools are totally at odds with the Bible.

Page 273. Church and state. In the Communist countries churches had to be registered with the local authorities or national government. By doing this the state could tell you what to preach and what not to preach. You were spied upon and any church that did not obey the rules was in big trouble, as were the members. The true church of Jesus Christ is the people, not the buildings, and we are to obey the laws of the lands wherever we live, until they break the laws of God. At present this is just starting in the U.S.A. but we do not have this in the U.K. at present. It is possible that it will come in time. At the present time we are having an assault from the humanist and secular societies to stop any form of government money going to anything that smells of religion in any way shape or form. This money comes through gift aid, where tax is repaid by the government for any money given to a charity.


Page 282. Money. Who caused the monetary crash in 2008/9?  Was it done on purpose and if so why? Was it done to bring all the austerity measures since then? I wonder! We have had a low interest rate for over six years now at 0% to 0.5% per year. Young families cannot afford a mortgage because the deposits are so high. I do not know the answer to this at all.


Page 286 Destruction. It is a well known fact that when one country over runs another it will destroy what is there so that it can rebuild that nation to the plan that the conquering country has. It will happen soon, when the New World Order comes into being. It will destroy what we know and are familiar with at present so that they can set up their own programme. Don't be fooled by what you might hear, as this is a plan that was drawn up in Hell and It will not be the Utopia that you might expect it to be. These people will do what they have said that they will do, just like the Nazis did in Europe in the 1920's and 1930's.


Page 295. The Big Millennium bash in Egypt was held in December 1999 to celebrate the coming of the new Millennium. But it was a year too early as the millennium started on January 1st. 2001.


Page 301. A prayer by Solomon in 2 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14. This prayer is about repentance and if a nation repents of the way that has been going , then God will hear and restore that nation. If that nation does not repent it will have to suffer the punishment that God has prescribed for it because it would not repent.


We have now reached the end of the study from the book "The New World Order" by A. Ralph Epperson. I would encourage you to get the book and read it for yourself. You can get this book from Amazon publishers.


Extras. Right, we are nearly through. This section is about the bits and pieces which I have come across since the beginning of this work.


The Climate Change Conference November / December 2015. This conference in Paris was to see what could be done to change our climates problems. One thing that did arise was the proposal to tax meat because we raise too many animals for meat and that is disturbing the air quality that we breathe. What a lot of nonsense. I read recently an article on the subject of air quality dated 1922 at a similar conference,(reported in the Washington Post 2nd November 1922) which was saying the same things as we are still saying now in January 2016. What's changed? The Bible says that animals came before us humans and that they were for food and sacrifices. This idea is a way of taxing the poorer people in the world as only the rich would be able to afford meat. It's a way of controlling what we eat and for a lot of people this would lead to a poorer diet and poorer health. See an article in The Grocer Magazine 28 November 2015.


The Chatham House think tank came up with this stupid idea. They said that this tax was necessary to prevent a 2% rise in the Earth's temperature. The reason for this tax was that animal cultivation was responsible for 15% of the world's carbon emissions.  The U.S.A. was going to be a top target for this tax as they produce and eat a lot of meat in that country. Can you imagine what your dinners would be like without a nice steak or cutlet, etc?

Green Party Manifesto 2006 mention a carbon footprint and a water footprint. What are they and what do these words mean? I have absolutely no idea what they mean, do you? What do these footprints look like? Their 2015 Manifesto states that if there is no changes in the temperature growth,( i.e. lowering of the Earth's temperature) then the Earth would heat up by about 2% to 4 %.



The Daily Mirror 11th December 2015 ran an article about a cashless society by 2019. Can you see the way that society is going? If this happens it will lead to  a system where you will have an a chip, or something similar put under the skin of your right hand, which will be used to buy and sell whatever you need. Revelations chapter 13 is almost upon us.


The New World Order. People have been looking and working towards this goal for centuries now and it is almost upon us, so please be warned and do something for yourself before it is too late to change by getting right with the God of the Bible as I have said earlier.

Thank you for reading this work, you are at the end of it, but at the midway point of these demonic plans. Please be warned and do something about being ready for the return of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem.



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I am  grateful for the help which these various books and websites have given me in the writing of this work. I trust that it will stimulate the readers into being aware of what is going on in our world and also what is supposedly being done in our name and for our benefit. I have tried to warn you and to show you that this plan does not include the God of the Bible in it at all. God is not once mention in the whole agenda. So please be warned.


If you would like to send a comment please e-mail me on Please do not send any comments with swear words in them as they will not be read. Criticism done in the right way is acceptable, but not in a vicious way.


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