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Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/11/14

“Even Now, there are Many Antichrists”


“The movements that have turned to antichrist thou hast named in thy programmes; & such as it is with antichrist. They will try & destroy you through official channels. They shall say, ‘This is not true,’ & shall demand the programmes be withdrawn from U-tube. But you shall say, ‘We have proof of what we say, for we tell the whole truth, not narrow points which you fire at us.’ For as Tyndale warned, the attack shall come through those who portray themselves with titles rather than understanding that that which has been given in the body of Christ are activities rather than leadership positions.


“There is only one leader, & His name is Jesus, & this name is portrayed throughout Hus whole body, not a select few, as in the antichrist system. It is for the whole body to hear from Christ, not the select few, there being apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, to bring out the sound doctrine, & to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.


“The modern movements you now expose, that were once of Me, but now under the antichrist system, could well now try to destroy you through official channels. You have already experienced these attacks.


“What you do is come together & open your hearts one to another. Hold nothing back. Have that intense honesty with one another, as unto Me.

“As you found in your deliberations yesterday, they cannot defeat that. You have always had that as your quorum. And so, to say you have not had a quorum is untrue. You always have, in Me.


“So, how are you to defeat the official channels from the former movements of God, that could well try & destroy you? Simply post on your web-sites what they believe through the antichrist bibles they use. It is not difficult. You have a whole list of doctrines these antichrist bibles portray, bearing no resemblance to the vision of their founders.


“The Charity Commission was never there to suppress charities under law & regulation, but to bring the freedom for charities to flourish through what is the motto of the people of Glasgow: the preaching of My Word, & the praising of My name.



“In effect, you have achieved all the original charities of thy nation stood for; for they came out of the Protestant Reformed religion. And thou hast committed thyselves to uphold that which the monarch promised God in 1953. It is this fundamental - & if they want to call it policy, that is fine – that allgovernment bodies are called uphold. The principles of the Protestant Reformation, & applying law with law & justice in mercy. If that is not the fundamental policy, then that which follows does not come from the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ. It comes from antichrist, & the martyr who prayed that the monarch would authorise the true Bible clearly portrays the Protestant religion the monarch promised to uphold, the nation being under legal obligation to take note of his warnings against Rome. For what is the Protestant religion all about, but protesting against Rome?


“Yet the nation signed a Treaty of Rome; & so, the righteousness of your Charity relates to keeping to the fundamental policy, which is in Christ, thus making your Charity clean in all legal channels.


“So all the movements that come against you with narrow points are guilty of breaking the first fundamental policy; that is, the upholding of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.

“With their Alexandrian bibles, these movements have broken the fundamental policy, & by so doing, have placed themselves under antichrist, who comes to kill, steal & destroy through his pattern of letter-of-the-law suppression. It happens all the time.

“They will find this, they will find that, which you have not done. But what youhave done is find the fundamental policy & kept to that.


“Have the modern laws they throw at you come out of the fundamental policy, or come out of the treaties of Rome the nation placed itself under?


“So, who then is right, & who is wrong? If they try & imprison you, you simply claim political status like Paul did in his rights as a citizen, your rights being based on the Protestant Constitution, placing you in an even stronger position than Paul was, legally. For your rights are based on those who shed their blood to give you the freedom. Modern laws are based on treaties to foreign powers, which the Protestant Constitution fundamentally forbids. Indeed, it gives rights to the clergy of the realm to oversee these things.


“So it is for you to take the upper hand, & go to government bodies to ensure that they are keeping the fundamental policy, that based on the monarch’s Oath to God & the Constitutional Acts.


“How is it that you are being made a scrutineer of Conwy County Council?

“Likewise, you can ask your M.P., who has stood for My Constitution, traditional values, & ethical positions of My Word; you can ask him to see how you can become a scrutineer of the Charity Commission, to see it is keeping to the fundamentals of early Christian charities, from which the Commission was originally founded.


“You see, as you have been seeing, when the attacks against you have been placed within the context of the whole truth, they are but a speck of administrative error. What you are dealing with in the wider scale, is blasphemy, high treason, the slaughter of babies in wombs, the covenantal breaking of Ephesians 5, & so the list goes on.


“And so you, as a scrutineer of government bodies, is you taking hold of the activity I have given you under the British Constitution, which gives rights to the clergy of the realm to ensure the Constitution is kept to.


“So, amidst all these attacks of the self-righteous antichrist spirit & his letter-of-the-law suppression, you can stand boldly in the faith I gave to the founders of Christian charities that brought about the Charity Commission. You can stand boldly in the faith of the founders of movements like the Assemblies of God, the resources of thy intercessor who was with you for years going to those upholding her family heritage, rather than to those gathering around for personal gain.


“You see, you are upholding the ancient landmark of thy nation, the ancient landmark of movements which antichrist has stolen.


“What have you done, My dear children, but to expose the thief, who now has to restore sevenfold?


“This is a time of rejoicing in thy charity. In My name, thou hast exposed the thief. And so, the resources of the nation are thine. The resources of lost movements are thine.


“And I give now a special word, in relation to the Bible College of Wales: antichrist took it under the university system. Jesus Christ took it into the liberty it once moved in. Thou art restoring that liberty once more.

“No longer under the schoolmaster, meaning in this context, no longer under the university system. For I have called this College to be one of My Spirit, not antichrist.


“And so, the Bible College of Wales Continuing is one that upholds the original vision of Rees Howells, & of his son Samuel.


“No wonder they attack you! The College’s sacrifice brought millions into the kingdom. Placing the College under university law brought suppression & death. But I have come that ye may have life, & life in abundance.


“And so, you stand righteous in upholding that which I have called thy nation to be. It is the rebels of antichrist that look to destroy you through official channels.


“But take courage; I have already overcome antichrist. So be of good cheer.”


Action Point:


DG to ask to be a scrutineer of the Charity Commission, dealing with the issue of how those of the opposite faith to the Constitution of the nation can scrutinise those upholding the Constitution of the nation. This breaks the Coronation Oath of the monarch; for that right of scrutiny is given only to those who uphold the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. 


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